Fountain of Youth

kloliver11 I have enjoyed Zadian with both Spice and Bandit. I hope Zadian comes back and does another scene!! Jul 13, 2022
MrBrown19942 I actually enjoyed this scene, BBA. πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Dec 18, 2020
pilsener ZADIAN is HOT! Need to watch this! Jan 1, 2019
crazy14u Nice pair up. Spice is definitely a go getter. Hot and uninhibited. Zadian is hot love the multiple cumshots. Would love to see more of him. May 23, 2017
chrisjm18 I wanna marry Zadian!! May 13, 2017
aluckett03 I like when people buss while sucking so sexy. Get zadian and saint or bandit together Mar 29, 2017
tjm133 I love the two models. Zadian's dreads are great and he does a good job. Spice eating the cum was great. He should have swallowed. I hope to see them again. This is my second time viewing the scene. Very good. Dec 30, 2016
texasbugg mike he did not want to kiss spice. i bet he would not say no to apollo. let apollo break him down. Dec 7, 2016
texasbugg mike u need to check zadian. u r paying him he is not paying u. he need to leave that being a hard thug at the door. he is not APOLLO. Nov 27, 2016
texasbugg mike pair zadian with tay two big dick together. he can open tay, and tay can open him up. Nov 27, 2016
adr1229 This clip was alright. It would have been even better without all the talking from the guy off camera. Just let the guys have sex. I wish these video clips did not waste so much time talking. These are very nice looking black guys. LET THEM FUCK AND STOP TALKING. Jul 17, 2016
sleepaea07 Spice and Ross would be epic!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jun 27, 2016
godsgift Why do these models act like they don't know what's going to happen, when they know damn good and well what this site is all about - I can't!!!!! Jun 6, 2016
jowilf @COCOPOP: ... you think so? hmmm
We'll wait and see.
May 23, 2016
cocopop @jowilf, well seems like your certified "total top" Julien is on his way to giving up that ass. cant wait. May 19, 2016
jowilf @COCOPOP: You've mentioned a STEPHON-ZADIAN pairing ... ?!? Re: "No Holes Barred" scene. May 18, 2016
cocopop @Oh, save us your double talk. May 17, 2016
jowilf @COCOPOP: I agree with you. The same thing if a man is 100% straight... he will not perform on a gay site like BBA. May 10, 2016
8421ES No offense Zadian but please don't come back, stay gone! May 8, 2016
cocopop @jowilf, I personally know many DL guys with their woman beside them too, and that's your choice. No straight man would be (watching/cheering) for gay porn. May 6, 2016
kapukan2 Michael I love all your recent new guys...hope they all come back. They have fans. May 5, 2016
kapukan2 His dick was rock hard from the get go...and stayed that way. He def. is enjoying himself. He def. needs to let himself go, kiss, and eat some ass. Taste a dick too....he will be hooked. May 5, 2016
jowilf @CURIOUS3397: I have a hint after No. 1's second... fourth... fifth and sixth scenes and I keep on saying that No. 1 is not a 100% straight guy. But other fans still believe the other way. What more I say... that's their personal opinion and I respect it. To date, JULIEN is a certified "total top" while BANDIT have a tendency to go ALL THE WAY... I hope I'm wrong. May 3, 2016
jowilf @GETDICKHOE: You're so funny... yet, I will respect your opinion. Michael knows my sexual identity. I still have my woman beside me. Am I gay? πŸ€“
May 3, 2016
getdickhoe Yo! I am not concerned about what you think is or is not appropriate. I tell it like it is. The scene with Bandit and Spice was fire. This scene was boring as fuck. Zadian is boring as fuck. He is a horrible top and should bottom. I pay for this site. If you don't like my opinion then skip past what I say. And some more real shit for you. You are on a Gay site saying "Honestly! You are not gay!" YOU ARE GAY! That's why you are watching dudes have sex. @jowilf May 2, 2016
curious3397 @jowilf; I'm not sure Apollo was 100% str8 before he got on here... seriously. May 2, 2016
cocopop @josh2016, brother, even I had a hard time trying to understand the last part of your comment. No disrespect. May 2, 2016
MichaelGalletta @josh2016: What's the point of leaving a comment if nobody but you can understand what you're saying? That's not rude, it's just common sense. May 2, 2016
josh2016 Mike you are a very rude person and I be damned once my membership is over..PEACE OUT.. by the way I have a bachelor's of social work why in the hell would i or anyone proof read something on a damn website posting? May 2, 2016
jowilf @JOSH2016: Assuming JoWilf aka Jo Wilfried works with BBA ... in what capacity ... as a consultant? a talent scout? a producer? Uh... Oh... I think what I'm trying to contribute to BBA is beneficial for the viewers? To be honest with you, I'm not gay. I visited straight sites like "" ... the male models there is what I can say ..."real men". So far, BBA is the "gay site" that attracts me because of APOLLO, JULIEN and BANDIT. These "straight guys" made this site above the others. May 2, 2016
supreme Both Spice and Zadian have star potential but not yet, keep pushing them to become their true versatile selves. Zadian needs to truly open up and enjoy his same sex attraction and Spice is more than just a power bottom! May 2, 2016
curious3397 LOL, Zadian's act is that he doesn't like it. LOL but his dick tells another story..LOL He was more into it in his 1st scene. This one, he was more tense, and I would say he was running, more so trying to prevent an eruption. But he can't help that. He'll loose'n up soon enough. May 1, 2016
MichaelGalletta @josh2016: With all due respect, almost nothing in your first comment makes any sense. Please try proofreading before posting next time so others beside yourself can actually understand what you're trying to say. And for the record, nobody leaving comments on this website or the blog are working for BBA, and least of all JoWilf, LOL. May 1, 2016
josh2016 Still boring as hell..only part I like is the raw fucking oh spice is nice keep spice and what was said about kody was wrong he is cute. do not bring Z if not bottom,,, May 1, 2016
josh2016 I just have a observation jowilf assuming he works for mike from and mike are so offended with peoples comments from both..get your own site,this is what the site does and if someone have a opion youth both to my opion do not care at all if someone donot go with your pick of model which makes me want to go with another site.. May 1, 2016
jowilf I think it's not appropriate to say; "Pls. don't bring him back." Everyone has different preferences... others like SPICE while there are others who don't. Some love ZADIAN while there are haters? Can you just create your own site... smh May 1, 2016
vuittonlyfe Mike you have to keep Spice around! You hear the people ^^^^^ however that Zadian.... Beyond lackluster. The only wow is that cumming skill that he can't control?! Please don't bring him back unless he's on his back taking dick! If he cums quick then.... He's gay. Apr 30, 2016
cocopop Funny it's just the opposite for me, love me some Zadian, not feeling Spice. Can't wait to see Z take his bi-curious desires further. Love to see a more masculine brother make love to him (mutual kissing, dick sucking, fucking) more so than just sucking. He's trying hard to hide his emotions, yet the bro. loves it. Apr 30, 2016
kevin333 love everything about Spice. But ZADIAN does nothing for me. I find him very boring and uninterested during the scene with Spice. I think Spice is very sexy. Apr 30, 2016
zuniboy60 Spice is the bomb.. And that ass is so Delicious.. Apr 30, 2016
getdickhoe Either make Zadian a bottom or please don't bring him back. He's boring as fuck. But on a good note Spice is a sexy muhfucka forreal. Apr 29, 2016
jowilf I think a ZADIAN-KODY pairing will be hotter. In that scene, ZADIAN should engage in kissing with KODY. They're both good looking dudes. Make it happen Michael. Apr 29, 2016
jowilf ... after JULIEN and BANDIT; here comes ZADIAN! ... still holds the title "the most multiple cums" after this scene. 3 and a half? My question is, will ZADIAN's next scene will be his first time to do foreplay and oral to a guy? What's next in line Michael? Thank you for bringing back SPICE again... Apr 29, 2016
chgohydepar1 interesting character, zadian. multiple cummer +++, lackluster personality --- ugh
spice, i'd fuck him and take him home to meet the P's. lol
Apr 29, 2016
princetahji Very hot scene. The multiple cumshots are hot. Zadian actually getting into it is a most definite plus. Spice really works with the str8 guys well. Apr 28, 2016

For the past couple weeks, we've been focusing on the "second times" of our newest straight models introduced so far this year. This week completes the "trilogy" on this theme with the much-requested return of Zadian in his second scene with a guy.

For Zadian's sophomore "gay for pay" shoot, we've paired the exotically handsome dreadhead with talented newcomer Spice, the innocent country boy with an adorable smile and cute bubble-butt who recently made one hell of a gay porn debut by treating horse-hung Bandit to a second time that neither he nor the viewers will ever forget.

Now in hindsight, pairing someone should I put this...."trigger-happy" as Zadian with someone of Spice's caliber and skills might have been a tad bit unfair and even sadistic on my part. But it certainly makes for another unique and entertaining encounter as this self-described "straight" boy with some obviously pent-up and not-so-straight desires once again repeatedly (and hilariously) struggles to keep from cumming too soon!

Zadian's almost comically conflicted facial expressions switch back and forth between stoic resistance and helpless surrender to the intense pleasures of Spice's warm mouth and tight ass. He might still be hesitant to admit that he's actually ENJOYING sex with a guy, but his rock-hard dick, ready to erupt any second, betrays the obvious truth he seems so scared to acknowledge.

Viewers looking for skilled and passionate fucking from more experienced models would obviously be better off skipping this scene. But if you enjoy watching every unpredictable, occasionally awkward, and sometimes even hilarious moment of a bi-curious skater-boy's second attempt at guy-on-guy sex, then this is a "reality porn" exclusive that you won't want to miss!

Categories: Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Apr 28, 2016 32 min
Photo of Spice
Photo of Zadian

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