Introducing: Blaze

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Blaze is an outgoing 19-year-old black boy who recently moved to the Midwest from Los Angeles. When he isn't going to school or working full-time, he enjoys going to parties, smoking with his homeboys, and fucking both males and females.

The thing about Blaze that first caught my attention was his exotic face. It turns out he's a mix of Black, Spanish, Native American, and Jamaican - a unique racial blend we can thank for Blaze's strikingly beautiful face with its sharp cheekbones, piercing eyes, and thick lips. The boy's body is a treat for the eyes as well, especially if you share my weakness for skinny black teens with gigantic dicks and firm, round asses!

Blaze was skeptical when I first approached him about doing amateur porn, but after thinking it over he decided this was an opportunity too good to refuse. Watch as this cute, horny black boy exposes his naked young body to the public for the very first time - and delivers one of the freakiest "auditions" I've filmed in awhile!

The scene begins with an interview in which Blaze tells us a little bit about his sexual preferences and past experiences.

He shares a shockingly funny story about losing his virginity to an older neighbor girl. He follows that up with a hot and amusing story about a game of "Truth or Dare" with some friends that turned into his first sexual experience with another male. And don't miss Blaze's unexpected (and somewhat disturbing) revelation about how he met the guys he messed around with growing up!

When the time comes for Blaze to strip out of his clothes, he turns out to be a natural exhibitionist who needs little direction from me. He gives a nice little tease for the viewers before finally revealing his slim, smooth teenage body for the very first time on camera....

Blaze moves to the futon, where he spreads his legs open wide and shows off his tight young asshole for us to drool over and fantasize about!

When I ask Blaze to pretend he's giving head by sucking his own fingers, he rises to the challenge and puts on an erotic and stimulating show. He surprises me by sticking a finger in his tight teenage ass while seductively slurping on his other hand's fingers - something we hadn't discussed or planned in advance!

As if that weren't already freaky enough, Blaze pulls his finger out of his ass and puts it right back into his mouth!

Another highlight of this scene comes when Blaze brags about his dick-sucking skills and I decide to get out my big black dildo and put his boasting to the test! It's just the kind of spontaneously erotic moment I love to film! And it's hot as hell seeing those thick black-boy lips stretched wide around the massive dildo as his saliva streams down its sides!

After proving his oral talents beyond a reasonable doubt, Blaze lies back on the futon and strokes his big dick while watching porn on TV.

Blaze eventually squeezes out a nice, creamy "nutt" that runs down the side of his dick and onto his fingers. Without any prompting from me, he raises his hand to his mouth and licks up every last drop of the sticky mess he just made!

The scene concludes with Blaze letting us watch as he washes up in the shower.

Categories: Big Dick, Cum-Swallowing, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions, Toys/Dildos
Details: Apr 12, 2010 39 min
Photo of Blaze

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