Game Break #2

Phuryous I've encountered a few bottoms like that, including some with double digit dicks (from the STL metro area). s/n: Elijah is fine as fuck, any chance he's coming back? He needs a bukkake. Sep 12, 2022
Phuryous Did you run Elijah off? Giving him back to back bottoming scenes with two of the biggest dicks in BBA history. We haven't even seen him hard yet. Jun 6, 2022
MichaelGalletta Some bottoms don't like getting their dicks sucked or played with, and can't get hard or cum while getting fucked. Elijah is one of those bottoms.
mopapper Elijah can actually take dick and Stallion can stay hard. please bring them back Apr 16, 2022
unitedguy18 tomato but sax is a great addition to the team Feb 2, 2022
MrBrown19942 This entire scene, is incredible! 👏🏿 🔥 Dec 18, 2021
Classman202 I like the scene, I love a good story line, though it could've been a pinch better, it gave me the feel of the fantasy still! Dec 6, 2021
Beau Not the best scene. They seemed a little off. Dec 6, 2021
Bossmane_123 Love Sax and loved this scene!!!! Shi I loved everything with him in it!!!! Nov 30, 2021
bigkingofkings93 Boring as Nov 22, 2021
skinnylegend122 @MichaelGalletta are we ever gonna see Beno again?? Nov 22, 2021
scrappydoo123 Michael that should be a very interesting blog where are they now. Looking forward to seeing that whenever you get around to doing it. Yep! Nov 22, 2021
11luvme2u @MichaelGalletta Thanks for letting us into the "behind the scenes" world of BBA. It helps us to appreciate the fact that you REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING (even when we and even me sometimes are and sometimes your plans can be interrupted for all types of reasons. I can definitely feel Elijah's "pain". Stallion chose the right stage name. No doubt about the fact he's working with a dark horse. I can't wait to see what BBA has in store for the next scene. Nov 21, 2021
11luvme2u I definitely want to add my two cents to the "gay for pay" thing. I definitely DO NOT want just gay for pay models. I want to see the full spectrum of sexuality on display. You can have a strong masculine energy and be gay or bisexual as opposed to DL or gay for pay. I thought this scene was okay. A scene like this would have been good with Kavii as opposed to Elijah. Just my opinion. I am loving the consistency with weekly scene releases (which I advocated for) and hope to see those models like Apollo, Trapp, Saint, Isaiah, etc. for the holiday scenes. That would be a treat. Hey, with inflation the way it is they may want some extra money. lol Nov 21, 2021
MichaelGalletta I like the way you put that: "the full spectrum of sexuality on display." That's exactly how I've always looked at it. BBA is a celebration of young black male beauty across a wide range of sexualities and "types."

We're still only updating three times a month, but at least trying to do it on the same day every week (with the exception of our Halloween update).

As far as this scene goes, it really wasn't either models' fault. I can't really go into detail without throwing a different BBA model under the bus, but long story short, we had to rearrange our production schedule and film this scene a day earlier than planned, which cut into poor Elijah's recovery time after his epic scene with Stallion filmed the previous day. The foreplay was fantastic, but unfortunately Elijah's ass was still too sore to take Sax's thick dick for as long as we usually ask from our bottoms. Had we been able to film this when originally planned, I think this could have been a much better scene.
MichaelGalletta @cocopop and @chucke1: Like I told @11luvme2u a couple weeks ago, there are a variety of reasons why models aren't cast in a scene, including scheduling conflicts, social dynamics, budget constraints, not getting tested in time, or delays/problems with their test results, etc. Other models simply aren't available anymore, period. Some guys get locked up or get married (same thing in my view lol). Hell, one of our models is no longer even a man!

I'll try to post a long overdue "Where Are They Now?" on the blog within the next several months, since we keep getting so many requests for certain models who are in all likelihood gone for good, due to no fault or lack of trying on our part.
Nov 20, 2021
chucke1 i AM REFERRING TO THE FACT THAT ONLY 5 OF THE TOP 18 MODELS which happens NOT to be "PLENTY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't know what else to say! Nov 20, 2021
MichaelGalletta @kevin343: Your most recent comment came through while I was typing up my reply lol. Let me set the record straight about one thing: This site is NOT "gay for pay." Never has been and never will be, so that's a major misconception on your part. "Gay for pay" is just one type of model and theme out of MANY we've featured over the years. That being said, we've recently introduced one of the hottest and most exciting "gay for pay" models we've ever filmed in Stallion, not to mention other "gay for pay" guys like Ross, Bandit, Zander, etc. So it's not like we aren't still very much catering to that theme. Nov 20, 2021
MichaelGalletta @kevin343: I don't know which models and scenes you're comparing things to, but if you honestly haven't found anything to like since we came back from hiatus, I really don't know what to tell you other than you must have extremely narrow tastes and BBA is no longer a good fit for you. Because I'm extremely proud of all SEVEN scenes in a row that we posted after the Bandit's Beach House series, and would rank most of them among the best scenes I've ever filmed. So clearly there's a major disconnect between your judgement and mine (and most of our viewers) when it comes to what constitutes hot and unforgettable porn, and I don't see that changing any time soon. Nov 20, 2021
kevin343 Michael maybe we need to form a task force to recruit gay for pay. We have got to get back on track. This site is gay for pay. Let's hit the streets. Pound the pavements. Somebody knows somebody on the dl willing to do gay for pay. They might not have the contacts or resources. Use social media as your platform. You'll be surprised how many responses you receive. When I think about this site it has so much potential. We're just missing the mark on so many levels. Nov 20, 2021
kevin343 Boring Boring Boring !!!!!!!!! Nov 20, 2021
Readyruk1 Elijah is a hottie, but why hasn't he had a cum shot in any of his scenes? Nov 20, 2021
MichaelGalletta Some bottoms don't like having their dicks sucked or played with, and can't get hard or cum while getting fucked. Kavii and Elijah are both that type of bottom.
Meatlover I don’t know who the top is but he needed to suck dick in this. Would’ve been a better film. Hopefully we’ll get a better one next time Nov 19, 2021
FreakTeach Both models are sexy af and should definitely stick around but this scene was a miss. Nov 19, 2021
dreadhead8 I love Elijah.. bad pairing Nov 19, 2021
kevin343 The shine this site once had is beginning to fade away. I haven't been impressed since the launch of the brand new site. I find myself revisiting the past scenes with the past models. For me the scenes have been blah !!! Nov 19, 2021
Kevinjamal Soo fucking disappointing Nov 19, 2021
Kevinjamal Boring.. what a waste Nov 19, 2021
smokey1984 Ummmm, Mike I hope you’ll treat your customers better than this and offer us a FULL MOVIE with some fucking. Great duo, but COME ON. Don’t offer your loyal customers 1/2 assed scenes. Nov 19, 2021
maybelater Sax reminds me of Dragon and gives power bottom vibes. So when he's topping it don't seem right. But when he took them 4 dicks it seems perfect for that fat ass. I don't know this one was really just boring. Almost like two bottoms fucking! Nov 19, 2021
haughtona2 Love Sax but this scene was meh… Nov 19, 2021
mcchaz Sorry didn’t enjoy this. I’m afraid I was bored. Nov 19, 2021
cocopop Mike where's the old school models at? Dominic, Trapp, Shameeks, Justice, Isaiah, Manny, and Saint, have we lost all of them? I dam well miss them, even Apollo. Nov 18, 2021
chgohydeparker To Elijah: Will you please marry me? Wherever you are, I can be there by noon tomorrow. xoxo Nov 18, 2021
juan24 A poem: (Two hotbois playing with the game/the winner in the end gets all the fame/to get that far he gonna need some luck/but why play games when we can just fuck?) Nice video, especially Eli jumping into the bed and rubbing his feet on Sexgotem's feet (playing footsies is hot asf to me, it got me hard, hahaha). 3 1/2 stars out of 5 for this vid. Nov 18, 2021
MichaelGalletta What a cute and hilarious poem! Love it lol! Glad you enjoyed the scene, and thanks for sharing.
sexydemon101 Literally who asked for this…..? I like both models but at the same time we want some more consistency in BBA it’s like you have to wait every 3 weeks for a good scene. I remember a time when every single scene was A1… what’s going on? Nov 18, 2021
MichaelGalletta I've gotta call BS on this. There has never been a time in BBA history when every scene we posted was "A1." NEVER ever EVER lol. As much as I'd love to be able to release unforgettable, epic, "A1" scenes week after week, there are just far too many variables with this type of production that are beyond our control, and naturally some pairings and scenes are going to turn out better than others.

I was very candid in the scene summary about this being one of those scenes that didn't turn out quite like we'd hoped, but still had enough hot moments to make it worth sharing. We also priced it at a lower number of credits than the longer, more successful full-action scenes. This is precisely why we offer a credits option to our customers, so you only have to pay for the models and scenes that capture your interest.
flylikebird1 This 1 is a 👎..hopefully it gets better (scenes).. Nov 18, 2021
swamp96 Thank you for uploading these videos at 12 on the dot now. Nov 18, 2021
MichaelGalletta Glad you appreciate it, but don't get TOO spoiled because this won't always be the case lol. But I will always try to post our scenes as early as they're ready to post.
ilovepuss96 Lol sometimes I wish it was nothing but head scenes Nov 18, 2021
MichaelGalletta We posted this scene for viewers like you, knowing that the foreplay and steamy oral action here is what steals the show!
djv1234 Great to see Saxgotem and Elijah again who are exciting Hot additions to BBA. But it would have been so fantastic indeed if the scene had included Stallion with Saxgotem and Elijah spit roasting him. Keep up the excellent work. Thanks. Nov 18, 2021
chucke1 I will pass on this one, Elijah not my type. Can't believe how few of the models have returned, I assume now, no reason to expect the others to come back. Nov 18, 2021
MichaelGalletta We've actually brought back PLENTY of our older models, including some of our all-time most popular models such as Bandit, Ross, Blake Bishop, Scuba, and Stylez. I have no doubt that if all we did was bring back old models, you'd be on here complaining the loudest about us recycling washed-up models and demanding to see some fresh faces lol. Which I'd just like to point out, we've been featuring in almost every scene since we came back!
justreal07 So damn sexy!!! I loved every minute of this video! Nov 18, 2021
Docteur This an absolute no for me. Nov 18, 2021
twannu50 Boooo what was thatt Nov 18, 2021
jrummi this scene started out with so much potential, but it turned out to be a dud imo for a very specific reason! i'll wait and see how many ppl point it out Nov 18, 2021
lablue I be loving the story lines you guys do. Thank u BBA 4 all you do and been doing since I been on here. You the best. Nov 17, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for your consistently encouraging comments and support! Glad you enjoy these little "storylines" we try from time to time.

Saxgotem is hanging out in his room playing a video-game when he's joined by baseball player and fellow gamer Elijah, who has a DIFFERENT kind of "game" in mind they can play....

This was actually the very first scene we filmed with Saxgotem. But Elijah was still sore from his demanding shoot with Stallion the previous day, and couldn't take Sax's thick dick for as long as we'd hoped, ultimately leading us to choose a better scene for Sax's official debut.

This scene still has plenty of hot and memorable moments worth sharing, however, particularly for our viewers who love lengthy and intense oral action.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Special Guest
Details: Nov 18, 2021 38 min
Photo of Elijah
Photo of Saxgotem

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