Santa's Special Surprise (Part One)

Photo of Santa's Special Surprise (Part One)
blkfeva Apollo's ass is PHYNE! Ross is cute but if he gon be in the game, he needs to get in the game...lets see some serious kissn Ross. Mello, waitn fa da personality to cum thru... Aug 15, 2017
JoWilfried A worst three-some... with 144 likes?!? hmmm Jan 18, 2016
badizm66 boring, worst threesome ever, mello seemed bored or ignoring apollo who has a beautiful body, wudda been hott wit apollo, ross and saint Jan 1, 2016
Gambitsjoke im smelling a flip flop fuck in the future, Ross and Apollo, The Revenge of Apollo!!! Dec 31, 2015
jam1135 that was definitely a tease, I hope part two is much better. Dec 31, 2015
tori478 I am with why apollo bottoming? I would have like for him to stay top PLEASE MAKE THIS HIS ONLY BOTTOM AS A CHRISTMAS GIFT......I would like to see ross bottom though Dec 29, 2015
chgohydepar1 BORING. What was the purpose? Dec 28, 2015
cocopop Ross be getting off playing with dicks in all his scenes so far, time to put one in the mouth. As freaky as he is, he'd be as good as Apollo is at sucking dick, and boy can he suck dick. Dec 28, 2015
conunjrum Good marketing strategy... Leave them wanting more... Dec 28, 2015
dkingkong I hope Ross get fucked soon. Dec 27, 2015
dv6000 nothing special....hopefully part two redeems the scene.. until then waste of time Dec 27, 2015
kapukan2 curious3397: What the hell are you talking about? Watching Freaky J and Apollo get fucked is hot, hot, hot. It takes a real man to take dick. It's hot when a masculine bi dude is versatile and can enjoy a dick. If they want to try it, they should do it. Let them explore and enjoy it. I have been with very masculine bi dudes in my life who learned over time to enjoy taking dick once in a while....and they are real men. Dec 27, 2015
cam3121 This was boring as fuck. And why the hell wasn't Ross sucking any dick? He's the most overrated of all the guys on here. Just wack smh Dec 27, 2015
tonyjai29 wow that was great, I can't wait for the big scene, this is a long time cumming....LOL Dec 27, 2015
curious3397 I thought I was going to enjoy these scenes, I knew something was up from the read, but me not liking my favorite was not a part of the deal. I was very disappointed in Freaky J, he has been bottoming FAR too long, and now Apollo? OF ALL the guys WHY HIM??? If AB, Ross, or Dre turnout, I'm closing my account. Dec 27, 2015
Biggum too messy not enough action should have had all at one time instead of stretching to another week. No longer a member... Dec 27, 2015
tynfyr i did like this scene because it had my guy, apollo, in it… also had ross (apollo jr., i know i know, but that‘s what i think when i see him)… so ross gets to be in the top five by default...not a fan of spit or whipped cream because i can’t see the hole clearly when it’s getting rimmed, but it’s all good… Dec 26, 2015
jujan35 Apollo was acting like a hungry bottom, he wouldn't let go of them dicks. I'm finally glad to see Apollo get some much wanted dick and that is from Ross and Mello. Mello was too happy he was the first to agree can't wait to see Mello get some payback on Apollo. Once again Mike you outdid yourself two thumbs up! Dec 26, 2015
wisko90 Man this is the best Xmas gift so far cant wait for part 2 Dec 26, 2015
Darre15 Finally! Been waiting for this for a long time! Dec 26, 2015
tori478 Mello for some reason was somewhere else I still love him though I am not sure I am ready for Apollo to be fucked once they do they become feminine and I like some of them strictly tops...BLAKE noooooo ross kiss SO CUTE Dec 26, 2015
Nonchalant24 Apollo's body is off the chain! nice to see them interacting and seemingly enjoying themselves. Dec 26, 2015
avan7742 43 minutes of nothing Dec 26, 2015
JoWilfried Merry Christmas everyone.
This is truly HOT...!
Looking forward for the big BANG!
Dec 26, 2015
lilmellowyellow Merry Christmas to all. The models are attractive and they seemed to enjoy each other. I liked the closeup shots and the whip cream. Saint needed to be there to fuck them all, especially Ross and Apollo. Instead, they made a Christmas meal off each other assholes. I wanted to watch them kiss. However, I can't wait to watch Apollo take dick. Dec 26, 2015
stldiscreet1 Wow... Mello yo just give up now you should be able to get a lil more engaged...just too boring for my taste Dec 25, 2015
krisdon1 yes yes yes Amazing I am so excited for next week can this please be an early week LOL I know on the schedule but maybe a happy new year for me Damn Dec 25, 2015
illtown22 I've been waiting for Ross in particular. I do hope he plans to open wide in part two both mouth and ass. Also please consider Ross and Staxx and/or Ross and Knockout. Dec 25, 2015
kapukan2 Hoooooot! I love Ross and Apollo. I can't wait a week! Please more Ross and Apollo. Dec 25, 2015
bmore91 please don't make us wait a week for part 2 lol Dec 25, 2015
Thugstroker hell yea i cant wait till part 2 shit i been waitin fo the longest to see mi boi get that boootyhole smashed dammmmm yes dis great christmas gift shit michael u da man Dec 25, 2015
retrokid562 Nice lil scene...the whip cream on Apollo's ass was hot! Ross look like he really enjoyed it...I cannot wait to see Apollo get fucked! That should be one for the ages. Dec 25, 2015
dcain2006 where is the rest lawd Dec 25, 2015

We're celebrating the holiday season this year with an action-packed special featuring the surprise return of three of BBA's most popular "gay for pay" models - including two of the hottest straight boys introduced this past year!

Join Apollo, Ross, and Mello for an intimate holiday gathering as they joke around and get better acquainted, swapping stories about their favorite BBA scenes and experiences from the past year.

It wouldn't be a true Christmas party without gifts, so the guys open up their presents which turn out to be sexy holiday costumes that they change into before the real fun begins.

Part One of this special holiday threesome includes tons of nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and ass-eating as these three sexy "straight" models - all with lucky girlfriends waiting for them at home - take things to a whole new level in order to give their fans a Christmas present they'll never forget.

Stay tuned to the very end for a shocking revelation that I guarantee you will NOT want to miss! Let's just say that as we come to the end of a year that has introduced some of BBA's hottest models and featured some of our very best scenes, it only seemed fitting to celebrate the holiday season and close out such an unforgettable year with a "special surprise" for BBA's viewers....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Holiday Theme, Military Men, Oral-Only, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Dec 25, 2015 43 min
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