A BBA All-Star Christmas (Part One)

Photo of A BBA All-Star Christmas (Part One)
Shirly223 Can we get Isaiah back for this year's Christmas special. He's one of my top bottoms lol He just needs to learn to arch his back when he's on his knees and how to spread his legs when he's on his back but he takes it like a champ. I wonder how much is acting and how much is real Nov 21, 2023
pgheray70 Loved this they definitely know what they are doing and how to do it. My type of fellas Oct 25, 2022
emiliano69 Now these are professionals! I love the history and chemistry. The only thing that could make this scene better for me is if Manny was there. These guys are the best. Aug 19, 2022
nbrown1210 My top 5: Apollo, Blake. Dominic, Justice, Saint. 6-12: Ross, Isaiah, Bandit, Manny Killa, Shameeks, Trapp. May 31, 2022
bigfanwow The way Isaiah relaxes starting at 47:00 wow! And his verbal! I will always renew to watch him bttm like that ! Just wow! Apr 30, 2022
HottBlkQT While I like all the guys, this scene wasn't really it to me. There should've been some newer guys (like Dominic, Justice, Scuba, & Zeke), alongside the vets. And although it may be easier to film, it would've been better if everyone was fucking at the same time (as opposed to running a train on one guy, at a time). I figure this is something new, but I prefer the old-school Christmas orgies & hopefully that style comes back for the next one. Apr 30, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for your honest feedback. You guessed correctly, the kind of free-for-all group orgy you describe is a lot more ambitious, stressful, challenging, and expensive to film. But don't worry, it's still a dream of mine to attempt another epic BBA group orgy in the future!
unitedguy18 fully expected the "cumming" double entendre Feb 4, 2022
MichaelGalletta Sometimes they're just impossible to resist, what can I say? 😉
ilovepuss96 Bandit and Blake have the best connection lmao WE NEED more scenes with them 2 Jan 21, 2022
Godfather07 Mike I don't know what you paid them and that is none of my business but you sure got your money's worth to me. this was the best Christmas video of all time I like Part 1 because of kissing and the oral all 4 of the models did an excellent job but I have to give Apollo his due he always give that sexy extra the scene of him and Bandit kissing and the other 2 giving them oral is sooo hot and I hope Isaiah is able to get his tooth fixed he is too Fine, Young and Professional to have a missing tooth in front fixed or not he is still Fine. Another great job now I sure would like to see Rush since I can't see Scotty and Shuan yet lol Thank You a satisfied Fan Jan 12, 2022
dlking93 Loved seeing all the models! But for me the top 3 in this scene were the best Blake, Bandit and Apollo I've watched alot of their scenes. but in my head I love seeing the side when they want kiss each other Apollo on Bandit in this vid, and another vid Blake and Bandit did at the end. I also enjoy the talking parts of it shows a different side of it. Feels like yall have each others back on a personal level. Manny, Ross, Sax, Jah, Lil Jake, Stallion, Shameeks, Rush, Dominic, Scuba just off top my head can't wait to see again. Jan 11, 2022
Candid1 Apollo's body is perfection!!! Jan 6, 2022
Docteur I see people on here making requests for certain models, well I think Michael has made it clear that models have to be vaccinated since the pandemic was announced. I would wager that many that we don't see are not vaccinated and therefore their return may never happen again. I am sure Michael gets all that he can that are available, but additionally comply with the regulations. Keep up the good work M&M. Jan 6, 2022
DonnyBrasco7 Is it me or does Apollo have the best stroke game on BBA. And why the chemistry between him and Bandit makes the entire scene...... Love it when the veterans show why they are always the best!!!!!! Jan 2, 2022
MichaelGalletta It's not just you. 😉
cam6594 Michael whatever happened to Brandon? Dec 30, 2021
MichaelGalletta I already answered this when you recently asked about Brandon under one of his scenes.
LemanR1980 Who was that at the end of the video? I thought it was Bandit, then I looked closely, it wasn't him. Who is that? Dec 28, 2021
oldskool34 One thing I love about BBA is the family vibe. Out of all the other sites, BBA is my favorite thus far. Dec 28, 2021
Godfather07 Say Mike, I have been a member since 2015 and have loved every bit of it I understand that we are not all turned on by the same thing but you have to try to please all of your members in different scenes and you do that. I am so happy to see Isaiah he is so fine and one of the faces of BBA just looking at his ass and hole will make me do the do and sexy Apollo is so sexy in his scenes he always gives that extra in his scenes thanks for bringing them back I still can't wait for the return of Scotty and Shaun from prison they may have been rehearsing in there lol and the new guy Rush. Appreciate your work and your staff I think you have the best black gay site on the internet at a bargain price, keep up the good work a satisfied fan!!!!! Dec 27, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for your loyalty and support! This encouraging comment just made my whole day.
Clinteastwood220 Bring lil jake back!!! I LOVE BANDIT Dec 27, 2021
11luvme2u @Docteur I think an interesting pairing would be Rush and the new model Stephon Dennison (or whatever his model name will be). Two new models being broken in BBA style! Dec 27, 2021
Docteur I come to BBA to see Bandit. When he is not one of the fellas, my interest goes down. I for one never get tired of Bandit. My faves are: Bandit, Scuba, Stylez, Isaiah, Apollo and Ross. I do not care for the femme ones or uncut ones. I am so looking forward to a threesome of Scotty, Shaun and Trapp. I also want to see Scuba give up ass like he does on his fan porn sites. Additionally one day I want to see Bandit and Stallion flip-flop, and Rush paired with someone for all out sex, perhaps Stylez or Dominic. In the meantime, thanks Michael and Montez for providing this platform for us to see people like Bandit and the rest. Dec 27, 2021
redred I bussed just from the kissing Dec 27, 2021
bigdaddy1051 I agree with Dualex. I know Bandit is number 1, but I counted 8 scenes with him since the return. There's a thing called leave them wanting more. You don't want to overexpose a model. Dec 27, 2021
MichaelGalletta This is only Bandit's 7th scene since our return in July. And most of those scenes also featured fresh faces. I hear what you're saying about overexposure, but disagree that we're anywhere close to risking that with Bandit right now.

Let's just say I'll take the two of you complaining, over the dozens if not hundreds of angry complaints that would have flooded our comments and Inbox had we chosen not to include our #1 star in this scene lol.
Dualex It was alright. The one with Dominic still is the best. A bit tired of seeing Bandit. Very shocked seeing Apollo. Congrats to him BTW, and Isaiah. I guess part two will have Stallion paying a visit. I suspect him and Apollo will have a scene and Apollo will do just like he did Dominic. Exciting times ahead. Oh, thanks for bringing Demetrius lol. Was wondering where he had gone. Dec 26, 2021
MichaelGalletta Bandit is our #1 model and clearly remains beloved by most of our fans. It would have been porn producer malpractice not to include him in our All-Star Christmas Reunion.

Stallion will not be appearing in Part Two. Again, reading the scene summaries will help you avoid these mistaken expectations. We attempted filming this two different weeks, but Stallion had prior work and family commitments that he couldn't escape, so unfortunately he couldn't participate in our Christmas Party this year. But he hated that he had to miss it and has already promised me he'll return for more hot scenes in the New Year!
jerome9 Would love to see stallion, apollo and shameeks in a scene. Dec 26, 2021
kendol That new model from tyson plus going to have me drop my wallet. I liked him on tyson plus Dec 26, 2021
MichaelGalletta Glad you're as excited as we are to finally meet and work with this irresistibly sexy young actor. Stay tuned! 😉
jerome9 Love love apollo. Does he have an onlyfans page? Dec 25, 2021
MichaelGalletta Sorry, but Apollo does not have an OnlyFans. He's been retired from porn for over THREE YEARS and talking him into returning for this scene was not easy or cheap.
Meatlover The perfect way to celebrate Christmas!

In the future, it would be so dope to see 3 or more guys in a circle sucking dick. That would be so EPIC but I’m so glad that everyone sucked dick in this. Loved it!
Dec 25, 2021
Jayden27 Christmas is a time for coming together. Facts, it is indeed. For those of you that speak the language of "freak nasty", let's interpret the last portion of that sentence for funzies. "For coming together" really means "Four cumming together". I don't know about y'all, but I love that interpretation a lot better. LMAO. Aight, let's do this shit!!

About The Conversation...

I cracked up when they started talking about Stallion's dick (Shout out to Stallion). "He's hung like a Stallion!" LMAO! Bandit didn't even want to bottom for him. Blake using his arm as a model for Stallion's dick, coupled with Apollo's reaction, was funny AF. It was a great icebreaker to start the scene off just to catch up since we haven't seen these guys in a while. I'm kind of surprised by Stallion's absence in this scene, btw. I love how the title sequence features the model's name next to their ass. Michael, shout out to you for bringing the Christmas soundtrack back! Love that shit!

About The Action...

Bandit, looking at Blake, “Did it hurt?”. Blake looked back without responding. Bandit, looks back at Blake and nods his head, “Yeah it did!” This moment was everything! LOL!

Apollo is still salty over Bandit stealing his crown after almost four years.LMAO. It doesn't matter though he's still the "Sex god" no matter what. During each of the action sequences, the chemistry between these models and the passion behind each of their performances reminded us why we love and missed them. Bandit's face during Apollo head performance was priceless; he wasn't acting at all, and you could tell that shit felt good. Seeing Apollo and Blake give head together was amazing since they are two of the oral kings at BBA. The positions during the oral play on the couch were awesome--great job capturing the guys. There were moments where the only audio was the tongue licking, heavy breathing, moaning, and mouth sucking noises generated by the model. That's that shit we love; the sound of the sexy BBA vibe! At one point, Isaiah had Blake and Bandit attack his dick at the same time! Lucky dude! Damn! During the oral play, Apollo looked at Blake and said "Come here Blake!". It took me back to the "Ass Is Mine" series. Apollo wasted no time in giving head. Blake's moans during the "Apollo Experience" were sexy AF. Love those two together--the chemistry is STILL present. I still enjoy watching Apollo getting eaten out. Bandit was eating the shit out of his sexy ass, and the "Sex god" enjoyed it all! The sexy ass-eating chain made a comeback! It took me back to 2016, and I loved seeing it again. It was sexy AF! One thing that is obvious is that Isaiah may have been gone for a minute but he can take dick like no tomorrow. Each time I see Isaiah bottom, I can't believe this was the same dude that said that he wouldn't even bottom for a million dollars. Funny how things change. Blake and Bandit's chemistry hasn't gone anywhere. Bandit fucked the shit out of Blake!! I died when Blake accidentally kicked Bandit at the end. I can't help but wonder if there are more models joining us in part two or the weeks to come? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

About The End....

Yo! "Rel" has decided to leave "Scars" and join BBA. I'm happy he's in the BBA zone, but we need him back at TysonPlus because I need more of "Scars"! LMAO! No harm in having fun while he’s here though. Welcome to the sexy world of BBA though--glad to have ya!

Special thanks to Michael, Montez, Blake, Bandit, Isaiah, and the "Sex god", Apollo! Thank you so much! This was a reunion that we have wanted, and it was great seeing you guys in front of the camera again to give us those hot performances we have come to love! I can't wait for part 2.

Lastly, to the entire BBA Family and fans, Merry Christmas to you and yours! BBA has taught us that Christmas is a time of parties (The BBA Christmas Party), reunions (The BBA Christmas
Reunion), and surprises (Santa's Special Surprise). Let's all come together, and enjoy the moments these superstars have brought us. Let's. All. Cum. Together.
Dec 25, 2021
Shirly223 Great scene. I’m mad Apollo was the only one to spread Isaiah’s legs when he was fucking him on his back. It’s a better angle/position. It’s hard to see any penetration when his legs are around their necks or shoulders Dec 25, 2021
Bellyboyblues This scene was beyond 🔥 🔥 🔥, but that ending has me beyond excited. I am thrilled that you finally got him to join BBA. Can’t wait! Michael you are the GOAT!!! Dec 25, 2021
marquelsmall So you just gone ignore when people ask who the new guy……. Like it’s a legit question… Dec 25, 2021
Nastynut Babbbyyyyyy 🤤🤤🤤 IT’S GIVING EVERYTHING!!! 🔥 the foreplay🔥 the chemistry 🔥 the models (All my faves) 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥the ass eating is unbelievable I LOVED all of the ass eating. I was kind of mad Isaiah didn’t get his ate before getting fucked but he took dick like a champ 💪🏽🔥 & it’s a scene full of fat ass!! I can’t wait to see who the 5th guy is & what he adds, his ass is on fat fat I know that lol. Anywho This that original🤌🏽 BBA content right here this is definitely one of my faves now. I don’t think it’s like the old scene, y’all switched it up & I felt like they were all so comfortable together it just felt like this needed to happen🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 GREAT JOB MICHAEL & MONTEZ & DEFINITELY GREAT JOB TO THE MODELS THEY BRINGING THAT HEAT FOR 2022!!!!! Dec 25, 2021
dreadhead8 Part 2???????????????? Dec 25, 2021
Pink_Chocolat3 Im really tide of these late ass queenz please get some NEW MASCULINE MENN no shade but they kinda played out an why in every scene yall make them take they socks off… i hate that ankle socks are a turn on “Michael “ there’s so much more i wanna say but im going to end it here i dont want to come off as too negative im just stating my opinion on how i feel as a subscriber Dec 25, 2021
MichaelGalletta First off, you have a pretty warped concept of masculinity if these guys aren't "masculine" enough for you. Also, we've featured fresh faces in nearly every new scene since resuming website updates in July. And Isaiah and Apollo haven't been featured in an official new scene in almost THREE YEARS, so finally getting them back....unthinkable just a few short weeks ago....was the PERFECT Christmas Miracle for the 99.999% of our viewers who still love them and have been begging to see them in action again.
Soul828 Will never get tired of Bandit... I would subscribe to see Bandit even if it was just him Dec 25, 2021
jakedasnake Great scene! Apollo is one bad man! Loved everything i just saw, great job guys! Dec 25, 2021
cam6594 Hey mike when are you gonna release the next scenes? Dec 24, 2021
MichaelGalletta Hoping to be able to post Part Two no later than this upcoming Thursday. Then we'll try to post FOUR updates in January instead of the usual three.
chauncey Hello Gentlemen -- I truly enjoyed Part 1 -- I was pleasantly surprised when I tuned in and discovered there was a new holiday installation -- what is there not to like about Bandit, Apollo, Blake, and Isaiah -- I could watch each person all day trust me when I say that -- the dude at the end yes Stephon Dennison -- is correct -- I know I have been waiting on him to take his game to the next level -- to show us what is happening under his underwear -- I'm a fan from his appearances in Miseducation and The Scars Our Parents Leave -- He can really act and he is sexy as fuck -- I'm hoping he will hang around and agree to do some scenes with other models -- now that would truly make my day -- solo is great -- but Stephon let's get comfortable because I want to see some interactive shit -- I would sign up with BBA just to be in a scene with you / lol -- Yeah I want to taste the front and the back -- and we do some flip-flopping -- now that is what I'm talking about -- Well this is enough from me -- Part 2 -- BRING IT ON !! Dec 24, 2021
OmarCole Oh me and my man about to bring in the holidays to this 🤤 Merry Christmas BBA & BBA Supporters 🤍 Dec 24, 2021
Cookie20 This was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾!!!! Now mike this is what I am talking about !!!! BBA is back at it!!!! Dec 24, 2021
marios Who is the dude at the end and who been waiting on him? 😂 Dec 24, 2021
ACTION7 I LOVE, enjoy these guys too much, i feel like I know them personally, Dec 24, 2021
MichaelGalletta That's honestly one of the best compliments you could ever give. Thank you!
11luvme2u No shade but "jlewis68" 's comment "Where is the nudity???????" really has me sitting here like I'm in a college math class trying to figure out what he could have been thinking. My hand is on my chin staring into space really trying to solve this riddle. lmao Dec 24, 2021
ef8432 It’s crazy how I literally subscribed to the lil streaming service to watch the new guy in his series … I’m excited for him.
It’s great to see Apollo back, he’s always so sensual.
I loved seeing Isaiah back as well & I loved seeing him top which he hasn’t done in years.
Blake has great chemistry with anybody but Bandit has an attraction to him that’s so apparent, Blake & Bandit need a part 2 together
I hope the finale isn’t all of them jacking off to cum
Dec 24, 2021
bussitbaby09 Finally Apollo fine ass is back 🔥 Dec 24, 2021
kennyhova Blake as a bottom is always a win! that brother is gorgeous Dec 24, 2021
juan24 Them brothers was gettin' busy! I tell you tho, i like dudes and dudes ONLY. But, if the $ is right i would fuck a female (or at least try, hahaha). And even stick my tongue in her mouth (YUK!!!!!!!), lol. But for real, i appreciate these brothers for doing their thing to entertain us. Its nice to not just fantasize about str8 dudes gettin' busy, but to see it in action is another level that gits my dick solid asf. So, heres to the BBA 4. We love yawl. Stay safe, be in good health, and prosper my brothers. Dec 24, 2021
collegekid2020 Do Isaiah Bandit or Apollo have social media ? I missed Apollo Dec 24, 2021
MichaelGalletta They don't have any social media for their porn work/fans, sorry. Just their own personal/private accounts, and I'm honestly not even sure if they have that.
cbd1012 This was awesome can’t wait for part two Dec 24, 2021
davids This was a fantastic scene. It felt terrific seeing Apollo walk through that front door. All four guys look great, and all of them put on an excellent performance. At some point, it would be nice to see Bandit's and Ross's younger brothers in a scene together. They are both very sexy. Great job with this one BBA. Dec 24, 2021
Khaleal WHEN IS SCOTTY GETTING OUT! Dec 24, 2021
MichaelGalletta His release date got delayed and is now scheduled for March 2022.
Toronto9 Isaiah always getting bitched out. Dec 23, 2021
VSWboy18 YO GREAT SCENE!!! All four were amazing but I gotta give round 1 to Apollo. His chemistry with everyone, his stroke and his shit talking was all A1. Dude was on a mission! Dec 23, 2021
djhood Is that dude from BCH???!?! OMFG if so bring him on ASAP Dec 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta Yep, that's him. "Demetrius" from BCH, now Deontrey on BBA. That's why we were talking about him "coming to BBA and doing it the right way." 😈
jlewis68 Where is the nudity ????? Dec 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta Huh? This comment makes zero sense whatsoever lol.
200water I loved this! Getting to see the models personalities make them so much hotter! Dec 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thank you. Glad you appreciate that unique aspect of the BBA brand.
Readyruk1 A welcome comeback scene. Felt like 2019 all over again. The resemblance of Bandit's brother is striking, but does he "measure" up to his big brother remains to be seen. I'll definitely stay tuned till the next episode! Dec 23, 2021
Carryd2 Wow. Amazing. Well done Michael. Great to see Apollo back. Can't wait to see him get pounded in the next one. Loved seeing Blake taking all that dick. Merry Christmas Dec 23, 2021
swamp96 It was definitely a standout video since the return of BBA. It did feel a bit repetitive from the XMAS video back in 2018/19. But a definite improvement from the last couple flops. That being said, I enjoyed seeing all the top definitive BBA boys enjoying each other and seem to genuinely like each other. I also would've loved to see Stallion in the mix bc he fits in perfectly with them (Im a true Stallion stan, hes just perfect to me lol). The last guy is cute, I feel like I've seen him in a Signal23 show and maybe another porn site with a certain "hunter"...but Im not sure if its him lol. Im excited to see what he'll bring. Dec 23, 2021
da1ndet Thank-you Apollo!!! So happy you and the Fab Four are back!!! Beautiful! Dec 23, 2021
11luvme2u It went something like this...as they were getting their dicks sucked and swallowed Apollo and Bandit tongue-kissed passionately. They separated for a few as not to ignore Isaiah and Blake while they were on their knees hard at work. Then Apollo suddenly turned back to Bandit, looks him square in the eyes and asks with his sexiest tone, "You gonna let me fuck you?" Bandit, eyes locked with Apollo, replied like a sexy DL thug dude might, "Hell yeah!" They do the exact same thing again. Apollo gently grabs Bandit's chin and whispers, "Come here..." They kiss again passionately. NOW PLEASE TELL ME IF IT'S GET'S ANY BETTER THAN THAT! It doesn't!! SO FREAKING AMAZING! See, in my opinion, chemistry like that really adds to the scene. Thank you Apollo and Bandit for being vulnerable and giving us fans our fantasy. Dec 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta YESSS!!!!! This was hands-down (or should I say "dicks up" lol) one of the hottest moments from the entire night, and you've summarized it here beautifully. Easily rivals the iconic kiss between Apollo and Dominic in the 2018 Christmas scene. I don't know if it was the three-year-long famine from guy/guy sex or what, but Apollo was seriously fiending for Bandit that entire night in a way I don't remember him doing AT ALL when they worked together the last time around. Bandit was definitely his new man-crush that night. Both Montez and I noticed it while we were filming the scene, and even Bandit later admitted "the vibes were nice" lol.
Jjdude86 Amazing BBA. What a great start to Christmas. There’s something really hot about seeing Isaiah go from the untouchable stunning jock to the now pass around out-to-pasture bottom he’s become. If I was being greedy I just wish Stallion was there so he could have the sensuous boyfriend experience from Apollo. This is something he hasn’t had from any of the other models yet and he’d be in heaven. Dec 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta Sheesh. "Out to pasture bottom" seems a bit harsh, but funny enough, I know exactly what you mean and seeing that turns me on too! 😈😅

Trust me, we tried our damnedest to include Stallion in these plans, and wanted to see him with Apollo just as desperately as you and everyone else. But unfortunately he had prior work and family commitments that prevented him from being able to participate. He hated that he had to miss it and has promised me he'll return for more hot new scenes in 2022!
11luvme2u Well damn! It may have been a month since the last scene but I knew BBA would return with a banger! The freaky fabulous four all look amazing. I'm especially happy to see Apollo back. That body is ripped. I hope he'll commit to a few more scenes in 2022. Isaiah's ass is fat as ever and he can still take that dick. He's come a long way. I LOVED APOLLO AND BANDIT'S CHEMISTRY. They really could have had a scene by themselves. A threesome with Apollo, Bandit, and Dominic would be super sexy too. I'm excited about seeing Bandit bottom for Apollo in part 2. Blake has been very consistent too and shining with some great scenes too. I hope part 2 comes out this weekend. Now I GAGGED about the cliffhanger at the end. The actor from Tysonplus has joined BBA! WOWWW!!!! He's fine as hell and those cakes were sitting sweet in those boxers. Don't be easy on him Mike! lol He needs to do more than solos! I can't wait to see him be fully sexual with a dude. What a treat! Thanks for an awesome scene. Dec 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for being the first person to point out the explosive chemistry between Apollo and Bandit. In my personal opinion, it equals and arguably even exceeds the legendary chemistry between Apollo and Dominic in our Christmas scene back in 2018. I'm glad it was as obvious to you as it was to me and Montez while filming the scene lol.
cocopop So, a couple of months ago Ross introduce us to his brother, Bandit got jealous, decided to introduce his brother to BBA, lol. I dont know who he is, but dam he favor Bandit Mike I so enjoyed seeing the 4 kings of BBA, brings back such great memories. My congraduations to both Apollo and Isaiah on their marriage, wish both the best in life. Probably wont see them in the future, great scene though. Dec 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta That's funny. I personally never noticed a resemblance between the new guy and Bandit, but you're not the only viewer who's told us he looks like Bandit's cute younger brother. 🤔😂
loverboy02 Finally... lol great work, hot and extremely sexy. Dec 23, 2021
TennesseeBator This is how you END the year right here, with ALL of the heavy hitters. All of the kings together swinging their dicks, showing off their asses, and tight ass bodies, so glad Mike was able to get the guys together for a last hoorah, Merry Christmas to the BBA kings, Mike + Montez.

Sidenote: Where do I know the new guy at the end from? He looks familiar.
Dec 23, 2021
tyrikmurphy Oh my, is boy at the end going to get fucked? Dec 23, 2021
sexydemon101 Great sceneeee i fckn love bandits growth they all are letting themselves enjoy it very sexy Dec 23, 2021
Bigguum Great update...good to see the old crew again.. Dec 23, 2021
MrBrown19942 It’s always good to see Apollo! This entire scene is amazing! 🙌🏿🔥❤️❤️ Dec 23, 2021
love2011 the end had me ctfu lmaoo Dec 23, 2021
terbernt Damn, I love it already just seeing Bandit start it off in those shorts and walking around. Christmas gonna be good this year. Dec 23, 2021
terbernt I see Bandit, I'm here. Dec 23, 2021
cam6594 Mike and Montez excellent comeback. Welcome back Bandit Isaiah Blake and Apollo! Dec 23, 2021
djv1234 Fantastic to see see Apollo, Bandit, Blake Bishop and Isaiah all together in such a Hot Christmas foursome, This first part was excellent and can imagine the next part will will be amazing particularly with Apollo getting fucked and have to say Apollo is looking better than ever! Thanks BBA and can't wait for the next part(s). Dec 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta It's honestly a little disgusting how Apollo NEVER seems to age lol. If anything, he's looking even younger and better than he did when I last worked with him over THREE years ago! My God, talk about some good genes lol. Still every bit as breathtaking as the day I first met him.
scrappydoo123 Hate to be the grinch 🙄 for this holiday season but this almost seems to be a repeat of a past video. I know you all truly worked hard on this one but it just not happening for me. Dec 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta Sorry this didn't do it for you. Sure, there are some similarities to our Christmas Reunion from 2018, but plenty of significant differences too. Not only is this the first time our Top 4 models have appeared in a scene together, but there's also a lot more spontaneous sexual interactions among ALL the guys. That scene was a gang-bang focused solely on one model (Isaiah), while this scene is an epic, action-packed FOUR mini-gangbangs all combined into one special and historic event.
brianhpotter05 Who is dude at the end? Dec 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta We'll be introducing the new guy at the end soon. His BBA model name is Deontrey, but if you browse the comments you'll be able to learn more about who he is and why we're so excited to finally feature him here at BBA.
haughtona2 Omg great seeing old faces again, Apollo and Isaiah!! I’m in love with the New BBA model!!😍😍😋 Dec 23, 2021
Docteur Bravo to Michael and Montez for pairing three of my faves together. This gets an A grade from me. My only slight negative critique is way too much ass eating, but I realize some people like that. It was good to see Isaiah use his dick again to top someone. Any scene with Bandit is always a winner as long as he is not with some femme bottom. Apollo can suck a dick to be damned. Who was the guy at the very end of part one? He resembles Bandit, but is more thick than Bandit, wow! Dec 23, 2021
mcchaz I ❤️ Isaiah. Great to see him back. Dec 23, 2021
chucke1 THIS IS WHY I REMAIN A MEMBER, OVER THE TOP EXCELLENT AND THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dec 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks, Chuck! Had a feeling you'd enjoy this one. Glad to see I was right. 😉

Christmas is a time for coming together....

We're celebrating the holiday season with the surprise return of Apollo and Isaiah, two phenomenally popular and much-requested "gay for pay" legends that I honestly didn't think we'd ever see in action again.

Since their last scenes for BBA before the pandemic nearly THREE YEARS AGO, both of these strikingly handsome straight men have married their long-time girlfriends and pursued more mainstream careers. But after having to cancel last year's Christmas Party due to COVID, I wanted to come back with something extra special for 2021, and thankfully my patience and persistence finally paid off with this BBA Christmas Miracle.

We're also making some new BBA history by reuniting BBA's four most popular models (our "starting line-up," as Isaiah puts it) for this year's All-Star Christmas Party, and their first (and probably last) scene all together at the same time.

Join us for Part One of this unforgettable night of food, drinks, laughter, and horny holiday fun as the guys show up to the party, strip down to their sexy Christmas underwear, and joke around and swap stories about some of their past BBA experiences.

"DRINKS. FOOD. DICK. ASS. It's all playin' out right!" Blake Bishop jokes as he begins to realize the night's exciting potential.

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime holiday sextravaganza that includes tons of sensual tongue-kissing, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, hungry ass-eating, and bareback group fucking as each of these "All-Stars" proves why he deserves his coveted "Top 4" spot by participating in what amounts to a combined FOUR mini-gangbangs, starting with #4 and working our way up to the #1 model.

This is one of those scenes where my biggest editing challenge was choosing what NOT to include. The edited version of Part One alone is well over a FULL HOUR long!

And we're just getting started! Stay tuned to the very end of this scene for a special sneak peek at a new surprise special guest who will be making his official BBA debut very soon.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Holiday Theme, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Dec 23, 2021 67 min
Photo of Apollo
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop
Photo of Isaiah

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