Straight Boys Fuck Better

ICeeIt21 Their natural chemistry is a rare find. It made this scene incredibly hot. This was a great pairing. Very nice job BBA! Oct 2, 2021
mdcarmichael Cordell nuts so many times outta his hole, I didn’t know if Ross could make him cum from his dick... I was wrong! Oct 2, 2020
Danilo180 Would have been better with Ross as the bottom. Nov 22, 2019
blkyn1911 Bring Ross back in 2019 Feb 18, 2019
donof05 Bring Ross back in 2018 Sep 2, 2018
ACTION7 How can I find ROSS, where he at, what he doing, he in social media? He my kinda man. Jul 20, 2018
jazzytrey That was an awesome scene!! Jul 10, 2018
starks105 omg another hot scene Feb 12, 2018
yepnigg2 Omg i miss Ross so much. He's truly a BBA star Oct 7, 2017
andre491 Please bring Ross back if you can, I love him! Aug 26, 2017
whyatt12 These two need a rematch May 2, 2017
aluckett03 Ross a lil freak. He needs to suck some dick. Vid was hot as hell. Bring Ross back. And he needs to get fucked. And sloppy kiss and eat sum ass. Apr 1, 2017
mrallenc79 Love me some Ross!!!❤❤❤ Mar 31, 2017
cocopop Now that we know Ross loves ass play, Cordell probably watched Blake finger fuck Ross, he could have saved that acting as if that finger was hurting him. Just layed there and enjoyed it. Feb 8, 2017
texasbugg l got to give ross 100 stars he is a baby for real and i know all the fans love him cause he will do anything to please his fans watch out apollo here comes boss ross he is super hotttttttttttttttttttttt. who will be the lucky one to break him in ? Jan 25, 2017
texasbugg i love the way ross fuck i just hate cordell with all that faking like ross dick was really hurting him that hole was so open i could park a car in there. i love the job u do i just do not like the faking. Jan 15, 2017
texasbugg let ross fuck taz i know he will fall in love with taz. Jan 14, 2017
texasbugg ross is a pitbull he fucks like a pro mike u got to move ross up to number 5. Jan 14, 2017
tjm133 I love Cordell. I do prefer bareback scenes. Dec 23, 2016
hornye115 This was good chemistry.. Oct 29, 2016
cj2200 i want to do a scene with ross Sep 20, 2016
lmp262 Can you please bring Ross back. Sep 14, 2016
3606tsb72 Two fine, sexy models. And now, a tiresome refrain: Where's the Beef? BBA MUST show all the models' dicks --- and for more than a "NY minute." There was a brief up close show of hard Ross' kielbasa; Cordell has a larger, thicker one which is uncut, like I likes it, but no...with the exception of his cum scene, it was MISSING IN ACTION. The scene was almost one hour long. "What's going on?" Jun 6, 2016
cocopop @ylover1169, I like that Idea myself, often wondered what happen to Javion, that brother was hot. But I must say if Ross enjoys getting his ass eaten that much I can just imagine how much he would enjoy a dick in that ass. That brother's emotions and facial expressions are priceless. It's maybe no wonder why he's so reluctant to open that door to (bottoming) considering how much he obviously enjoys finger fucking/toys in his ass. Apr 22, 2016
jlover1169 I would like to see Javion or Blake fuck Ross or even Apollo. Loved this scene. Good Job Michael. Feb 22, 2016
cocopop Both Blake and Cordell did their homework on Ross, both knew he enjoyed being finger fucked, if he that hot getting finger fucked I'd love to see a dick in that ass, that boy would go crazy. I love the way he moans, as well as his expressions, the brother is hot. Feb 19, 2016
techtk Ross you are the man!!! Jan 27, 2016
tori478 ross u must bring back for round two with sexy ass cordell Dec 22, 2015
Bigboi this is a hott scene!!!! ROSS is one of my favorites... MORE ROSS PLEASE!! Dec 14, 2015
lilmellowyellow I agree with the others. Ross needs to be fucked hard and long with many closeups. I enjoy the camera shots from underneath the legs while standing. You can see the dick entering in and out actions of the asshole. Dec 9, 2015
Cobra Ross is nice but not on the level with Isaiah, Saint or Freaky J yet. I'm sure the best is yet to cum tho. Nov 18, 2015
Candid1 Please do a scene with Ross getting fucked!!! Nov 10, 2015
Williamtale Ross go for it. Do it for the fans. Nov 1, 2015
djackeroo2 Wow! Loved the scene. I watched it over and over. Can't wait for next scene. This time with Ross on the bottom. Oct 31, 2015
mccane68 I love Ross, he is so very sexy Oct 28, 2015
supreme 4 Stars , now its time to see Ross bottom like I know he can in my imagination !! Oct 24, 2015
lovethomas1 ross your fans still waitin on u to come do another sweet fuckin scene for us we waitin am on here waitin to c ross again but with a different guy Oct 11, 2015
retrokid562 This was definitely a hot scene...Ross makes me laugh with his facial expression but knowing deep down he enjoyed it alot...I want to see more ROSS fucking the next hot sexy model! He's well worth the credits! Oct 4, 2015
lovethomas1 yes we want it again ross waiting on u to do it this time ross suck his dick and let him fuck u Oct 2, 2015
lovethomas1 that was a hot one ross u the man all props to u u made me nut may b one day u can suck dick ross for your fans u the man i like your style ross Oct 2, 2015
lovethomas1 ross really professional for bein on here his third time i want to see him again but this time gettin his ass eatin the whole nite his facial expression get me turned on i bust like three nuts in three hours love this scene keep it up ross u cool nigga Oct 2, 2015

When we last saw our newest straight recruit Ross, Blake Bishop was showing him just how good a talented mouth on his big dick can feel - even when it belongs to a guy!

But since Blake Bishop is strictly a "top," there were obviously limitations to just how far that first session could go. So I decided to bring in our handsome new gay model Cordell to pick up where Blake Bishop left off and take Ross to the exciting NEXT LEVEL of actually FUCKING a guy.

See for yourself what happens when this gay Sagittarius and straight Capricorn - two of the freakiest Zodiac signs, or so they tell me - meet up for an unforgettable night of hot "firsts" and surprises.

"I'll try almost ANYTHING at least once!" Ross confidently shrugs at the start of this scene - careful to clarify that "almost."

We've already seen Blake Bishop show us that "straight boys taste better." Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the hot show as Cordell learns firsthand that sometimes straight boys FUCK better too!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 29, 2015 46 min
Photo of Cordell
Photo of Ross

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