Bring Your Brother To Work Day

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TennesseeBator Rush still needs to be brought back, Mike, he has so much potential. Jun 2, 2024
blackton2 Rush and Deontrey would be nice or just solo rush! Just more rush period lol! May 20, 2024
demanding We need more of Rush ASAP Jan 11, 2024
loydstar Next time it needs to be just him and Mike leave big bro out, or him and Saint or Blake Apr 13, 2023
IwantBandit Yes; must have more Rush Mar 27, 2023
D-Money25 Where is rush?!?!! We miss him. Jan 14, 2023
xxxxxx We want more Rush please :( Nov 21, 2022
sanjae Hook him up with Miguel, Shazeer, Shaun Sep 21, 2022
prettyboi2 Rush to me, did good for his first ever... "Rush" him back ; I see a potential... 🤞🏽👌🏽 Jun 21, 2022
rdunn491 You see the title, If it's not for you, simple, don't click the video! Honestly....I wouldn't mind seeing them together again. Was a strange turn on Jun 18, 2022
Hailkat Just wANNA KNW IF RUSH COMING BCK BY May 14, 2022
MichaelGalletta Unfortunately, Rush seems to have gotten cold feet about taking things any further, but we're still trying! 🤞🙏
kells88 Please don’t do another scene with brothers again. That’s just gross. I have brothers, & while we are close as close can be, I don’t EVER care to see any of them nude, much less than seeing their dicks. I’m far from being a prude, but I do have boundaries. Who would want to fuck, suck, or jerk off in front of their brother? That’s just weird to me. 🤢🤮🤮 Apr 5, 2022
MichaelGalletta Here's an easy solution that will help you avoid such discomfort and revulsion: DON'T WATCH THE DAMN SCENE! 😉
chocolatecandy Can we get RUSH back please he is everything Mar 1, 2022
Sageking3 Is it just me or does rush look like drel brother? Jan 28, 2022
MichaelGalletta Just you. 😜
DonnyBrasco7 Rush might be the one to watch in 2022!!!! Jan 2, 2022
TennesseeBator Mike, I am very glad to know that you're going to do everything it takes to get Rush back in 2022, I hope the viewers/fans are easy on him because he has MAJOR potential. Dec 29, 2021
supreme Mike and Montez ...Rush has the potential to be Kenny all over again get him alone to explore his freak . Dec 26, 2021
MichaelGalletta This is at the very top of my list of goals/resolutions for the New Year. 😉
waddup09 Nobody wants to see this weird shit. Dec 7, 2021
juan24 Them brothers are beautiful. The sweetest smiles, too. I never related to my lil brother or big brother like that, tho i wish i did. Rush is one lucky dude to have a brother like Ross, one he can do porn with. And Ross telling and SHOWING him how to properly stroke, is worth a million. Nov 23, 2021
DjbiATL Hot AF. Can’t wait to see how you push their boundaries and just how far you are able to get Rush to go with his bro and beyond Nov 12, 2021
mdcarmichael So Ross is easily my favorite BBA model, but Rush has an X factor. His long, hard dick was begging to have a hole to fuck. I'd be glad to volunteer to sit down on it. And I love cum, so he showed us what he can do when it shoots all over! Nov 11, 2021
ilovepuss96 I definitely think y’all should bring a girl for them to fuck lol like the old days. That would be good ass content Nov 9, 2021
MichaelGalletta @TennesseeBator: Rush is still a work in progress, and we definitely hope he'll return very soon. I love your idea of pairing him with Stylez and agree that could be exciting and cute. Fingers crossed! 🤞🙏 Nov 5, 2021
TennesseeBator Michael, I hope you are able to get Rush to come back, he is a star in the making if you put him with the right guys, him and Stylez together would be cute. Nov 5, 2021
MichaelGalletta @cocopop: LMAO @ "Bet Michael didn't know he had so many evangelicals viewing his work." Well, now we know, right??? 🙄🤦‍♂️😂 Nov 5, 2021
Prime2021 Yes 2 siblings doing anything together in the nude is some what incest. I saw the two brothers on DL Spot…Woe unto the owner for enticing those brothers to do such an act for money. Sickening. Nov 5, 2021
cocopop @Prime2021, Bet Michael didn't know he had so many evangelicals viewing his work? No matter what you say, somehow they see incest. I've seen incest in porn, twin brothers touching, sucking, fucking one another. I failed to see any of this in this scene. I see two brothers, being paid to J/o together, which probably takes place in real life, with real brothers. Nov 4, 2021
man12345 Did not really watch this all the way through. I think it is really obscene for Mike to even ask brothers to do stuff. This so very, very wrong. Nothing about this is arousing at all. Nov 1, 2021
Tsbaby Wanna see how far they will go together, n if anyone else don’t like it don’t watch it. Oct 28, 2021
KNG5TNFN Even though I haven't watched this, just thinking of the concept alone have me all weirded out.... sends a shudder down my spine...... Oct 28, 2021
Godfather07 Love Rush but please do not let Ross be anywhere around when Rush does his next scene please Oct 26, 2021
Prime2021 People this isn’t incest! They didn’t have sex nor did they touch each other sexually. This was done for money! Oct 24, 2021
trance Look BBA you've done family before so I'm not bothered by this so long as it doesn't go any further....but what killed it for me is the ass scenes that monochrome and music nearly ruined that ass shot....Ross's hole wasn't spread fully when you started panning right and when Rush hole was spread it was like you rushed lol to get Ross like he was going was already awkward for Rush having them with their legs up facing each other was doing too much we could've gotten a perfect ass shot with them facing the camera... next time simple might work best Oct 24, 2021
Bullet I definaely want to see more of Rush. Maybe with Scuba? Oct 24, 2021
20kane Where’s the update for this week? Oct 19, 2021
MichaelGalletta From the FAQ section of the site: “New content is added at least THREE times a month, and most of BBA’s scenes are between 30 and 90 minutes long – MUCH longer than you’ll find on most other sites! Depending on our travel and production schedule (among other factors), these will sometimes be posted back to back weekly (usually on Thursdays), and other times more staggered with longer waits in between.” This past week was an "off" week, but we'll be back with a new update later this week.
BBA2023 "I KNOW RUSH BEAT THAT SHIT IN OFF CAMERA THAT DAY... I BET HE PUT ALL HIS BABIES INSIDE THAT HOLE. He probably beat that shit in the day he last saw him naked!";) Oct 18, 2021
roland204298 I really don’t appreciate the idea that these two could be brothers in real life. This isn't sexy, this is a huge turnoff. There's nothing appealing about Incest. Please remove this video if these two are actually brothers. Oct 17, 2021
dreadhead8 I wish you guys could get Jax Slayher to bottom. I saw him do anal dildo play that would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Oct 17, 2021
11luvme2u @Cumalot Do you want your older brother to beat you the fuck up because you're gay? Oct 16, 2021
Cumalot Ross is sick and if this was my family I'll never fuck with him again . The older brother should beat him the fuck up !!! Oct 14, 2021
Grifd2373 It’s giving me incest vibes Oct 13, 2021
kevin343 Where are Lil Jake and Mar ? Oct 13, 2021
mdcarmichael I like Rush...Cute, with a long dick! Bring him back for a solo with a dark backdrop so we can see where all that cum shoots! Oct 13, 2021
AstroCock I love you guys so i wont judge harshly. You tried something new. It wasnt my cup of tea. I hope never to revisit it or anything like it going forward lol. Ross and Rush are both amazing but I'd prefer to have them separately lol. Looking forward to Rush's future. Oct 13, 2021
emiliano69 That was a pretty ass nutt and he's cute. Oct 12, 2021
jrummi hes definitely a cutie, and i cant wait to see him in action! but im disgusted by the fact that he was coerced into trying to cum on his brother! that is sick, and all kinds of creepy! bba needs to be better than this! Oct 12, 2021
Bg_john I thought he was gonna watch his older brother get fucked or they was gonna train someone Oct 11, 2021
mikecampbell620 Sexy as hell hope he comes back thank you Ross he’s hot Oct 11, 2021
mrpope1997 This ain’t it Mike no disrespect Oct 11, 2021
capistranomike I loved this. Tastefully done. Rush with Manny Killa or Scuba will be awesome. Thanks for always having great content. Oct 10, 2021
mcpheet32 Wassup BBA! I never ever comment, but I had to on this. Maybe I should read the comment section of these vids more often. At any rate, KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Everyone has an opinion and here is mine. You've done brother/family scenes before. I love them! The folks that don't like it will keep watching for more scenes. As for me, I like it all. Oct 10, 2021
griz85 I haven’t even watched it yet and already liked and love Oct 10, 2021
Wblackstudstud This one was a waste I Can't even watch it, should have been a solo scene , Is Scotty ever coming back? Bring Beno back. I'm waiting for a scene with someone servicing Bandit feet . Oct 10, 2021
Bellyboyblues To all those complaining about this scene; you must not have seen “But That’s My Brother” series on here when BBA partnered with The DL Chill Spot? Go look at those scenes then come back & tell us if this new scene with Rush & Ross is inappropriate & crossed a line. Y’all ain’t seen a line crossed if you haven’t seen that series. My pervy ass love that kinda taboo carrying on. Lol Oct 10, 2021
kevin343 First off Ross looks amazing! Love the braids. He has toned down quite a bit. When I first logged on to the site Rush immediately reminded me of a splitting image of Kenny. Can we do a Kenny where are you now segment? Loved the innocence of it all. He was nervous and shy in front of the camera. I think Ross being there was a little awkward. Since he is curious i think we should give him some time to open up and find himself. Oct 9, 2021
Phuryous Borderline, quasi-incest porn is not titillating to me, it is often uncomfortable to watch. This was one of those times because the models were not at ease and it was obvious. Someone mentioned the Goffney twins and talked about some of the sibling pairings from the DL Chill Spot footage--I do not think that those are good examples because they had very tragic conclusions. I am glad that Rush was vocal about maintaining some boundaries and Rush seemed more animated after Ross left. Rush is very good looking and does remind me of Kenny (pairing them together would be interesting) but I can also see a strong resemblance with Ross (Mike was right, their penises did look very similar, lol). Ross made a comment about how their family made assumptions about how they thought Ross would react to Rush's sexuality and I inferred that Rush may not identify as completely straight. It would be interesting to see Rush explore his sexuality in an organic way with models closer to his age, not with dirty old men pawing at him. So Also, I actually like the "tiger stripes", my belief is if an ass don't have stretch marks then it ain't big enough! Oct 9, 2021
ICeeIt21 While it was certainly great to see Ross (still looking good) and a fresh newcomer with great potential, the whole forbidden/taboo fantasy concept has no place with BBA, in my opinion. There are plenty of other sites that offer "dark web" content but not here. Stay true to your foundation and keep and steer clear of these types of concepts. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Oct 9, 2021
poppycock Not into this myself...but Mike should be the only one directing. Ross was so loud and obnoxious with his so called direction. How could any one get in any type mood with his loud acting silly mouth? Rush should have done a solo, and got the full attention, and praise he deserves! Oct 9, 2021
prettyboig maybe even a scene where Ross is bottoming would be kool lol like one of the older scene with Beno and the two brothers Oct 9, 2021
prettyboig Loved the scene, can’t wait til they tag team Trapp or one of the cute models Oct 9, 2021
11luvme2u @Nastynut I love the interview. It helps to get to know the models better. A good suggestion would be to press fast forward so you never have to watch the interview. Oct 9, 2021
11luvme2u Some of ya'll need to calm down. Brothers do this type of thing every day. Some of you act like they kissed and fucked each other. This scene was good. Some of the sexiest gay porn is brother/family scenarios like from the Andrus Twins and Teyon and Keyon (the twins who did scenes with back in the day). This site has had several brother scenes including when the brothers kissed. Hell if they did more with each other I would have been turned on even more. The taboo makes it sexier but I couldn't see them doing that. This scene wasn't even presented in a degrading way but gave you about 20+ minutes of a brotherly interview to set a positive tone. Don't try to act like you all are these super moral righteous folks. I've seen brothers and cousins do way more than they did. Oct 9, 2021
ChgoSheers I COULD NOT watch this in its entirety. Incest is NOT sexy! If he needed Ross' support, it should have been off screen. Please don't go down this path. Rush is cute and deserves an introduction that highlights him. Again incest is not sexy! Oct 9, 2021
comelaywitme Mike! Rush will be your next #1 model. He is gorgeous! Take your time with this and groom him well. I’m not sure where Saint is but you use to use him to break in fresh new models. Pair him with Saint or Apollo so he can be comfortable. Overall great work! You all have been putting out some very good scenes. I look forward to seeing more of Rush real soon. Oct 9, 2021
cocopop @gsoaggie, "I almost call the police", not sure incest is against the law. Grow up! all ya'll screaming about incest, neither one touched each other, neither sucked each others dick. For it to be incest, there would have to be sexual touching. I've actually seen twin brothers have sex, this didn't resemble incest to me. Oct 9, 2021
weluvcash Would love to see them fuck Blake bishop Oct 9, 2021
musiqone Can't get with this it should have been a solo I don't get the concept and they seem weird about it Oct 8, 2021
Nutcannon I’m not gonna lie I like to watch taboo shit like this. To actually do it no but for entertainment purposes yes. It’s a forbidden fantasy I like to see. Would be cool if we could’ve seen them jerk each other off or cum on each other as mentioned. Maybe even a small kiss idk just to keep the video engaging and exciting. We’re already exploring the forbidden territory so why not up the fantasy? Just a thought. Oct 8, 2021
gsoaggie I could never imagine doing this w my brother and I don’t know anyone else who could. Out of all the videos this one I find completely repulsive. I almost wanted to call the police. Then I realized its probably not his brother - this was a concept. An incestual concept. There are other sites for sickos that like shit like that, I hope you don’t become one of them. Oct 8, 2021
princegwa I was a little concerned about watching this at first. But as I began to watch it I felt this was tastefully done by these guys being brothers. Rush reminds me of Kenny. I also understand Rush was more comfortable making this step with Ross but, If you ask me he needs Saint to help him come out of shell. All in all I think Rush is a good addition to this team. And hope to see more of him soon. Oct 8, 2021
200water Rush has great potential. Hopefully he returns. If he does I know I’ll have to wait a while until he agrees to bottom. I watched this for the entertainment value only, not the sex. I like getting to know about the models, it makes them more intriguing. Oct 8, 2021
chucke1 RUSH IS A KEEPER, VERY HOT UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS ROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oct 8, 2021
ktatwcc20 This does feel like incest. It might have been better if the brother did the solo by himself. It just feel a little weird is all. Oct 8, 2021
dreadhead8 Some scenes I can’t get off to this was one of them and I’ve also noticed that you guys have some straight models that don’t return so I never like watching introduction scenes I be wanting to see action like that lil nas vid that’s what I fn want! Oct 8, 2021
Docteur This was fiyahhhhh! Reminds me of the Goffney twins (albeit these two are not twins, just brothers). The Goffneys engaged in jacking and touching each other and watching each other get fucked and suck dicks. I can't wait to see Rush get with some of the other models like: Stylez, Saint, Bandit, Apollo and Isaiah and go all out. The old site that BBA got their footage from used to have brothers doing incest type things, and that was hot. BTW R.I.P. to Taleon Goffney. More action from Rush real soon please. He is a keeper! Oct 8, 2021
Nastynut Liked the video once the action started but we could’ve cut the small talk down to a minimum! I was all ready to get my nut on then 💥BOOM they sitting here talking about childhood memories 🥴🤦🏽‍♂️ Oct 8, 2021
loydstar The comment that he's more like Kenny is true..they could pass for twins..Lol Oct 8, 2021
flylikebird1 Such a disappointment..u can tell they were uncomfortable, hell I was too..been dwn with the bba team for several years but this yr so far has been disappointing..2 brothers..smh..bba is getting away from its foundation it was built opinion.. Oct 8, 2021
mocombo I have been a consumer of gay porn for decades - I have seen brothers, twins etc but I have NEVER seen anything likes this. Some weeks ago I left a comment about how older BBA videos took the viewer on "a journey" and this is exactly what I meant. Actually I was still recovering from last week's amazing scene and now this...fantastic! Rush is gorgeous - sexy as hell of course but gorgeous as well. Please be gentle with him and let him grow at his own pace - I am sure the results will be worthwhile. BBA is back!! Oct 8, 2021
maybelater To be honest, I didn't like this once the clothes came off. The interview was cool after that it was weird and borderline nasty for me. Both brothers looked good but not together. I just didn't like it. Nothing to do with being whack, it was not cool for me. Idk Oct 8, 2021
721718mgm Mike, you will not read me bitching about anything else this year. Rush is so fucking cute. His dick is a lot bigger and heavier than Ross's. They look so damn good together. I would love to see them tag team Trapp. I would have paid double for your last three updates. I don't fantasize about my own brothers, but I've always enjoyed the "brother hook-ups" on BBA. I'll be watching this over and over. I know next week is y'all's week off, and you all have earned it. Please keep this up. I have truly enjoyed myself these past few weeks. Thanks. Oct 8, 2021
scrappydoo123 Smdh. Doing a scene with your so call brother. Whack Asf. Oct 8, 2021
damon8 Where is the cucumber 🥒? Oct 8, 2021
KvngGemini89 Not going to lie, this feels a little wrong to even wanna Jack to lol like.. it’s almost weird. Idk, maybe it’s just me Oct 7, 2021
mrwhitley1 The 🕳 reveal was hilarious.
Rush super tight untouched virgin ass in comparison to Ross 👌🏾Veteran hole.
The difference was so funny.
Much appreciated!
Oct 7, 2021
zebrasex4567 I agree with another comment that seeing Rush with Kavii would be awesome and I think that would be a super hot scene. Oct 7, 2021
mrwhitley1 I love this from Ross.

I truly think porn is the best way to indulge into sex.
If he can enjoy sexual experiences w beautiful Men, and through a company where everyone is tested prior too. Nothing beats that.
He doesn’t even need to run the streets…he could simply look at the site and choose.
This is absolutely a safe space.
Take good care of him. 💰
Oct 7, 2021
jay725 Best scene since "But That's My Homeboy" would love to see these 2 do a natural habitat scene Oct 7, 2021
mrwhitley1 He looks nothing like Ross…He looks EVERYTHING LIKE KENNY 😂😂😂.
I know Mike sees it since Kenny was his prime time crush 😻.
Yo. Rush body is so lit to have previously been chubby.
He looks 🔥.
I know he’ll be back because of his last statement 😂.
Yes Welcome him to the team.
Oct 7, 2021
ashley4962 This was a waste, now i gotta wait another whole week for a video that might be whack again. Stop showing these whack ass solo videos or this boring ass video. Do better yall Oct 7, 2021
11luvme2u Thanks for the consistent weekly updates. I really appreciate it. Oct 7, 2021
loydstar They act so much n laid back...bring little bro back again Mike.. Oct 7, 2021
loydstar Lets see a Mike and Rush scene ...welcome the new guy Mike.. Oct 7, 2021
TennesseeBator I LIKED this scene because it was REAL, Rush was clearly very nervous but his body is nice and that ass is a WONDER. I am also glad he said the scene made him feel more comfortable in his body. I hope he comes back for more. I think he is going to do WAY better with another model and Ross not being in the room.
Does Ross have another brother that can do BBA?
Oct 7, 2021
Drack000 This is like borderline incest… Oct 7, 2021
shetl4 Amazing... Loved the new cummer! He's reminiscent of why I signed up to BBA all those years ago... Magnificent job with Ross and Rush! Hope to see more of him soon Oct 7, 2021
demereowoodward It would be great to see Rush paired with Saxgotem Oct 7, 2021
bbanj I liked it a lot had me laughing the whole time, it was more so fun to watch than anything & younger brother is extra cute. I loved that Ross referred to him as kiddo it showed he’s really his little brother (baby) Oct 7, 2021
11luvme2u Great concept. Rush has a lot of potential. I believe when he is paired with someone besides his brother his real freaky side will be unleashed. I would love to see him with Kavii. Kavii could really take his big dick and they're both young and attractive. Ross looks sexy as ever. I ain't gonna lie I would love to see him with Trapp again in some capacity. They have a great bromance. I hope to see more of Rush. Also, I miss Saint, Apollo, and Dominic. Great down-to-earth, real world scenario fantasy! Oct 7, 2021
Godfather07 Rush is Hot Hot Hot this is the BBA that I know, to me he is the hottest new model so far he reminds me of Kenny he is a money maker what a body, smile, ass, personality and a beautiful dick I would like to see him with Manny. Even Ross look really good with out that afro you can see his beautiful face. Mike in your hands Rush will become one of your hottest models. From 1-10 ten the best Rush is a 20 he has great potential. Oct 7, 2021
weluvcash Very entertaining and hot would love to see them do more scenes together 🔥 Oct 7, 2021
texasbugg rush is so fucking sexy he will open up he young so fucking sexy he is a keeper i would love to see him do a scene with shaun if he is out good job rush. Oct 7, 2021
swamp96 He's a cutie. Just needs to get more comfortable and more experience. Ross probably made him more nervous. Oct 7, 2021
take2comps The tension in this vid oh wow Oct 7, 2021
djv1234 Wow, younger brother Rush is handsome and sexy with a nice dick and phine body! Can't wait to see him in hot action with other dudes. Oct 7, 2021
bmore91 They could’ve tag teamed a female.. lol these scenes have been really lacking since y’all have come back. I’ll renew sometime next year and give you a chance to get it together Oct 7, 2021


When I recently found out that Ross has a cute younger brother who was just about to turn 18, I couldn't help but start counting down the days until I could welcome this next generation to BBA.

I've used the term "barely legal" to describe plenty of models over the years, but this is the first time I've ever filmed a new model literally WITHIN A WEEK of his 18th birthday. It doesn't get much more "barely" than that!

With his raspy adolescent voice, innocent "boy next door" looks, and a beautiful smile that brightens the entire damn room, Rush will have you salivating long before his clothes start to come off.

Of course finally meeting Ross's adorably cute "baby brother" would have been exciting enough on its own. But in a taboo twist, we've also talked Ross into JOINING his much younger brother (there's a ten-year age difference between them) for the entire experience, introducing Rush to BBA's viewers and coaching him through his VERY FIRST TIME getting naked in front of a camera.

Rush gets his nickname from his hyper and energetic personality (he loves playing sports and staying active), although he's extremely nervous and shy when he first takes a seat on the couch next to Ross.

We try to help these understandably anxious brothers get more comfortable and relaxed with a lengthy and entertaining interview in which they share some sweet and hilarious memories from growing up together.

Even though they've worn nothing but boxers in front of each other plenty of times, they both admit that what we're asking them to do today will be strange and awkward new territory for them. "Last time I seen him naked is when I changed his diaper!" Ross nervously jokes.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy our own twisted version of "Bring Your Brother To Work Day" as Ross draws from his many years of experience to demonstrate for his brother how to strip out of his clothes and seduce the horny viewers at home.

Nervously following in his big brother's footsteps, Rush tentatively teases the camera, slowly coming out of his shell as he flexes and poses and strips out of his clothes.

Let's just say these brothers' faces and personalities aren't the only things you'll be comparing when Rush finally reveals what's hiding under his clothes. Just a couple feet away from the big brother who practically raised him. Then side by side. NAKED.

And that's only the beginning! See for yourself what makes this one of the most hilarious, unpredictable, and perversely ENTERTAINING shoots we've filmed in awhile, leading up to Rush concluding at the end of the shoot: "If anything, I feel like I know this nigga ten times more now!"

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Older/Younger, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy, Toys/Dildos
Details: Oct 7, 2021 67 min
Photo of Ross
Photo of Rush

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