Introducing: Miguel

sanjae Hook him up with Rush and Shaun Sep 21, 2022
gdr1gdr1 So Damn Sexxxy And Confidently Seductive Beauty...Loved His Big Cobra Dick...Magnificent Nut...Bring Miguel/Cobra Back! Aug 26, 2019
Gpimpin37 will he ever be back? Aug 16, 2019
jairock2016 What happened with him. We need more. This scene was mediocre but dude hot. Mar 7, 2019
sexyguy @Michael, we're guessing he don't want to come back? Dec 25, 2017
shundre bring Miguel back mike!!!! Jun 5, 2017
Chelton03 Good things come in small packages as the old familiar saying goes and it is generally true. But if I was to see him other than on the small screen in real life in front of me doing what he doing here I'm almost certain my whole body would grow weak to start...Thanks for sharing Miguel!!! Apr 11, 2017
nogoodbutsogood He is definitely my favorite! He just gave me life! Apr 3, 2017
princetahji i wouldn't mind seeing more of him he's hot. please pair him with a guy to do oral and maybe more if he is convinced. I really liked his personality good looks and don't forget both of his ASSets Mar 24, 2017
lrac6969 Miguel & Shazeer...Please Mar 16, 2017
illtown22 He was nice to watch but I had to mute him. Film him in silence until he grows out of those dumb ass, young ass epithets Mar 7, 2017
GetDatShit mike dis bruh is so fuckin sexy and i loved the interview etc i hope to see more of him fuckin etc! i enjoy your site keep doin what u do it b great to see him fuck freaky j myself hahahah lol or apollo Feb 17, 2017
3606tsb72 Boring...and I'm someone who likes solos. Bro is good looking but that interview was 2 long and his dick is 2curvy and never looks hard. And your camera angles didn't help. The bro deserves better and so do we. Feb 12, 2017
3606tsb72 All these str8, Mike...hum. some dudes r so naive. Feb 12, 2017
1luvme2u Quick fantasy. Him, Shazeer, and Spice. That'd be cute. lol Feb 6, 2017
mlewisjr im in love wit this dude Feb 5, 2017
awryder all these introductions you should call this site the introduction porn site pair him up with someone. Feb 5, 2017
truesdale15 he is so sexy, can't wait to see him fucking somebody Feb 4, 2017
rem124 that interview was way too long Feb 4, 2017
chgohydepar1 charming and sexy guy...i'm always curious of "straight guys" who choose BBA when they decide to break out. Hmmm Feb 4, 2017
texasbugg he is too stuck on himself. he is doing gay porn wait till he get a lil older he will let a man suck his dick for the right amount of money i meet a lot of thugs in my life who said they would never ever mess with the same sex. money talks Feb 3, 2017
jowilf A great catch..!
MIGUEL has potential.. proper handling and good projects..
A new star is born!
Feb 3, 2017
Coolrod Damn. This guy is hotttt! The complete package - face, body, dick, personality! Mike you need to bring him back soon! Where the hell did you find this cutie Michael? Feb 3, 2017
princetahji Very hot. He seems open minded and ready for action. His cum shot was amazing and the way he spread his legs seemed like an open invitation for some dick. Can't wait to see him in more action. Feb 3, 2017
CL05ETFR3AK Oh yeah he's hot, kinda looks like a younger version of Freaky J. Feb 3, 2017
simplet now that's what am talkin bout u gotta bring him back pay him what ever he wants to have him fuck with a guy he remind me of ross I bust a nutt whiles he was busting his nut Feb 2, 2017
chocolix2016 I knew it a good scene last week and now an introduction.....fine ass boi but come on mike!!! Feb 2, 2017

It's a new year and we're back on the hunt for fresh faces and exciting new amateur talent. Our latest discovery is a cocky and outgoing 18-year-old straight boy named Miguel who likes to rap, play basketball, and smoke with his friends.

A sexy mix between Puerto Rican and Black, Miguel seductively jokes that ABOVE the waist he might look Puerto Rican, but BELOW the waist is where it's most clear that he's BLACK!

With his high cheekbones, exotic eyes, and sensual lips, Miguel has been blessed with the kind of striking good looks that quickly grab the attention of horny gay porn producers like me, and I've been desperately trying to get him naked in front of my camera for several long months.

Miguel's "audition" begins with an in-depth interview to get better acquainted with our newest straight recruit shortly after meeting him in person for the very first time.

In an irresistibly sexy young voice, Miguel shares a funny story about losing his virginity with the help of his older brother when he was only 11 years old! He tries to lie when I ask him how many women he's had sex with since then, but eventually ends up confessing that it's probably close to at least FIFTY by now.

After an entertaining interview that will no doubt have you impatient and salivating to see Miguel's clothes finally come off, it's time for us to get to know this barely legal black boy even BETTER and see for ourselves why he's so cocky and confident at such a young age!

Much like previous popular models who have seduced us with their charisma and charm, Miguel proves to be a natural and almost sadistic tease, seductively taunting and teasing his audience of mostly horny gay men as he slowly strips out of his clothes to show off his tempting teen body for the very first time - including a jaw-dropping SHOCKER between his slender young legs that you really have to see to believe!

Categories: Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy
Details: Feb 2, 2017 37 min
Photo of Miguel

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