Ready or Not

iLikeFr i love it , the bottom is everything that ass sound super wet ! 💯 Oct 13, 2021
Dualex That last position was hot. Jun 2, 2019
Memphis1325 Yeah looking at shazeer take dick and that beautiful booty of his. I actually climax several times. I'm sorry Shazeer but that booty looks too good on cam getting pounded. Extreme turn on Mar 8, 2019
mfield44 I have the biggest crush on styles so cute nice bubble butt very proper almost work like but so attractive 😭 N ik he got a tight 🍑😂 if anybody got his ig pls share lmaoo Jan 22, 2019
hotfuck1 @ Kaib, I would have to agree with you on that 100% Yes Shazeer, should get his revenge, after all, he's got a beautiful dick. Jan 22, 2019
Kaib I going to need for shazeer to bottom again because his hole is too beautiful to pass up and stylez has to bottom to Jul 19, 2017
marj1030 the way stylez jumped up to suck his dick! i need to see more of him Jul 8, 2017
gigante2 Blake & Stylez...let Blake break Stylez down riiiiggghhhttt... Jun 14, 2017
princegwa Next scene Shazeer should get his revenge. Only fair to let him be the one to break Stylez in right. May 19, 2017
CL05ETFR3AK Stylez is still craving Lil Scraps dick yo, ever since that threesome last year with Spice that boy was hungry for Scrap & I believe he still is. Thats who needs to bust Stylez open. May 19, 2017
pbobsk7 Here's another eye opening video shoot which works on so many levels: compatible models, inventive camera angles, skillful directing, intense sex. Again, Michael's gift in the art of persuasion & his excellent communication skills enabled him to showcase one of my favorite models, Shazeer, totally different & yet indelibly awesome. Perhaps, reunite Shazeer with my other favorite, Taz. This time, both dominant, both submissive. Thanks May 15, 2017
thabang13 Stylez needs to get fucked by Blake. May 15, 2017
nobleseed This scene should've been a crime. Stylez a$$ was on point. I would've dropped the camera and caught a case! Look at it bottom up! May 13, 2017
ddl506 to be fair, dude's dick is way too small. He definitely needs more dick. He looks like he will be a great bottom. May 13, 2017
texasbugg I never in my life seen no one who had a pretty pink ass hole and sexy pink lips to match. Shazeer gave us fans a good show he took the dick no matter how much he made we enjoy it and no one can not say they didn't bust a nut i'm still busting nuts without jacking off. Mike u did a great job T.U. now Mike to make it right for Shazeer u should let him be the one to be the first to (FUCK) (ROSS) cause Ross is ripe for the picking. May 11, 2017
texasguy77 Really enjoyed watching Stylez dick jump as Shazeer munched on it. May 10, 2017
cocopop Watching the two of them in the shower, Shazeer's body is more defined than Stylez's, he looks skinny along side of Shazeer. Stylez is just holding out for the big bucks, I believe he's taken dick before. Hell ain't no way I would have agreed to allow Blake attempt to fuck me with that dick of his. Now if I had taken dick before, I might have considered it. May 8, 2017
Docteur Stylez needs to be fucked by Blake, Bandit and Isaiah. Shazeer seemed bored out of his mind. May 8, 2017
buckim I love Stylez, his face and his light-haired asshole. A Scotty vs Stylez party would be a masterpiece. They are the two best assholes in the world. May 8, 2017
jreecen Shazeer I never post anything but thank you for this video. your submission, though maybe not the most comfortable thing to do was pure joy to watch. you are captivating and one of the most stand out models on here. i would love to rondevu with u if u are ever in philly sir! May 8, 2017
illtown22 I think Shazeer would have enjoyed bottoming for a more experienced top, he most def was not feeling this. This might be the first guy I believe really won't do it again. Nonetheless the scene was still flames and I'm here for anything with Shazeer in it. Good job Mike, tell Shazeer I said I appreciate him. May 7, 2017
Dougie1234 Why is it such a stretch for a gay man to go anal? This site is unique for having guys who are straight do gay things. Not interested in Bi's and Gays. May 7, 2017
bba2017 Both models are sexy! It was quite clear Shazeer WAS NOT feeling this scene at all, Lol! I hope he trys again though! And Michael has a way of pursuading these guys to do just about anything, so I'm sure he will (MONEY TALKS, BULLSHIT WALKS)! I really don't see Stylez as a Top myself but more so a versatile bottom...with that being said it would only be fair for Shazeer to Top Stylez! I do agree with the previous comment from "Kodyfan"...Stylez has a cute lil ass and needs to be dicked down! May 7, 2017
lionel555 This video was very Hot !....luv red bone guys nice....keep up the good work michael ....thank you May 6, 2017
KodyFan I loved them together & thought Stylez was a good choice to top Shazeer. But Stylez ass needs to get Royally fucked!! Lol. He's got the most cutest little ass & he's always topping but I'm dying to see him FUCKED!! Lol. But this didn't disappoint me. This is another BBA classic!! Their chemistry was great, and the body shots and wonderful foot shots were just fantastic! I'm sure I'll get a lot of mileage out of this one! May 6, 2017
texasbugg I want to say thank u so much (SHAZEER) babyboi u r pure gold babyboi this being 2017 u r a freak not a gay man damm u r baddddddddddd for real (YOUR ROYAL BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS). I can't stop jacking off on (STYLEZ) dick going in/out of that (PINK ASSHOLE) damm u got a pretty pink ass hole 1000/00 pure gold. May 6, 2017
ACTION7 flip flop Stylez and Isaiah May 6, 2017
Rayhwk5 Does anybody else find Shazeer boring? Nice ass though May 6, 2017
eleco1 Stylez. I like his naturally dominant nature. And Shazeer seemed to fall into the role of bottom boy very well. I look forward to seeing more of Stylez in control and on top. This is a great video. May 6, 2017
simplet was good but in the shower shazeer wanted to fuck some body up he was still feeling his ass hole beating like his heart beat but thanks for doing it for us the fans I don't believe he a bottom I know that stylez is a better bottom and he better take dick soon on bba cause he know he has done it before he come across as a strong bottom and he suck dick aggressive go team bottom stylez May 6, 2017
Justen EXCELLENT VIDEO. I hope we see shazeer get his payback on stylez, or do a flipflop scene. Nonetheless, I wanna see stylez bottom as well on his back. May 6, 2017
yoooooo mike stylez like his ass being licked. pair stylez with blake to make a similar scene to the one he did with Ross. only blake knows how to eat ass imo May 6, 2017
whyatt12 Shazeer looked so good taking that dick. I almost died from the nut I busted when the camera closed in on his pretty pink hole when he was at the edge of the bed and old boy slid in. Well done Michael.....job well done. May 6, 2017
hornye115 This was Hot!!!! Two of my favorites.....Good job....Keep bringing both of these guys back May 6, 2017
sexy47 shazeer was a sexy bottom great pink hole I love to taste that stylez was good taking shazeer down great May 6, 2017
mac198726 😴 kind of boring, but over all glad we got a new video. May 5, 2017
blkarmani2 Stylez is not really a top would like to see maybe Saint or Stephon get a chance at Shazeer. So that he can feel real sex, May 5, 2017
bondage24 This Literally popped up while I am browsing...Praise God May 5, 2017

Why does it always seem like it's the straight boys and TOPS who have the most flawless and fuckable asses? Or is it simply their stubborn refusal to be penetrated that makes their virgin backsides all the more forbidden and alluring to an ass addict like me? Maybe a little bit of both?

Shazeer is the perfect example of a sexy DL "top" who has one of the most beautiful asses (and pretty, pink assholes) I've ever seen in my life - yet tragically insists on keeping it strictly "off limits"!

Of course I've been drooling over that breathtaking ass ever since I first laid eyes on Shazeer, and dreaming of the day I might finally be lucky enough to see it split open and plundered by another man's dick.

It took a lot of time and convincing, but I was finally able to tempt Shazeer into trying something new and out of his comfort zone, and turn the light-skinned bisexual "top" into a reluctant "bottom" - READY OR NOT!

Stylez will no doubt be the envy of many as he finally returns for his very first one-on-one scene and gets to be the lucky BBA model to take Shazeer's anal virginity on camera.

Don't miss another much-requested scene pairing featuring two of our hottest and sexiest new models in nearly a FULL HOUR of cherry-popping action that includes lots of dick-sucking, ass-eating, and RAW "take-down" fucking!

WARNING: If you're only looking for hot and passionate sex between eager and experienced gay "porn stars," then this most definitely ISN'T the scene or website for you! Like anyone GIVING UP HIS ASS for the very first time, Shazeer is understandably tense, reluctant, and uncomfortable throughout most of this scene.

But if you're as turned on as I am by watching masculine, tight-assed "tops" like Shazeer finally pinned down and groaning under some dick, then this is one wicked "reality porn" exclusive that you don't want to miss!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Director: Michael Galletta, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath, Tops Taken Down
Details: May 5, 2017 48 min
Photo of Shazeer
Photo of Stylez

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