Introducing: Suspense

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Suspense is a cute college freshman who wanted to make some extra spending money before school lets out for the summer, and figured that showing off his hot teenage body for a horny gay audience could be a fun and easy way to earn it.

Watch as I meet Suspense for the very first time and guide him through his "audition" to be in my movies. When you see what this kid is hiding under his jeans, I think you'll be as grateful as I am that he's willing to bare it all for the world to see!

Suspense explains that he was given his nickname because people never know what he's going to say or do next - and it's a nickname that definitely suits him!

I've been making movies for well over a year now, and I can honestly say that I've never filmed anyone as unique and difficult to describe as Suspense. He describes himself as a mix between a "thug" and a "nerd," something I haven't encountered before. He brags about being a "bad boy" who likes to drink, smoke weed, and party, but at the same time he comes across as a wholesome "boy next door" with a slightly nerdy side who runs track, plays basketball, and attends church on a regular basis.

Suspense's sexuality is just as confusing and intriguing as his personality. He tells me that he's "straight.....but curious."

In his interview, he shares the story about how he lost his virginity at the age of 16, and how pussy became "like crack" to him from that moment on. A self-described "sex addict," Suspense swears that he had never been the least bit attracted to guys until a few months ago, when he suddenly became curious to try something different. As he explains it, he felt so horny at one particular moment that "a girl just couldn't satisfy his need." It's fascinating to listen to Suspense's stories about his first tentative experimentations with gay sex.

After getting to know Suspense a little bit better, I was more than eager to get him out of his clothes! He strips slowly out of his clothes and at my direction strikes a few seductive poses, revealing a sexy young body that had me instantly imagining all sorts of wicked things I wanted to do with it!

Even when it's soft, Suspense's dick is a sight to behold. And when it springs to full attention, it's nothing short of breathtaking. It's also really cute the way he seems sincerely unaware that his dick is "big."

Suspense's ass is no less tempting - in fact, I'd go so far as to say it's damn near flawless (despite Suspense's claim that he thinks it's "flat"). For every admirer of the black male ass, Suspense's back-side is a feast for the eyes! And it's all the more enticing when you realize it's never been touched or licked or FUCKED!

Following his striptease, Suspense relaxes on the futon and plays with his beautiful dick as my camera admires his body in a few different positions, from a variety of angles. Eventually he blasts an impressive "nutt" onto his stomach and chest, and then wraps up his first scene with a few closing comments.

Suspense has returned to fucking females since his first awkward experimentations with gay sex. Lucky for us, he says he's still open to "trying out the thing with males.....just to see what more it can offer." He's actually still a virgin to many aspects of gay sex, but says he's open to the idea of me capturing his future explorations on camera. So let's keep our fingers crossed in the hopes that we'll be seeing much more of Suspense in the near future!

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