Day Day Bends Over (Part One)

jaypablo Great scene, hot getting Day Day to bottom Apr 7, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thank you! This was one of our first in a long line of classic BBA "take-downs."
hjkdjulo I would guess the most popular videos are without mike...and if I am wrong its because the model is sooo hot that you have to mind block mike out of the scene...bottom line this is a great site best I ever seen but with old pale white guy in a lot of scene doesn't work.. Mar 6, 2020

Day Day has earned a reputation as one of black gay porn's most attractive and popular "tops" by mercilessly dicking down any "bottom" brave enough to take all nine inches of his insatiable dick.

Day Day has performed in dozens if not hundreds of scenes for such well-known websites as Cocodorm, Thugboy, and RawRods, and while he can always be counted on to be a beast in the bedroom, his scenes tend to follow the same limited and predictable script: Get his dick sucked, eat ass, and fuck.

Day Day rarely kisses his co-stars or lets them anywhere near his own ass. He never sucks dick in his scenes, and of course he is ALWAYS on top.

We've enjoyed tempting glimpses of Day Day's beautiful ass as it rises and falls while he pounds the "bottom" beneath him, and his stubborn insistence on keeping it strictly off-limits has only made it all the more ripe and enticing!

It wasn't easy (or cheap), but after patiently pursuing him for over two years, I finally talked one of black gay porn's most notoriously limited "tops" into BENDING OVER and GIVING UP HIS ASS!

Don't miss the shocking, must-see porn event of the year when Day Day finally surrenders that tempting young ass he's kept stubbornly off-limits for over one hundred scenes....

Part One of Day Day's exclusive three-part BBA visit shows Day Day like we've never seen him before, venturing out of his comfort zone and doing the kinds of things he has rarely and in some cases NEVER done on camera before.

See for yourself what happens when I finally meet one of my favorite "porn stars" in person and put his limits to the ultimate test through an unconventional "job interview" he will never forget.

This starts with Day Day reluctantly turning around and pulling down his shorts to show off his cute "top-only" ass....

But Day Day bending over for the first time on camera is only the BEGINNING of the hot things that take place during Day Day's BBA visit.

This isn't just your typical scene in which a famous porn "top" takes dick on camera for the first time. No, this is something far more unique and taboo and unprecedented that you're truly going to have to see to believe:

One of black gay porn's most stubbornly limited "tops" finally exploring his submissive side with an older white man he's lustfully calling "Daddy" by the end of the scene!

Part One includes Day Day breaking from his usual porn script by kissing and getting HIS ass eaten out for a change.

You will also see Day Day's tight, twitching asshole, exposed and on full display for the VERY FIRST TIME....

Most surprising of all, you will see Day Day slobbering and slurping and gagging on my hard white dick in lots of rough and raunchy DICK-SUCKING action, leading up to his VERY FIRST "FACIAL"....

Don't miss the shocking conclusion when Day Day finally loses his on-camera cherry to Michael Galletta!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Interracial, Older/Younger, Oral-Only, Special Guest, Tops Taken Down
Details: Nov 23, 2013 55 min
Photo of Day Day
Day Day
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Michael Galletta

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