Sneaky Links: Drezzy & Zeke

ondlolo Zeke is a true verse! He can take just as good as he gives it. Drezzy looked like he was in real pain getting fucked. He’s a good top though. Nov 25, 2023
KandeeKorn Gat damn Zeke is hot! Big, thick, cute, well-muscled, with deep dark brown skin! Lets see more of him. How ‘bout pairing with pretty porn pro Rico Pruitt wherein Zeke does lots of kissing, dik sucking, ass eating, and topping. Also, more RICO PRUITT scenes would certainly be welcomed!! Sep 12, 2023
Playwithme11 i found my 2 new favorites Zeke is so damn thick and fine and really owns each scene he is in, im looking forward to watching him grow and take the spot of best ass . Drezzy is so cute and beside his nervous i like his deer in the headlights . I hope he gets over the awkward stage and show us how great he can be. Jul 22, 2023
Phuryous Damn, Zeke's phat ass, overall thiccness, and enthusiasm makes every scene hot. Drezzy is so awkward and cute but I like his vibe, especially when he's able to take dick without labor pains, lol. Jun 2, 2023
prahahadavidb More back shots! I miss Galleta's appreciation of the male ass. New guys ignore it. Too bad. Jan 14, 2023
woodbba Damn Zeke can take some dick! Also Drezzy is sexy as a top Oct 9, 2022
boibuzz The members NEED to see Zeke and Apollo in Flip-Flop action ASAP!!!!! Jun 23, 2022
ICeeIt21 I am sweet on Zeke for real! I love his chocolatey thickness. The ultimate pairing, for me, would be Zeke with Stallion or Apollo. Damn, that threesome would be FIYA! This is make-it-happenable. Right!? Jun 22, 2022
MichaelGalletta We came VERY close to making that second request happen, but unfortunately Zeke's schedule didn't cooperate. Hopefully we'll have better luck in the future!
Phuryous Damn, Drezzy was clapping Zeke's cheeks so hard, I thought it was a standing ovation. Jun 16, 2022
turner95 Zeke needs a train ran on him by the OG’s… add Dominic to the og list as well Jun 6, 2022
sixthcense I like how Zeke be hard in all his scenes not to mention the visible pre cum in his grey shorts May 21, 2022
anteup301 This is how I wanted Zander to take the dick. I hope they bring him back for round two. May 8, 2022
djv1234 Zeke with Justice in the next scene is very welcome and will be so Hot!! But am getting worried as to the lack of Stallion and Dominic as these are fantastic performers and are greatly missed. Apr 6, 2022
mopapper Zeke and Stallion please! Zeke can take dick like it's nothing and Stallion is always hard. I love the videos with models who can actually take dick ❤️ Apr 6, 2022
trinity87 Zeke and stallion would be litt Mar 31, 2022
getdickhoe Where’s the update???????????????????? Mar 31, 2022
Montez There is no update this weekend. There were five straight weeks of updates. This is an off-week.
texasbugg bandit didn't get to finish the scene with bandit fucking trapp. it was 5mins long. bandit was really putting that big long dick all up in trapp. it was feeling so good to trapp damm i pray bandit get to fuck zeke. zeke is going to love bandit dick inside of him. he will take it all please let bandit fuck zeke r zeke and saxgotem fuck 2 bodys that was blessed by the gods. Mar 30, 2022
Bigboy69 Y'all have turned Drezzy and Zeke out. I love it. I think Zeke may be ready for the "Big" boys and Drezzy for Sax to loosen him up a bit more before tackling Stallion or Bandit. Keep up the good work guys. Mar 29, 2022
markusg24 Damnnn. I go out of town for the weekend and get back this Monday morn to find 2 hotbois fukn. Thats wassup! Mar 28, 2022
MichaelGalletta That's what we're here for. 😉💦
mikemannz I love zeke i wanna see him with Dominic or somebody beefy like him mhhmmm i would melt 😍🫠 Mar 28, 2022
weluvcash Would love to see Zeke and stallion together Mar 27, 2022
jaypablo This was a hot video, both Drezzy and Zeke were great and paired well together. Mar 27, 2022
11luvme2u I was waiting for these two to be paired together. I enjoyed seeing two sexy young newcomers enjoy each other's bodies. Zeke is very very talented. I look forward to seeing him with Stallion one day. Drezzy and Bandit may be a nice pairing. Can't wait to see what April has in store. I really enjoyed Shax's excellent work. I hope to see Mike's camera work in April. Great work. Mar 27, 2022
Duchess DiD Ross Scare the Stallion Away😫😫?? Ugg😖😖 Because he should’ve been meet these two fly sexy models already,Not light bright Zander Aka Amone Bane he gets way too much shine in other studio productions😒😒.and Mike you said he wouldn’t be back because of he’s too busy #TRYING. Drop Zander he’s not that black anyways RESPECTFULLY..🤷🏾‍♂️ Rather see Ross again and bring back stallion 💪🏾💪🏾 Mar 27, 2022
MichaelGalletta This comment is so unbelievably ignorant and disrespectful. It's perfectly understandable if Zander isn't your type and you'd rather see other models instead. We all have different tastes and not every model will be to every viewer's liking. But you can respectfully express that without rudely challenging Zander's "blackness." Hate to break it to you, but by that ridiculous standard, 90% of Black Americans, including our first Black President, are "not that black anyways." GTFOH.
HeyNwkat160 lets see Stallion and Zeke together 2 big football player bodies,,,Fire!! Mar 27, 2022
HeyNwkat160 Yes, yall got it right...nice!! Mar 27, 2022
Sanchez850 Montez and Michael it would be nice to see either both Zeke and/or Drezzy do a Flip Flop scene with Stallion. I believe Zeke would be up for the challenge of taking Stallion, but wonder if Stallion can take Zeke! Mar 26, 2022
Montez Not sure Drezzy is ready for a dick the size of Stallion's. Zeke? Maybe so lol.
Sageking3 Can't wait for bandit to top zeke Mar 26, 2022
supreme Wow , Zeke is one chocolate big dic, big booty boi ... he's a whole vibe on to himself ...what a star !!! Zeke pushed Drezzy further which made for a great scene thanks BBA Team ...Mike must be proud of you guys ! Mar 26, 2022
MichaelGalletta Indeed I am lol. Thanks for the encouraging feedback!
maybelater Ok, this was great 👍 👏 👌! However Zeke is ready for the big dick! Please Bandit or Stallion batter up! Mar 26, 2022
Jerity41 One of the BEST scenes since sax got gangbanged. Yo both of these dudes are lit Mar 26, 2022
Seekingbootee Stallion should be involved in these scenes where flipping is the rule I love watching unfair situations, he'd experience discomfort but the other guy... Rules are rules. Mar 25, 2022
MichaelGalletta [Montez] Not sure I quite understand what you're saying lol.

[Michael] I think what he's trying to say is that he wants to see Stallion bottom lol.
VJ Yea this is it.this the best new ppl.
Bandit needs this duo
Mar 25, 2022
texasbugg please let bandit get some of zeke 48kt gold asshole. damm that ass is so fatt and sexy i know zeke got a boyfriend who love to fuck him. Mar 25, 2022
Isaiahkang1 Love when zeke bottoms he should do it more!!!! Mar 25, 2022
hchc28 Waited a while before I renewed my membership about 2 months so had about 8 new scenes to watch glad it only cost 20 dollars because if it was not for the 20 to 30 minutes scene with Bandit it would have been a waste of money was not turned on much by any other scene the new brothers just don't do it for me other than Stallion and Elijah Mar 25, 2022
MichaelGalletta Sorry to hear that our recent new models and scenes haven't been to your liking. Thankfully, based on the feedback, you seem to be mostly alone in feeling that way.
burielaaron30 This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 They both fine but Zeke is my new fav Mar 25, 2022
kloliver11 Most certainly I am glad to see Zeke back. He is one of my newest favorites. Also Drezzy too! This scene is on my fave list too. Zeke fat booty can come sit on my face. lol. Like Kaib said below, in another comment, when the time comes i would love to see him get paired with one of the older people. Mar 25, 2022
blacky1 Mike,Montez,Shax yall did it again zeke and drezzy is our next top model watch and see peeps sleepy on drezzy juicy butt ass Mar 25, 2022
drakegay4real Omg Zeke just so fckn sexy...I wanna see how the chemistry between him and Trapp would be in a scene together, they both chocolate sexy af with phat asses🤤🔥🤤

And Drezzy voice just makes me wanna hear him taking some good dick, it dont even matter who it's with cuz ik its gon be 🔥🔥🔥 especially with how yall just went tf off for this month
Mar 24, 2022
96views DAMNNN he thick asab, he beat his shit in Mar 24, 2022
latrelldw Chile I just got my entire life! Felt like I was in here watching tv lol😭 Definitely a 10/10 for me and it will be going in my favorites !! Mar 24, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks! Thrilled to hear this earned a spot among your all-time favorites.
Kaib Zeke paired with Blake, Bandit, or Manny. Mar 24, 2022
sally9999 Hot, Hot, Hotttttt!!! Mar 24, 2022
texasbugg damm i want to fuck zeke so fucking badd. when he put them sexy thighs in the air while laying on his back i fucking lost it. zeke knows he fine as fuck. when drezzy dick is going in/out how juicy zeke asshole is. love it. Mar 24, 2022
marios Zeke is a new fav 😩🥵 Mar 24, 2022
comeondaddy123 Zeke is bae! PERIODT! Mar 24, 2022
BLOOP i think Drezzy ready for a group session Mar 24, 2022
swamp96 Zeke is so damn fine, it makes no sense. Mar 24, 2022
Docteur Michael, good day to you. Are we any closer to Shaun and Scotty being freed from the cage? Still hoping for that 3 some with those two plus Trapp.
Regarding this scene - It was full of fire, raw energy and both were into it bigtime. I would love to see Zeke paired with Bandit. BTW missing Bandit, Also a Scuba gangbang would be great with Bandit, Stylez, Isaiah and Deontrey all wearing him out. I guess I can dream on, right? LOL
Mar 24, 2022
Kevinjamal Where is Stallion? 😏😒😒😏😏😏😏 Mar 24, 2022
aebwood Just as Good as I thought it would be. Once Drezzy gets more comfortable with everything he'll be a star. Zeke is Amazing again! Love to see how easily he can go between roles. Great additions to the Models the only thing it lacked for me was more kissing and intimacy during the sex. Mar 24, 2022
MrBrown19942 This entire scene is amazing. Their chemistry is incredible! Wow. 🙌🏿🧨😍 Mar 24, 2022
texasbugg i wish zeke could bring in 1 of his team mates who he use to have sex with. football players love to fuck each other. i have watched 2 football players fuck they didn't hold back nothing. was pure fire. zeke don't care who is watching, he was in his zone that asshole is so tight. more zeke. drezzy took that nice size dick of zeke. great job. Mar 24, 2022
Dualex Hot! Very nice pairing. Mar 24, 2022
twannu50 Much Better!! Actually, damn good in years Mar 24, 2022
Candid1 Love these new guys!!! Mar 24, 2022
texasbugg damm this scene was so fucking hott. that is why i love fucking a football player, they let the real freak come out. every football player i have fucked with is just like zeke. i hope u all let bandit get some of zeke some1 who can really push that dick up deep inside zeke. zeke needs a very long dick to go deep.a 10 plus scene guys. Mar 24, 2022
djv1234 Thanks Michael and BBA for another fantastic scene! Hot Zeke and Drezzy are most worthy additions to the BBA team and I look forward to seeing them in more scenes. I also look forward to seeing the return of Stallion and Dominic hopefully in hot flip flop or them spit roasting Saxgotem for which I'll have some heart pills ready!! Mar 24, 2022
zebrasex4567 This was the perfect scene to end off this shoot. I can already see myself coming back to this scene over and over again. Both of them are so sexy for so many reasons. Whatever the mindset for this shoot was you guys need to keep it going forward. And these 2 models need to be put on the usual rotation ASAP Mar 24, 2022
TennesseeBator All I can say is Zeke The Freak did it AGAIN, this man is a STAR and SHOW STOPPER. I may be alone in saying this but Drezzy brings such a powerful awkward charm to every scene that he is in and if any other model did it, the scene would fail but with Drezzy, he makes it work time and time again, he started off very awkward here and is time went on I saw him relax and become more comfortable. This scene proved that Zeke has what it takes to be put with ANY model and just bring out the best in them and also make them shine, when D was pounding his thick ass and the clapping the ass was doing on the dick, SO POWERFUL and SO GOOD. To see D then turn around and take Z's thick dick was so real and sexy, I love how it wasn't "perfect". I am ALWAYS a fan of the frot action and these LAST FIVE updates prove why BBA is the best, the models are passionate about the work and work hard to provide the fans with good scenes. I cannot wait to see what BBA produces next. Mar 23, 2022
Montez I totally agree with you in regards to Drezzy. He has such an innocence and an adorable awkwardness, that it works. However, I will be interested to see how he performs when he becomes more confident. As far as Zeke... Yeah. lol

Ever wondered what happens when two sexy newbies share a room during one of our BBA trips? This second installment in the new "Sneaky Link" series gives you a voyeuristic sneak peek.

Zeke is hanging out in his room and getting turned on from watching Drezzy's recent bottoming debut on the TV. When Drezzy comes out of the bathroom still dripping wet and asking for a towel, Zeke can't help but stare. Can you blame him?

"You like what you see?" Drezzy asks seductively as he begins rubbing lotion all over his lean, muscular body, clearly unbothered and probably even a little bit flattered by the sight of Zeke's thick dick throbbing eagerly beneath his gray shorts.

When Zeke offers to help lotion Drezzy's tempting backside, things quickly escalate from a simple massage to the horny football player burying his face DEEP in Drezzy's glorious ass....

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for this unexpected "sneaky link" that includes tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and Zeke picking up right where Zander left off last week by further "breaking in" Drezzy's stubbornly tight, near-virgin ass. But not before giving up his own juicy-thick bubble-butt first!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Creampies, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback
Details: Mar 24, 2022 41 min
Photo of Drezzy
Photo of Zeke

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