Discovering Denzel

KandeeKorn In addition to more ass spanking for beautiful Rico’s gorgeous cakes, I would’ve loved to see Denzel swallow his pretty circumcised piece! More Rico Pruitt scenes please! Aug 23, 2023
KandeeKorn Great video. Rico is as beautiful and sexy as ever! Love Denzel spanking Rico’s gorgeous ass and would’ve loved to see (and hear!) more of that as well Aug 23, 2023
Meatlover Now that Denzel has grown leaps & bounds since this video was done, Denzel & Rico need a do over. I want to see Denzel suck Rico’s dick and then bottom for Rico. Make it a flip flop scene so they can suck, eat & fuck each other. That would be FIRE & it would make this scene look like child’s play. Aug 4, 2023
rn1297 Rico, that's a bad ass bitch!!!! Jun 1, 2023
turner95 This is STILL fire.. like my 4th time watching it, and it’s still 10/10 Apr 12, 2023
unitedguy18 Two Sag's fell in love a lil bit. Love that for them Apr 10, 2023
supreme Top notch fire !!! A five out of five nut production indeed ***** Apr 1, 2023
emiliano69 Denzel bringing heat. He about to climb to the top with that passionate trade vibe. If he suck some dick it's over for the other newbies. I need to see Rico, Manny, and Juju fucking. Maybe Denzel, Justice, and Apollo...that would be a lot of passion in one scene. Mar 28, 2023
emiliano69 Less than 5 min in and I like Denzel already. Rico doing his thing with his boyish charm. Mar 28, 2023
griz85 SOLD UMMMMM i have to watch this in parts. I get too excited. This is all perfect!! Thank you. When the right models get together everything is GOLD!! Feb 9, 2023
24markus BTW, i forgot to mention that Denzel is ALSO fine af. Very handsome dude he is, nice physique, and just the right kind of sexy. Please bring him back too! Feb 7, 2023
24markus To me Rico is the SEXIEST adult entertainer in the business. He beautiful, and got a tight, TIGHT physique, nice hands and pretty toes, and his dick is ALWAYS hard, plus he genuinely passionate. Denzel is LUCKY to have been paired up with Rico bc no other BBA dude is qualified for the job of breaking D in, in MY opinion. I'm gonna have to purchase a download of this vid, my FIRST ever download purchase. It is THAT hot. Feb 6, 2023
MacheDich After several viewing, I swear Denzel is the GOAT model. Every day I watch BBA, Don't get me disapointed more please ! Feb 2, 2023
Noomaniii Where do I sign up, so I can get dicked down by Denzel next? 😩🤭 Jan 31, 2023
whatuwant Where is Zeke? He is so sexy Jan 29, 2023
thabiggest I’m in love with Denzel! Please bring him back more Jan 26, 2023
cocopop He know he want to put that dick in his mouth, rather than just play with it. My only complaint, cause brother knows his way around the bed. Hopefully this isn't his only scene, models I would hope to see him with is Apollo, Justice, Ross, Justice should be his next test. Great scene though. Jan 24, 2023
Sageking3 Denzel with Apollo would be magnificent Jan 23, 2023
Verdade I understand the thoughts on Rico. But we need Rico and Blake, Manny and Justice , Ross and Isaiah, Bandit and Stylez make love to these new guys. Otherwise....the scenes and lovemaking are a little tepid and nervous with the new fellas. Until they gain some porn confidence. Montez and Shax. Would you agree? Saint was so great with this, but has since retired. Love the fans thoughts on this. But I love the popular BBA guys always coming back to make love to the new fellas. They have Charisma and confidence with the lovemaking and sex with the new guys. So yes, thanks Rico Pruitt, Justice, Manny, Ross and Blake for making love to the new guys. Jan 20, 2023
Montez Yes, it is almost always better to pair new guys with more experiences veterans, in my opinion.
Beyy88 Man Rico did his thing. I was expecting more from the guy but u can tell by his face he ENJOYED HIMSELF Jan 20, 2023
Beau Great scene They had very good chemistry Jan 19, 2023
WestBatman Love BBA! Long time fan! But there is no need to subscribe monthly to see porn stars like Rico who have videos all over the net. Takes away from the fantasy of this site. Rico was just on IG last year arguing with a lover about drugs. Let’s stick with original new talent BBA. Denzel is absolutely amazing! Jan 18, 2023
kingb8r Denzel the finest mf I've seen on here in a min. he seems more than curious like legit pro lol but I still enjoyed busting back to back to that. As a content creator myself, he definitely can get it. He's passionate, sensual, calm but dominate. Fuck.. I need a Denzel in my life 👌🏾 Jan 18, 2023
Verdade Thanks so much for bringing Rico back. To the fellas that grow tired of Rico. He is such a sexy person. His sex is not scripted. He is beautiful and his lovemaking is so real. I can watch Rico 24/7. Thank you BBA. Please, more of Rico. Love you guys Please ask Rico to make love to all of our BBA favorites. Jan 17, 2023
Raiden54 It was a great scene and Denzel is fine, I'd enjoy him as bae lol. This is his first scene and he might not did everything many would like but like most starters they have to grow and feel comfortable to do more outside the comfort zones. I am sure by his next scene Denzel will be on his way to the top 5. I would love to see him with Justice, Zeke, Slim, Kavii, or Dominic. (Kavii, Zeke, and Slim need to return for more) Jan 17, 2023
djv1234 Denzel is another great Hot find for BBA, he'd be perfect with Dominic! Jan 17, 2023
shoeman59 As I was looking at models,Saint came to mind. Is he coming back to BBA? Also,Dominic,and Trapp? They're really missed Jan 17, 2023
dlking93 I came off the doggy standing part...the kissing while fucking was the best I woulda licked him real quick on his lips n bit my lip idk maybe tmi lol...I loved the kissing on all levels this dude is sexy and I love Rico been a fan of his since HIM and I bought bba cause of him actually lol and Blake after finding out who he was been a member since Jan 17, 2023
ICeeIt21 I certainly concur with the consensus on Denzel, this scene, and most definitely Rico P. Additionally, many kudos to BBA staff for (in my opinion) elevating your recruiting game with "Discovering Denzel". He is one to watch for sure. However, a much better eye pleasing, mouth watering pairing would have been Denzel and Zeke...ijs. Nonetheless, you guys have once again turnt up the black boy addictionz...keep it cummin '. Jan 17, 2023
danirile80 BBA's new hotness! Thy name is Denzel! I know that Denzel is not your favorite aesthetic, but the BBA customers love 'em: Stallion, Apollo, Dominic, Justice. And Denzel seems eager and unafraid to explore. I can't wait to see what he gets into or what gets into him at BBA :) Maybe we will see Bandit slide his cock into Denzel and make his eyes roll back (that's my fantasy goal). Jan 16, 2023
blacky1 I don't care what anyone say about rico any scene he is in he always bring his A game and Denzel is a well built guy I can see him flip flop with justice Jan 16, 2023
D-Money25 This was an absolutely amazing and beautiful scene. I love this Denzel man. I’d love to see him paired with other fem bottoms like the ones from the beach house scenes. Jan 16, 2023
katomatay I like that it’s more passionate and sexy scenes coming out. I think the reluctant “straight” or curious dude is played out. You can be masculine and enjoy gay sex lol. But great scene, #SagSZN these two were 🔥 Jan 16, 2023
Natsfan64 Rico....if he doesn't make you forget Fame then something is wrong with you/better claim Bae...frfr Jan 16, 2023
bobminny2 just love rico he always good to me. Jan 15, 2023
blk326 11/10. Hot! Bring him back. Jan 15, 2023
blackforest I am a long time BBA supporter, I started right from the days of the schoolboy and the Thug. But lately I've been a fierce critic, in fact most of the time ya’ll don't publish my comments , which are simply fair constructive criticism. For me, there hasn't been any scene worth watching again since that Lil Jake and Mar clip. Most of the recent content has been lackluster for me. That said , this scene was lit 🔥🔥🔥. This scene was hot 🥵 AF !. They exhibited believable intimacy , they were passionate and natural. For me it’s a 9/10 💯🔥🏆. It would have been a 10 for me but not a big fan of Rico 👎🏽. You should consider pairing Denzel with Apollo, Blake, Jah or Shameeks Jan 14, 2023
Deoneta8 Gat Damn this was hot 🥵🔥🔥🔥🔥 Jan 14, 2023
gus_123 Denzel is my new Fav !!!!! We need more of him asap ! Jan 14, 2023
jaypablo Denzel is good but I wanna see him suck dik and put them legs up, show us that butt and let someone do something to it Jan 14, 2023
bigdaddy1051 Denzel is so hot. A little surprised he didn't suck Rico's dick but he is quite a find. What a body and what a dick! Got to see much more of him. Jan 14, 2023
dreadhead8 I miss the amateur days of bba Jan 14, 2023
man12345 Denzel is way more than bi-curious. He may have lots of experience with women, but a man clearly taught him alot. Jan 13, 2023
BluGod12 This was an amazing scene! Kinda reminded me of the blue futon days with the first introductions and a curious guy readily nervous for male-on-male action. Also, shoutout to Rico!! BBA has had special guest since 2012, and I'm glad to see it continue. Denzel is a keeper! Jan 13, 2023
Verdade Love Rico Pruitt. Thanks for him coming back. Some tend to not like him. He is just so beautiful with his sex. Some say they have seen enough of him on other sites. Hogwash. Thank you so much for bringing Rico Pruitt back His sex and lovemaking is so beautiful. So much love to Manny and absolutely love Rico back. C'mon guys....Mike, Montez, Shaxx....So much love to Rico Pruitt. We all love new sex..... Rico has the most beautiful hard on and cumshot in porn today....He and Blake and Justice....Love you guys so much! Thanks guys. Jan 13, 2023
gus_123 Denzel is my new Fav !!!!! We need more of him asap ! Jan 13, 2023
derrick4344 Absolutely nailed it! 🔥🔥 Jan 13, 2023
sboyd34 Please show more of Denzel butt Jan 13, 2023
Docteur Denzel is a definite A1 keeper. Would love to see him with Ross and Bandit and an all out freak session or with Scuba. Rico Pruitt needs to retire. I am sure there are no more grippers left in his lust canal as he has literally been fucked by every Black male porn star that does homosexual porn. I mean he takes dick well and suck dick well and seems to really enjoy sex, but he is like the gay male equivalent of the Kardashians. BTW Denzel needs to suck dick and take dick too. He is sexy and super fine. Will Maleek, Rush, Deontrey, Shaun or Scotty ever come back? Jan 13, 2023
warriorofmany 🔥🔥🔥 that was so fire! We need more of Denzel! Jan 13, 2023
MacheDich I am 100% ok with you, chucke1 ! I really love that video. Jan 13, 2023
HeyNwkat160 Fyre scene🔥🔥🔥🔥 Denzel is awesome, but I didn't see him suck dick?? Rico is ok but he been around the block.. Want to see Denzel with Apollo. Jan 13, 2023
Kevinjamal what a man, Perfect strokes Jan 13, 2023
stl08boi 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 one of the best I’ve seen Jan 12, 2023
Akashic1 This was 🔥🔥🔥 more Denzel please, with the way he kept smiling He gon love it at BBA. Jan 12, 2023
kronosfan Need to show more of Denzel’s ass. Pair him up with Deontrey next time Jan 12, 2023
kevin343 THAT WAS HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! Jan 12, 2023
tmaynestan1 Denzel is 🔥🔥🔥 more content. Jan 12, 2023
chucke1 My My My are you ready !?!?!?! I actually enjoyed this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 12, 2023
chauncey Really enjoyed the vid -- Denzel was one Happy Camper -- I think it was a wise choice to pair Denzel with Rico because Rico knows how to please a man regardless of his affiliation -- Rico was up for the challenge and it worked -- Eager to see what comes next for Denzel and please keep Rico in the mix -- Rico is unapologetically Gay and he knows how to bring the appropriate tone and speed to a scene. By far one of the more purely sensual scenes, I've seen on BBA in a while -- really, really sensual with a bit of lovemaking thrown in on the side for good measure. There is also a certain element of calm and serenity that made this scene worth viewing from start to finish -- I especially found the off-and-on kissing to be a real turn-on -- that drove me sexually -- I was ready to nut twice just watching them kiss in a loving way -- Super good from my perspective -- You can tell by the huge wide smile Denzel flashed several times during the scene that he was having the time of his life. For Denzel - Rico was the Whole Meal I mean more than just a "Snack". Denzel, I'm feeling you -- Great job gentlemen OH and BTW curious minds want to know what went down in that shower @ the end / we want to see some out-takes and behind-the-scenes-footage of what really happened in that shower LOL -- BBA keep coming with the real and this scene was real -- BBA 4Ever - Long Live BBA -- I rest my case -- Chauncey Jan 12, 2023
yonerk 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏾 love it keep it up bba Jan 12, 2023
davids I really like both of these models. Rico has the best personality and the cutest little booty. Denzel is so handsome. If he does another scene get him to show more of his ass on camera. This one gets two thumbs up. Jan 12, 2023
chaotic92 DENZEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL🤤🤤🤤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥omg bba yall came out the gate swinging i would have loved to see denzel and ross over rico but it was still a bomb ass scene i see and expect great things from denzel and i hope to see alot more of him and men built jus like him lol Jan 12, 2023
Dualex Trying to understand why am I paying to watch a pro porn star? When I can easily watch his movies elsewhere for free online. I'm sorry BBA but I will stop supporting you if you keep on bringing Staxx, RP, and other pro actors. Did not sign for this. Jan 12, 2023
A123 This scene was exceptional. Rico is a talented bottom, and I enjoy watching him do that. Also, Denzel is an excellent addition to the BBA roster. Jan 12, 2023
maybelater Nope! Sorry nice guys and all but this is more Pornhub material than BBA. It's a no for me. Jan 12, 2023
shoeman59 Denzel is handsome,but this wasn't a good scene to me,I'm just not a Rico fan at all. I think he should've stayed in retirement,just my opinion. Still waiting to see Maleek,Stallion,Deontrey to come back. Maybe,BBA ratings will go back up Jan 12, 2023
MacheDich Fantastic ! The best movie I saw Jan 12, 2023
demereodemereo Now THIS was hot! I mean HAWHTTT!!! Jan 12, 2023
lucian5555 Denzel is a nice addition to the team, The model chemistry and action was very enjoyable!! Jan 12, 2023
Seekingbootee Does he have any photos in a well fitting boots/utes, charlie, or bravo uniform? Jan 12, 2023
swamp96 Interesting that his name is Denzel because he actually looks like he could be a member of the Washington family, hes cute, looking forward to seeing more of him Jan 12, 2023
sexybttm2 Yeah this new comer is gold standard please keep that up. The match up was dope too. love this direction !!! Jan 12, 2023
Meatlover I was disappointed because Denzel did everything but suck dick. I’m sure Denzel will be back but he needs to suck dick. I don’t need him to bottom but i want to see a dick in his mouth. We have way too many black gay performers who don’t suck dick, we don’t need another, especially here on this site. Jan 12, 2023
smitechris94 Denzel is great!
Amazing smile, nice package and THICK.
Pair him with Stallion for some FLIP FLOP :D
Jan 12, 2023
glsfz6 Denzel knows what he’s doing and that’s sexy to watch. he ate his ass like a pro. i want to see him with Zeke Jan 12, 2023
haughtona2 Yasss Denzel!! I love him! More of him pls!!😍😍🗣 Jan 12, 2023
love2011 I love how he tried to play with the dick like it was a clit lol Jan 12, 2023
turner95 So I’m gonna be honest. Didn’t think I’d be into the video based off of the first few of his interview and his armpits were sweating.. he seemed extremely nervous

But.. he definitely performed! Loved the way he ate Rico’s ass, loved his long balls, and his stroke game was top tier
Jan 12, 2023
FreakTeach Let this be Ricos last video. We see entirely too much of him online as it is Jan 12, 2023
ashanti91 Now that’s a late Christmas present 😍🥰 Rico is definitely a favorite Jan 12, 2023
kennyg looking forward to seeing much more of Denzel. Wonder if Rico makes all that noise when he's not in front of the camera Jan 12, 2023
bhoop22 The chemistry between these two were off the charts they seems to be really into each other Jan 12, 2023
Sageking3 All I can say is Damn Denzel! Jan 12, 2023
mcchaz More of Denzel please! Jan 11, 2023
sinnah_k OMG! This is how you start us off Michael?!? Y’ALL DID THAT! The chemistry was amazing. Denzel is fine as fuck! My goodness! Job well done! Jan 11, 2023
tannersean95 I think Denzel might be my new fav Jan 11, 2023
TennesseeBator Now, this is how you start the NEW year off right. Damn, Denzel came in guns blazing with something to prove and boy, did he prove it fast. As always, I am a fan of the Frot action and MORE FROT IS NEEDED IN 2023! Rico is always a good performer and this scene is proof that he knows how to make the new models feel comfortable and at ease, BRAVO on starting off 2023 on a high note with this one. Jan 11, 2023

Making his amateur action debut this weekend is brand-new model Denzel, a handsome, 27-year-old football player and former Marine who enjoys wrestling, working out at the gym, and playing sports in his free time. With a full beard and thick, athletic body covered in tattoos, Denzel is a bit of a departure from the usual BBA "type," but should be a welcome addition to our roster for those who prefer their Black men with a more mature and muscular look.

Denzel identifies as "bi-curious," and his recent experimentation since retiring from the Marines seems to have sparked an understandable craving for more, which is ultimately how he stumbled across BBA and applied to be a new model.

To show Denzel the ropes and help him explore his sexuality further, we've paired him with a very different kind of "veteran," none other than the popular "porn star" and recent returning special guest Rico Pruitt, who is more than eager to remind the inexperienced but horny ex-soldier just how good another guy's wet mouth and tight ass can feel on his dick!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Special Guest
Details: Jan 12, 2023 48 min
Photo of Denzel
Photo of Rico Pruitt
Rico Pruitt

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