A King Conquered

peneroj can we get another one of them Jul 25, 2023
emiliano69 Bandit was all up in that toxic ass. Lol Jun 16, 2023
partyboyest82 King Ant talks too damn much smh May 28, 2022
brent313 King Ant is my fav, absolutely beautiful!!! Mar 28, 2021
MrBrown19942 Bandit always brings a smile to my face; seeing him in this scene, only brings me more joy. King Ant is incredible, as always! 🙌🏿😍😍 Aug 10, 2020
emiliano69 Bandit was doing that good fuckin in this scene...i think it was aggression towards King Ant. Jul 21, 2020
aebwood its time for King Ant to make a reappearance. Jun 23, 2020
bubblelover213 Sexy or not, Bandit's stroke game is always predictably disappointing. No finesse, no care, no expertise with that big dick just reckless juvenile penitentiary type strokes. Dude... blah. I wanna see the dude taking pipe be made to submit to it because he loves it so much. Having the bottom screaming in discomfort the entire time is such a bore. Hot pairing... wack sex Oct 3, 2019
cocopop "His first time", yea right he took that big ass dick like it was his first time, never seen a virgin take dick for the first time that good. Oct 1, 2019
kingkendrick is king ant drunk? lol but king ant damn cute!!! what a cutie!! bandit and ant look really good together. hot n fun!! want to see another vid of these pair :))) Jan 23, 2019
bnasty24 Great scene if King Ant just shut up.... No offense but sometimes less is more, but Bandit he was fuckin the shit out of him and the chemistry was on point Jan 20, 2019
Gpimpin37 All i'm gonna say is if guys could have babies this dude would be pregnant. those were some baby making moves bandit was making in this scene. good job!!! Dec 8, 2018
mrwhitley1 I just noticed now that Bandit hasn’t Delivered since his scene with Mike (That No One Asked For!!!) but so far that’s his best scene, he seemed into it and let out his freaky side a bit. It’s disappointing because now He has the #1 Spot (Which Should be Blake Bishop's) and I absolutely hate how everyone tries to sell this whole he’s still getting used to dick bullshit, He Loved it the 1st time and every time after that as well the only difference is that they sometimes aren’t lubed up enough. Dec 8, 2018
princetahji Is Bandit bi? He's really enjoying these scenes way more than when he 1st started. Can't wait to see Ant do a bukkake scene. Nov 14, 2018
texasbugg DAMM every time i look at this scene it gets better bandit has really come out of his shell this make me see that his next scene will be even better cause of the new fuck moves that he got he has become a pro in the fucking game i just hope 1 day mike will let him fuck trapp damm him/trapp there r no words for that scene mike could u please put a trapp/bandit together wow wow wow wow wow. Nov 5, 2018
cocopop @Jayden27, Trust me, Bandit was enjoying himself, I've never seen him as excited before and not afraid to show it. The way he moaned was turning me on. Only wish he would kiss more, rather than that smacking lips he does, even after all this time. Poor thang, he still can't take dick, he still sexy as hell as one of my favorite models. Nov 4, 2018
Jayden27 This scene was straight fire! 🔥🔥 I remember reading on the Tumblr page several weeks ago that two of the models admitted to being bisexual off camera since doing work with BBA. Is Bandit one of them? LOL of course, I don’t expect an answer as you have been sworn to secrecy, but this was Bandit’s BEST performance!! There were some parts where he actually looked like he enjoyed himself. He and King Ant had AWESOME chemistry, and it was great to watch!

As for King Ant, he gets 👍🏾👍🏾 from me. He is sexy, and he knows it! The jock-strap was a good look for him, and body is on point. For his first time bottoming, he has to taken on the biggest dick that BBA has to offer. He took it like a champ, and on top of that, he made the shit look sexy as hell! There were times where he looked like he has in pain, but he held on. I think I like him as a bottom better than on top. Great scene! Great way to kick off the fall season!
Oct 28, 2018
Seymour I want to add that Bandit is much more engaged now in interacting with his partner than in the early stages when, for instance, he was fucked by Michael. I only wish that Bandit would continue to cultivate and develop his personality and his “romantic” side. Oct 27, 2018
Seymour I have 1 suggestion that Bandit continue to cultivate and develop his “romantic” skills. In the full body contact King Ant turned his head toward Bandit with the suggestion that they kiss even with a provocative tongue but, sadly, Bandit continued to fuck in a perfunctory way. In short, I would wish that Bandit be less of a “robot” figure fucking mechanically and even more of an engaged partner with his costar. Still, it was a great video. Thanks. Oct 27, 2018
sibs Great scene all2gether . Not buying the whole taking dick 4 the first time by @realtrapshit though. Great chemistry both models into the scene this made it work. Big up everyone Oct 26, 2018
Realtrapshit @cam3121 hey , I’m the one who took the dick and as mike said , I COULD NOT GET HARD SIR. I’m not use to that penetration shit. This scene was HOT 🔥 so give me my props for doing something out of my element. Thanks to all my fans that enjoyed the video over 90% of you guys ! Follow my Instagram @realtrapshit___ Oct 25, 2018
Blackncute This was boring. They were not really into it. Oct 23, 2018
room121 Damn...I'm next!!! :) Oct 22, 2018
MichaelGalletta @cam3121: You can call me names and throw tantrums all you want, but I'm not going to apologize for editing this scene in a way I thought would make it the hottest possible scene. Hate to break it to you, but this website and my creative choices as a director don't revolve around YOU and your bizarrely narrow and almost fanatical porn tastes, and how ridiculous and narcissistic of you to expect and demand that they should.

I've been doing this long enough to know that five minutes of Bandit sucking a limp dick was NOT something that most of BBA's viewers wanted to see, and it would have seriously detracted from the rest of the scene. In case you hadn't noticed, you're actually one of the ONLY people who had anything negative to say about this excellent scene, so please spare me the lectures about not knowing my audience. Just because a scene doesn't fall in line with what YOU most want to see doesn't mean it's a horrible scene - I think it's well past time for you to start understanding that difference.
Oct 22, 2018
cocopop God dammmm Bandit, that must be some goood ass, I ain't never seen him fuck with such passion, and excitement. The looks on his face were priceless. King, he took it like a champ, ain't buying that first time giving it up though. It was hot Mike, keep up the good work. Oct 20, 2018
cam3121 @MichaelGalletta Part 2: Ur also telling me u don't know ur audience because if any part of ur audience is telling u they need specifics 2 make a scene work & stick around U LISTEN 2 THEM! Even if I'm the only one vocalizing it, it doesn't mean that others don't feel like i do & 4 u 2 act like my opinion doesn't matter makes u a rat in my eyes. Oct 20, 2018
cam3121 @MichaelGalletta Part 1: i see where ur coming from but you made a bad call. Unlike you and what you assume is the majority of your audience, I don't care about whether a dick is limp or not, i like the scene 2 b whole as it is so 2 take out a part knowing that it would affect people, specifically ME since u singled me out says a whole lot about u. Oct 20, 2018
prettyboig Awesome scene. Loved every minute of it!! Oct 20, 2018
Godfather07 I miss you Isaiah hope you come back soon!!! Oct 18, 2018
BigOne Sound like TexasBugg want some of Bandit dick in his ass!!!! I am a top, Bandit and Big Ant can have my penis in their mouth and ass all day long lol. Drain my balls!!! Trapp ass needs to be broken in some more, these dudes don't know how to open the bussy before trying to beat it up. Oct 17, 2018
StonedMountain The King and Bandit, two guys who usually strike laid-back postures, sure got down and dirty! What a delight! Oct 17, 2018
mauricio1234 King Ant kisses were so passionate, and Bandit didn't reciprocate that same kind of passion. However, the sex was good... I want to see more of King Ant. Oct 17, 2018
Seymour For those that like scenes with oral action, look to the tag lines. It will tell you if that is a part of the scene. Oct 17, 2018
texasbugg SO bandit the bottom line 2 the 2 cats fucking is u take the pain from the asshole to the neck not hard bites soft bites plus it will feel so good to the bottom person they will only enjoy the dick u r putting down by the way i'm not calling u a cat it's just a tom cat has great fucking skills u still was super hot in this scene damm i really hope u r pairing up with trapp r trapp/manny killa anyone with a big dick to get up all in trapp 48kt gold thug asshole tight/ripe/juicy/sweet. Oct 16, 2018
3606tsb72 Why wasn't King Ant's pretty, fat dick sucked? Handsome Bandit got oral & KA should have as well. PERIOD, haters. And KAs cum scene at the end was filmed with a cell ph. and looks it...ugh...now I said it. Too much ass, ass and more ass - for my tastes, but I know the assphiles are pleased, unlike my dick-loving self. Bandit saved the day though I would have preferred both cocks being serviced b/c those bros' know how to smoke a joint. Grade: B- Oct 16, 2018
texasbugg BANDIT here is something else u can use with your new fucking moves bandit i don't know if u ever saw 2 cats fucking well bandit if u want to stop that person from running while u r laying the dick bite that person on the back of their neck only thing they r going to do is moan when 2 cats fuck the tom cat will bite that bottom cat on the neck until after he nutt bandit that's a hott sexy move when u had your mouth open while u was close to king ant's neck iwassayingbitethenecksoftbandit. Oct 16, 2018
truebluefreak1 This scene was lit as hell! Love every moment. I thought Ant was gonna lay back and ride that big dick backwards....but looks like that was cut out. King Ant did a great job taking the dick and is sexy as fuck (True sexy NC dude). But Bandit will always be my favorite BBA model. Bandit has this raw realness about him and puts on no fronts for no one. I also like that he is very humble and still knows he has a monster dick. Oct 16, 2018
Docteur We need an orgy like the last Xmas one. Stylez needs to be fucked by King Ant, Isaiah, Bandit and Manny Killa. Trapp, Shaun and Scotty need that almighty no holds barred fuck/suck session. Please get Mikey to be paired with Bandit and #1 Bandit and #2 Apollo need to flip-flop and suck and toss each other. Once again this was Bandit's best topping scene yet, just wish he had bottomed and sucked King Ant's dick as well. Oct 16, 2018
KodyFan Loving this new scene!! Great foot shots & even better fucking!! It was hot af!! Loved seeing King Ant finally getting reamed!! Oct 15, 2018
CLOSETFREAQU3 😀😍😍😍 made a comment on the blog already but just watched this again & OMG!! "King Ant" is one sexy, sexy boy yo! I mean the way he talks during this whole scene have me busting before time 😏 for the 2nd viewing..... Michael........this is one of the hottest vids ever 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 up yo! Let me repeat this boy is ready to meet up with "Jay C" I really think they would be great together (2 Chocolate gods). "Bandit"👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 round of applause excellent work!! Oct 15, 2018
texasbugg damm bandit u really fucked that gold hole man i hope/pray u r the 1 who reopen trapp thug ass hole bandit u come a long way if u keep fucking like that u r going to be #1 for some years cause u r still a young thug babyboi go back and look at the new moves u got u never use them moves before man keep them moves use them on everyone from this day forward watch how much u grow bandit i'm a pro in fucking when u fuck u fuck to let that person know bandit was hereleaveyourmarksir Oct 15, 2018
onelovemetoyou I think the scene was okay. Bandit could have been a little more gentle but it was good. I think King Ant will pair well with Justice who’s also passionate and seductive, Trapp who’s thuggish like him, and Apollo because King Ant would be his love slave. Lol Oct 15, 2018
boytrouble07 hmm I don't know about Ant. He tries to be hard before it goes down and once in bed he comes across as very feminine. Oct 15, 2018
BigOne Great video!! Enjoyed seeing King Ant bussy hole through out the scene. The best part was watching King Ant ride Bandit monster. Need more bussy hole scenes like that!! Oct 15, 2018
chosen2015 Awesome video😍!!!!! Oct 15, 2018
Whitney This video proved that everyone has different taste. For the 3% of people who have something negative to say about this scene, go suck on a pussylip. This video was lit asf. I just wanted Bandit to get him pregnant lol. Shit was goodT! Oct 15, 2018
tjm133 Good video. I hope King Ant does another and this time comes during the fuck session. Hope to see him again. I love Bandit. Oct 15, 2018
Docteur This was Bandit's best ever topping scene, period! King Ant though he claims to be manly and bi-sexual, was truly a woman for Bandit's dick down and he played the part of the submissive bottom very well. It was akin to watching a man and a woman make beast mode love. Bandit fafafafucked him, believe that. I wish Bandit had sucked King Ant's dick and that King Ant had tossed Bandit's salad. Hopefully they will get together again and it will be a flip flop scene. Best fuck down on BBA ever! Oct 15, 2018
hines1983 Very hot video 🔥. I was wondering when these two was going to get down. Oct 15, 2018
suthanheat THIS WAS HOT!!!!!! NOW WHEN IS DOMINIC GIVING IT UP? LOL.......GREAT JOB!!!!!!!! Oct 15, 2018
lablue Like the video very hott. Since u guys r taking request n all I want more Trapp n Isaiah videos they haven't been on here n a while. Oct 15, 2018
texasbugg i can't look away damm bandit u did your thing u never showed your feelins like u did in this scene u 2 was fucking like u 2 was real lovers that scene will put a sock in the mouth of the haters mike u try so hard to please your members this scene should put all haters to bed if it's any haters then they r from the other porn company trying to make bba usa look bad cause no 1 can say nothing bad about this scene there was no mistakes none at all hats off to everyone who worked on this. Oct 15, 2018
crazyface11 P.S. I miss you Isaiah =( =( =( Oct 15, 2018
crazyface11 Bandit is so fine, that it's almost surreal that we get to see someone that good looking have sex over and over again!!! LOVE the idea of pairing the two of them for a real full length scene, BUT i wish it was the other way around! I wish it was Bandit bottoming for King Ant! You KNOW that King Ant wants a piece of that ass! That's my request for next time =). Oct 15, 2018
Whitney I'd gulp a Fart outta dat lil fuckas ass! He got me fucked up, Period! Bandit my nigga, u did da damn thing. Shoulda nutted in his ass but nonetheless, great scene u guys! Now, I'm bout to beat my meat...Again. Now where is my lotion Oct 14, 2018
cam3121 I was really looking forward to this but this disappointed me greatly. As one who's more into oral than fucking, I was pissed that Bandit didn't suck King Ant's dick in this. I wanted to see him do that to Ant so bad in this. Bandit is so hit & miss with sucking dick and it annoys the shit out of me. And this was KA's first scene bottoming so that really sucks that much more. Thumbs down smh Oct 14, 2018
MichaelGalletta Nothing wrong with having a personal preference for mutual oral in porn. Just know that due to the types of guys that we so often film, you will likely always be disappointed with approximately 50 to 60% of our scenes.

In the case of this scene, however, we actually DID film some footage of Bandit sucking King Ant's dick. But as King Ant apologetically explained at the end of this scene, he simply couldn't get hard or cum due to being in the submissive role for a change and taking such an aggressive pounding from Bandit. While editing the scene, I chose to cut that footage completely, knowing full well you'd never let me hear the end of it lol. But for most of us, there's nothing hot about watching someone suck a limp dick, and I felt like including that would only detract from an otherwise incredible and unforgettable scene.

I'm sorry this ended up ruining the scene for you, but I still believe I made the right call and thankfully most viewers don't seem to share your disappointment.
lionel555 Nice Video!!! great chemistry between the two, luv bandit as a top...I like when king ant said to bandit just 4 u, because it's u!!! Thanks Michael u did it again. Oct 14, 2018
bbsndc King Ant needs to have his beautiful feet licked and sucked!! Oct 14, 2018
chgohydepar1 I've never seen Bandit fuck so passionately, and how could he not. King Ant is the sexiest fucking CB model (and he clearly loves dick). OUTSTANDING!!! Oct 14, 2018
mauricio1234 King Ant is sooooomsexy and so sensual.. The way he kiss and his foreplay is hot..... Oct 14, 2018
bandit4true For someone who claims to have never been fucked, King Ant is taking that dick like a champ in that nice ass of his. Oct 14, 2018
Bellyboyblues Okay, I love Bandit's aggression in this scene, but I like Ant more as a top. U would think as much shit as he talks he'd be a power bottom able to take any size dick with no problem. Bandit was tearing that ass up. Oct 14, 2018
romack767 Thank you for bringing Bandit back. The dicksman......he's living up to being Number 1 he should have been the one to give Jahan the dick in his big juicy ass.....Ant knew he was being fucked and good too. This was well worth the wait. Oct 14, 2018
blksexi WOW! Easily top 5 of 2018. Bandit's best topping scene by far. King Ant is a beast. No one has taken dick this good and sexy since Apollo. Hmmm. Ant and Apollo??? Oct 14, 2018
texasbugg I knew it, i knew it i said that mike was giving bandit his early b-day gift r early xmas gift cause bandit was enjoying that ass bandit never, ever fucked no 1 in a scene like he fucked king-ant plus bandit can't hide that he fell in love he try his best to hide his feelings bandit there's nothing wrong with how u feel i know it will be real close if u did a scene with trapp damm i know trapp would love that dick like king-ant did trapp got more ass this scene there r no words that's how hot it was Oct 14, 2018
aquarius4 A scene with great potential misses the mark. Oct 14, 2018
malachi6 Thank You, Finally. I have been waiting to see King Ant bottom and this didn't disappoint. Oct 14, 2018
terbernt Yay Bandit is back. Always a blessing. Oct 14, 2018

Join us as we officially kick off our ​Fall​​​ 2018 Season by turning the tables on another ​one of ​our newest “top” star​s!​​

King Ant ​makes his much-requested return and ​finally ​reunites with Bandit for some “unfinished business” from earl​y this ​year. There's nearly a FULL HOUR of ​intense and passionate action ​that includes​ kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and RAW "take-down" fucking​. ​

​Bandit​ tries his best to be patient and gentle at first, knowing this is ​supposedly King Ant's very first​ time trying to take another man's dick. But it isn't long before he gets so caught up in the moment that he's grabbing​ King Ant by the hips and aggressively POUNDING the subdued ​top's​ tight ass like ​it's ​his girlfriend's wet pussy!

"​What have I gotten myself into?!?​" ​King Ant​ ​groans ​as he struggles to adjust to the overwhelming new sensations of pleasure mixed with pain while having his cute bubble-butt ​finally ​split open and ravaged ​by ​the merciless monster ​​between Bandit's legs.

But it's too late to turn back now, and ​he​ has no​ choice but to surrender and cling to the bed for dear life as B​andit finally gets to finish what he started last Spring.

Bandit clearly relishes the long-awaited "conquest" and delivers what is probably his BEST and most passionate performance so far by aggressively slamming in and out of that tight bubble​-butt you've been begging to see STUFFED WITH A DICK ​ever since King Ant's gay porn debut​!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: Oct 14, 2018 53 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of King Ant
King Ant

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