Kids These Days

misterblack This scene is sizzling! I love skinny young guys with big dicks & hair where it counts; would love to see more of this concept in the future; would love to see more of Kayden. Jun 7, 2022
drakegay4real The chemistry between Kayden and Luh Redd makes this scene worth revisiting every few months...these two need to get brought back for a new scene with a new third (ik highly unlikely but a guy can dream) Jan 26, 2022
MichaelGalletta Glad you're still getting lots of mileage out of this scene. That's wonderful to hear. Just keep in mind that these guys aren't frozen in time, they get older and their looks change just the same as you and me and anyone else lol. In other words, they're not exactly "kids" any more and if we ever revisit this concept, it would likely have to be with new faces.
mdcarmichael Kayden is a skinny nigga with a huge dick... I love him! Oct 5, 2020
emiliano69 i want to see redd top and flip flop more Feb 16, 2019
keithpartridge Awesome scene! Luh Redd . . . . Mmmmmmmmm Jul 5, 2018
texasbugg KAYDEN i hope one day u will come back and do another scene babyboi i don't know if mike told u to lock your arms around lil redd arms that was fucking super hott make me bust in 4 mins u/lil redd should be lovers cause u/both was feelin it kayden i know u go back to bust a nutt to u/lil redd fucking damm u need to come back on school break if u r in school u got the looks/dick/pretty ass/nice asshole/ u know how to move when u r fucking i love your moves kayden realtalk kayden. Jan 30, 2018
kcb394 I loved this scene!! These three were so hot. One of the best scenes ever and I still haven't made it to the end. Hope to see more like this. Really liked how they started outside too. Sep 10, 2017
crazy14u this was a disappointing scene Aug 14, 2017
whyatt12 this was an ok scene. I just feel bad for Kody they weren't really into him at all. Aug 9, 2017
ronjon1286 Definitely bring back Luh Redd. Please! He needs to be the subject of a gangbang. Aug 7, 2017
SanFran12 I did not like this video clip, at all. Also, one of these performers is totally out of shape - kinda fat. These guys were boring and not very attractive folks either. Looking forward to the next video clip. Hope it is better. Aug 6, 2017
emmyfan This was hot and the rimming was amazing Jul 27, 2017
StonedMountain Again I really love The Boys. Kayden is a slim gem, and what a dick! And he strokes almost as well as Luh Redd. LOVED the intimacy. And also loved the effect of the hand held camera during the intro, sitting around the table with the rocking movement giving the effect of a river cruise. Just loved Kayden nut and how he caught the cum from the guys and gave them head at the end. Loved his performance especially. But Luh Redd is who I would like to cuddle with all night. Jul 26, 2017
CL05ETFR3AK Well clearly this was a Luh Redd & Kayden, & Kody was just there to fill in a spot. Them two boyz (luh redd & kayden) was craving each other yo! Honestly didn't expect another scene with them young boyz so soon but it is what it is! Jul 23, 2017
GermanVers I'm in love with Kayden, he's such a hottie. Thinking about a kinky daddy & son (or daddies & sons) scene with a senior BBA model - would be hot! Jul 23, 2017
StonedMountain Your kids show is glorious. So much dick, so much kissing, so much fucking. Ironic Luh Redd the longest dude got the shortest dick but BOY can he fuck and wonderful how he kisses. He is my favorite. He loves sex. Jul 22, 2017
debattxx This would've been better with just Luh Redd and Kayden. The fact that none of them could stay hard was bull shit. Again, this was a disappointment. Kody, is Great Value version of Cory. Bring him back. or Lil Scrap. Michael you need to do better Jul 19, 2017
KodyFan Loved this threesome with Kody, Kayden & Luh Redd! Pharoah & Synful were hot too. Jul 18, 2017
Donald I LOVED the scene with the 3 youngins. Was hot as fuck. Jul 18, 2017
cocopop Please, no more twinks for at least 6 months, now Luh Redd I can deal with. Both scenes a disappointment. Jul 18, 2017
DJ2016 Your site is the only one I am subscribed to now. I love Luh Redd. He's sexy, masculine, and VERSATILE. I LOVE FULLY VERSATILE MODELS AND SCENES. Kayden is cute and also versatile. Loved it. Jul 18, 2017
WeatherMan Thank you for giving us more of Luh Redd. Seeing his ass jiggle as they hit it from the back is like receiving a golden treasure. But I need to see him ride that dick. I need to see his beautiful ass popping up & down in the air. Jul 18, 2017
chgohydepar1 All 3 of you are nasty bitches. MARRY MEEEEE, please. Jul 17, 2017
caliroc wow....what a let down. Last month posts have been very good and/or extremely bad...this was the latter.... Jul 17, 2017
illtown22 I like these guys, Kayden in particular but I feel like Im watching my kids fuc. And since I completely passed on the other scene, this 2 week wait was kind of a let down. I'm guessing the next update has to be fire. You usually come back hard after some bullshit. I have to say I'm surprised you cant tell when a scene will be a dud or be hot by now. Its like you throw it out to see if it will stick. Jul 17, 2017
niiceguy should have just been kayden and luh redd. kody wasn't needed. Jul 17, 2017
simplett what did I just watch three young men cant keep a hard on mike that was as bad as I have seen it fucked up and then they had to concentrate to come all three of them playing with they dicks come better next time mike Jul 17, 2017
hornye115 I disagree with the prior statements....I enjoyed this scene and the other with just Kody and Kayden......These young boys were hot and keep doing good work Mike.......They were not a 10 but served their purpose for the week. I like all three of them..... Jul 17, 2017
atlfreakboy wack..................... Jul 17, 2017
Kaib I think this was a good scene but it would've been far more better if Kody wasn't in it Jul 16, 2017
cam3121 Thank God for this scene after that bullshit that was Tyga's scene. This was one HOT Threesome, and I'm not one for threesome scenes but it was awesome. Great chemistry with all 3, so sooooo glad to see all 3 sucking each other's dicks and eating ass and the fucking was wonderful. I just wish Kody had fucked Kayden and Luh Redd but it was still hot. 10's across the board! Jul 16, 2017
lyrix4 i thought i would have enjoyed this more since u were adding a 3rd to kayden n kody. instead it seems that kody is a 3rd wheel in this scene and kayden n luh redd r 2 n2 each other. theres section where kayden is between kody and luh redd and kody is looking up just 4 kayden to kiss him n that doesn't happen. kayden is 2 n2 bein fuked by luh redd. i felt sorry 4 kody through most of this rather than aroused by the other two... :( Jul 16, 2017
zhiva1 The Kody and Kayden scene was already a dud, and then you throw Luh Redd in the Mixx?? What's the matter? Have the other models taken vacation for the entire summer? I guess that's why you put up two scenes this weekend, huh? Yeah, still not satisfied. And before someone challenges my statement - look at the ratings for the last Kody scene. Jul 15, 2017

When I was growing up, it seemed like most guys didn't start accepting or truly exploring their sexuality until college or their early twenties, if even then. Not sure if it's a sign of social progress or maybe just something in the water, but I swear "kids these days" are turning into uninhibited FREAKS before they're even out of their teens!

Look no further than this weekend's spontaneous and unpredictable threesome for a perfect example of this. Just barely 18 and fresh out of high school, Luh Redd and Kayden are ready and eager to prove they have what it takes to join Kody as part of BBA's next generation of stars!

Things start off with all three boys hanging out on the patio on a hot summer day and swapping stories about where they lost their virginity. This leads to a flirtatious comparison to see which one of them has the biggest ass....

Next thing you know, hard dicks are being pulled out, young hands begin groping and exploring, and these horny black twinks start getting freaky right there on the balcony in the middle of the day!

Join them for a sweaty summer threesome that includes nearly a FULL HOUR of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-licking, and RAW flip-flop fucking!

One of the things that turns me on most about scenes like this is watching these hung and horny black teens share each others' saliva-soaked dicks and even tongue-kiss each other with the very same mouths that just seconds earlier were licking another guy's ass!

No dick gets ignored and no ass goes uneaten (or UN-FUCKED) in this action-packed threesome that proves once again that age is nothing more than a number and these young "millennials" aren't as innocent as they might have you think!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Finger-Fucking, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Jul 15, 2017 54 min
Photo of Kayden
Photo of Kody
Photo of Luh Redd
Luh Redd

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