A Tested Development

ScorpioJay97 Both men are very hot and sexy!!!! I enjoyed this pairing! Apollo would make a great addition to the scene! Sep 8, 2022
Candid1 Justice has the best cum shots in the industry!!! Jul 27, 2022
maxrob99 Love these guys!! Great chemistry!! They need to flip-flop!! Feb 3, 2022
freddy222 Justice needs his feet worshiped. Dec 31, 2021
drakegay4real Justice needs to come back and get introduced to Stallion😁 Dec 29, 2021
MichaelGalletta I agree that would probably be an explosive pairing. Hopefully we can make it happen in the near future. 🤞🙏
joeman second scene tonight watching Justice take cock like he owns it. He just gives his all and takes dick like a champ. His cum shots are extraordinary. Love the wimpering moaning calling for more. Champion. More please especially get Bandit to give him what he needs and wants. Feb 3, 2021
cocopop @Dualex, "Boring"!, I too keep hearing that term thrown around in describing Dominic, I for one find him more vocal and more exciting than some of the gay models. They're all performing to make the scene a success, while some just lay there take the dick, or fuck, no vocal or any excitement. He gives you just the opposite, yet you find him boring, Dominic, keep doing what you're doing, in spite of the haters, boring, you're not. Jan 14, 2020
cocopop I'd say Apollo fucked Justice ass better than Dominic, Justice seemed to bring the animal out of Apollo, where he fucked like he never fucked before. Not even with Isaiah, where the chemistry was off the chain. I've come to love seeing Justice bottom, seems to realistically enjoy being fucked. Would love to see him fuck Dominic. Sep 22, 2019
xEdTvFP5 Justice is HOT!! Love his hairy body, and the foot play. Aug 9, 2019
Danilo180 Brilliant scene. One of the best for sure. Jul 19, 2019
edgellent030 More Justice!!!! Love all his scenes. Jun 14, 2019
marj1030 i love every justice scene bc i know theres gonna be some sexy toe sucking May 16, 2019
supreme Okay, this is a *** three star ..... enough said! May 6, 2019
blktop2002 @Dualex. You have made such an important observation. We shouldn’t expect these young men to tear out their souls and do our exact bidding just because we buy credits or pay a monthly fee. For me the joy is in watching the evolution. If they never quite get there then so be it. I truly have no desire to see anyone do anything totally for the money. It shows on camera. I’m fine with not seeing Kingston bottom if it is going to damage him to do so. Apr 24, 2019
Dualex .. And I believe the 'fake it, make it' saying would be too obvious and probably put me off. Sorry to mention this again, Apollo seems to be the only model Dominic connects with and it shows. It showed in the way he was topping on the game of pool scene, slow and deep... Having a connection with a screen partner is the key to a great scene. Dominic, continue to do you. I will not beg you to jump off a bridge lol. Apr 22, 2019
Dualex .. This is typical of any str8 boy doing g4p. He's improved since. With regards to bottoming wassup with 'every top has to go bottom'? I see no-one hating on Kingston. If he does not like it so be it. Mainstream porn Staxx only bottomed once in his career and that was on BBA, Paris only a couple of times and Jovonnie a couple of times always with the same partner rip Cityboi. Let's give the boy a chance if we want him around. Apr 22, 2019
Dualex Our expectations on Dominic are quite high. Let's stop holding him at knife point. I would love to see him sticking around. Such a gr8 asset to BBA. I used to criticize his lack of tongue game however seeing his old scenes I am realizing that kissing a man is probably sumn he does not like. If u closely watch his previous scenes, he automatically wipes his lips str8 after kissing. Apr 22, 2019
shaxbba @3606tsb72 Thanks for your comments! The models and I try to make each scene the best we can, for everyone to enjoy. It's always great to hear that members enjoy, and it gives us inspiration to try and make each one better. First time I've ever been compared to Kristen Bjorn, and that's a huge honor. Thanks! Apr 22, 2019
blktop2002 Wow Kristen Bjorn very high praises and I absolutely agree. Apr 22, 2019
DellKell Hot scene !! Watching Justice crave the dick was hot as hell!! I'd love to have seen far more kissing.. especially deep tongue kisses but it was a great scene nonetheless. Apr 22, 2019
3606tsb72 This gives me the opportunity to praise the best filmmaker working in erotica today, one better than the legendary Kristen Bjorn. Shax's films are vibrant, visually compelling, the action's often dramatic and, as important, Black skin tones are gorgeously rendered. For making one come alive with wonder, his work is more than a pleasure to watch. So here's to you bro...with best wishes. Mike thanks for giving him the opportunity. Apr 22, 2019
3606tsb72 I miss Saint, Ross, Manny Killa, Bandit, Suspense, Jay C, Isaiah, Lil Tyga, Trapp, Shazeer, Stylez, Luh Redd and Jahan Ace. Every week they aren't in a clip I miss them more, as they are stellar BBA stars of recent note with nothing to prove. I encourage Shax to film them solo, and Mike G and Shax to do versatile action scenes with them -- and Shaun & Scotty together, whenever...lol. Apr 22, 2019
cocopop @3606tsb72, I agree with you he does have enormous potential, he allowed us to see them during the xmas scene, since then he does seem to hold back. In the scene with Apollo, Apollo's slinging tongue everywhere, not one time did D offer his tongue. In the xmas scene he was offering everyone that hot tongue. I was hoping to see him bottom again. Apr 21, 2019
3606tsb72 Paraphrasing Dualex, Dominic just holds back and is a bit different. IMO, sometimes you have to "fake it, to make it." Most BBA actors make the effort to at least seem happy for the experience...lol...which I don't get from a guy who I believe has enormous potential in this industry and, if he wanted to go these routes, in mainstream modeling and acting as well. DOMINIC IS BLESSED; Justice and Apollo too. I just want D to go into the recesses of his soul to pull a genie outta' the box. Peace! Apr 21, 2019
klimt2776 And the next great scene would be Blake Bishop really doing Dominic.... Apr 20, 2019
Dualex Dominic is certainly not boring. He just holds back and is just a bit different and I respect that. He is a better performer than many of the most popular models. People just enjoy hating on him for some reason. Ironically his ratings seem to be going up and up, soon approaching 600. Always a pleasure seeing him gracing my screens. His best pairing remains Apollo. Love you D Apr 19, 2019
Jayden27 Dominic- sheesh...this dude is gorgeous! I’m so glad he’s still around! I loved watching Dominic eat out Justice! He did a good job with the ass-eating too! Listening to Justice moan while receiving pleasure was hot! This scene also showed that Dominic can fuck!! I don’t know if he was acting or not, but it almost looked like he was enjoying Justice. Can you blame him? He pounded Justice mercilessly! I loved how he fed off of Justice’s energy. When Justice was throwing “dat ass” back, Dominic went even harder and deeper! At some points, Dominic was balls deep—hot AF! All of that ended with one of the best facials I have ever seen in a BBA scene—Justice cumming on Dominic was hot AF! Dominic clearly gives his all in these scenes, and the fans are here for it! He’s come so far in only just a year! I love to watch Dominic dominate on top, but I do hope we get to see him on the bottom, at least one more time. *fingers crossed* We’ll see what the future holds.

Based off of the cum shots, y’all enjoyed that shit, and I did too! These two models have come so far in a year, and they are always exciting to see! I love the fact that they give their all and put in hard work to make sure we get a great scene! Good shit fellas! 💯💯

To Mike, Shax, Montez, Dominic, and Justice, I tip my 🎩 off, and I thank you! This was a damn good time! It was LIT! 🔥 🔥
Apr 19, 2019
Jayden27 This was a reunion I was happy to see as both models have grown so much in their performance skill set. I am also very happy that they are still hanging out in the BBA Zone with us!

Justice-I am loving Justice aka “Grizzly Bae” 😂 as a bottom! He is doing the damn thing! The oral work was on point! I loved watching Justice eat Dominic out. The head was 🔥🔥🔥! You could tell from the moans that Dominic loved the sensation! I was so jealous of that damn blue chair!! Those two did the absolute most in that thing! Then we have the sex. Justice not only threw dat ass back, he looked back at it! At that point I was like, “Okay! I see you Justice!” I loved it! I wanted to move Dominic out the way, and sample Justice myself! 😂Watching Justice’s eyes roll back was pretty lit too! I couldn’t tell if he was acting or loving it for real. Good shit! Dope facial too! Dominic gave a nice cum shot! Justice definitely needs to come back through and back that ass up again like only the “Grizzly Bae” can! Shit was hot!
Apr 19, 2019
3606tsb72 Not the best Shax has done, but the cumshots were stellar, and Justice's efforts to salvage the film is commendable. But the handsome, boring AF Dominic's not doing it for me, at all. These str8-for-pay guys kill me...really they do. The next 3 BBA videos should have some new people with BIG DICKS paired with Blake, Bandit and/or Migo. Chop, chop BBA...lol. Apr 19, 2019
cocopop @ToriFan After watching him from the start of his BBA career I really don't believe he's acting, and from the time he first got fucked, dick is so good to him its real. He like Ross wear their feelings on their sleeves, they feel greater than most, not ashamed to show it or express it. Ross shows it as his eyes roll back n his head, just imagine him comfortable bottoming, it'll be great to look forward to and watch. Apr 19, 2019
ToriFan so i'm falling in lust with JUSTICE. I can't figure out if he's just acting or if he really likes getting fucked. but it makes me hard to hear him say go deeper. Thanks for the toe shots. Apr 19, 2019
blktop2002 I can’t think of anything less romantic than spitting in someone’s mouth. Where I come from anything dealing with spitting on or at someone even is an automatic down home Mississippi country ass whipping. But I guess to each his/her own. There was a bit of a chemistry loss in this scene. But both were still hot to watch. Love the way it was filmed. Apr 19, 2019
Pilksta85 Can we request more scenes of Dominic? He is so sexy! Plus can we see him do some sloppy tongue kissing with spitting in the mouth? Apr 19, 2019
royce905 Dominic is boring and I really want Justice to get filmed by Mike and go back to amateur filming. Apr 19, 2019
Dualex I enjoyed this scene but the minute they say 'I do it for the fans' just puts me off. I like both Justice and Dominic however I did not get the chemistry although the sex was good. Lovely production. Apr 19, 2019
cocopop Great scene, but I don't get why this wasn't a flip flop? Dominic's hole be done closed up and he'll be struggling to get fucked when ever. The more he bottoms, the more easier it is for him in the future. Justice, what can I say? I knew from his first scene he had the potential to bring the excitement he brings, fastly becoming bba's best bottom. Ross has that same potential once he's use to bottoming. Apr 19, 2019
bbsndc Keep the Justice videos cumming!! Love the foot worship! Still want to see Justice get his feet worshipped!! Great foot shots of him when his legs were in the air. Apr 19, 2019
Docteur Dominic needs his pubes. I don't care what anyone says, pubic hair is very manly. Need to see Ross and Dominic fucked by Bandit. Apr 19, 2019
11luvme2u Of course I can't leave without commenting on those eyebrow raising and mind-blowing Cum Shots. WOW!! They both shot like rockets. Great camera work there! Dominic pounding Justice like that stimulated that prostate enough to deliver a nice squirt for both Justice and the fans. Most of us wish we were on set to see that one. Justice, Man YOU ALWAYS DELIVER on those volcanic eruptions. You must take your wheatgrass shots every day. lol Another great scene Mike and Shax. Is it the 25th yet? Apr 18, 2019
11luvme2u I was hoping for a part 2 with them because they both have really opened up on camera. Justice really can bring the beast out of whoever is topping him. He is respectfully aggressive and always spices the scene up with that dirty sex talk. I love seeing Dominic getting his ass ate. That hole looks so inviting and I'm sure it tastes so good. He looks so clean and man-scaped. Even though he's chiseled like an Egyptian god, his skin looks so soft and tender. Apr 18, 2019
11luvme2u The Hairy Sex Lion and the Seductive Smooth Body Tiger gave a great performance. They have a slightly different chemistry with each other than Dominic and Apollo or Apollo and Justice. Apollo and Dominic's sex, in my opinion, even though it's gay for pay seems to show more of a natural attraction to each other as individuals. They seem to be turned on by each other's bodies, personalities, and energy. Apollo and Justice together mesh well because they both have unashamedly high sex drives. Apr 18, 2019
11luvme2u Every bottom needs a good POUNDING every once in awhile!! Justice definitely must have been a bad boy lately and needed some Dominic discipline. Once again the beautiful background in nature and in the house was the icing on the cake to seeing these two strikingly attractive models. Every inch, curve, and arch of Dominic is undeniable perfection! Some of the close up shots of Justice gave me a greater appreciation of how handsome his face is. Apr 18, 2019
ACTION7 I need the bottoms to THROW that ass to him, stop making the TOP do all the work....stingy self. Apr 18, 2019
mrwhitley1 Damn, this was an impulse purchase smh Apr 18, 2019
SalikSanFran I love Justice. Hairy and his cum shots are A1 !!!!

Wasn't feeling much chemistry here, but nice scene! I wanna see Justice get fucked by Ross!
Apr 18, 2019
Dualex Dominic sexy piece of meat. Do ya thing don't worry about me. Apr 18, 2019
ACTION7 JUSTICE should bang Dominic to make this official. Apr 18, 2019
rodog31 I was not a fan of this scene, I'm tired of seeing Justice bottom. I see him as a top more. I just skimmed threw the scene to see if Dom was gonna get fucked. I guess I was wrong. Maybe I'm just not into hairy asses. Well at least we got an update. Looking forward to next week update. Apr 18, 2019
Teerexx01 Justice gets triple Gold Stars for this performance ....Damit. He did that shit Apr 18, 2019
Jahanfav Justice for president !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apr 18, 2019

Hard to believe it's been almost a year since Justice got to be the first guy lucky enough to guide Dominic through his first sexual encounter with a man.

At the time, Dominic was understandably tense and resistant to the whole "gay for pay" thing, and extremely limited in what he was willing to do. Even something as seemingly small as Dominic nervously reaching out to stroke Justice's hard dick felt like a miracle to celebrate at the time.

But oh, what a difference a year makes! Dominic has come an awfully long way from the stiff, stubborn straight boy refusing to kiss, touch, or reciprocate in any way whatsoever.

"This a DIFFERENT Dominic!" Justice observes with almost giddy anticipation near the start of this scene.

Now that Dominic has considerably more experience under his "gay for pay" belt, and Justice has recently started to explore his sexually submissive side, Justice was eager to find out FIRSTHAND just how much Dominic has learned since they last worked together nearly one year ago.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for another much-requested "reunion" as Justice discovers for himself just how much Dominic's confidence and skills have evolved and expanded when it comes to things he couldn't have even IMAGINED himself doing the last time around.

Things like kissing, dick-sucking, ass-licking, and burying his RAW dick deep inside another man's tight, hairy ass!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Apr 18, 2019 42 min
Photo of Dominic
Photo of Justice

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