Tay's Big City Adventure (Part Two)

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Tdavis rep tha Lou 314 4 life Nov 1, 2020
mrcwilliams1940 Hot scene!!! Tay is a natural top with that big piece. And Cory is a natural verse with that hot mouth, fine ass and big piece. Good chemistry between the 2. Future friends!!! Aug 28, 2018
emmyfan I love the 69 position where a guy is sucking while he is sitting on someone's face and getting rimmed at the 25 minute mark Dec 5, 2017
blksung Tay's toes need a licking Mar 4, 2017
251370 You show a bunch of talk but you edit the part of them trying to get the dick in. That part is hot to me. Jan 22, 2017
jalinxavier I like how Tay's dick got hard again at the end when they were kissing. Jan 17, 2017
texasbugg tay u r my boy i am pushing hard to get u more work. Dec 6, 2016

Tay is a cute, skinny black boy from a small, rural town without any gay people. He recently contacted me about becoming a model after being told by his friends that he has a dick "made for porn."

After emailing back and forth for several weeks, I finally decided to fly Tay in town for a weekend and test out the new boy's true porn potential. It turned out this was Tay's very first time traveling out of state, and also his very first time flying. But most important and exciting of all, this was going to be Tay's first time doing porn!

Part One introduced us to this cute, small-town boy on his first night in town as he stripped out of his clothes and showed off his naked young body for the very first time.

Now join us for the second day of Tay's big city adventure when he meets his favorite BBA model in person and puts that gossip-worthy dick to good use....

In a unique and unscripted twist, Tay tells Cory about his fantasy of being HANDCUFFED to a chair while getting head and fucking somebody (something he'd spontaneously shared with me over dinner the night before).

Cory was understandably skeptical and even a little bit scared when he heard about the monster between Tay's skinny legs. But he bravely took on the challenge of showing our special guest a good time and making Tay's fantasy come true.

Seeing Cory cram all of that dick in his pretty young mouth is exciting enough on its own. But just wait until the handcuffs finally come off and we're treated to the thrilling sight of Tay's super-sized dick plunging in and out of Cory's breathtaking ass!

If you're one of those viewers who've been wanting to see Cory get thoroughly FUCKED, then this is a scene that you don't want to miss!

By the end of this highly sensual and unforgettable scene, the entirety of Tay's massive dick somehow ends up buried DEEP inside Cory's beautiful ass - thankfully without a trip to the emergency room afterwards!

It's over a FULL HOUR of multiple-"nutt"-draining action that includes lots of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-licking, and fucking as these two irresistibly cute and big-dicked black twinks enjoy one of the most intensely erotic encounters I've filmed in awhile....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Bondage, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Gay/Bisexual
Details: Dec 17, 2013 67 min
Photo of Cory
Photo of Tay

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