The Forbidden Fruit #3

LeeAnfernee_92 bring him back please Jan 31, 2024
Donnyscott White man finally got a big facial around his eyes lol Nov 1, 2023
Sageking3 I miss phat booty Julien Apr 27, 2023
siddeuce Michael is so corny bro. His pregame interview skills make the situation awkward. He also needs to stop looking in the camera like some creep. Lol Aug 25, 2020
MichaelGalletta I'm a corny white guy, guilty as charged and no apologies about that. Most of my scenes were filmed without a cameraman, using only the camera and a tripod. The reason I look at the camera so much is to double-check that everything is properly framed and the camera is still recording. Sorry that you find it so "creepy," as that was never the intent lol.
Phuryous Dayum! That ass is phat!
I've seen Julian's Twitter feed. He filmed with MUCH better looking models on BBA than he has in his independent scenes and that includes Michael.
Aug 8, 2020
Phuryous Your appearance is already pushing it so please keep the talking to a minimum. Jun 14, 2020
hjkdjulo this is bba not mike please get out videos the models are more comfortable with there own kind u probably wont approve this Mar 6, 2020
albany08 You need to do a reunion scene and just let the people go at it. Jul 18, 2019
pilsener One of BBA's all time best ASSets! Pls bring him back!!!!! JULIEN is so FUCKING HOT and he enjoyed the fuck out of getting his ass eaten!! Jan 1, 2019
stldiscreet1 Dayum! That's an ass made for eating... I think each straight guy should be broken in like'll see them REALLY let go .. TRUST ME I KNOW Apr 27, 2018
Lstew0828 I want some of that fat ASS... Nov 6, 2017
sanmiittai What happened to Julien? I need to see more! Aug 17, 2017
Slenderboy23 When the white guy be in the scenes I cannot get hard lol Jun 3, 2017
re112 I'd love to see someone eating his yummy feet. May 1, 2017
thabang13 Yeah he need to get fucked Mar 31, 2017
dwair72 I'm waiting for the scene where Julien cherry gets popped. Oct 6, 2016
thetop1one I believe that Julien's ass is asking for some dick. I think the dick it is asking for is someone with a big dick, just like what @ 99p888tw says. Jun 23, 2016
Mother00 Julien is hot, but wish your head was out of the way more so I could see. Jun 22, 2016
simplet that was boring yuck Jun 10, 2016
99p888tw Julien you is phine as fuck Nigga ten plus body you look like Muhammad Ali your ass need big black dick like Migo or Blake, Staxx, Knockout. Jun 9, 2016
stldiscreet1 I LOVE this scene because i have an ass fetish. Michael you might remember someone who suggested awhile back of you producing an "ass eating only" scene , well that was me and you delivered. wow that's a total turn on and he has the perfect ass for it. ***** (5 stars) Jun 3, 2016
jowilf 67 likes after almost a week...? I think JULIEN should be paired with KODY instead. Where's KODY? Jun 2, 2016
kalani .... This video made my penis soft. May 26, 2016
princetahji Julien is sexy and interesting to watch. He has a good sense of humor. A threesome scene would be nice with him. Freaky J, Isaiah, Mello to throw in with him. May 24, 2016
99p888tw Mike make it possible that ''Knockout'' could fuck Julien in his flawless asshole this would be the video of the year 2016. May 24, 2016
jowilf After four scenes, JULIEN hasn't touched a "dick", done oral/foreplay ... to anyone yet. The closest was in this scene when Michael invaded the most prized "hole" ... ! ... very lucky Michael! May 23, 2016
fred0914 Damn I been waiting to see his sexy ass and u play around looking forward to when he lets u in that ass i kno you gonna really make it jiggle I'm so jealous Mike May 22, 2016
jowilf @COCOPOP: First, let me share with you JULIEN'S "Twitter" account; @JULIENBLANC94 ...
Secondly, will JULIEN touch "dick" and play with it? aaaaah ... that's doable. hmmm
Lastly, will JULIEN surrender that forbidden fruit?!?
•COCOPOP, let's have a bet?
May 22, 2016
caliroc I agree with 99p888tw, add Bandit to that list. May 21, 2016
curious3397 Somebody's getting primed up for the dick. It's just a matter of time, and I was certain he would be the first out of the new bunch. LOL We'll see. LOL @JoWilf: yeah, he's super excited to be a part of BBA, since he put it out there, he has accepted this way of life fully. Congratulations to him. May 21, 2016
cocopop Judging from what Julien is leaving unsaid, and said ("when I do my", "not this time") will the brother soon be playing with, sucking dick? For the right price, will he give up that sweet, pretty ass, time and Money will tell "JOWILF" what you think? May 21, 2016
cocopop did anyone get his several accounts, I couldn't make out what he was saying other than Julien. If so can you list them? May 21, 2016
Kaib Mike please stop looking into the camera I'm not going to lie it scaring me May 21, 2016
josh2016 Julien is cute...whole scene would have been better if mike pale ass was not in it May 20, 2016
cocopop Julien looking good as usual, wasn't sure he'd be willing to go this how far will he go? May 20, 2016
99p888tw Mike make it possible that either Knockout, Blake, or Staxx can fuck this phine ass Nigga Julien in his beautiful ass Julien is beyond phine ten plus Body. May 20, 2016
jowilf Not perfect but nicely done ... I'm not so sure if I got Julien's TWITTER account. A JULIEN-KODY Part 2 next Michael? May 20, 2016
estwick Such a cutie and that money making ass is like WOW !!! May 19, 2016
vuittonlyfe That has got to be the prettiest ass and asshole I've ever seen in my life! I would pay him to sit on my face too Michael! Lucky you. May 19, 2016
kapukan2 Love you Michael and this site but very disappointed. I am only interested in models hooking up with models. It's just disappointing when you are counting the days to Thursday every week. May 19, 2016
jowilf ... great scene!
I will watch this one later...
... great job Michael!
May 19, 2016

Persuading Julien to do anything more than get his dick sucked and try fucking a guy was one of the more difficult negotiations I've been through in awhile. Especially when it came to anything involving his ASS!

Even though I've repeatedly pointed out to him that it's his biggest asset in this business (literally!), Julien hasn't wanted anyone looking at, let alone TASTING his ass! He has refused to let us even LOOK at his asshole, and during his first action scene became visibly uncomfortable to the point of interrupting the shoot when Kody's mouth ventured too close to his ass.

Of course Julien's stubborn protection of his breathtaking back-side only made me want to touch and taste it even more! After several weeks of back-and-forth negotiations, Julien finally agreed to return and take things to the next level with some surprising "baby steps" in his "gay for pay" exploration.

See for yourself what happens when I put this beefy straight athlete's limits to the test and finally get my first touch and taste of the FORBIDDEN FRUIT....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Interracial, Older/Younger, Oral-Only, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy
Details: May 19, 2016 42 min
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Michael Galletta

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