Lapdance With Benefits (Part One)

hjkdjulo what cause mike is NOT a black boy thought that was purpose..dont mean to b cruel site has major potential mike wont put my comments up just the ones he likes Mar 6, 2020
lablue I don't kno y people b hating on Michael but I'm a black guy that really like his videos. This 1 with him in it I luv the most. Sep 24, 2018
lovethomas1 for a stripper he not all of that but the white guy got his groove on dont know y u pay him all that money it was a dead show Oct 6, 2015

In September 2009, Freaky J became an overnight sensation on YouTube with his erotic striptease and sexy dance videos.

With his slim, toned physique and strikingly handsome face (he’s a mix of African-American and Puerto Rican) – not to mention the infamous “monster” swinging between his smooth, skinny legs – Freaky J has seduced and entertained countless females and gay men all over the world with his dance, jack-off, and straight sex videos, as well as private engagements all across the country as a male stripper and exotic dancer.

Freaky J has never appeared in anything but his own homemade videos - until now!

After patiently pursuing him for OVER FOUR YEARS, I was finally able to talk this sexy straight Blatino stripper into making his long-anticipated "gay for pay" debut here at Black Boy Addictionz....

"The Official Freaky J Story" provided loyal fans and new viewers alike with an intimate and illuminating look at the real person behind the amateur videos as Freaky J shared his story with the world for the very first time.

"Freaky J: The Next Level" brought you the YouTube celebrity and exotic dancer in his very first hardcore sex scene with another guy.

In this third installment from his recent BBA visit, Freaky J takes things one freaky step further by showing his gay and bisexual fans what an intimate one-on-one show with him might look like if you paid him enough!

Like many of Freaky J's fans, I've always wondered just how far this sexy straight stripper might be willing to go in a "private engagement" with a generous client. So when I finally flew him here and met him in person, I couldn't wait to put this question to the test!

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat as Freaky J treats me to an erotic lap-dance (my first!) and gives his fans an exclusive sneak peek of one of his hot private shows.

Watch with envy as I finally get to touch and explore the tall, athletic body that I've only been able to lust after from a distance up until now. Wearing nothing but a necktie and pair of sexy silk underwear, Freaky J seductively thrusts his big dick in my face and grinds his cute muscle-butt in my lap....

Things heat up quickly and before my private lap-dance is over, Freaky J's naked ASS is staring me in the face and I'm diving in for a long-awaited first taste!

"This that new Freaky J shit!" he tells the viewers at home as he bends over and lets me bury my face in that previously off-limits ass. Trust me, it tastes every bit as good as it looks!

In an unscripted twist, Freaky J lives up to his name by agreeing to kiss me - his first time kissing another man - right after my tongue was digging deep in his ASS!

Of course the MUST-SEE highlight of this scene is Freaky J wrapping his sexy lips around a dick for the VERY FIRST TIME!

It's the cocky straight stripper like we've never seen him before, down on his knees and slobbering on my hard white dick as he jacks his own dick, building up to an intense and spontaneous climax that surprised even me.

This was just the BEGINNING of my action-packed encounter with the YouTube star! Stay tuned to the end for a special sneak peek of the shocking conclusion, coming NEXT WEEK to!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Interracial, Older/Younger, Oral-Only, Special Guest, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 1, 2014 36 min
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Freaky J
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Michael Galletta

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