Don't Try This At Home!

kennyg I can't believe how long ago this came out. Glad I watched it again, it was totally hot and I will be watching again. Good old BBA Jan 1, 2024
misterblack Deliciously nasty; agree 100% with emilliano69. My favorite moments: Legacy fucking Spyda with his leg cocked & beautiful mocha dick resting, views of Spyda's dark nipples (something about the lighter-skinned brothers with chocolate areolas & dicks sends me), their ample pit hair and pubes; Legacy spewing straight into Spyda's willing mouth and it slowly running out. These two were GREAT together; chemistry defined. Legacy stroking Spyda's asshole at the end was not acting. I wish Legacy had done more videos. Jul 12, 2023
Phuryous I don't know why I'm just watching this for the first time because it was hella hot. Chemistry was off the chain. Legacy is a cutie but Spyda is sexy asf. I LOVE a masculine power bottom who can take dick and like taking it without having to fake it. Jul 3, 2023
emiliano69 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Mar 30, 2023
mjg4life89 I want to see them fuck raw Jan 10, 2023
Bullet Legacy is fine af! I hope that he appears in more vids. Dec 5, 2020
mrcwilliams1940 Great chemistry between the two from the first time they met. You could see the chemistry started to mix, and it was on and popping from there. Legacy young and cute as hell and that dick(OMG). And Spyda a little older is fine as hell and that ass(OMG). It's 1 of my go back scene to get off on when I'm alone. Great start up chemistry(scene). Don't try this at home! Is a classic to watch over and over. Thank you guys! Sep 10, 2018
SanFran12 This is a very good video clip. However, that gay-ass chatting at the end of Part 1 was a turn-off. The comments made these young guys appear to be experienced whores. They are so young, though. Hopefully, only someone told them to say that BS gay stuff. Just the good sex was fine without the comments. Anyway, these young dudes are hot! I enjoyed the natural pubic and asshole hair. Original bruthas! Feb 17, 2018
texasbugg after seeing how legacy was fucking spyda i wish mike could pair legacy with trapp let legacy be the first to fuck trapp cause trapp love a pretty thug and by trapp being handsome damm that would be super hott u don't find too many sexy handsome young thugs who knows how to fuck like legacy he knows how to use that dick he was blessed with and he is a pro at fucking mike please bring legacy back if u can he is super hottttt mike. Oct 13, 2017
tjm133 I love Legacy and Spyda. I loved Spyda eating cum. I hope more cum eating scenes. Jan 18, 2017
db0103 They need to do another scene together. I LOVE the "pillow talk" at the end when he was playing with his ass. Jan 2, 2017
scooter Spyda is one in a million. He is a hot brother..Is he ever coming back Nov 20, 2016
oralking1914 I don't know what happened to Legacy but he is one model that really knew how to fuck!!! Damn I miss his scenes!!! Oct 24, 2016
rob08330 Legacy is so adorable. He has it all and when you see his dick OMG. Apr 12, 2016

Legacy is a shy and skinny 18-year-old who was recently approached by Beno about trying amateur porn. Spyda is a sexy and masculine 24-year-old with a confident and outgoing personality who also shares my attraction to much younger guys. It turns out that both guys have been talking to each other online for the past couple months, but never actually met....UNTIL NOW!

See for yourself what happens when these horny black boys finally meet in person for the very first time. Spyda gets more than he bargained for when Legacy reveals a shocking surprise between his smooth, skinny legs! As Spyda bravely takes on the challenge of being fucked by the cute teen's huge dick, he looks directly into the camera and warns us: "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!"

The scene begins with me interviewing Legacy while Spyda waits patiently in the other room.

If you share my weakness for slim black teens fresh out of high school, I think you're going to fall in lust with Legacy! This light-skinned, 18-year-old cutie will quickly seduce you with his bright, goofy smile and pretty red lips. He admits that he's really nervous about doing his first scene, but that only makes him even CUTER if you ask me!

After getting better acquainted with Legacy, I call Spyda into the room and capture on camera both guys meeting for the very first time....

While Legacy is shy and extremely nervous, Spyda is just the opposite - calm, confident, and talkative with a great sense of humor.

There's an obvious attraction and chemistry between these two guys from the start, and it's funny to watch them checking each other out during the pre-action interview.

We move to the bedroom where I turn these horny guys loose to get better acquainted - literally just minutes after meeting for the very first time!

You can tell right away that Spyda and Legacy have been wanting to hook up for awhile. In no time at all, clothes are flying in every direction as these two total strangers give in and begin exploring their intense attraction to each other.

There's lots of eager touching, kissing, licking, and groping as Legacy and Spyda get caught up in the passion and excitement of their first time together.

Spyda takes the lead by helping Legacy out of his jeans and gets his very first look at the skinny teen's dick, which pokes straight out and doesn't go down until long after the shoot is over!

Spyda eagerly stuffs that fresh young dick in his mouth, licking and slurping and gulping it down while Legacy reaches around to play with his ass.

It's funny to watch the shy black teen come out of his shell as the scene progresses. As Legacy later confesses in the scene's wrap-up interview, all he needed to shake his nerves was one look at Spyda's round, juicy ass!

Legacy says he's a "top" who has never been fucked, so unfortunately his own cute ass is off-limits (for now)! But at least he lets Spyda flip him over to get a taste of that sweet young thing!

He might not be ready to get fucked, but the boy clearly LOVES having his ass eaten by an expert like Spyda!

There's a generous amount of hot rimming action as Spyda devours Legacy's cute upturned ass - including some nice close-up shots of the boy's tight, pretty hole!

"Don't get no ideas!" Legacy warns with a laugh as Spyda and I drool over his tempting young ass.

The attention soon shifts back to Spyda's ass, which Legacy has been dying to get his dick up inside since the start of the shoot. As they passionately kiss, Legacy begins sliding his huge, raw dick up and down the tight crack of Spyda's hot ass....

"Can you handle this ass?" Spyda teases as he grinds his butt against Legacy's dick.

"Can you handle THIS?" Legacy replies, playfully smacking his gigantic dick against Spyda's ass.

Legacy rolls on a condom and shoves his hard dick inside Spyda's tight hole. Spyda grunts and winces in pain, struggling at first to accommodate such a massive intruder. But Legacy perseveres and eventually works that big dick inside until it's firmly lodged nearly all the way in!

"Damn, this shit TIGHT!" Legacy gasps with youthful excitement as his dick slowly plunges in and out of Spyda's warm ass.

To better ease that huge dick inside him, Spyda decides to ride it instead - slowly and cautiously at first, then later with more confidence and passion. Soon Legacy is grabbing Spyda by the hips and eagerly splitting those ripe melons apart with deep and insatiable thrusts!

Like any typical horny 18-year-old boy, Legacy just can't get enough of that ass! He plows Spyda's tight ass in a variety of hot positions until the masculine older male is actually moaning and begging for more!

The chemistry between these two complete strangers is exciting to watch. Even during the breaks, these two horny boys can't keep their hands off each other! They even take the action to the KITCHEN, where Legacy fucks Spyda on the counter and the kitchen table!

When Spyda simply can't take any more of that dick, Legacy busts a huge "nutt" directly into his mouth!

It's one of the freakiest climaxes I've ever filmed as stream after stream of hot, creamy cum spills out of the corners of Spyda's mouth, and drips off his lips and chin!

This is followed by a reluctant first "facial" for Legacy.

The scene concludes with an entertaining wrap-up interview in which both guys share their impressions of the scene and each other.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Gay/Bisexual
Details: Feb 2, 2012 69 min
Photo of Legacy
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