Saint's Christmas Surprise

kloliver11 Yes! One of my favorite scenes with stephon. Def been hot with him working with Saint and his straightness. Hopefully we are able to see him again. Apr 21, 2022
Scrappydoo Saint really should have fucked Stephon a little deeper. It was more like he was only putting the head in that nice hole Aug 21, 2020
texasbugg u know i must say something about what saint is say to his fans. and some fans r taking it wrong this is about to be 2017 the world is not safe like it use to be this man has a family, some fans cross the line what u need to say to him do what i do write it. he said he reads his fan mail, let this man enjoy his family time we don't know what he told his kids what kind of job he has. (this is to all wolfs back off). a kid asking dad what r they talking about? lets stay on the fan side ok. Dec 7, 2016
texasbugg damm stephon is so fucking sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. he got a body from the gods he is blessed to have a body like he needs lil scrap in his life two great bodies laying on each other. Dec 6, 2016
cocopop O Stephon, would love to see him again with his sexy self, brothers body is beautiful. May 2, 2016
lovethomas1 i like him he open minded he cool he has been open to every thing how old is his child would like to c him saint u cool would like to meet u just to say hello Oct 3, 2015

We're closing out 2013 with one of the most-requested scenes of the year. I've been trying for months to make this unlikely scene happen, and my persistence finally paid off!

As a special Christmas present for Saint (and BBA's viewers), I talked Stephon into coming back to town for a surprise reunion with his "gay for pay" tutor - only this time with Saint turning the tables and getting his long-awaited "revenge"!

This special holiday scene includes Stephon's VERY FIRST TIME sucking any dick other than mine - something he has stubbornly refused to do until now.

Enjoy the rare and thrilling sight of Stephon's tense and inexperienced mouth being stuffed with its biggest dick yet!

There's also plenty of kissing, ass-eating, and even a hot "69" between these athletic straight guys who both have females and kids waiting for them at home.

Of course the can't-miss climax of this scene is Stephon finally giving up his near-virgin ass to another black guy for the very first time - something I never in a million years thought I'd ever see him do when he first visited BBA earlier this year!

Saint gets to be the first guy other than me lucky enough to bury his dick in that firm muscle-butt....

"Told you I was gonna get you back!" Saint taunts Stephon as his thick, hard dick plunges eagerly in and out of the conquered straight boy's tight ass.

It's Stephon like you've NEVER seen him before, bent over with his muscular ass in the air, wincing and grunting and cursing as he stoically submits to his first black dick....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Holiday Theme, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: Dec 26, 2013 54 min
Photo of Saint
Photo of Stephon

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