Kenny's Comeback

emiliano69 This was when it really got hot! The pretty boy duo. Aug 30, 2022
daddy75 Can we get this Kenny’a revenge scene? Feb 12, 2022
cam6594 Whatever happened to Javion? Nov 7, 2021
MichaelGalletta Javion got into a relationship and quit doing scenes for us many, MANY years ago lol. No idea what he's doing these days.
DjbiATL Bring Javion back ASAP !! Oct 5, 2021
momojojo I truly do miss kenny Nov 22, 2019
cmebillyc Damn I want Javion! Mar 8, 2019
cmebillyc Although, I'm a top, Javion could fuck me anyday! Mar 8, 2019
cmebillyc You gotta love Javion! Mar 8, 2019
hotfuck1 Kenny should take bottom lessons from Manny Killa. Kenny have a nice sexy ass but he cant take dick worth SHIT Jan 13, 2019
blackkey Javion is the perfect top. calm, masculine, not thuggish, obviously hot on his partner. It is a crime that he had such a short porn career. Dec 25, 2017
Damon7 - Bring Javion back. Nov 11, 2017
cam3121 Wow this is indeed a BBA Classic! So awesome! Nov 10, 2017
Moses1999 Sweet Kenny is Hot!!! I'm in LOVE!!!!! Apr 21, 2017
Lalafavors My My My Kenny Im Giving You Your Roses For Being Able To Endure What I just Witnessed The Scene Definitely Gave Each One of Us BBA Classic And Outside Of This I Think You And Javion Would Make A Beautiful Couple If The Chemistry Between You Both Is There. But You Both Did Amazing Job
# Oh But It's True!
Feb 6, 2017
hotfuck1 Pair up Kenny with Apollo Dec 3, 2016
hotfuck1 I would love to win a date with Kenny, kinda like a BBA Auction. Think about it Michael :) Dec 3, 2016
supreme i am a couple of years late with my comment but this scene ranks amongst the best , I give it **** nuts ! Love the classic BBA stars during the first five years ! Aug 23, 2016
man12345 Will we ever see Javion again. Jul 29, 2016
adr1229 These were nice looking guys. But the video clip was horrible. All that awkward silly talking before sex scene apparently for the camera guy benefit because I'm sure no one else cares about these guys personal stuff. At one point during sex scene the camera guy even got involved putting his hands on dude's ass spreading it open during the other guys rimming. Really...Seriously. That was totally unnecessary and a complete turnoff. Horrible clip. Jul 18, 2016
kingd02 PLEASE BRING KENNY BACK May 15, 2016
cocopop It's such a shame Mike you couldn't have kept javion long enough for his fans to see him get that ass fucked. In the threesome with him, beno and joshua he was ready to let joshua fuck him, beno called for a break and that ended that, f..n beno you ruined it for us. Apr 24, 2016
chgohydepar1 Over time sexy ass Kenny has become the top's dream. This shit was hot! Javion takes no prisoners. Damn, guys. Damn. Mar 26, 2016
lilmellowyellow Perfection! Two attractive models, and they have a good chemistry. I like to watch Kenny taking dick. Javion seem to tame Kenny into submission with Javion's dick. The closeups and sounds from the models heighten my enjoyment. Thanks to the models and director. In the future, Kenny can fuck Javion. Maybe Kenny's dick can tame Javion's mouth and ass into submission! Jan 8, 2016

Kenny is finally back after nearly a year and looking better than ever! I'd nearly given up hope of ever filming him again after he told me awhile back that he was done doing amateur gay porn. I even had to pay extra to lure him out of "retirement." But I knew that getting one of BBA's most attractive and requested models back in front of my camera again would be worth every penny - especially since part of the deal was that Kenny would be the one GETTING FUCKED!

For his "comeback" scene, I decided to pair Kenny with the popular new model Javion, who'd actually seen Kenny's pics on the site and specifically asked to do a scene with him when we first met. So it's a porn dream come true for the hung, sexy "top" as he gets to be the only guy other than Beno lucky enough to fuck Kenny's beautiful ass!

Enjoy a front-row seat for one of the hottest action scenes I've filmed in awhile as these two stunning black boys meet for the very first time and Kenny bravely gives up his tight, "top-only" ass to one of the biggest dicks in BBA history.

I briefly interview Javion while Kenny waits patiently in the other room. Then I bring Kenny out and introduce him to Javion for the very first time. Kenny hasn't even seen any photos of Javion before now, so it's a totally blind hook-up for him. Watch carefully and you'll catch both guys sneaking quick, curious glances at each other, nervously checking each other out in those awkward early moments after being first introduced.

Both guys are pretty quiet during the introductory interview, but I sense an immediate attraction between them and decide to cut the interview short so they can move into the bedroom and get better acquainted....

Kenny surprises me by taking the lead and leaning in for a curious first kiss. Natural instincts quickly take over and less than thirty minutes after meeting for the very first time, these two total strangers are shedding their clothes and eagerly exploring each others' naked bodies.

There's more sensual and erotic foreplay than we've seen in awhile as Kenny and Javion get caught up in the heat of the moment and their obvious lust for each other - including lots of tongue-kissing, nipple-sucking, and touching.

Javion eagerly fucks Kenny's warm, wet mouth as streams of saliva run down his dick and spill onto the bed. Then Javion returns the favor by cramming Kenny's own massive cock down his throat. Javion might insist on keeping his ass off-limits, but this sexy "top" sure knows how to suck dick!

Not needing any direction from me, both guys move spontaneously into a hot "69" and Javion buries his face in Kenny's sweet ass.

There's lots of passionate ass-eating, dick-sucking, and kissing leading up to the "feature attraction" that everyone most wants to see....

If you enjoyed watching Kenny take dick when he gave up his anal virginity to Beno, then trust me when I say this is a scene you don't want to miss!

As Javion slowly buries all 9 1⁄2 inches deep in Kenny's tight ass, Kenny huffs and puffs like an obese housewife doing aerobics - nearly hyperventilating from the initial shock.

The room fills with the hot sounds of Kenny gasping and grunting and cursing as Javion slams in and out of his ass with increasingly demanding strokes....

Kenny grabs onto a pillow and holds on for dear life as Javion POUNDS that near-virgin ass into total submission - occasionally leaning over to muffle Kenny's cries with a kiss.

"That shit feels so FIRE!" Javion exclaims with a satisfied grin, clearly savoring this sweet piece of ass that he's been dreaming about fucking for weeks.

There's plenty of hardcore anal action as Javion plunders Kenny's beautiful ass in a variety of exciting positions, even fucking Kenny on top of a table and bent over a chair!

When Kenny simply can't take any more, Javion comforts his weary co-star with a kiss before blasting a messy "nutt" across his tightly-clenched face. Kenny pumps out his own impressive "nutt" onto his stomach at almost exactly the same time!

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which both guys share their amusing reactions to the shoot and each other, and Kenny answers my question about whether or not he's planning to come back for any more scenes.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Tops Taken Down
Details: Sep 11, 2011 60 min
Photo of Javion
Photo of Kenny

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