How Gay Will They Go?

Photo of How Gay Will They Go?
misterblack I loved everything about this one. How beautiful is Zadian? The interviews were great, really revealing their personalities. The fellatio was super sensual and the simulated fucking, outstanding. If only I could have taken the camera man's place in that room and witnessed those glorious bodies rubbing against each other in-person. Zadian deserved a Golden Globe for his grunts and groans. Lastly, the old Virginia Slims slogan thoroughly applies to the Bandit of today: "You've come a long way baby." Jul 7, 2023
prettyboi2 Ok both are shy; but Bandit being the more comfortable 1... the Simulated sex was the highlighted session... I'd bring both back as a Bonus...Bandit getting on Top πŸ™ƒ Jun 6, 2022
edster1 Recent member, regretting the recency, however, this is ONE of the hottest scenes on here, added to greatly by the dramatic music. Bravo Mar 11, 2022
MichaelGalletta Welcome to BBA! Better late than never, right lol? Thanks for your interest and support, and glad you enjoyed discovering this BBA classic.
MrBrown19942 Zadian and Bandit.. a reunion of sorts, would be nice. Their chemistry is undeniable, even in 2020. πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ˜πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Jul 14, 2020
Phuryous Lol @ the Skinemax simulated sex. Jun 26, 2020
Phuryous Zadian is kinda phine. The looks on his face is priceless. I bet he really gets his freak on when no camera is running. Jun 26, 2020
MrBrown19942 I love this scene, even in 2020. Bandit is forever, my favorite. Zadian has a type of energy, where it shows that he’s clearly interested, even if his facial expressions say otherwise. Lol. Apr 25, 2020
cocopop For once, a gay4pay model beat Bandit to the punch, when it came to dick being hard when shorts come off. Zadian was strange, but he seem to have as much, or more sexual drive as Bandit. That dick was throbbing, as he react with shame to being so. Wonder had he stayed with BBA, would his comfort level have improved? Personally, I kind of found him sexy. Mar 20, 2020
Rush123 Please dear God bring Zadian back!!!!! Dec 25, 2019
pianoboy 30 minutes in and they're still afraid of each other. Aug 28, 2019
Bullet I now busted a fat nut to every Zadian Vid. He's cute and awkward and busts at the drop of a dime. Aug 16, 2019
Smartart2940 Part 2 pls voteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee part2 Pls Voteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Mar 26, 2019
pilsener I think Zadian's feelin' it and trying not to show it! BANDIT can read the bible and make it look sexy! Love the experimentation and pushing limits! Jan 1, 2019
juan2424 Z, like Isaiah in this one vid, looks so disgusted, lol. He like, "This is fucked up!" Anyway, them brothers tried and so we got to give it to them. Jan 25, 2018
Lalafavors They Both Should Have Gotten It ...... Seriously ! Feb 6, 2017
texasbugg mike it is time for someone to eat zadian ass i know when that happen the story will be told cause if that person eat that ass right he will cum whoever it is here is a few points do more sucking on hole than licking , every ass hole i have suck i have made my young thug cum my bag (per cum) and leave that big round spot in the bed. Feb 2, 2017
texasbugg damm they both have bodys from the gods. they r super fine please do a part 2 they r ripe for the picking zadian should fuck bandit cause bandit will let him fuck bandit really like zadian i saw it in his eyes the eyes will never lie. please bandit let zadian fuck mike will take care of u he will pay u well. come on bandit do it for the fans. Jan 31, 2017
tjm133 I like both models. Next time real bare backing and more cum eating. Dec 30, 2016
texasbugg i must say about how wonderful of a job mike has done going out and finding these super hot thugs which gives a lot of us to sat at home and jack our dicks to. plus he is giving these guys a way to make money and keeping them out of jail. i say all this to say please don't make it bad for the ones who loves the job mike has done. mike can't say it but i can just end your membership. cause i get off on apollo everyday. Dec 4, 2016
texasbugg mike could you please put both of them with apollo. damm that would be super hott i know apollo would make both of them melt like two sticks of butter. Nov 28, 2016
2fly4u05 i mite b the only one who actually got off to the simulated sex part, but michael are there other videos with that kind of thing in them? I wish there was a tag for it, if it's happened kind of frequently. Sep 6, 2016
jowilf As of 08.03.16 @10:10PM (PST); BANDIT have reached 201 likes.
Congrats BDB!
Aug 3, 2016
jowilf It's official:
As of 08.01.16 @11:06PM (PST)
BANDIT at No. 8.. the fastest BBA model to reach 196 likes in 6 months..
More power BDB!
Aug 1, 2016
jowilf Now tied with FREAKY J at No. 8! ... 192 likes.
(As of 07.31.16 @1:50PM (PST)
Jul 31, 2016
jowilf As of 07.31.16 @11:06AM (PST)
BANDIT at No. 9 with 191 likes..
Jul 31, 2016
jowilf As of 07.29.16 @7:40PM (PST); BANDIT tied KENNY at No. 9 with 190 likes. Jul 29, 2016
wassup09 disgusting ........... Jul 24, 2016
jowilf As of 07.24.16 @2:42AM PST; BDB overtake STEPHON at No. 11 with 178 likes.
No. 12: STEPHON (177)
No. 11: BANDIT
No. 10: LIL TYGA (179)
Jul 24, 2016
cocopop That little Bandit has the protentials to be an excellent dick sucker in the future, the brother got skills, he's a natural. Jul 23, 2016
jowilf As of 07.22.16
"The Silent Operator" aka BANDIT just made it to the Top 12 with 175 likes!
Keep it up BDB!
Jul 22, 2016
adr1229 These are very nice looking black guys, but fake fucking! Really....Seriously. I am new to this website membership but I must say had I known there was this much silly conversation with some white guy in the background and constant coaching to do sexual acts, there is no way I would have purchased a membership on this website. The type of video clips these videos apparently are, should have been revealed in the advertisement. Jul 17, 2016
MichaelGalletta Sorry to hear that BBA hasn't turned out to be the website you'd hoped it would be, but that should have been obvious if you'd taken the time to read our "About BBA" page and/or the detailed scene summaries for any of these scenes that you seem to dislike so much.

It's pretty clear from your feedback to this and other scenes that the type of content you're looking for is the exact OPPOSITE of the porn I'm interested in making, and I wish you all the best of luck in finding another website better suited to your more traditional tastes.
Williamtale This was a good scene. Two good looking brothers, however, I think Bandit was a little more believable and into the action. I would like to meet him. Jul 5, 2016
KMiller25 I thoroughly enjoyed this, I liked both guys equally, good looking guys, great skin. I thought the simulation of fucking was a genius idea, thanks Michael. Zadian has a fine ass, would really like to see him bottom. Jun 29, 2016
timoteo144 Good scene. Please let us see Bandit again!!! Jun 28, 2016
enquire I vote for Bandit. I would love to see Bandit with Migo in a scene like this; two handsome men with amazing cocks together.... Jun 18, 2016
myisrael bandit hands down. he is one big dick fine ass brotha. like the way he takes dick. what a pair he'd be with murda. Jun 16, 2016
lilron2 Bandit is my choice. He's extremely sexy in my opinion. His boyish looks and charming smile makes you melt. I like the way Zadian comes in multiples, but his facial expressions make him seem disinterested. Jun 15, 2016
99p888tw Bandit is one super phine ass nigga big ass dick and nice ass and very good looking and beautiful big afro centre lips. Zadian is very weak !!!!!!!!!!!! Jun 13, 2016
dalaperal62 Bandit gets my vote. Jun 12, 2016
cocopop So, Mike who won the competition, Bandit or Zadian? Jun 10, 2016
jowilf 115 likes!
Jun 9, 2016
housmous2 Loved this scene!! It was sexy as hell. Loved both of them, but Bandit is my favorite so far. I loved how much dick control he has. Jun 9, 2016
Demario bandit please and thank you. Jun 8, 2016
cocopop If I was to choose which was the more aggressive of the two I'd have to say Zadian, which looked better sucking dick Bandit. More at ease throughout the scene Bandit, this being his first time. Zadian looked awkward sucking, he did have a bit much to suck on though. They both have skills to cultivate Mike. Jun 8, 2016
pathfinder1 Bandit get my vote. He was more willing to go with the flow throughout the scene. Bandit with Apollo would make a great scene. Jun 8, 2016
thetruth1 Yes, Bandit is sexy and a lot more laid back, and although I'm more a fan of his than Zadian's, my vote is for Zadian. Based on the criteria. Zadian seemed to give head with more enthusiasm and simulate sex with more as well. Not about looks or sexiness but pure reflection on the criteria of winning the vote, putting on a better performance while stepping out of their comfort zone. Jun 8, 2016
princegwa I would have to give my vote to Zadian. I loved how his dick was hard before his clothes even came off. Jun 8, 2016
zuniboy60 Zadian he was more eager to try things.. And he loves to kiss too.. Jun 7, 2016
jujan35 I think Zadian liked it more then he wants to admit, that why he kept trying to hide himself getting hard but who wouldn't with sexy Bandit. I'll give it to Bandit. Jun 7, 2016
kcb394 Both were great but Zadian seemed more enthusiastic to do things especially during the simulated sex scene. He was less reluctant to do stuff and at the end went along with the ass cumshot. Plus he appeared very stimulated throughout the video. Jun 6, 2016
cocopop @vorgriff, sorry to disappoint brother, but there was no penetrating here, I thought so too at first, maybe next time. He is fine though, have that exotic look, if only he would be more relaxed and let himself go like Bandit, just as cool as a cucumber in an uncomfortable position. Jun 5, 2016
vorgriff ...and then i see it was a fantasy fuck lol ok ok but u're a good actor tho Zadian Jun 5, 2016
vorgriff dayum Zadian! i didnt know u were so damn sexy took that D like a pro. Bandit is fine tho. I'm partial to locs tho. Jun 5, 2016
jowilf No doubt BANDIT is the new STAR of BBA ... 101 likes! Whoever gonna be paired with BANDIT is a hit!
A BANDIT-KODY pairing is highly recommended. This will be hot!
Make it happen Michael.
Jun 5, 2016
lilkeller1203 I vote for BANDIT I believe he got into the scene more with the kissing and Sucking dick Jun 5, 2016
Reddallen They should bottom for it!
They should bottom for it!
They should bottom for it!
They should bottom for it!

Whoeva decides to bottom for it takes the money!
Jun 5, 2016
godsgift Hands down Bandit cause he gave much better head, had dat nig bustin.... Jun 5, 2016
curious3397 If it's not going to be a fair tie for efforts on both ends, I would have to go with consistency and say Bandit. Jun 5, 2016
curious3397 I'm going to be me... Zadian jumped out there far in the beginning, but fizzled out in the end. Bandit stayed consistent. Although Mike set his ass up, having him suck Zadian. I could not help but laugh. That simulated fuck was the worst, yet Bandit stayed consistent. Zadian was truly following Bandit's lead as well. If Mike had not gone off camera and let Bandit stick to his decision, Zadian would have followed. Jun 5, 2016
room121 Definitely I vote for the BANDIT! The kissing action was HOT and at the end I thought his dick sucking game was the most improved out of the two.
I'm looking forward to seeing Bandit doing some bisexual action slaying some bitch while slobbing on some dude's knob. Let's see up close and personal the BDB "blessing" others in a versatile gay-for-pay scene. DAMN!!!
Jun 5, 2016
gigante2 my vote for Zadian....looked like he really got into the kissing & dick sucking more....both were hot, but imma say Zadian.... Jun 5, 2016
jowilf I firmly believe BANDIT get the nod of the viewers ... I haven't read any negative comments about BANDIT because he have a good character and straightforward. A real person. Keep it up! Jun 4, 2016
rbiguy Zadian gets my vote. Despite his bland facial expressions, he was the most interactive with the dick sucking and his noises during the simulated fuck really made me think he was being fucked. He put on a good show. Bandit is always cute and open minded, but overall Zadian put on a better show in this scene. Jun 4, 2016
Jay225 bandit need 2 give up that ass!!!! Jun 4, 2016
cocopop The look on Bandit's face watching Zadian get that first nut was priceless. He has that innocent, soft spoken way about himself. Then it was like did I do that. Jun 4, 2016
getdickhoe my vote goes to bandit. And next time just let niggaz do what they do Mike all that walking them through every step through the whole video was boring. The best part with two straight dudes is seeing who's gonna take control and make the other one submit. Jun 4, 2016
king403 BANDIT!!!!! Hate Zadian facial expressions in every scene Jun 4, 2016
Perriason Michael you're not going to get fair & honest votes here. A lot of these comments are biased as hell not based on the scene at all, but on who they personally like. I agree with @river33 split the bonus or someone needs to bottom for it. Jun 4, 2016
Endless I think that he's hot so I'd be biased and say that Bandit should win if we're going by looks alone from my perspective anyway. But honestly if I went strictly on the risk to step out of their comfort box I'd have to say that both of them did pretty good on the requests that Michael made, however in the pretend fucking scene Zadian was more vocal. Bandit deserves an A for effort during that scene himself. After all he's a straight man and took it far past his comfort level. Jun 4, 2016
lilmellowyellow The models are attractive and performed equally. I like the way Zadian seemed more aggressive and he has a nice ass. Asking the models to act like they were fucking each other was anti-climactic. Also, Michael seemed timid. You are the director; so, DIRECT the models. This site is for gays. I wished they would have shown us their assHOLES too. My vote goes to Zadian. Jun 4, 2016
crazyface11 Love all the fan love and LUST for Bandit!!!! my vote is for Bandit to have a scene with a female!!! Oh wait, that's not how we're supposed to vote right hehehehehe Jun 4, 2016
kalani ... My vote goes to Bernie. Feel the burn. But if I can't have Bernie in bed then give me Bandit. Jun 4, 2016
mehh I vote for Bandit. He stepped out his comfort zone more. Zadian seems gay so it's probably nothing he hasn't done before lol. He loves it. Jun 3, 2016
sdante123 bandit gets my vote for sure Jun 3, 2016
puremuscles did Bandit really bottom or was it camera magic? would love to see him bottom with actual penetration Jun 3, 2016
bigmake big dick bandit is very sexy i like to see bandit to get his ass fuck now that will be very sexy (bandit gets my vote) Jun 3, 2016
cocopop @josh2016, dam josh, does he scare you that much lol, bro. just trying too hard to look hard, though its not working, Bandit on the other hand, like his swag, his performance, he made the show for me. An Apollo and Bandit scene would be hot though, this scene gave me a greater appreciation for Bandit. VOTED ALREADY MIKE> Jun 3, 2016
tedaro3 i love me some Bandit! i vote for him Zadian is funny to me i like watching him but i really think he's gay lol but Bandit! baby one of my favs i would like to see him with Apollo or Majesty. Team Bandit!!!! Jun 3, 2016
tonejo My vote goes to Bandit, that is one sexy guy!!!! Jun 3, 2016
kapukan2 Hot scene.....both good but Zadian should win. Jun 3, 2016
Perriason Pt. 2 Julien & Bandit please & thank you πŸ˜‚ Jun 3, 2016
Perriason Didn't care for this scene at all Michael. I love me some Bandit, but my vote goes to Zadian. He's creepy as all hell, but he did more in my opinion to earn the bonus. Jun 3, 2016
josh2016 Zadian seems to me hungry for the money but he so damn weird looking to me like a killer I think he is gay SO MY PICK GOES TO BANDIT..hey mike I bet you can get Bandit and Apollo would be the scene of all scenes I felt that Apollo can make Bandit go farther, Zadian was good but he so strange to me almost scary. Jun 3, 2016
terbernt I vote for Bandit. Jun 3, 2016
terbernt Bought it without reading the description, or looking at pics, the moment I saw Bandit back. Jun 3, 2016
cfinhawaii Bandit for me. He seems more willing to try. Jun 3, 2016
Godfather07 Bandit gets my vote he is so cool got swag I could watch him all day let him fuck Dragon, Zadian is gay the dick don't lie Jun 3, 2016
pisces586 A foreplay scene with Bandit and Ross would be hot. Bandit gets my vote. Zadian has appeal, like seeing him in topping scenes. He's cute and funny lol Jun 3, 2016
wzupkanye21 Bandit gets my vote he is very sexy and cool as a person. Jun 3, 2016
river33 It's kinda hard to choose... I like zadian for being awkward but bandit was all in!! I say they split it or BOTTOM FOR THE GRAND PRIZE!! Jun 3, 2016
jowilf I was right; A BANDIT scene ... not a popular choice to have BANDIT paired with ZADIAN. But this scene turned just rightly done in a natural setting. ZADIAN was good in kissing, touching/sucking dick ... especially in the "simulating scene." ZADIAN outplayed BANDIT on that ... to be honest.
The magic words; "Help us make more money."
A BANDIT-ZADIAN Part 2 coming soon...
"Stay tuned!"
Jun 3, 2016
brandonh93 I don't know why ppl bashing Zadian because they both deserve a bonus, I liked the passion Zadian gave it just looked like he got lost in it and when he realized the setting he tensed up. both guys stepped out of their comfort zone. The dry humping wouldn't be bad if they didn't do the fake sounds.. Jun 3, 2016
Lexxja Wow, based on the concept: Zadian won. I give him my vote because he was hard throughout, and Bandit was limp most of the time. Jun 3, 2016
Cobra Great video and close call but give the nod to Bandit! Jun 3, 2016
tayshawn3 Bandit should get the extra cash he is really hot with a cute face nice body and huge piece and he seem more calm and relaxed and natural...Zadian is awkward cute and I found him more cuter in this scene than his others...I enjoyed the simulated sex seeing them on top of each other was really hot to me....and zadian kept trying to hide the fact his dick was hard. He is at the very least bi-sexual. Jun 3, 2016
kason9090 Definitely Bandit deserves it he made the shoot for me he had energy and made it seem like he was enjoying it and down to give it his all. Plus really cute. Jun 3, 2016
just0injo My vote is for Zadian, he really was into the kissing and also the dick sucking despite his facial expressions. Jun 3, 2016
Vinrod Big Dick Bandit is def the winner Jun 3, 2016
azealialover4 i vote for bandit. He seem more into it than zadian Jun 3, 2016
notImpress3d Although some people can come across harshly, i do agree that this was not one of BBA's best scenes. It was kind of disappointing. I'm NOT a fan of Zadian and would suggest not bringing him back. BANDIT gets my vote Jun 3, 2016
eleco1 My vote is for Zadian. However I think Bandit thoroughly enjoyed Zadian's dick and body. I need one of those take down the top vids where Apollo or Saint get in Bandit's booty for real... You know Saint is a master at flippin them boys Jun 3, 2016
suave9 No actual fucking just the idea of them fucking and we just see some quick humping action here .. Highly disappointed, This scene was weak and would have preferred to see Bandit get fucked, fingered or more ass play from both which would have been better than this foreplay scene .. Neither should get any money Jun 3, 2016
lrigdab Prize goes to Bandit!!! Zadian does absolutely NOTHING for me. I just don't understand his appeal at all!! Jun 3, 2016
rightt Zadian.. was willing to take lead 1st without persuasion Jun 3, 2016
bmoney gotta vote for the underdog zadian, lol. his dick was brick as fuck from jump. just needs to loosen up. both dudes are sexy tho, real talk Jun 3, 2016
Bi4Lyf My vote will be for Bandit. Jun 3, 2016
kevin333 Keep up the good work Bandit ! Jun 3, 2016
kevin333 For me this scene was forced. They did it for the money. Zadian seemed very uninterested. Although Bandit kept an open mind. AT least Bandit tried to make the scene work. You could tell on Zadians' face that he did not want to be there. I was disappointed with this scene. I vote for Bandit as well. Overall, this was the most disappointing scene ever in bba history. Jun 3, 2016
8421ES Bandit gets my vote, Zadian is so fake. Terrible video btw!!! Jun 3, 2016
colormeblk Ok this scene was different. It was hard to get off to LOL because both men seem to be in such disgust with gay sex and it leaves FANS with a major disappointment and HARD you know what! My vote go to Bandit, he first 2 suck dick & cumming on his ass, more friendlier. Zadian is negative, his body language, actions and interest energy is not there but his dick tells a different story HARD ALL DAY the dick don’t lie! Give the bonus to Bandit he deserves it...TEAM BANDIT ALL THE WAY!!! Jun 3, 2016
rosario1740 def bandit, they were both good, but bandit was more open to other stuff after he agreed to suck dick, it was hot, im a female , and i think it was pretty sexy :) Jun 3, 2016
djjrda My vote goes to Zadian and it's not even close. He seemed to be the one to initiate most of the hot interactions between the two. Jun 3, 2016
de1divap2 I have to retract my original no! I watched it again and found myself, like most of the members, really enjoying Bandit. Bandit should get a bonus because he carried the scene in my opinion. More Bandit pairings with performers more willing to throw caution to the wind. Jun 3, 2016
flaboy21 I think bandit should get the bonus he is willing to do alot more than zadian Jun 3, 2016
champion I vote for Bandit. He had a better energy throughout the shoot. Jun 3, 2016
conunjrum Nice concept, but re-shoot without the scenes of simulated sex or just leave out those scenes entirely. Nice fantasy though. The bonus cash prize goes to the camera tech for selling the simulations... Jun 3, 2016
lover2k1 Bandit should win!!! Jun 3, 2016
simplet disappointed none of them deserve no money extra the worse i every seen pretending to b takin dick michael i pay twenty dollars for that kind of shit wow am about to cancel my order worse every seen man Jun 3, 2016
99p888tw Bandit is beyond phine he is a ten plus would love to see him and Zadian fuck each other in the ass. Jun 3, 2016
daisuke13 Bandit for sure aside from the giving head he just seem more open to things and a lot less guarded than Zadian, both were hot but Bandit made things hotter Jun 3, 2016
cusmile1x i think they both deserve it bcuz i watched them struggle to come out of their comfort zones but if i had to choose one Bandit Jun 2, 2016
trimystro Bandit gets my vote. Jun 2, 2016
chgohydepar1 Respectfully, Zadian is gay --and it's OK, at least with me. I have never seen a guy try so hard NOT to enjoy something his body obviously finds pleasurable. This scene was unusually awkward, and probably of all the videos it is the only one I didn't feel compelled to jack off to. Both gents are super sexy, but too inhibited for my taste. Interesting, and yet BORING match. Where's Beno, shit? lol My vote (where's the poll?): Zadian (oh, and I don't believe his true motivation is "green.") Jun 2, 2016
jowilf Michael, you should give BANDIT and ZADIAN a cash bonus for this scene.
Jun 2, 2016
beekcee One thing that drew me to this site was the unscripted scenes between strangers. Unpredictability keeps a heightened level of expectation. The foreplay (kissing, touching) appeared to be more unscripted & natural. The grinding & no penetration part was clearly scripted and turned into acting. Zadian body language/dick sucking was horrible. Bandit was not turned on at all while Zadian was sucking him. Bandit was the obvious best. Bandit needs to be paired with a verse top just my thoughts. Jun 2, 2016
mac198726 Are you serious Mike, what the hell was that? Jun 2, 2016
trickey2 I vote for Bandit. He is sexy as hell, and I think he would go further with BBA than Zadian (not attractive, wouldn've watch this if Bandit wasn't in this scene). and I love Bandit's ass -- hopefully he be willing to give that up one day. Jun 2, 2016
dollar91 I pick Zadian for the bonus cash prize. Jun 2, 2016
de1divap2 Just no! I did not believe a second of this scene. Jun 2, 2016
champ54 Michael, this was an interesting show. First, I thought I would not enjoy seeing these two together; however, it was not bad at all! Bandit appeared to be more relaxed even though he was very quiet. Zadian appeared very nervous at first, but once he got started, he was okay with it! I did notice Zadian had pre-cum and stayed hard throughout the scene. This is hard for me to judge! May I suggest they split the money, $250 each! Jun 2, 2016
taybba Both should bottom for the prize Jun 2, 2016
Coolrod Boring scene overall. Bandit was a lot more into it! Give Bandit the extra cash! Jun 2, 2016
lonleyman I vote zadian. I love bandit but zadian wins. I hope there is a part two. I know Michael won't stop until a flip flop happens please do it michael. this is the kind of scene I love about bba the kissing was on point. please have a flip flop round 2. this is my scene. bandit is my fav but zadian won hands down Jun 2, 2016
dcain2006 Bandit is just everything to me Jun 2, 2016
cocopop I cast my vote for Bandit, much more eagerly up to the challenge, not frowning and making faces, he's even more handsome without the cap. Take it to the next level Bandit. Jun 2, 2016
vuittonlyfe Hope you paid Bandit a lil more than Zadian to put up with his weird nerd ass. Nonetheless the scene was way better than I expected due in part to Bandit sucking dick for the first time!!!! Major shock. Please keep Bandit around for more scenes to come! We like him as a top but don't mind him pleasing bottoms now that we know he's got head skills. Bandit and Ross next?! Jun 2, 2016
jowilf You push the right button... this is hot! I'll watch this scene later.
Good job Michael!
Jun 2, 2016

Bandit and Zadian are easily two of the more "money-motivated" models on the BBA roster right now.

Knowing that both guys were facing difficult financial situations in their personal lives and desperate to earn the largest amount of money in the shortest possible time, I was eager to raise the stakes on our newest straight models and find out just how far I could get them to go.

The premise for this shoot was pretty simple: Both guys could earn a significant sum of money by participating in a series of gay-themed activities or "challenges" that start off as easy as sitting shirtless with their arms around each other on the couch, progress to touching each others' naked chests and rippling abs, and gradually increase in difficulty and intensity from there.

How much or how little they ended up doing was totally up to them! Of course the less they agreed to do, the less money they'd go home with at the end of the day ("Gay Chicken" as Zadian calls it).

As a wicked twist and added incentive for them to put on the hottest possible show, I decided to have them compete for a bonus cash prize, the winner of which will be determined by BBA's viewers based on who they feel is the most open-minded, cooperative, and overall deserving of the extra reward.

If you're only interested in hardcore gay action starring eager and experienced "porn stars," then this ISN'T the scene for you! If, on the other hand, you're turned on by watching the various subtle and surprising ways that cocky straight boys will (and in some cases will NOT) compromise their "straightness" for cash, then this is a "reality porn" exclusive that you don't want to miss!

Discover what new challenges lie in store for Bandit and Zadian as I test their boundaries to determine just "HOW GAY WILL THEY GO?"

Don't forget to CAST YOUR VOTE in the "comments" section for who you think most deserves the bonus cash prize ("Desktop" and "Tablet" versions only).

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Oral-Only, Straight Boy
Details: Jun 2, 2016 49 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Zadian

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