Freaky J: The Next Level

2hott4ya I’m very surprised Dragon’s ranking isn’t higher. He is a cutie with ass for days and takes dick better than most in BBA. I’d love to see Dragon and Bandit go at it! Aug 31, 2022
SharodXXL Dragon still had the phattest ass in BBA History! Jul 16, 2022
jsmith197359 Dragon is one of my favorites of all time. Feb 25, 2022
MrBrown19942 Bringing these 2 back (at some point) in 2021, would be amazing. Their chemistry is there, for sure! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Jan 30, 2021
MarkDC The guy getting fucked is very handsome and that ASSSSS!!!!! May 3, 2020
Pearsall41 this set it off for me i really really enjoyed this one i nutted watching it lol Apr 1, 2020
Godfather07 Dragon is hot and a power bottom love looking at that ass Dec 15, 2015

In September 2009, Freaky J became an overnight sensation on YouTube with his erotic striptease and sexy dance videos. Like most straight black guys making the same type of videos, he initially limited his target audience to “strictly for the ladies." But unlike most straight black guys making the same type of videos, he quickly (and smartly) realized and eventually embraced the fact that many if not most of his loyal followers were gay and bisexual men.

With his slim, toned physique and strikingly handsome face (he’s a mix of African-American and Puerto Rican) – not to mention the infamous “monster” swinging between his smooth, skinny legs – Freaky J has seduced and entertained countless females and gay men all over the world with his dance, jack-off, and straight sex videos, as well as private engagements all across the country as a male stripper and exotic dancer.

Freaky J has never appeared in anything but his own homemade videos - until now!

After patiently pursuing him for OVER FOUR YEARS, I was finally able to talk this sexy straight Blatino stripper into making his long-anticipated "gay for pay" debut here at Black Boy Addictionz. It's Freaky J like you've NEVER seen him before, taking things to THE NEXT LEVEL in order to please his freakiest fans!

"The Official Freaky J Story" provided loyal fans and new viewers alike with an intimate and illuminating look at the real person behind the amateur videos as Freaky J shared his story with the world for the very first time. It also featured a hot private show that included such NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN surprises as our first up-close and intimate look at Freaky J's tight, virgin ASSHOLE and some wickedly arousing fun with a dildo.

This second installment from Freaky J's BBA visit brings you the YouTube celebrity and exotic dancer in his very first hardcore sex scene with another guy!

BBA veteran and experienced "porn star" Dragon seemed like the best choice to welcome Freaky J to the world of gay porn due to his beefy body (Freaky J prefers bigger women), his unparalleled deep-throating skills, and his proven ability to take dicks as intimidatingly big as the one between Freaky J's legs.

"What [my fans have] been asking for a lot is for me to get down," Freaky J tells Dragon shortly after meeting him for the very first time. "They want to see THE NEXT LEVEL!"

Watch with envy as Dragon nervously reaches underneath Freaky J's shorts and gets to be the first guy lucky enough to wrap his lips around that impressive piece of meat between Freaky J's legs....

There's plenty of hot oral action for you to enjoy as Dragon does his damnedest to make sure this sexy Blatino stripper's first blowjob from a guy is one he'll never forget!

It's amusing to witness Freaky J's shocked and impressed facial expressions as Dragon somehow manages to swallow the ENTIRE THING down his throat!

"Some of you females may need to take some fuckin' pointers!" Freaky J concludes with a laugh.

After enjoying Dragon's deep-throating skills, Freaky J is finally ready to let the world watch as he fucks a guy in the ass for the VERY FIRST TIME.

He slides his massive dick up and down the warm crack of Dragon's thick, juicy ass before eventually plunging it deep inside....

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Special Guest, Straight Boy
Details: Jul 19, 2014 37 min
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Freaky J

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