Noah: The Next Level

chauncey Hello BBA World -- Each time I check out this vid I walk away with the same conclusion -- "Saint you lucky mf you had a chance to experience the newly improved Noah" -- Noah is still such an interesting creature to me -- Saint literally turned him out in this vid -- He sexed Noah up.
He wanted Noah not to ever forget him !!! -- Noah must be in his early 30s along with Saint -- I would love to see what Noah looks like and to know his current state of mind -- There is something gentle yet purposeful about him -- I don't know about you but I would never kick Noah out of my bed / LOL - Knowing me I would get addicted to his Mousey and he could have anything he wants / LOL!!! -- Just kidding -- I want to congratulate Noah on being a committed father of two children -- Noah like Saint is a true African Prince in waiting -- Discovering Diez ignited the urge for me to revisit this vid and to urge others to do so as well -- I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have once again enjoyed it. Fast forward --We are in the era of the Butch Queen and BBA in many respects is a safe space for Butch Queens, and I love BBA for that very reason -- I'm exclusively into Butch Queens or open-minded masculine acting men. However, at the end of the day, these men prefer to receive rather than give. That sounds sexy asf / yeh !! / lol -- BBA is giving these men the opportunity to act out their truth even if it is for a fleeting moment. The men who show up at BBA's front door are courageous, to say the least. I can identify with many of the reasons these men seek out BBA. Each performer is a "Star" in their own right and must be respected. Noah who will always be my forever BBA crush -- In closing BBA please continue to thrill us and surprise us both today and tomorrow just as you did yesterday -- Long live BBA -- This is your boy Chauncey -- Peace
Aug 12, 2023
cam6594 What happened to Noah? Will he be back? Sep 11, 2021
MichaelGalletta Noah became a full-time father of two and retired from porn. Haven't heard from him in a few years, so I'm not sure what he's doing these days.
Godfather07 Say Mike, you keep on doing outstanding work what about bringing Noah back with one of your young models like Scotty or Shaun Mar 14, 2019
bandit4true Noah is one sexy chocolate dude with those pretty eyes. Hope to see him soon with someone handling that nice ass really good. As always Saint always does his stuff. Good scene. Dec 28, 2017
Lalafavors That Noah Is The Truth He Is Probably One Of The Most Attractive Models In BBA He Is In The Top 3 Maybe The Top Two But I Am Definitely A Fan Mar 23, 2017
tjm133 Noah and Saint are cute and great. I loved the cum tasting and eating scene. Feb 4, 2017
texasbugg i really need to see noah take a dick the size of tay or bandit. saint got a nice size but a big dick he will know someone's been there. Dec 3, 2016
Cobra The stair fucking was EVERYTHING. Noah is another weird mixed up gay for pay model but really put out a blockbuster performance in this one. Sep 18, 2016
cocopop Saint has no intention of letting guys fully penetrate him, if they did he'd have to pretend he was enjoying it, or actually find he do. I think I heard him state he monitors his scenes. If he had any intentions of doing so, counting the number of attempts he'd be one of BBA's best bottoms. So look for him to keep fronting like he's going to take a dick. May 2, 2016
minnime I really think Noah's fantasy is to be a bottom. The scene was highly arousing!! Mar 22, 2016
Peeples38 I just want Noah to have a great life and see the world and experience all the best of everything. He's so adorable a lil chocolate cinnamon drop. He is to be protected at all costs lmao. I love Saint's personality, and how he went in on Noah but still kept it gentle. I could look at Noah all day tbh. I hope he is comfy enough to come back soon. I want to see him with Suspense or Tori. Jan 23, 2016
kapukan2 One of my favorite scenes. I wish he would come back. Dec 27, 2015
Cobra Ok I'm NOW a Noah fan. These two did the damn thang. Another two good models that you could join mike in a threesum. I just miss Saint takin dick even as painful as it was for him lol. Nov 18, 2015
supreme 4 Stars !!! Noah wow he's back & hot as ever .....what a session with Saint bringing the heat every time !! Oct 24, 2015
kapukan2 HOT! One of the best. Love Noah...and Saint. Oct 19, 2015

It's been over TWO YEARS since we last saw Noah in action. Even though he never officially "retired," responsibilities such as working two full-time jobs and raising his young son have kept this exotically handsome young man very busy and unavailable every time I've asked him to return.

Noah also claims that he was "a little bit traumatized" by his past experiences here at BBA. He still identifies as "straight" and tells me that he hasn't done anything with a guy since his memorable scene with Mookiie over two years ago. "I kind of closed that chapter," he explains at the start of this scene.

Even this last-minute shoot came VERY CLOSE to never happening at all when Noah started texting me around the time he was supposed to show up, saying that he was literally SHAKING with anxiety about doing something like this again, and very close to changing his mind.

Luckily, I was able to calm the cute boy's sensitive nerves and convince him to come over for this hot shoot with Saint, a much more experienced and open-minded straight model that I knew could not only welcome Noah back to the BBA family but also take him to the NEXT LEVEL....

See for yourself what happens when Noah meets Saint for the very first time and re-opens this "chapter" that he claims to have closed.

It's both shocking and exciting to think about just how far Noah has come since he was scared to even TAKE OFF HIS CLOTHES during his solo audition.

Before joining BBA, he was still just a wholesome "boy next door" who had only had sex with two people in his entire life. Now, just a few short years later, this sheltered "straight" boy and hard-working father is doing the kinds of things that I never could have imagined we'd someday see him do!

Enjoy over a FULL HOUR of spontaneous, stroke-worthy action that includes tongue-kissing, nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and ass-eating - plus the thrill of finally seeing Noah TAKE DICK again for only the THIRD time in his young life!

And this time I've told Saint not to take it easy on our returning model and instead thoroughly "break in" that cute, near-virgin ass by fucking it LONGER, DEEPER, and HARDER than ever before....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 3, 2015 61 min
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