Detroit After Dark: Manny In The Middle

Photo of Detroit After Dark: Manny In The Middle
peneroj this was perfect all to the end. more just like this Jul 25, 2023
emiliano69 Fire 3sum! 2018 was a good year for BBA.

Jun 16, 2023
MrBrown19942 This entire scene, is amazing! Damn. πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ”₯ Dec 18, 2020
at1980 Styles is my favorite, he is sexy and cocky...need him and king to do a scene.. Jan 23, 2019
jaydee4071 can we get a bandit and stylez flip scene. Nov 14, 2018
MrMann1998 I feel like this would have been a great opportunity for Bandit and Manny to compete to see who could make Stylez gap out first. The chemistry between Manny and Bandit is so hot alone if you had to throw a third in at least you should have had the third guy (Stylez) get fucked. Sep 27, 2018
nolajay this was a really hot scene. even though i prefer vers scenes, it still was hott Sep 20, 2018
Justen Also, unlike others, I do appreciate the effort, I love to see Manny topped, and to see Manny top as well. Keep up the good work BBA! Sep 2, 2018
Justen When stylez gonna get topped? Sep 2, 2018
stylezbba Thanks for all the love guys! Aug 30, 2018
gigante2 another banga!!! nuff said...ijs Aug 26, 2018
jowilf The best pairing; BANDIT-LIL SCRAP/APOLLO-DOMINIC.. Aug 22, 2018
ACTION7 Stephon and Bandit would be tight Aug 21, 2018
VSWboy18 Not bad scene. I like Manny & Bandit so it was worth the stash. But actually this has been Manny's 3rd scene in the last 8 and 3rd in the last 5 if you just count fuck scenes. No big deal to me because I like him but I can see how it's becoming overkill for others. At least Bandit or Stylez should have flipped. Aug 21, 2018
texasguy77 I'm surprised no one has commented on Bandits cumload, like...uh what was that? Aug 21, 2018
mrwhitley1 Manny Loves getting piped down, sadly NONE OF THE MODELS CAN FILL HIS CUP, Both Bandit and JayC are Dick Obsessed and most of the Models that have the equipment prefer to bottom now. Yo β€œDICK IS SO POWERFUL” can turn any Human Out!!!!
Get it together, or just let Saint beast mode these dudes
Aug 21, 2018
cocopop @Heroesrulegg, You ain't never lied, Bandit looks even sexier with his new cut, he showing it off for us. Would've been hot with just him and Stylez. Aug 20, 2018
chosen2015 The film was hott.. if I had to make one suggestion it would be to use some of your other models. Using Manny so often takes away the β€œwow” factor. This site is full of beautiful models. Switch it up. It’s becoming predictable. Someone is topping Manny each week. Aug 20, 2018
MichaelGalletta Manny has actually only appeared in 3 of our 12 most recent updates. And we were obviously limited to the very specific small group of guys participating in the Hotter Than July Detroit Pride events.
Docteur I suppose next will be Blake Bishop and Jay C getting it on. This was pretty darn good, although I agree all should have been equally fucked by one another and sucked and Bandit should have kissed both Stylez and Manny. Still hoping to see Apollo and Bandit together and the ultimate no holds barred 3 some if they all can remain free from jail: Scotty, Trapp and Shaun. Aug 20, 2018
lionel555 Yes!!! My favourite three....bandit looks extra fine, I get it...manny can take!the equipment....great. Aug 20, 2018
hines1983 I love me some Bandit!!! 😍😍😍 Stylez & Manny are cool also. Aug 20, 2018
miffyb This is classic. I loved Bandit the voyeur - beautiful. Manny and Stylez also my favourites. Hot as fuck. Favourite scene so far I think... thanks guys. Aug 19, 2018
3606tsb72 B/C it's illegal to have 3 brothers together in 1 room, each demonstrating why Black men are God's gift to humanity, I have issued a warrant for your arrest for producing and filming a work of erotic art likely to cause heart problems for viewers. Hands Up. Aug 19, 2018
lilmellowyellow Very attractive models. Manny Killa can take some inches. Unfortunately, Bandit and Stylez did not take inches too. I enjoyed watching the pubic hairs and asses though. Now, the closeups were spectacular. especially the dick entering his asshole, view from the bottom looking upwards. seeing oral sex up close, and view of his asshole before and after taking dick. In the near future, l hope to see Bandit and Stylez taking dick again, and more facial and/or swallowing cum. Aug 19, 2018
Heroesrule99 Manny on the bottom is getting old. Switch it up!

Decent scene otherwise.
Aug 19, 2018
BayAreaDick This gave me 3 nuts! That shit was hot as FUCK!!!! 10’s Across the Board!!!!! Aug 19, 2018
cam3121 Even with my thoughts in my 1st post, I loved that all 3 guys sucked dick in this & that was awesome alone. Manny has gotten really good at taking dick & it's very enjoyable watching him get pounded. And it was great seeing Stylez again. It's been too long since we last saw him & he still got it going on! And Bandit gave that dick real good as usual. 3somes aren't my favorite thing in porn but this was a great one right here. Good job with this Mike! Aug 18, 2018
cam3121 This film was hot no doubt & I enjoyed it but thoughts were floating in my head watching this. 1. I wish it was just Manny & Stylez. I felt passion with just them & the dynamic changed once Bandit appeared. 2. Manny needs 2 top again. He's bottomed so much lately I forgot what it looked like seeing him top. 3. All 3 guys should've gotten fucked. They're all verse & it could've been a classic 3-way flip flop 4. Bandit should've sucked Manny's dick. Even with all of that, it was a great film. Aug 18, 2018
terbernt Bandit & Manny = Perfection (both tall, long and lean with big equipment). Bandit is still fave because he's Bandit (even his manner is nice). Aug 18, 2018
terbernt Bandit = automatic buy before knowing anything else. Aug 18, 2018
crazyface11 BANDIT IS BACK!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! Him without his hat is just pure HEAVEN. And is it just me, or does it look like he's been lifting weights?! I LOVE BANDIT. I'm surprised that it's been this long for Manny Killa to meet Stylez! Personally, I wasn't a fan of the semi-staged intro at the beginning. I'm sure they made up their own lines, but it still came across a little awkward lol. But I still loved this video anyways. I love how Manny is so comfortable bottoming for anyone and everyone =) Aug 18, 2018
kidon7000 very nice. my favorite three yellas!! Hopefully Stylez is in the middle on the next update. Aug 18, 2018

BBA recently returned for its second annual appearance at Hotter Than July Detroit Pride.

Montez and I were joined by Manny Killa, Stylez, Jay C, Blake Bishop, and Detroit native Bandit for another unforgettable weekend full of laughter, fun, and adventure with an exciting new combination of guys.

By day, the guys were able to meet and mingle with their amazing fans, take pics with them, sign BBA t-shirts and posters, etc. But Detroit after dark is when things REALLY started to get interesting. And of course we had the camera with us so you wouldn't miss out on a thing!

Go behind the scenes with some of your favorite BBA models to see what went down behind closed doors when BBA came back to Detroit....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Aug 18, 2018 57 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Manny Killa
Manny Killa
Photo of Stylez

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