Sampling Shazeer

emiliano69 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 May 31, 2023
eyeluvblack5 Take off your shoes in bed please. Feb 6, 2019
texasbugg i have fell so deep in love with shazeer that young thug is super sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy. i love u shazeer when r u coming back ? please call mike to see if there is something for u the fans miss u and that pink ass hole. u should put that ass hole in a picture frame. Feb 9, 2017
texasbugg shazeer was blessed with a body from the gods. damm he is super fine with a pink ass hole nothing has been in there. Jan 7, 2017
lyrix4 i love a dude getting done in nice kicks... is it just me? Nov 5, 2016
Justen I wanna see Shazeer take some dick, especially on his back. Oct 16, 2016
pbobsk6 Michael, Lil Tiger and Shazeer, "YOU GOT THIS!!" LOL Sep 20, 2016
pbobsk6 I'm 'feelin' this! Create a title and a nonscripted storyline. Inject an emotional component. Cast two sexually charged BBA models, Lil Tiger & Shazeer. Immerse them into a well designed & well lit bedroom setting. Throw in hi-definition photography, skillful directing & editing. Mission accomplished! Sit back, relax & enjoy. You've created the ambience to another BBA powerhouse presentation, Sampling Shazeer. Sep 20, 2016
lilron2 This was hot! I love to see sexy Tyga taking dick. I love the way he speaks with a lisp. I'm starting to fall for Shazeer. I know he's not very animated, but he has a sexy stud appeal. Good job Mike. Sep 19, 2016
jowilf With 70 likes.. not bad.
Yes. BANDIT-DIEGO is a hot pairing..
Sep 18, 2016
joeylh33 I luv lil tyga tiddies and phat juicy booty i always cum when he bends dat ass over Sep 18, 2016
matt796999 The scene was boring, except when Lil Tyga was munching on that sweet booty. Shazeer was markedly unenthusiastic. What we really, really, really need to see is BANDIT plowing DIEGO (who I believe has superstar potential)!! Sep 17, 2016
simplet a little disappointed the top need to b more aggressive but i never saw a close up where s dick was in t ass hole mike u need to b more up close and personal i wanted to c how t asshole stretched to accommodate s cock Sep 17, 2016
3606tsb72 Great effort with 2 very handsome, versatile brothers. I love seeing DICK as I have a blackboyadDICtion. Mike did not disappoint as the camera was up close and personal and lingered on the objects of many of our affections 4 for more than a few eye-blinks/Y'ASS! Assaholics are well taken care of as M and others revel in cakes and holes. Going forward I'd only want MG to cover his bases with all BBA men, despite the role/s they play--show ALL guys' dicks b/c this doesn't always happen. Sep 16, 2016
kidon7000 very nice. i got my wish, kind of, with shazeer. i guess part two is him getting fucked?? thanks again Mike. like i said previously i love this track you are on. flipping ("thug/masculine men") tops to bottoms, like maverick men, would be a nice theme to continue. Great job again! Sep 16, 2016
illtown22 I'm here for it. Nicely done. I'm falling for Shazeer and its always good to see Tyga juicy ass pop in on occasion. I was hoping to see Shazeer hole stretched a bit but I'm patient and I liked seeing Tyga bottom with this dude. Good job! Sep 15, 2016
princetahji Shazeer is very hot. His piece must be really good to make dudes cum while fucking them. Maybe feature him in some bb action. A scene with Spice or Rory would be hot. Even a threesome with him and Tyga tagging someone maybe Diego. Welcome back to the other side of the camera Lil Tyga. Your ass is getting fatter. Sep 15, 2016

For most of the past year, Lil Tyga has been busy helping out behind the scenes with things like filming and directing. But when he recently picked up new model Shazeer at the airport, it didn't take long for the shy but sexy bisexual "top" to tempt Lil Tyga out of his semi-retirement.

"I had to hit up Mike and see if he could put something together for me!" Lil Tyga confesses to his quiet and nervous co-star at the start of this scene.

Lil Tyga's not really much of a talker either, so after some awkward "small talk" shortly after Shazeer's arrival in town, he's impatient and eager to sample the hot new kid for himself!

Like an excited child unwrapping a present, Lil Tyga helps Shazeer out of his clothes and gets his first look at the light-skinned new model's slim and athletic body.

Lil Tyga will no doubt be the envy of many as he eagerly sucks on Shazeer's nipples, wraps his lucky lips around the boy's beautiful dick, slides his own hard dick between Shazeer's full and sensuous lips, and even flips him over to feast on that pretty, pink asshole before taking the fun to the bedroom....

That's where Lil Tyga generously gives up his own thick, juicy ass and finally gets to sample Shazeer's fresh young dick for himself!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual
Details: Sep 15, 2016 33 min
Photo of Lil Tyga
Lil Tyga
Photo of Shazeer

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