What Good Booty Do (Bonus Footage & Outtakes)

Shirly223 definitely need a redo with these two Nov 21, 2023
Docteur I womder why was Saxgotem's ass slit area was so oiled up. Was this intended to be a flip-flop scene? They need a re-do. Also Ross needs a threesome with Rush, where they don't necessarily do anything with each other, but the 3rd person gets to have both of them and they can play the Stallion type cheerleading role on when they are being fucked, etc. Jul 4, 2023
ef8432 They need a flip flop redo May 6, 2023
Shirly223 Its definitely about time for another Ross bottoming video. I wouldnt mind this pairing again so long as ross cums while bottoming Apr 13, 2023
unitedguy18 The ending was too funny. Their chemistry might have been the best I think I've ever seen w/ Ross Apr 8, 2023
emiliano69 I have to agree with @Shirly223 on the direction of the scenes. Oan, I would love to see Juju and K9 double team Ross and Sax at the same time. Mar 28, 2023
whobei They need a redo! They looked good together, I'd love to see them paired up again. Feb 3, 2023
Shirly223 Can we get a gangbang scene with Ross as the bottom? Jan 27, 2023
200water I don’t blame him for cumming quick. Have you seen Ross? Don’t know if I could last a minute in that lol Jan 11, 2023
dlking93 Just coming to check this one out again I love Ross and Sax but I think Manny and Ross should do a scene together since it looks like they never did anything together Jan 10, 2023
androgyny757 The ending though 🤣🥰 Dec 18, 2022
Shirly223 I agree with @mrwhitley1 i would love this to follow Sean Cody’s formula where they’re not pretending it’s anything other than what it is… a sex scene, I don’t want to see them try to act out scenarios… I want to see ppl experimenting and exploring in a non scripted scene. Also can we get a redo? I would have loved to see this happen and then see what happened afterwards and then watch him get it back up for a round two. Im not tryna be too critical but I need a little more than what’s being put out lately. Use your imagination. I’d like to be a fly on the wall and see the guys joke around before or in the middle of a scene, watch them discuss positions and angles, what feels good, what doesn’t. Let it be what it is a sex scene. I love every Christmas scene with Isaiah where they’re joking around and vibing before hand and clowning each other about who’s number one Dec 3, 2022
Verdade Ross, Blake, Manny, Isaiah, Dominic and Justice. Just so many charismatic people. Please keep featuring them. Stylez, love you so much man. The new guys are great also. All beautiful, sexy people. Nov 29, 2022
kronosfan I love it when Sax pulls his pants down Nov 25, 2022
mrwhitley1 This was better than recent scenes however…why not simply Run It Back?
You have the models right there?!?

SeanCody does 2 scenes in 1.
Y’all literally changed the scenery 3 times just to stop at 1st cumshot.
You do know they are Paid Performers?!?
Make them perform!

This pisses Me off when I think back to how you forced Rico to bottom so quickly…like you were personally mad at him or something.
All BBA models should clock in ready to give Oscar worthy Sex performances…then run back off into obscurity with a bag 💰
Nov 22, 2022
supreme The chemistry was evident . Ross was feeling this scene and feeling the sexygotem **** a four nut production ....a do over is warranted but still this scene is both models at their best ! Nov 21, 2022
Verdade Dreadhead. I understand. Your needs. But BBA is kinda like....these Models are not always available at any given appointment.. They are not universal porn stars. It is back and forth, if and when they can do scenes at given times. Michael and Montez....am I correct on this? Nov 18, 2022
Dreadhead9 Verdade you’re a simp I’m here for porn not to see people just naked . Nov 16, 2022
Verdade Everyone wants these productions to be flawless and to their liking. I just enjoy all these fine men getting naked for us. A few major porn stars that I have spoken with said "It is difficult to do this, if you are not in it all the way" So much love to ALL the Models and to Michael, Montez and Shax. Thanks and love to Everyone at BBA Nov 15, 2022
Verdade Absolutely love All the models. Is there any way you can show "active" models from the ones that are not currently available? I know that changes day to day.. Gosh, I love Ross, Manny, Blake, Isaiah, Justice, Bandit and Stylez. Manny is my favorite... Will you be bringing Manny back? Love the site and the beautiful sexy men. Nov 15, 2022
Nastynut Ok BBA now y’all know I love y’all & some of the creativity that y’all bring but babbyyyyyyyy these last few, I don’t even know how many scenes atp have just not been it for me! I almost feel like I’m in high school just sneaking & watching the first gay male porn site I find rather than an actual one. I have said on MANY post I don’t expect these GAY FOR PAY men to be on here getting busted open like on some of the other sites but I do expect some fire scenes for my MONTHLY subscription. The fact that we have to wait on an update once a week & hope it comes on Thursday like u say just baffles me lol. No other place do they have a schedule they just put that shxt out or if there is one we can’t tell because they update so much. Idk if it’s a lack of funds or models but I feel like if we got back to the basics every now and then like when Michael would interview and even get on camera, the funds would be pouring in. I didn’t mind it I enjoyed it because I knew it was raw footage & it was gone go down because who ain’t gone perform right in front of the owner of the company?! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Shax & Montez. What they bring to the site is unique to their liking but a good mix up every now & then would please everyone. Old viewers who have been around 8+ years & know what the site used to be & new viewers looking for more of scripted porn. I like them both. Lately it’s just been all scripted. Even this last HORRIBLE Solo y’all did the boy just came off as lame to me. He was gorgeous but his personality just seemed like he was trying too hard. Especially in them long ass stories he told while I was trying to beat my meat listening to him rant about his fairytale first time he had fucking a girl at like 13🙄😒 yeah he was extra asf talking about a puddle of cum on the ground or running down their legs lol I was screaming STFU already! We do have to do better tho BBA bring Michael back and let him take back over HIS site for a while & get the ratings, viewers & content back up then y’all can play around again OK. I miss hearing him call his self the creepy old white guy even tho he was NOT creepy at all just realistic and a horny man like all of us here. Our money is not to be played with I’m sooooooooo close to canceling and NEVER looking back. It’s literally porn everywhere now BBA so if y’all gone stay in this industry let’s LEVEL UP a bit. Or even level down for that matter if it gets us back to real, raw footage. Not this rehearsed crap every week & we don’t need to start from ground zero with every model either we just really wanna see some PORN get me back to the Addiction. And Shax has to do better with some of these angles and timing of the angles it be way off almost like he’s SCARED to get in there, get in there. That is all.

PS: Ross is overrated atp & whoever in the comments said this was his best dick sucking moment, go watch his scene with Trapp or Saint & then double down on that because this gave me he was swimming & kept swallowing chlorine vibes as much as he spit & wasn’t no spit even coming out🙄🤦‍♂️ like he didn’t like the taste. Also he mainly sucked the head & tip 😆✌️ Anyways bring back the real niggas that we can watch u update 5 times on one page of updates NOT SAX let’s give him a break and find Beno & bring back a legend. Then there’s Shameeks, Isaiah, Bandit, Apollo, Zeke, Trapp, Dominic, Freaky J, definitely can’t forget Justice I should’ve led with him actually. These are just a few of the men’s from the past I can get an update with them in rotation every week & would be happy as a whore in a gangbang 🤪 maybe this is my gangbang list SLUT ME OUT daddies.
Nov 13, 2022
monkibone1134 This was a fun scene. They really enjoyed each other and clearly Ross has that good booty. Next time maybe have them flip if an early cumshot happens or take a break for like 15-20 min and get a few more shots! Nov 12, 2022
Sageking3 Ross one of my top 5 bba models of all time! Bro make me wanna take a trip down state in hope to meet him. Nov 12, 2022
jmj61082 We need Ross and Blake no holes and let Blake actually stroke Ross out. I think Ross and k9 would be dope too! Nov 12, 2022
lablue Ross was really pissed that he nutted. Man that shit good ass fuck. I loved that ending. So I wasn't confused by it. LOL THANK U. #Trapp Nov 11, 2022
gimmedat13 I’m confused why not finish with him fucking Ross until he came after a 15-20 min rest he could have got back hard… confusing Nov 11, 2022
Seekingbootee He does seem like he has good booty inside and out. Nov 11, 2022
kennyg glad to see Ross keeps coming back. BBA gives me just what I'm looking for with the lineup they have. I don't expect the men to perform like the girlley boys you find on OF. Nov 11, 2022
jj2uBi Not bad….. BBA is so different now 🙄 Nov 11, 2022
dlking93 2 of my favs in one Its gotta get a like and heart! 🤤🍆💦 Nov 11, 2022
djv1234 Appreciate the scene and Ross, but Saxgotem is far hotter when he bottoms that hope he does more of. Nov 11, 2022
11luvme2u I guess this may not have turned out the way it was expected to but I was VERY turned on by this scene. They look great together. I'd love to see them together again. Nov 10, 2022
kevin343 Next.............................................! Nov 10, 2022
Partduece This site plays lmaoo Nov 10, 2022
hairyassholes101 Another boring update.. smfh y’all are disappointing at this point Nov 10, 2022
bkwilliam Hi, while I genuinely appreciate almost all you all present, I’m a little confused by the “bonus footage and outtakes” in the title…what did I miss? So where is the complete, real or actual scene…..because I know this 26 minutes is not the complete scene! I love these two dudes and it was about to get poppin but it ended so abruptly. Please redo this and/or send us the rest of what Ross was referring to by “we gonna be here all night”…or something like that. Oh and can you please please bring Beno back so he can show them how to really ride.!!!!!!!! Nov 10, 2022
sinnah_k This was actually a really good scene. Lol I love outtakes from the BBA vault. Nov 10, 2022
Coolrod Bad! BBA has really gone downhill. I'm canceling my subscription. It's been a good 8 years! Nov 10, 2022
ChunSwae In Sax’s defense, It’s not his fault Ross has great ass lol Nov 10, 2022
mikemannz Ross ass looks so good what did y’all expect 😂😂😂 i woulda bust faster then that Nov 10, 2022
mcchaz I enjoy the odd surprise here and there and there have been a few recently. This though, it felt like Groundhog Day. Nov 10, 2022
Shirly223 If this is the outtake and bonus footage does that mean we're getting a full scene with these two ? I could tell it was gonna be dope. I wish they got to finish. Im here for a part 2 ijs Nov 10, 2022
markusg95 Fr i was hoping that the next vid would be the new model fucking around with perhaps Stallion, but this here was kool asf (it made me buss, too)). Plus Ross physique is always looking tight, even when he goes away for months, when he come back, his body STILL be looking tight and sexy. Thumbs up for this vid! Nov 10, 2022
burielaaron30 This was great I loved it 🥰😜 Nov 10, 2022
Docteur Best oral I have seen from Ross, and best fucking an ass I have seen from Saxgotem. Time for Ross to be gangbanged by Bandit, Apollo, Isaiah, Scuba and Stylez. Need Rush, Maleek and Deontrey back for a no holds barred threeseome. Are we ever going to see the return of Shaun and Scotty? Nov 10, 2022
DolaDragases Sax for the third time in a row, sloppy fuck, he didn't cum inside... bah, I'm sorry but this is the last month of subscription :( Nov 10, 2022
nate_abernathy21 Sax is boring !!!! I don’t like seeing him top or bottom. Nov 10, 2022
MrBrown19942 Thank you for the bonus footage, BBA! I enjoyed this scene. The ending made me laugh out loud, and it definitely speaks directly to the title of the video. Nov 10, 2022
Ataylor90 These last scenes have been horrible smh Nov 10, 2022
hcs1220 Nope it’s not little saxs fault I blame Ross. Ross knew what he was doing tryna to snatch my bro soul then look shocked Chile cheese. You could tell bra was not actin when he was sayin that shit was good it was a warning. It meant umm. Somebody yell cut or he better stop playin wit me throwing shit back or else. Fr stop playing with me!! lol haha. Don’t feel bad sax they set you up bro lol. Nov 9, 2022
rhythme101 I love me some ross... see hows hes grown over the years.... always good to see him in a scene Nov 9, 2022
griz85 Ross🤤😍😍😍 is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I like it when everyone is natural, Not over acting. lets be real Ross you fucking 🔥🔥🔥 I’m surprised he didn’t nut even sooner🤤🤤🤤 I can not wait until the finished product❤️❤️❤️ Nov 9, 2022
Anthony_23 Now I’m loyal but for my monthly subscription…NOT WORTH IT!!! I’m about to leave for a while till you can do better!!! Nov 9, 2022

Every so often a shoot comes along that doesn't exactly work out as planned, but still includes enough hot and memorable moments to make it worth sharing.

This is one of those pairings that started off with a lot of potential, both guys bonding and buzzing as they pour drinks at the bar and discover they're both from New York City, just born and raised in different boroughs. Unfortunately what had been developing nicely into a regular BBA scene ended up coming to a premature end, for reasons hinted at in the scene title. But we figured many viewers would still enjoy seeing for themselves what went down when we put these two sexy New York models together.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for nearly 30 minutes of hot amateur action that includes kissing, mutual dick-sucking, a spontaneous 69, and even Sax (briefly) sampling Ross's legendary ass for himself.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Bonus Footage/Outtakes, Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Nov 10, 2022 27 min
Photo of Ross
Photo of Saxgotem

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