Introducing: Lil Jake

nut4you Love this dude,. would love to see him back or know where to find him on social media Jul 28, 2023
ef8432 Where he at? 👀 we need him Mar 4, 2023
SWcock4in Like to see Lil Jake and Migo together with those big uncut cocks Jul 12, 2022
rdunn491 Lil Jake is my fave, would love to see him back. Get him a scene with Bandit, Blake Bishop, Ross and Dominic, my life would be complete!!! Wouldn't mind a second scene of him and Justice either! Jun 19, 2022
Sallythatgirl He gives me "DaBaby" vibes.. Dec 17, 2021
zebrasex4567 I hope we see more of Lil Jake. He has a lot of potential and is just a gorgeous person. Oct 6, 2021
miamiking favorite all time hot Aug 9, 2020
river33 I was wrong...... BRING HIM BACK Jul 7, 2020
mdcarmichael I can’t stop watching Lil Jake! His beautiful, uncut nigga dick is curved so that it would slide down my throat to the base. I want him to bust all his creamy nut in my mouth and let me swallow every bit of it. He’s hot as fuck... May 8, 2020
hhsmith502 he is kinda hot! more of this one. not ready for bandit yet Mar 11, 2020
MichaelAnthony so damn hot af i want to see more of him right now love to see him bottom too great ass Feb 3, 2020
mdcarmichael Perfect dick and load... Feb 1, 2020
ericbb Great find... sexy....I really like him Jan 30, 2020
colormeblk Hummm He's Average ... nothing to write home about!! Jan 29, 2020
mdcarmichael I love how he looks at his dick when he is cumming... Jan 28, 2020
mdcarmichael He’s sexy as fuck! Nice body and ass. Long, uncut dick. Enough cum to be able to swallow all of it without gagging. Bring him back soon. Jah or Shameeks or Ross would be great! Jan 28, 2020
princexxchar HELL FUCKING YEAH, HIS SWAG IS SO SEXY. i thought he was from new york for a second. THIS is my speed! bba done it again. Bring HIM back ASAP. cannot wait to see him in action. Dominic, trapp, isaiah, ross, or apollo, scene with one of them would make the sexiest Jan 28, 2020
starks105 omg im sooo damn in love with him sorry bandit Jan 27, 2020
Jayden27 Smooth pecan skin, seductively deep voice, and a sexy “hood-certified” persona that makes you want to do all kinds of unmentionable shit! BBA has a new face. His name is Lil Jake. He’s handsome as fuck! Let’s discuss.

I. The Interview

Lil Jake’s deep baritone-like voice is like an instrument seductively reeling you in with each intonation leaving you fiening for more. Yes! I love his voice! The hood swag is a major plus as he wears it well. His interview was one of the most entertaining I’ve seen on BBA. I learned that he’s adventurous and daring...and seems like he’s almost willing to try just about anything. Once Lil Jake took off his socks and started teasing with his hands in his underwear, I began to mentally undress the rest of him. The dialogue became a blur. It’s probably a good thing the interview was almost over at that point. 😂

II. The Shower

The shower part is always a hit! We are rewarded with a glimpse of every inch of Lil Jake as the water beads dance along his body. Right away you can tell that he has a gift for every bottom. Best believe the tops are looking too though! Lucky is the first top to explore his ass. Honestly, that’s what I want. 😂 Kudos to Shax and Lil Jake for this portion! When I looked closely at the scene, you all didn’t have a lot of room to work with in that shower or bathroom altogether. The close ups were awesome. The sequence came out great!

III. The Show

Lil Jake performs in various poses around the room as he jacks off for his first BBA performance. I enjoyed watching him play with the flesh light. My favorite part was the ass tease. “You can look, but you can't touch” Lil Jake says in reference to his ass. Bro, you can’t be stingy with your ass though. Sharing is caring!😉 I gotta say that Lil Jake had me feeling like Rupee. I was tempted to touch. Is it bad that I wish that I could be the first one to catch a sample of his ass? 😈 His cum shot was lit. I must admit I came too. Hopefully, I’ll be cumming to many more of his moments.

A warm welcome to Lil Jake! I can’t wait to see the hotness he’s going to bring! Special thanks to you, Montez, Shax, and Lil Jake!
Jan 27, 2020
LemanR1980 I'm gonna suggest a pairing. My personal preference, I like to see him in scene with Trapp. Mix and match lean & slender with thick & robust. Jan 27, 2020
texasbugg lil jake please don't listen to them haters comments keeping u from coming back (BBA/WORLDWIDE2020) IS LIKE FAMILY THE OTHERS MODELS HAD HATERS THEY R STILL WITH(BBA/WORLDWIDE2020)SO THAT TELLS U THEY STICK TOGETHER damm i want to see u do more scenes u hott babyboy u got a pretty tight pure gold asshole i still want to see a apple jolly rancher inside that gold asshole damm i know that's some good juicy tight gold asshole whoever get some of that is going to want tohititagain Jan 27, 2020
montrezz2 Yes bring lil jake back this is why I will keep my subscription now he is so sexy he would fit so well with manny 👌thanks for lil jake Jan 27, 2020
dbrow911 He’s sexy af, can’t wait to see him paired with someone else, a nice flip fuck would be excellent! Yes I remember the white dvds 😆 😆 Jan 26, 2020
Wawajons 26 year old trade. I am not that excited. Jan 26, 2020
sally5555 This model is a nice addition to the BBA team. Looking forward to seeing him in duo action. Jan 26, 2020
magnus97 More please!! Incredibly beautiful! Jan 26, 2020
Lildopefreak Yea he might be one of my new faves he need to get dick tf down asap Jan 26, 2020
unitedguy18 I would join bba just to be wit him Jan 26, 2020
keithpartridge Looking forward to seeing him with Manny. . . . two Chicago boys! Jan 26, 2020
biglarry Great model and beautiful job on the production end....!!! Jan 26, 2020
texasbugg never enjoyed a solo scene like i enjoyed this scene lil jake the way u told your story was pure hood loved every sec of it babyboy i hope u r not a 1 scene wonder u got that super freak in u that turns me the fuck on when u was fucking that fleshlight i lost it your fuck moves r on time like some1 was really under u i hope u get a back/back scene cause i want to see u again real soon that way i know u will be back damm i want u back so badd u r so real u don't care what others think about u u douluit Jan 26, 2020
nasty22 sexy asf, can't wait to see what he brings to bba Jan 26, 2020
jrummi cute, but I loathe solo scenes! cant wait to see lil daddy in action Jan 26, 2020
ACTION7 He and Isaiah would be a good match for some BROMANCING. Jan 26, 2020
MrBrown19942 I love this introduction scene! Thank you, BBA and to the director of this specific intro scene- incredible work! I’m a fan of Lil’ Jake, and I’m excited to see who he’s paired up with, for sure. - 🙌🏿❤️🔥🔥 Jan 26, 2020
Docteur Yuck. Solo situations are not my cup of tea on here nor are foreskinned penises. I wish there was a thumbs down feature. Hopefully the next update will be a banger. Jan 26, 2020
Nonchalant24 I like him! he's admittedly freaky so he'll be willing to do practically anything. He's attractive with a pretty dick although uncut his foreskin isn't so bad to where its a distraction. His interview was entertaining as well. Jan 26, 2020
wolfkno Damn Michael. I have a serious fetish with uncut dicks. And this lil nigga is so fucking sexy. Nice work. I hope he sticks around. He can give Bandit some serious competition imo. And willing to show his ass in his first scene? Please please keep this 1. Jan 25, 2020
sexclarino09 more of him he fine as fuck Jan 25, 2020
ghound58 Lil Jake and King Ant would be so hot! Sexy voices! Jan 25, 2020
11luvme2u Okay! Great scene. He's definitely some sexy new addition eye candy. I hope he's paired with Jah and Trapp. There's nothing like some "thug love". He has a nice thick piece of meat and I'm sure he knows how to use it. I think he'll get along with the BBA family. Great background music and cinematography. Since this scene was "neo-old school" with the interview (which I was glad to see), I wouldn't mind a nice Saint-Lil Jake scene. I'm guessing we will see him next weekend. Hope so. Jan 25, 2020
janie2018 wow thats a pretty hole Jan 25, 2020
mrtlg1987 Hot! Hot! Hot! I think it’s nice to see a true guy from the hood with a story about being curious, then DL, and now fully involved with men. I think he needs to be paired with the likes of Trapp, Ross or even Manny Killa. But the ultimate would be a showdown with him and Bandit. Can’t wait to see what else is in store with him at BBA! Jan 25, 2020
chucke1 EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 25, 2020

We've been listening to your feedback, and our top priority for 2020 is finding fresh faces and exciting new amateur talent. 

Our latest discovery is Lil Jake, a strikingly handsome bisexual male from the Midwest with a slim, toned body and seductively deep, sexy voice.

With his piercing eyes, pronounced cheekbones, and thick, sensual lips, Lil Jake has the kind of magnetic good looks that make you immediately want to see what he's hiding under his low-sagging jeans.

But don't fast-forward too soon or you'll miss out on one of the most entertaining interviews we've filmed in awhile!

Lil Jake explains that he grew up in the 'hood doing many types of illegal things because he's "all about the money." He confesses to having a weakness for white girls and reminisces about sneaking into their fancy suburban homes or cars for many quick, forbidden fucks growing up.

While teasingly playing with himself under his jeans, Lil Jake shares a sexy story about his very first sexual encounter with another male in his high school locker-room after gym class, and later a sexy jack-off session with one of his boys at the "trap house" late at night.

"I'm freaky and I make money," Lil Jake sums himself up with a cocky shrug, which is probably how he ended up being referred to us by a former BBA model who told him that we were looking for new models and might have some lucrative and LEGAL work for him to pursue for a change. Understandably skeptical and cautious at first, he quickly changed his mind when he learned exactly how much money he could make!

It's another sensual and steamy solo session from Shax Carter that you do NOT want to miss as Lil Jake slowly works up the courage to step out of his clothes and expose EVERY INCH of his sexy young body for the whole world to see!

Categories: Big Dick, Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions, Toys/Dildos
Details: Jan 25, 2020 38 min
Photo of Lil Jake
Lil Jake

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