The Big Dick Bonus

islandboy44 hot....but that fan is so loud Oct 31, 2021
cam6594 @michaelgalletta thanks for the update! Sep 10, 2021
MichaelGalletta @cam6594: Lil Dav is still alive as far as I know. Way back in 2010, I had to shut down the website for several months after a few of the guys were exposed and harassed. When I eventually changed my mind and relaunched the site several months later, I chose to blur some of the guys' faces to cut down on some of the drama.

As far as Javion is concerned, he got into a serious romantic relationship and retired from porn before doing any more BBA scenes. I think Lil Tyga still sees him out and about from time to time, but I haven't communicated with him directly in many years.
Sep 3, 2021
cam6594 What happened to Javion? Aug 29, 2021
cam6594 Did Lil Dav pass away? All his pics have a blur on the thumbnail. Aug 27, 2021
Phuryous Javion has a really big dick but he lacks confidence in his own stroke. Jul 18, 2020
OKinMUC What a fun, and sexy, scene to watch - very real, very raw, and quite impressive. Kudos to Lil Dav for his bottoming skills. These two guys turned out to be a really cool pairing. The 'end-zone' interview was great, it really delivered a glimpse into who they both are.
It would be fun to see more of JAVION in action. Too bad he seems to have faded away from BBA quite quickly.
Jul 16, 2019
cmebillyc Although, I have a crush on Saint, I want Javion! Mar 8, 2019
SanFran12 This video clip is very hot. Nice looking slim black men. It is nice to see these bruthas with their natural pubic and asshole hair. Very hot! After all the talking, these guys got down to having good sex. Even though the camera guy angles or positions that he shot the video sucked, it was still a pretty hot video clip. Should have put these dudes on a real bed with different camera angles and let them go at it for about an hour. Very sexy guys! Feb 17, 2018
Moses1999 Love both these guys. BRING THEM BACK> Javion is cute and sexy and low hangers, and cute ass I would pay to eat Apr 19, 2017
akaladd Good scene. Love to see a bottom bust while on the dick Sep 26, 2016
hornye115 Where is Javion? I miss videos with him... May 25, 2016

After seeing Javion in his first action scene just a few weeks ago, I fell head over heels in LUST with the sexy, hung "top" and couldn't wait to see him in action again! For Javion's first one-on-one scene, I decided to pair him with Lil Dav, the masculine "DL" rapper and father of five kids who might have started out as an inexperienced "bottom," but has proven in recent scenes that he's more than capable of taking some serious dick!

I knew that Lil Dav's poor little asshole was probably still recovering from the recent beating it took from Rico, and that it wasn't going to be easy talking him into trying an even BIGGER dick so soon after that! So as an extra incentive, I offered Lil Dav what I jokingly called a "Big Dick Bonus" if he could successfully take all 9 1⁄2 inches of Javion's dick!

It's the ULTIMATE test of will and endurance for the sexy young rapper as he bravely accepts my challenge and earns every penny of the bonus reward!

I briefly interview Javion while Lil Dav cleans up in the shower - and I swear this new model is even SEXIER than I'd remembered! He seems a little bit nervous but also excited about meeting Lil Dav and performing in his second video-shoot.

Lil Dav comes out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel, and I capture on camera both guys meeting for the very first time. It's funny to watch both of them check each other out in those first few seconds after shaking hands....

"What you workin' with?" Lil Dav asks, casting a curious glance down at Javion's crotch.

"About nine," Javion replies as he pulls out his dick and proudly shows it off. "You wanna play with it?"

So much for casual chit-chat! I guess these horny black boys have in mind a BETTER way to get acquainted....

Lil Dav reaches over and grabs hold of Javion's dick, squeezing and stroking it with his hand.

"You ain't do so bad!" he says, looking up at me with a smile - clearly pleased with my casting choice.

Less than five minutes after meeting his co-star for the very first time, Lil Dav leans over and puts this complete stranger's dick in his mouth! It's exciting to watch Javion's dick slowly stretch to its impressive full size in Lil Dav's talented mouth.

At one point, I even ask Javion to stand up and show off his breathtakingly beautiful dick!

"You gettin' scared yet?" I tease Lil Dav as Javion proudly waves that intimidating piece of meat around in the air!

While Lil Dav spits and slobbers all over his dick, Javion reaches around to grab his first handful of Lil Dav's firm, hairy ass.

They eventually move into a hot "69" with Lil Dav eagerly devouring Javion's dick while Javion enjoys his first taste of Lil Dav's ass. Javion later switches from eating ass to sucking dick while thrusting his thumb in and out of his co-star's tight hole.

The moment finally arrives for Lil Dav to attempt what would have once been UNTHINKABLE for the handsome young rapper! Keep in mind this is the same guy who only wanted to do STRAIGHT scenes when we first met! Little did he know that one day he'd find himself on his back with his legs in the air, and nearly TEN INCHES of another man's DICK being shoved up his ass!

When Javion first pokes his huge dick against Lil Dav's hole, Lil Dav cries out in pain and lunges forward in an attempt to escape.

"That motherfucker's HUGE!" he explains in his defense. "This shit takes some mental stability!"

"Remember the B.D.B.!" I remind Lil Dav, hoping that the bonus reward will encourage him to persevere.

It takes several tries before Javion's finally able to stretch open Lil Dav's stubbornly tight hole and bury all 9 1⁄2 inches deep in his guts!

After nearly hyperventilating from the initial shock, Lil Dav closes his eyes, grits his teeth, and eventually surrenders to being FUCKED by the hung, horny "top" who's clearly eager to show off his skills!

"Don't try to do too much!" Lil Dav begs when Javion grabs him by the hips and begins more aggressively pounding his ass. But the horny "top" seems deaf to his pleas and determined to take maximum pleasure from that tight, skinny ass!

His gorgeous brown body all shiny with sweat, Javion slams in and out of Lil Dav's hairy ass with increasingly demanding thrusts.

Of course I'm careful to get a few teasing glimpses of Javion's cute butt for those of you who like me sometimes find yourselves drooling over the TOP'S ass more than the bottom's!

As he gets drilled in just about every position, Lil Dav gasps and groans in shell-shocked endurance, occasionally biting the pillow to muffle his curses and screams....

For most of this scene, Lil Dav submits to the pounding from Javion with the stoic determination of a runner fighting to finish a race. At a certain point, however, before any of us even realize what's happening, Lil Dav is suddently splattering cum all over the futon beneath him!

"Shit, he made me bust!" he exclaims in exhausted amazement.

Hmmmm....maybe Lil Dav should have paid ME the "Big Dick Bonus" instead?!?

Eager to enjoy his own release, Javion kneels over Lil Dav and blasts a hot, messy "nutt" all over his disgusted face.

The scene concludes with amusing reactions to the day's shoot from both guys.

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Details: Aug 6, 2011 37 min
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