Surviving The Stallion

Britchesreport Loved this scene. More internal cumshots Jan 15, 2024
mjg4life89 Can we get more Cream pie videos please Dec 28, 2023
DjbiATL Bring Elijah sexy ass back. Him Legend, JuJu and Bandit all together in a flip flop scene Dec 2, 2023
Phuryous Whoever said Stallion needs to start sucking dick must not have watched any of his scenes. Because Stallion started sucking dick in his very first action scene with Blake. It was surprising and completely out of the blue, and extremely hot. We need Elijah back, y'all need more strict bottoms, especially masculine ones who can take a huge dick. This video was and still is one of my Top 5 favorite scenes of all time, I need more. Nov 16, 2023
lovelet7 Stallion needs to start sucking dick and eating sss Sep 30, 2023
LeeAnfernee_92 This shih sexy asf!!! Aug 30, 2023
mydawg This is top 5. Chemistry was 🔥 angles were 🔥 everything was just 🔥 Jun 29, 2023
DjbiATL Where is Elijah ? Bring him back , sexy ass submissive guy Mar 31, 2023
ddavis I loved stallion getting his ass ate 😍! Feb 27, 2023
mike19872006 Looooove Breeding scenes Feb 24, 2023
Phuryous We definitely need more of ELIJAH! We haven't had a masculine gay power bottom in a while. He was also fine asl. Feb 12, 2023
DjbiATL Bring Elijah back ASAP. Sexy AF, boy next door turns to bottom pleaser slut for the dick. 💦 Jan 6, 2023
ericbb Best scene ever produced Nov 15, 2022
markusg95 Them 2 Kings put on a goooooooood show! That was hot. Oct 30, 2022
ericbb Stallion is the ultimate masculine top fantasy....I don't want to see him bottoming...his swagger is so dominant and sexy Aug 17, 2022
mdcarmichael LOVE watching them again and again. Stallion talking to Elijah...telling him to take that big dick! Jul 14, 2022
misterblack I’d love to see Elijah back soon in a flip flop; haven’t seen enough of that beautiful body & uncut dick. We also haven’t had the opportunity to see him cum yet & only got a brief view of his asshole in the scene with Sax. Jul 3, 2022
ericbb Stallion should be the resident top...he is perfect Jun 19, 2022
esquire93 I love how verbal Stallion is. That's really lacking in most gay porn.
Also, that creampie at the end was amazing. All those naughty sounds Elijah's ass was making pushing out the nut while Stallion held open his booty cheeks pushed me over the edge.
Jun 19, 2022
DjbiATL Bring Elijah back ASAP. Top 3 favorite new models. Hella sexy, nerdy masculine. A winner. He needs a scene with Javion (throwback), or a bukkake group gang bang with the original OGs Jun 9, 2022
Phuryous Elijah is hott asl and he got hella skills. But I wish this scene wasn't so one-sided tho: no kissing, no oral reciprocation, not even a reach-around. He did not even get hard, let alone have a cum shot. Tops gotta treat bottoms better than this, they deserve to get off too. Jun 6, 2022
nbrown1210 Like so many of your models, Elijah has beautiful, well-groomed feet and luscious toes. I'd love to see more closeups of those appendages getting sucked. Also, more passionate kissing among your models. May 31, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the helpful feedback! We'll try our best to include more feet close-ups, toe-sucking, and passionate kissing in future scenes.
ktatwcc20 We definitely need Elijah back. I would love to see that pretty ass dicked down by Bandit. May 25, 2022
MichaelGalletta Agree that's a pairing with a lot of potential. Thanks!
acehouston Stallion & jayc need a scene Apr 19, 2022
loverboy02 STALLION STALLION ‼️‼️‼️ Sure hope to see him in action SOON‼️ Mar 23, 2022
ainetmonroe Stallion got that good dick. The kind that can mess up your credit and take your car kinda dick. Omg Mar 11, 2022
mydawg Damn good pairing. Stallion shouldn't bottom just yet, if he ever does. I love him as an oral top right now. Feb 26, 2022
Whitneyy When Stallion come back have him bottoming ! Thank You Feb 24, 2022
Dj23sb Elijah gotta take Blake Bishop next. And Stallion baby boy holla at me. I can take you too. Feb 5, 2022
unitedguy18 Shoutout to Elijah for sticking to the dick at hand. I mean task at hand Feb 1, 2022
Akashic1 Stallion is masculine verbal, dominant & sexy AF. Jan 3, 2022
MrBrown19942 Damn. This scene is hot! 👏🏿❤️🔥 Dec 18, 2021
Robkn79 I get what he was saying. He basically came because his prostate was stimulated Dec 3, 2021
Dah0995 Not gonna lie. Stallion needs some dick in that ass.. Bootyhole look good as fuck. Nov 23, 2021
juan24 Elijah can tell his children one day that he went horse riding a long time ago. When they ask if it was a typical farm donkey, he can say, in a perfect cowboy voice: "Hell naw.. I didnt ride no goddamn donkey. I rodes me...a Stallion!" (Hahaha) That was hot. And Elijah got a nice physique too, slim, toned, leanly muscular. Anyway, I give this 4 1/2 stars out of 5. Nov 20, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the hilarious and enthusiastic review! Your comments always crack me up. 🤣
blacky1 I would love to see stallion with jay c two sexy chocolate big dicks going at it Nov 17, 2021
DjbiATL Amazing. Would love to see Jahan Ace back paired w these two or w/ Elijah solo Nov 12, 2021
cocopop @MichaelGalletta, Reminds me more of the early days of Apollo, when he loved making out to the camera. Never noticed Blake using this "trademark". But Apollo for sure. Nov 8, 2021
scrappydoo123 @Michael No Stallion and Manny not good at all thanks. Nov 7, 2021
MichaelGalletta @mrwhitley1: Somebody's an aspiring stand-up comic, I see lol. I think you already know that "Boss Revenge Gang-Bang" is never gonna happen. 😜😂 Nov 5, 2021
MichaelGalletta @cam6594: Why do you want us to get rid of that? That's the new BBA Brand/Logo intro, similar to what big movie studios place in front of their movies. Just hit that 10-second fast-forward button a couple times and you should be fine. 😉 Nov 5, 2021
MichaelGalletta @mrwhitley1: Do you ever actually read your own comments before posting??? How are you going to praise this scene's "full blown chemistry" and say "that's how you fucking do it," then turn around and complain that we're using our models incorrectly and don't know what we're doing? Like, you do realize that makes zero fucking sense, right? 🙄🤦‍♂️😂 Nov 5, 2021
davids I absolutely love the way Stallion looks directly at the camera. When he does that, it draws the viewers into the fantasy experience of being in the room with him. I hope he continues doing that eye thing. On another note, where is Dominic? I'm missing his sexy ass. Nov 4, 2021
MichaelGalletta I love the way Stallion looks at the camera as well. Reminds me of Blake Bishop's trademark looks when he's topping.
atlraw I never thought I would like a model more than Bandit. Stallion is a stand out superstar. MORE of him giving creampies please! Nov 2, 2021
kelvin These two must be a real couple behind the scenes. Their chemistry was innate. They seem very familiar with each other. Same height and weight. Just seems like they knew each other before this scene. Oct 30, 2021
tbabyo It’s the creampie for me…. Oct 29, 2021
Nastynut 🔥🔥🔥 now we need one more scene of him topping Kavii bc that’s an ass he will want to eat. Then after that, the way he voluntarily tooted that ass & arched that back to get ate out, he needs some dick 😍🌊 Oct 29, 2021
JayMan2021 Love love love love it!!! Both sexy guys and the sexual chemistry was on point!! I love the verbal from Stallion. Yeah great scene!! Oct 29, 2021
mrwhitley1 I think a Boss gangbang is necessary to bring back some of the models and revive the site.
Mike you gotta take the whole team.
Reach out to everyone you fucked & let them gangbang you…nut & go.
Oct 26, 2021
Kaib Stallion and Manny is a perfect pair Oct 24, 2021
MichaelGalletta Agreed 100%! Stallion with Manny would be a natural and beautiful pairing for sure. I'm getting hot and bothered just imagining it lol. We'll definitely try to make that happen in the near future. 🤞
trance Stallion is just on another level...I love his bootyhole ...patiently waiting for someone cock to get in there Oct 24, 2021
KNG5TNFN 🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯.......though looking at "Stallion's" hole when "Elijah" went down in there seems like he has alot more experience than he's letting on 🤔🤔🤔 but I can't wait for it to be popped on BBA 😎. Mike give "Isaiah" the job I'd love to see two dark chocolates going at it😜😜, wanna see "Elijah" again too with "Stylez" doing a flip flop.😎 Oct 23, 2021
cam6594 Bring Beno back and top Stallion... We need some rough stuff. Oct 23, 2021
mrwhitley1 Last thing…
Seriously whatever y’all do…don’t push Stallion to bottom…unless He wants to go that route.
It’s important to consider the NARRATIVE…all these models should mentally consider themselves actors…and bba should consider necessary ROLES.
Keep Stallion a Top…if he chooses to Bottom…MAKE IT GLORIOUS (BLAKE/BANDIT/DOMINIC).
If not them…leave it alone.
He should be the Fantasy Top.
Oct 23, 2021
Duchess 😍😍It was the Creampie for me 💦💦 Anywho Welcome to BBA Oct 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta Glad you and so many other viewers loved the creampie! They can be tricky to film, but when they work out, they're usually amazing to see. I got the sense from talking to Stallion after this shoot that the whole idea of "breeding" another man turns him on, so we'll definitely try to include more creampies in upcoming scenes.
11luvme2u @dreadhead8 it's so funny I thought of dreamybullxxx too when I thought of Stallion. Oct 23, 2021
Readyruk1 I'm writing this comment after only 10 minutes into the video: Sensational! Two brown masculine beauties doing what nature intended for them to do. Kudos BBA, now back to the video! Oct 23, 2021
dreadhead8 Michael can you try to get dreamybullxxx from onlyfanz to do a scene he’s a straight married male with dreads that loves anal play Oct 23, 2021
djv1234 Stallion is a sensational hot addition to BBA, I'd like to see him with Dominic in a flip-flop. Oct 23, 2021
thabang13 Can’t wait to see who bout to break Stallions back lol dude got a ass like Isaiah but way more expressive. This scene was one of the better ones so far this year. Oct 23, 2021
Jayden27 This scene was fun. I enjoyed this one from start to finish. Stallion, AKA, Hershey’s Deluxe, returns for more action, and a cute new face. Elijah, graces the BBA zone with his presence. Let’s get into it.

I. Outside

The scenery is beautiful. We wasted no time in this scene and jumped right into the action. Elijah’s head game was on point. Stallion loved it so much he made Elijah deep throat his dick to the point where you could hear his gag reflex. Side note…that’s the sound of good ass head. Elijah further demonstrated his oral skills by eating out the Stallion. Both of the models had some nice asses. Stallion’s chocolate ass was flawless with a tight hole (hopefully to see it open up one day….). Elijah’s athletic ass was a hot view as well. I wanted to jump through the screen and get a piece.

II. Inside

There were so many great moments in this scene. One of the most refreshing things about Stallion is that he is a straight male that allow himself to ENJOY gay sex. You can tell that his reactions are authentic, and it makes the scene even hotter. His facial expression said it all, Stallion enjoyed that ass!! During this part, we were treated with a closer, revealing view of Elijah. He is so fucking
cute. Baseball and hiking definitely does a body good as he nice and fit. Nice feet too. This was his first BBA performance, and he was awesome! He took every inch of Stallion, even took on the challenge of riding the Stallion. He almost made Stallion cum—that was a funny moment!

III. Creampie

I loved watching Stallion nut inside Elijah, and it was even hotter watching him ooze the cum out of his hole. This was one of the sexiest creampies I have ever seen in porn. It was beautifully captured. Elijah mentioned that he “peed” on the bed from getting fucked. That’s proof that Stallon was doing the damn thing. Stallion is one of those rare models that any pairing would just about work, and the fans would enjoy him no matter what he does. Stallion is great, and I also enjoyed Elijah. Please bring him back for more.

The only criticisms I have for this scene is that it was disappointing that we didn’t get to see Elijah cum, which I do know that it can be hard to do when bottoming. It was also kind of a letdown that we didn’t see Stallion try any oral this time around. Hopefully, he’ll stick around though and we’ll be able to see him do more oral. Who knows? He may be even brave enough to be taken down. You can tell that I’m already waiting for that scene right? LOL!

Special thanks to Mike, Stallion, and Elijah for this awesome scene. I loved it, and my dick loved it too! Welcome to BBA Elijah! Good shit fellas!
Oct 22, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the rave review! Not much more to say that I haven't already said in my tweets and the scene summary, but needless to say I knew this scene was something special when I was filming it. Montez and the other guys were shocked when we came downstairs after finishing, because the entire shoot took less time than most SOLO scenes take to complete lol! But it was still one of those where I was pretty satisfied with how (almost) everything went.

As far as your criticisms are concerned, we actually tried to include both of those things. First, Stallion sucking dick. There was a part where he gets up from having his ass eaten and dives between Elijah's legs to suck on his dick. But whether it was nerves or him just being more of a bottom, Elijah couldn't get hard no matter what. I knew the gist of the scene was going to be Stallion in the dominant role, so I told them to move on, it wasn't really a crucial part of the shoot and I didn't want to pay Stallion significantly extra for sucking a limp dick lol. Watch carefully and you'll notice that Elijah's pants are suddenly off when I cut to them taking off their shirts! 😉

Same thing with Elijah's cum-shot. We devoted a fair amount of time to him trying to cum, but he just couldn't get hard, let alone cum, no matter how hard he tried. Stallion and I even left the room at one point, but it didn't help so I decided the creampie would be sufficient for this type of scene.

Hope that little BTS info helps you and others better understand why those things weren't included. I always tell people that 9 times out of 10, when there's something that isn't included or turns out to be disappointing, it's never for a lack of trying on our part!
ericbb I like when he gives direction...he's dominate without being aggressive...he understood the assignment...straight trade instead of dl gay boy...the awkwardness gives authenticity to the can believe it's a new experience...Saint 2.0 Oct 22, 2021
sally2222 That was HOT!! Good model chemistry. Bring both of these good looking guys back!! Oct 22, 2021
tino It was a great scene, however Stallion needed to kiss his costar and eat Elijah’s ass out. If Bandit and Dominic can do it, so can Stallion. It just spices up the scene more and gives it more flavor. Stallions next victim needs to be bottom that is MannyKillas friend that Bandit got to fuck the shit out of. Also the other new tops Lil Jake and Sax Go Get Em need to have a turn with Elijah. And all 3-new tops-Lil Jake,SaxGoGetEm and Stallion need to have a turn with Slim, the bottom once again Bandit turned out. Stylez needs to be the Bukakee recipient of a scene. Get all your well endowed tops to tear his ass up lol Stallion,Lil Jake,Bandit,SaxGogetem,Ross,Blake Bishop and Trapp. Oct 22, 2021
MichaelGalletta Please see my reply to Docteur. Yes, we eventually got Bandit and Dominic to spice up their scenes with some kissing and ass-eating, but they weren't doing it right out of the gate. Dominic didn't eat ass for the first time until the Christmas group scene. I can't recall off the top of my head when Bandit first ate another guy's ass, but it definitely wasn't his second scene lol.
jmj61082 Stallion is the reason I came back to bba to stay!!! More of him! May we PLEASE have Stallion and Ross! Oct 22, 2021
cam6594 Can you get rid of the beginning before the film starts...? Oct 22, 2021
Dualex The top is just amazing, he takes my breath away. Bottom didn't really do anything for me though. Oct 22, 2021
gigante2 Elijah Elijah Elijah!!! He's definitely a keeper!!! Was ready, willing, and definitely ready!!! can't wait to see who he's hooked up with next....great find Mike....a definite keeper!!! Oct 22, 2021
deboer85 they are not my types.. Oct 22, 2021
islandboy44 Elijah has a nice phat ass for a lanky scene...would like to see Stallion start eating some ass and scene though Oct 22, 2021
tjm133 I love bbc and creampie. Stallion is a great fucker and Elijah is a great bottom. BBA needs more creampies. This ranks as one of my favorites Oct 22, 2021
DolaDragases Breeding at last! Kudos to you <3 Oct 22, 2021
bigdaddymn1 Can't wait to see the stallion bottom Oct 22, 2021
jaywest84321 I loved this scene! Elijah’s personality reminds me of my own and that really drew me in. And Stallion showed out in this scene when he was fucking him because I love a verbal top. Great scene and can’t wait to see more of these 2! Oct 22, 2021
texasbugg watch out bandit this sexy thug got it going on that talking when he fucking got my head fucked up damm i hope it fuck trapp. i love to watch 2 thugs fucking Oct 22, 2021
derrick I'm in love with Stallion! Great show and high five to Elijah. You took all that dick like a real soldier! Oct 22, 2021
20kane Mike, this scene was outstanding. Now this is why I subscribe to this site! For content like this. I love everything about this scene. Especially the chemistry. Everything felt natural and like it fit. Elijah is dope. He’s better than any openly gay model you’ve had on this site, other than Blake, by far. I love his look and his dope personality. He seems very naturally masculine and also very sexy. I’m sure I’ve already told you how much I love Stallion aka Stephen James lol. This scene was def a 10 out of 10 and what BBA is all about. Oct 22, 2021
2Sexy4Words Stallion coming for the number 1 spot look out vets you going to have to step your game up cause he's not horsing around. Oct 21, 2021
MichaelGalletta Stallion isn't "horsing around," huh? I see what you did there. 🙌🤣
mcchaz Stallion is amazing. Hope he pushes those boundaries soon. :) Oct 21, 2021
ericbb What ever you have to do or pay keep stallion Oct 21, 2021
smhard03 I need a stallion and apollo scene asap!! Oct 21, 2021
mrwhitley1 Nah, HOLD up!!!!!
Both of these MODELS ARE STARS ⭐️
Stallion was READY, & Elijah was HUNGRY!!!
That’s how you FUCKIN DO IT!!!
Stallion is the Most Beautiful Model on the site.
Elijah bowlegg & fine

However y’all always do this…incorrectly use your Models.
Stallion needs to run through your old Models (Stallion is a Star)
This was kool, but y’all have to use him better.

Elijah is the best of the bottoms. He is in the same league as Luh Redd. I just know any scene he’s in is gonna be good!
Oct 21, 2021
mrwhitley1 I’m kinda thrown off by the fact that you called him socially awkward.
I don’t see it. He comes off like a standard American.
Stylez is socially awkward.
Big difference.
Oct 21, 2021
mdcarmichael FUCK! BBA is back. Love how verbal both of these dudes are. Stallion has such a fat dick and Elijah takes every bit of it. Would have liked to see Elijah's dick hard or jacking himself off after taking that nutt! Oct 21, 2021
Godfather07 One of the things that set BBA apart from most porn sites in my opinion is the models give a little romance like kissing on lips on neck eye contact rubbing each other because we all know they are going to get to physical and sex part but how they get there the models did the sex part very well but to me this was Bam Bam thank you Mam don't lose the romance. On the other hand where are the last class of models like Dominic, Saint, Apollo, Scotty, Shaun, Manny etc. I thank all of the models for what they do BBA help get me through the Pandemic thanks Mike and Staff for all you do. to me you are not where you were before the Pandemic. I look forward to seeing new model Rush he reminds me of Kenny. Thanks. Oct 21, 2021
dreadhead8 This is definitely in my top 5 of all times!!!!!!!!!!! I make bottoms cum from their holes all the time it definitely happen when stallion was hitting it from the back towards the end sheesh I know that sound and the body movement when they cum and it feels amazing when a bottom cums on my pipe I think Ross may have came a couple times too from some of the vids I saw too omg this scene is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💦 Oct 21, 2021
CandyKane50 the best yet the best yet the best yet this is the best the best thanks Mike Oct 21, 2021
kendol Wow Elijah hot af, member for years first time comment Oct 21, 2021
11luvme2u Stallion is definitely BBA's new rising star! And no #1 position is safe because he seems like he's going for it. I'm VERY impressed with how fast he is catching on. I would love to see the progression to more anal play and then bottoming. I love seeing his masculine energy take control and dominate. I really hope to see his submissive side as that fat chocolate ass gets penetrated (I think Saint or Apollo should do the honors). I'd like to see him kiss too. Sidebar, that's a good poll question. Who are BBA's best kissers? lol I'd say Shameeks, Apollo, and Saint. There are so many people I'd love to see Stallion paired with like Trapp, Isaiah, Apollo, Saint, Mar, hell EVERYBODY! lol Elijah is cool. Very unique personality and a good bottom. Stallion stole the show! Great scene! Oct 21, 2021
austintheory Omg. So hot. Please bring him back. I love the internal cumshots. Oct 21, 2021
Candid1 Loving how verbal Stallion is!!!!
Can’t wait to see more of him~
Oct 21, 2021
weluvcash Stallion is pure perfection hope to see him in a lot more scenes 🔥 Oct 21, 2021
Docteur Black Stallion tops very well, but where is the kissing, the dick sucking and passion? Also seeing these bottoms not use their dicks to cum is beyond me.
BTW males cannot cum out of their ass. I hope soon Black Stallion will be paired with Bandit for a flip-flop all out scene with kissing, dick sucking and fucking.
Oct 21, 2021
MichaelGalletta This is literally only Stallion's *SECOND* time with a guy lol. It's impatient and unrealistic to expect him to be doing things like kissing, sucking dick, and eating ass this early in his BBA journey. Go back in the archives and review the evolution of guys like Apollo, Dominic, Isaiah, Kingston, Trapp, etc. None of them were doing everything you're asking this early in their gay porn careers. Please show some patience and trust that good things usually cum to those who wait. 😉
Ted24 Nice scene but Stallion needs to suck dick and eat ass too. Ready to see more from him. Oct 21, 2021
charlieboyy Stallion is here to STAY ! Oct 21, 2021
cam6594 Great scene...Stallion needs to be broken in by Saint! Oct 21, 2021
scrappydoo123 Elijah is used to taking big dicks no surprise here. Came across as a hungry bottom. Not impressed 😕 Oct 21, 2021
mocombo BBA Masterpiece! Stallion with his patented "gentle, caring" dominance and gorgeous Elijah make a perfect pairing. Hot sex from beginning to end yet not in the least bit sleazy. Love Elijah's personality too. Five Stars. Oct 21, 2021
Tylerp1 This shit lame as fuck im canceling my subscription two weeks 4 this Oct 21, 2021
bmore91 Yea.. this is meh…….. 😕 Oct 21, 2021
jrummi ok i really really like stallion, and understand that its only his second scene (although i dont buy for a second that hes new to gay sex)! but hes gonna need to be a little more oral imo! he hasnt kissed or ate any ass. and he didnt even suck a lil dick like he did with blake! i do love his being verbal and aggressive, that shit is lit Oct 21, 2021
swamp96 Elijah seems cool, not my type but cool. That being said, Stallion is a mans man, he needs some submissive who knows how to work him. Stallion and Kavii would be a match made in heaven. He would turn Stallion ALL the way out. Oct 21, 2021
MichaelGalletta Don't worry, Stallion & Kavii is a potentially explosive pairing we hope to make possible in the near future.

The biggest challenge we faced while planning Stallion's second shoot with a guy was finding someone brave enough to try taking this sexy straight man's huge dick.

So when a recent gay model applicant who lived in the same city where we were planning to film assured us he was ready to take a ride on the Stallion for his amateur action debut, we decided to take a chance on the ambitious newbie and find out if he was truly capable of SURVIVING THE STALLION!

Elijah is a tall, lanky, handsome, and somewhat socially awkward 23-year-old from the West coast who enjoys hiking and anything related to the outdoors.

We've worked with a lot of athletes over the years, but I'm pretty sure Elijah is our first baseball player. He's been playing baseball ever since he was 11 years old, even earning several scholarships and playing at the college level for a few years.

That's where he had his very first sexual experience with a guy, in the locker room showers of all places! He's been messing around with guys ever since, first as a top but in recent months mainly as a bottom. He's always fantasized about doing porn, and admits he was shocked when we actually replied to his application and gave him this chance to make his dream job come true.

This turned out to be the type of encounter that needed very little direction or editing from me. Elijah was pulling out Stallion's thick, heavy dick literally within seconds of meeting him for the very first time, and things only continued to heat up from there.

"Right to it!" Stallion exclaims with a look of pleasant surprise. "I like it!"

I try my best to keep up with the fast and organic flow of the action as Elijah delivers an impressive debut performance by bravely taking all 9 1/2 inches of Stallion's RAW dick down his throat and deep inside his tight little butt.

But it's Stallion who is the real star of this show, shocking me once again by coming out of his shell to deliver one of the most sensual, dominant, and verbal performances I've ever witnessed from a new straight model fucking a guy in the ass for only the second time in his life.

Watch as he slowly surrenders to his newly discovered desires and enjoys the kind of freaky and forbidden guy-on-guy sex that his female co-stars in straight porn can't provide!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Creampies, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Straight Boy
Details: Oct 21, 2021 44 min
Photo of Elijah
Photo of Stallion

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