Ace Takes The King

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Ram__Sees This? is A MASTERPIECE May 3, 2024
richieatitagain This shit right here!!! Man that riding scene got me Feb 10, 2024
TheRoccstar 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Jan 9, 2024
Kelly5000 Bring jahan back for more Scenes Dec 19, 2023
fraybomb pls pls plssss bring jahan back for more scenes! would love a scene where it’s a group of guys gangbanging him! or one with diez where they flip! or denzel! or zeke! i really hope to see jahan again soon. he’s just so sexy! Oct 28, 2023
luv2cporn Very good work on this one. Two of my favorites. Jahan seems to really luv sucking Bandits big dick. a verse vid would have made this a 10/10. Jul 12, 2023
Taytay This scene was TOP tier period. Some of you hoes will never be satisfied, yet you take the time to make a raggedy ass comment each week. Bandit was into it for real and fucked the shit out of Jahan. That 14:00-17:00 minute mark, a nigga busted multiple nuts lol whew. I honestly don’t like Bandit getting fucked but I did enjoy him sucking Jahans dick. It looked like he was really into it. 10/10!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Jul 1, 2023
Dope88 bandit spinning his peen like a helicopter at the end made me cackle with anxiety 😂😂😂 Jun 19, 2023
bandit926 Does Bandit have a sty on his eye? #random Jun 14, 2023
supreme Love it fire, fire, fire classic 10's, 10's, 10's across the board a ***** five nut production!!! Jun 11, 2023
tassain54 Jahan this video of you getting fuck by Bandit was Fire Ten Plus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jun 4, 2023
hines1983 Jahan wanted Bandit bad!!🔥 Jun 3, 2023
chauncey Hey BBA World this is your boy Chauncey -- for starters -- Am I seeing things or is Bandit rocking a pair of "Yeezys" !!!! at the top of the show when he finally meets Jahan face to face -- Please confirm -- Now for the show -- Loved it, Loved it, Loved it -- I think Bandit has discovered the glory of being with a grown man with a big, beautiful, luscious booty -- In this vid, Bandit is like a kid in a Candy Store -- and from what I see there is so much candy to choose from /lol. This match is probably the closest I'm going to see between Staxx and Bandit -- I have been hinting at wanting to see a Bandit/Staxx episode -- and this vid with Jahan is the closest to that type of a match up -- I know Bandit enjoyed the attention he received and gave to Staxx in that 2022 Holiday masterpiece -- now after two fully grown juicy booty men he will never go back to dealing with Twinks on the DL again / lol --For Bandit it's big boy stuff from now on!! -- I also enjoy the moments when Bandit was not going to let Jahan have all the fun and Bandit reciprocated and started feasting on Jahan's private parts !!! -- Yeh Bandit I too like what I like. I want to see more of Jahan and hope there is room for him in the lineup -- hoping he will stick around and give us more fun moments -- My man Bandit -- never disappoints -- When he allows his enjoyment of being with a man to really show -- those are the moments when he is most enjoyable to watch and see -- When it comes to the world of BBA - Bandit has stood the test of time. I give this vid 8 out of 10 Nutts -- I want more, more, more and more -- BBA 4Ever - Long live BBA -- Your boy Chauncey / Peace !!! Jun 2, 2023
Meatlover Finally a film worth being excited about! I love seeing Jahan on here cause when he’s on the scene, I know the film will be FIRE & this didn’t disappoint at all. I’m not a big Bandit fan like most people here but when he’s with a good partner, he shines brightly and this was no exception. This gets an A+! May 31, 2023
dlking93 Great vid if we can get a bathroom shot fucking in the mirror I'd love it with Bandit, Ross, Blake, JuJu, Sax, Manny, Rico just naming a few but I think a Bandit and Ross or Bandit and Blake intimate shower scene would be fire...great Seeing Ace....Scuba, Rush, Maleek, Zeke, Apollo, Dom, Lil Jake, Tay, Derek, Staxx, Red again just name dropping some of my favs ik it's alot but hey I love bba May 31, 2023
getdickhoe Aye I don’t know the process for request so I’m just going to put it here. Can y’all try to get Pablo Acosta! He also goes by Wood on BLM. Comments won’t let me upload a pic , but dude is 🔥 May 31, 2023
duppyboii Jahan saved this scene or it would’ve been terrible with bandit. Bandit could be a little bit more passionate and sensual. The first half jt seemed like jahan wasnt enjoying the constant ramming but when he started to ride that’s when the scene was saved. Bandit wasn’t doing it for me at all this scene. He needed to bottom and maybe then he would’ve acted accordingly. jahan has had way better scenes on bba May 31, 2023
DjbiATL Imma give it an ‘A’ for passion, slutty factor, and Jahan riding TF out of the D. 🔥Top shelf cowgirl 💯👌🏾 May 31, 2023
Calvin4699 part two now Jahan turn May 31, 2023
Verdade Hi Mike & Montez. Are Blake, Manny, Ross, and Justice still on your active roster? I just absolutely love these 4 guys. I did not mean to take Bandit & Jahan's space...Love this scene. But, I just absolutely love Blake, Manny, Ross, Justice and Rico Pruitt. I be turnin' flips in bed...and wildin' out to these 5 sexy fellaz. Man, Man, Man! Thanks Mike, Montez, & Shax. Awesome sex with these 5 guyz So much love!!! May 30, 2023
jrummi Good scene, but bandit needs to take a lengthy break imo! I'm kinda over him, we see him a little too much! May 30, 2023
cocopop Dammm, Jahan must got some tight good ass, never seen, heard Bandit react this way. At first I thought it was Jahan moaning loudly, I then realized that it was Bandit. Kind of take you back to the scene with Apollo, at the end that ass got so good Bandit had to reach over and kiss Apollo. This was a good scene. May 29, 2023
daquarius96 This was great!!! 10/10 May 29, 2023
dtgreen1234 ive been waiting for jahan forever ! this should have been a flip! or maybe a follow up with a revenge fuck! May 28, 2023
Chente720 I just love to see Jahan get fucked! Such a nice sight to see !!🔥🤤😍☺️ May 28, 2023
ef8432 Mike / Montez answer me this … was Bandit bout to cum when Jahan was riding? May 27, 2023
smfh09 We waited a month for this shit… how bout retiring all of the old guys? Like Jahan hasn’t been popular for like 5-6 years now smh May 27, 2023
Beyy88 I don’t know why but I thought this would be 🔥but up Apollo & Jahan scene was lit more than this. Felt like chemistry wasn’t there. May 27, 2023
nokiyo36 MacheDich I must disagree with you, this was a hot scene and bandit and jahan Ace and Zander are some of bba best stars seems like u are never satisfied if u have nothing nice to say can it I’m sure u won’t be missed but hands down bandit it’s about time you acted like you really liked it even though I love all your scenes and jahan Ace you took that monster and didn’t run now that was sexy as hell MichaelGalletta you did that two sexy ass dudes together was pretty 🔥🔥🔥🔥 May 27, 2023
Verdade I agree with Seeking. All these fellas butt naked and enjoying themselves for us. I enjoy All the sexy fellaz. Thanks for getting naked for us. May 27, 2023
gerald1003 I haven't watched this scene yet (I'm about to) but I was reading the comments. Someone did a dig on Bandit's scene with a "drag" which you rightfully corrected them that it was in fact a "Trans". It took me a while before I actually view that post with Bandit, JuJu and Sky Bigga. I was prepared to hate it too. Mike, "Sky's The Limit" was so fucking HOT. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I've watched it many times and I can easily say it was my favorite scene this year. You reminded me to keep an open mind. View it before judging it. Thanks for that. May 27, 2023
partyboyest82 SO DOPE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 The BEST! May 27, 2023
damon8 Finally… 😀 You made some good porn (again)
Stay on course now.
May 26, 2023
Seekingbootee Lol. I haven't even watched the scene and know it was good. Some people are complaining, but why?
Enjoy the butt fuck, bust a nut, do the same next week.
May 26, 2023
MacheDich But where have gone Denzel, Kavii, Kilo, Juju, Stallion, Jay C, Tyson, Shameeks, K9, etc. Really, as beautiful as it is, Bandit is an old moon, Zander is really not sexy, Jahan Ace and Justice have done their time. It’s the hard law of porn, amateurs are always looking for something new and unexpected.. It would also take a new breath in the angles of view, more complicity between the actors and the public, more madness in the acting of the actors and also daring spitting, swallowing sperm, expressive faces and dirty sex talking. I’m willing to wait a few more weeks, but if nothing changes I’ll end my subscription. May 26, 2023
MichaelGalletta This is a confusing critique, considering all of the guys you mentioned have actually been featured in RECENT scenes, and several of them quite often. Please be patient - unless we're doing a group scene, most scenes can only include two or three models, and we try our best to mix things up as much as possible. Most of our updates so far in 2023 have featured BRAND-NEW faces like Tyson, Denzel, JuJu and Kilo. Hang in there. If you don't like the models one week, there's a pretty good chance you'll like the models the following the week.
cam656914 7/10. This should have been a flip flip. Would have loved to see Jahan hole like you did Bandit's. May 26, 2023
redrider345 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 May 26, 2023
Verdade I would like to ask the fans? After the cumshots/ orgasms of the BBA models. Do you like them layin' naked and talkin' about the sex..with cum all over each other? Or just ending the scene? I love how Lil Tyga would ask....was my ass good, did you enjoy my head? You had a lot of good nut. Was it good for you? I love ALL of that ending. Freaky J was always so good with the talk at the end....It would get me hard again. Do you like the fellas comments? Or just end the scene? May 26, 2023
vled26 Always love love love Jahan! May 26, 2023
Dualex Honestly #notinterested. Not a fan of Bandit and I lost respect for Jahan. Why would you block your fans and followers just because they also follow BBA? Damn fool! May 26, 2023
dreadhead8 Nice scene I would love to see maleek and bandit or maleek With manny giving oral May 26, 2023
bigdaddy1051 Two of the most beautiful dicks you will ever see! May 26, 2023
Charmed35 Yo dis the best pairing you guys ever done I love their chemistry together and how they both was into but I fucks wit this one they maybe next video they can flip flop but definitely love this video amazing setting the camera angles was the best part when u get the angles right of the ass and dick going in good makes it perfect ❤️🫶🏾 May 26, 2023
Dangerboy Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 May 26, 2023
dkloverkc You've never seen bandit into a dude ever, he willingly and obviously for the first time in my opinion enjoyed sucking his dick and was truly into fucking🔥🔥🔥🔥 took all these years but finally. Bring ace back forever May 26, 2023
kennyg All I can say is EPIC !!!! Only thing missing was a "flip" . Good gay for pay action, just what I like about BBA. Keep up the goodness, still waiting for a rematch with Apollo and Ross. May 26, 2023
misterblack I like Jahan’s new haircut as well as his more svelte appearance and Bandit is as yummy as ever; great pairing. If the new intro is any indication, it should be a hot summer. Thanks BBA! May 26, 2023
chuckiip I love when Jahan bottoms! Mike thank you for this🫶. Now how can you get Scotty back. May 26, 2023
kendol Great looking models May 26, 2023
mrwhitley1 Like, I just don’t know what y’all be going for?!?

The first 20 minutes has kissing, oral, ass eating & more kissing while frotting…

Just for the remaining 20min to have Zero 🥚👌🏾0️⃣ kissing smh. There were other people in the room besides the performers…how does that happen?!?
Damn that’s disappointing.

Other than the lack of kissing, this was good, I did get a sense that it was cold Or they weren’t warm enough or fully turned on.
Always love Jahan in any scene.
Bandit be in his own world.

How y’all performer’s don’t know they performing tho?!?
They should be embellishing all their scenes with sexy shocking <replay> moments.

Loved the 13 minute of dick riding 🏇Hate there was no kissing while dick riding!
Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️
May 26, 2023
A123 I enjoyed this scene. Both men are incredibly sexy. I enjoy Bandit, but Jahan carried this scene. Sometimes in Bandit’s scenes, he can be kind of boring and robotic. Almost like he is going through the motions without any passion or enthusiasm. In my opinion, this takes away from the scene. One final note, Jahan riding Bandit was the most enjoyable part of the scene. May 26, 2023
fraybomb wow. THE BEST SCENE THIS YEAR! please keep having jahan back. he just knows how to fuck 🔥 May 26, 2023
emiliano69 Good pairing of BBAs top star and top guest. Two sexy men with big pretty dicks and cute asses/assholes. I would have loved if they would have slowed down, built more of a rapport on camera, and been more sensual. But they are both 2 straight men...I feel like Shax and Montez tried to give it more of a Mike feel but it could have used Mike's direction. It was great to see these 2 together and I definitely want to see Jahan fuck Bandit in a flipflop scene. May 25, 2023
WSteven This is a much awaited pairing..
We will see how BDB used his tool on JAHAN ACE.
As always, BBA delivered in a perfect time.
May 25, 2023
burielaaron30 This action y’all be complaining about too much. This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 May 25, 2023
Nigerian It's all starting to look the same; models, hotels, scenes, etc May 25, 2023
MichaelGalletta Did you even watch the scene? Same models? One of these two models hasn't appeared on BBA in OVER A YEAR and this obviously wasn't filmed at a hotel. Last month we introduced a sexy brand-new model (Kilo) and brought back a fan favorite (Stephon) we hadn't seen in nearly SEVEN YEARS. I'd respect your critiques a lot more if they were actually based in objective reality lol.
TennesseeBator This is what I love about BBA, the site can have production problems and delays BUT then BAM, you all always come back with PURE fire and it shuts all the haters up. Putting these two performers together was a perfect idea because they always bring passion and the best to every scene that they are in, I simply cannot get enough of Jahan. May 25, 2023
loverboy02 💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥 This shit fire BROOO!!!!!! May 25, 2023
Verdade I love the new intro as well. More of the active models are seen, and they are fresh and up to date. It more of what to expect on the site..more of the current active fellas. I did not know Jahan was into females also. He is sure fine...fine....with the sexy BBA fellas! Jahan is like Ace Rockwood, great sex with chicks, but so fine with men even better. May 25, 2023
Docteur Great to see Bandit back. Now if we could see Bandit with Denzel. I am not a fan of Jahan Ace, but this scene was okay due to Bandit being in it.
Anything with Bandit is a plus except when he is with drag queens or super femme bottom males. Hopefully we will get an update on whether Maleek or Rush will be back (fingers crossed).
May 25, 2023
MichaelGalletta Bandit (or any BBA model) doing scenes with drag queens is news to me. I think you meant Trans Female. Please be respectful.
DjbiATL @ Michael you should have directed this. This was supposed to be a new cult classic. It for sure misses all the BBA marks. Need a do-over May 25, 2023
MrBrown19942 I love the new intro! This scene is awesome too! May 25, 2023
hairylover23 Best scene of the year so far! May 25, 2023
B4UBuss2 Who was the special guest?
Solid 8/10.
The cum shots didn't match the performance - it seems like they cum well before you show us the cum shot - give us reality - if he was fuckin' and busted that first nut let us see - who says we can't have multiple cum shots in one scene? Either they recently ejaculated and were low on fuel upon filming - or they both came before the cum shots you showed us - let us see the bottom nut while they getting fucked - let us see the top bust that first - this shit real good nut - then give us the secondary+ cum shots on face & stuff - no way those cum shots were on full - not enough cum - partly because of how they are being made to cum -
Well if u gon do a facial suck it until he's just about ready to cum and let them pull out and bust everywhere! Versus them jacking off and having a mediocre cum shot facial - because they weren't actively being sucked or fucking nothing for their cum to shoot out! Let us see Jahans first nut while his ass taking dick, let us see the top make the bottom cum for the first time, like even if they have stamina to hold out, fine, but let the top have they bottom in position and fuck them until they nut, then the top do their thing and cum afterwards or whatever - but give us better cum shots organic ones lol - and no this shouldn't be a flip scene - I mean both are low key excellent verse bottoms at this point and they shine the most when they are submissive taking dick - and Jahan love something up his ass, its his best time sexually and we love to see it.
May 25, 2023
dkloverkc Yesssssssssssssssz this should have been a creampie May 25, 2023
LemanR1980 What effort! I have my favorite BBA models, and Jahan & Bandit are definitely top 10 for me. But in terms of performance, you can't beat these guys on effort. Thank you Jahan, your performances over the years at BBA as a guest star makes me a satisfied customer indeed. May 25, 2023
justfokcks my two favs! Jahan delivers EVERY time. the riding portion was the best! May 25, 2023
Smyrna37 Two of my favorites!!!!! I love it!!! May 25, 2023
lucian6666 That was a HOTTT update. Lighting and camera angles really worked for me. May 25, 2023
SouthAfrican BBA is sooo under-rated. This is top-tier porn in MY opinion. May 25, 2023

This is one of those epic pairings we've been trying to make happen ever since we nearly broke the Internet almost FIVE YEARS AGO with the sexy professional basketball player turned amateur straight porn star Jahan Ace's now infamous "gay for pay" debut.

Not only do we get requests for it from our viewers all the time, but Jahan tells us that fans are always hitting him up on his social media, telling him about the legendary "Big Dick Bandit" waiting for him at BBA.

Thankfully the timing finally worked out for one of our biggest "guest stars" to return and take on our #1 model in this long overdue and action-packed encounter!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath, Special Guest, Straight Boy
Details: May 25, 2023 46 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Jahan Ace
Jahan Ace

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