Show and Tell

200water Can’t believe we never got to see this guy finish the BBA process. I hope he comes back one day and busts a fat nutt while getting fucked Mar 19, 2024
dorian83 For this to be Trapp's first scene, he came ready. Nov 11, 2023
kingcee92 Scotty sexy enough for me to forgive Trapp’s bad acting skills lol. The first time I watched this, I had an inkling he enjoyed it but I wasn’t sure. After seeing his BBA career…..I was right lol Sep 18, 2023
emiliano69 Trapp definitely has experience...
Jun 10, 2023
timoteo144 Please bring Scotty back!!! Apr 3, 2023
prettyboig Still one of my favorite scenes… I miss Scotty, Trapp & Shaun Oct 20, 2022
mrgregory229 you can't convince me Trapp didn't come into BBA Curious. The way he's looking at Scotty, Trapp wanted dick from day 1. Sep 8, 2022
Tori478-2 no chemistry between these 2 kissing was awful Jun 9, 2022
MichaelGalletta Somebody clearly didn't read the scene summary or pay very close attention to the real-life story behind this scene lol.
dick234 Damn! Scotty is sexy AS FUCK! May 18, 2022
Sageking3 Scotty definitely has the prettiest dick in bba history Feb 9, 2022
albany08 I miss bae 😍😍 Scotty!!!!! Dec 28, 2021
partyboyest82 Scotty is annoying AF Aug 27, 2021
mjhawkin OMG! Perfection. bring scotty back Aug 6, 2021
marzdomo can yall please get Scotty and Shaun back please! Jul 21, 2021
MrBrown19942 This scene still gets me going, even in 2021! I love it, BBA! 🙌🏿🔥🔥🔥 Jan 4, 2021
trupisces08 I think they really like each other for real. Sep 20, 2020
wondering20 seems like Trapp is used to sucking dicks ah ah Aug 16, 2020
wondering20 the kissing part at the beginning was awkward and boring... like come on guy, it was as if they were about to sleep by keeping their eyes closed while just "smacking" each other... were they serious ? lol Aug 16, 2020
rawwar21 Does Michael get fucked... EVER??? I THINK ITS ABOUT TIME Jul 4, 2020
rawwar21 I know a midwest nigga all day. I would love just to chill with TRAPP, SCOTTY, AND SHAUN kick it, krack jokes and fuck each other, "For fun!!!" Jul 4, 2020
mdcarmichael I have never been a big fan of Scotty because he acts so silly and it’s distracting. I will have to admit that pairing him with Trapp was a good move. Trapp is naturally sexy and when they start comparing dicks, I realize just how long and beautiful Scotty’s is. I found myself wanting to take Trapp’s place so I could get throat fucked with all of Scotty’s 9” two-toned cock. I would get it all wet and then ask him to put it in my ass with only my spit as lube. I’m sure he’d reach my second hole! Jun 20, 2020
Docteur The holy grail of threesomes: Scotty, Shaun and Trapp in an all out no holds barred fuck, suck and kiss fest when Scotty and Shaun get out of jail. Feb 9, 2020
texasbugg scotty i know when u get out u will read these comments babyboy make show u go back and look at trapp/bandit scene bandit got that super size long dick like u i know after watch that scene it will make u want to fuck your homie trapp badd trapp is pro and u will see how sexy them 2 look why they r fucking i had to go back and watch this cause when i saw bandit on top of trapp it was like how your red body would look on top of trapp so fucking sexy werwaitingonuscottyhurryhometobba/usa Nov 4, 2019
Nishikori55 Sorry, Trapp is average, need cute ass Shaun back, is he ever coming back.. Find Murda and put him in one of your scenes Oct 31, 2019
embracingmysin I laughed throughout this entire thing and didn't get hard once. I'm not mad, though. These mfs are HILARIOUS. Lmao! I want to see more of them. Jul 15, 2019
albany08 SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S OVERDUE and TIME FOR YOU TO COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mar 15, 2019
pilsener Agree with most comments here: PLS BRING SCOTTY BACK! I really miss him and his hilarious comments and reactions. He's so HOT and sooo ready for THE NEXT LEVEL! SCOTTY and BANDIT would be AMAZING Dec 31, 2018
darianwells4 Please bring Scotty back! It would be great to see him and Trapp go further. Definitely ready to see Scotty fuck tho. Nov 30, 2018
BigOne I can really see these two enjoying sex together! Trapp is ready for Scotty meat! Nov 15, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP mike called your name about 2 weeks ago so i know u r close where u can do a new scene when u get the call babyboi it's close i feel it in my bones i know that asshole is good/ripe/juicy/tight reopen that 48kt gold pure thug asshole babyboi i dream about another young thug inside that hole fucking it just right trapp u should be ready for a dick size of about 9-10 ins babyboi a big dick will not hurt as bad as a small dick that's the ones that hurt more that's real talk trapp hurry back. Sep 28, 2018
BigOne When is Scotty going to return? He is ready to take it to the next level. I would love to see Scotty penetrate Trapp!! Plus trap has nice booty meat lol amazing potential scene... Sep 28, 2018
texasbugg DAMM i'm wishing on a star that there is a part 2 to this they really r into each other please pretty please mike make it happen u know yourself this is 1 hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt fuckinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg sceneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Sep 19, 2018
blackspice505 it!! Chemistry between these two is so genuine! ! You could tell Trapp was really surprised when dude started kissing the dick....then the real Thang! !!....all he could say was Bro....Bro....but he ain't take the dick out though!!!! Jul 17, 2018
shimmy12 Michael... where is Scotty? Oh how I MISS HIM! We want SCOTTY!!! Make it happen Mike, c'mon! May 24, 2018
DWells Please bail Scotty out! It's time to see part 2 of this! May 9, 2018
kapukan2 More Scotty! When is he coming back? May 6, 2018
texasbugg MIKE i know u have watched this a many of times u got to see what i see these 2 sexy thugs r so super hott together that's why i set up my membership for the whole year where i can always go back /watch scenes like this these 2 thugs r what u call (RIDE R DIE)friends that's why i love them both so much mike if there is a part 2 u know it's going to be big scotty please stay the way u r u r not 18 anymore u r a man now fuck what people think do u babyboi trapp was there for u (RIDE R DIE)friend. Apr 9, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP babyboi i keep going back to watch this scene cause this is where i first met u man your full set of lips is what pulled me in /still do man i just want a show/tell2 cause u 2 r so hott together in jail when u 2 met u 2 had to be feelin each other i've live it when i was on lock me/homie met back up in the free world we made love like 2dogs in heat we went in that motel room as 2 thugs came out as 2 thugs that became real close(RIDE R DIE) for each other that's the kind friendshipu2got Apr 3, 2018
texasbugg MIKE if scotty is still on lock could u send word by trapp/shaun that the fans really miss him and hope he gets out soon mike sometime when a person is locked up people in the freeworld must let them know that they r thinking about them and missing and really thank him for all the nuts he allow us the fans to bust cause scotty is so hott i want to see him put that (ICE CREAM VANILLA DICK) in trapp diamond asshole scotty got a pure diamond ass hole pure is no one been in it never ever i know it's good Feb 19, 2018
texasbugg DAMM i can't stop going back to watch this scene it reminds me of a good strong cup of coffee with cream trapp is the coffee scotty is the cream i use to think it was the weed making me watch this so much i find myself watching it and i'm not high it's just a fucking good scene with two sexy young thugs who r really feeling each other and trying to hide their true feelings if they r not lovers they should be they look so fucking hotttttttt together fuck the haters be happy live their lives happy. Feb 19, 2018
texasbugg DAMM TRAPP i love your scene with scotty how u/two look so good laying in that bed together like u/two was born to be close friends u/both can't hide the feelins u/both have for each other trapp/scotty fuck the haters babybois i've been on lock myself i have walk in the shower 18 year old thug bend over 19 r 20 year old thug putting that big dick all in him they don't stop fucking until he pulls out to bust on his ass wash off walk out hard thugs it's not fucking it's freaking so be it. Jan 30, 2018
texasbugg HAPPY B-DAY SIR TRAPP really trapp i am pushing for u /scotty r u/shaun to fuck i know u all have feelings for each other there is no way u can stop how u all feel all three of u r good thugs who r not looking to go back to jail fuck what others think about u all live u all life i for one love to see u three making love u all can't have a baby they r only diamond assholes and they r thug assholes trapp u know u want to pair up with scotty again u two look like freeworld lovers for real . Jan 30, 2018
Docteur I hope Michael is able to get a threesome going with Scotty, Shaun and Trapp, where everyone sucks each other, eats each others ass, kisses each other and fucks each other. Dec 1, 2017
Terrenceworld I am just waiting on Scotty to fuck someone Sep 22, 2017
mehh it's hot how Trapp is so hard Sep 6, 2017
Mother00 And you never even showed Trapp's ass? WTF? Jul 1, 2017
2masc4ya Me and my kids mom watched this together,,,, Lets just say it was a LOVELY night! Jun 30, 2017
princegwa Please bring Trapp back ASAP Jun 19, 2017
wallydaddy Trapp reminds me of Stephon but he definitely is into doing what it takes to make that paper.... think he just gave in and had some fun doing this... Dick sucking is hot hot hot but I wish they could take more down those throats.... I would luv to see Trapp face fuk somebody who can take it. Make him an offer he can't refuse and bring him back with someone who will eat his dick up and let him fuck the shit outta them. I like the way they work together... they seem real and thats what I luv!!!! Jun 14, 2017
ACTION7 Trapp like that shit, pair him with Stephon and Saint! Jun 11, 2017
texasbugg I know a lot of fans r saying how r they going to give a trapp party easy in HOUSTON TEXAS we think ahead we got our hot wings and the new scene comes out on friday night the party will be on saturday night order the cake from walmart with trapp picture and the name of his new scene on the cake. mike we r saying all this to tell u trapp is hottttttttt in texas. and texas fans love him cause he is so real all young thugs should follow trapp lead. houston texas got your back. Jun 11, 2017
jaydee4071 now I've gone from just liking scotty. to having a major crush wanting to see him bottom...damn scotty fine Jun 10, 2017
romack767 This is awesome I just would like to see Scotty and Shaun take it to the next level since they started this journey together I think it would be the ultimate to see them make love to each other. Trapp can hold his own and if he comes back to BBA he is going to get big on the scene Jun 9, 2017
atl2011 Okay's time for Scotty to fuck somebody already. Enuff of the bs. We've seen enuff of him in these types of scenes. Jun 8, 2017
texasbugg Well we in texas r going to give a trapp party when trapp next scene comes out.mike please have trapp keep at least one of his legs up while u r talking to him please mike he is one thug that is so fucking sexyyyyyyy when he has them legs up where u can see them sexyyyy ass cheeks and he is super clean and when he bust a nutttttttt he looks real sexyyy with his own cummmmmmm on his body. i hope mike will give him a back to back scene mike help him out we don't want to see him go away for 3 years Jun 8, 2017
texasbugg Mike man u r going to make a load of money with trapp cause i've got five friends to sign up after i let them come over to watch (show/tell) everybody got hotttttttttt cause of trapp saying all young thugs should be real like trapp and make money like that and put that pride aside. trapp knows he is a young man and is not ashamed of what he do he is going to make his next scene super hotttttt damm i hope mike put him with someone like taz, dayday, kenny, r bandit hurry mike. Jun 7, 2017
texasbugg Mike u might have to call in the bigggggggg guns to handle trapp (DAYDAY)R(KENNY) cause trapp is a hand full and all the fans love him and he is very funny i know kenny would bottom for trapp cause he is super sexyyyyyy. scotty threw trapp under bus when trapp was sucking his dick he ask him how it feel scotty said gay but when scotty ask trapp did he like how he was sucking his dick trapp said it's cool not throwing him under the bus. so that's the realness with trapp keep it real trapp. Jun 6, 2017
gigante2 & we all thought Shaun would be da freakier one of da two...but Scotty is da dayuum star!!! Scotty be funny af, but always delivers....Trapp was a good addition, but now Shaun gonna have to catch up when he gets i see a Shaun, Scotty, & Trapp 3way on da horizon (yea, Scotty in da middle of his 2 bruhs,,,lol).....jus a thought......nice vid Mike....thanx Jun 6, 2017
texasbugg Damm i would love to put my nose down there when trapp be spreading his legs he reminds me of a boi dog in heat i know he carrys that smell that only real thugs have a very sexyyyyyyyyy smell it's not a funky smell a lot of thugs have it to let u know they r always in heat that is why trapp always got his legs open someone else have told him how sexyyyyyyyy he looks when he has his legs open. keep them legs open trapp. Jun 4, 2017
Nameloc Best scene hands down! The comedic tone definitely added to the scene! I would love to see them go further together and explore more of each other. Trapp is an amazing addition to BBA! Trapp and Scotty...Make that money don't let it make you! lol Jun 4, 2017
1luvme2u Trapp is going to be as popular as Apollo. Apollo, Isaiah, and Trapp would be off the chain. Jun 3, 2017
romack767 I have really fallen for Scotty. I love this vid Trapp is hot as hell but I gotta see Scotty give his love to Shaun. That will be video of the year. But these two are good together. Jun 2, 2017
Terrenceworld Can Scotty just bottom pls Jun 1, 2017
robertja I think BBA found a new star in Trapp. He gives you looks tats body dick and ass. I would love to see Trapp team up with Apollo. Trapp is a Hot Man with a hot voice. Jun 1, 2017
texasbugg Every day i got to watch this cause trapp is one of those 100000/00 thugs that is so fucking real he can suck a dick and still have that thug look. scotty be faking when trapp ask him how it feels he said gay he is a damm lie when trapp was laying on the bed and scotty was standing up fucking trapp in the mouth it was feeling so good he miss trapp mouth two times trapp made scotty melt like a stick of butter. they r down low lovers and it's cool trapp babyboi u take the lead. Jun 1, 2017
texasbugg l would love to see trapp be the first to fuck ross i think he would do it cause he needs that paper. think about that mike cause all the fans have fell in love with trapp. May 30, 2017
supreme Scotty has become a star with his own brand....can't wait to see the rest of his evolution. His head game is on point and I am sure he will bottom with the best of them ...this was a 4 star/ nutt scene !!! May 30, 2017
blooper7 Super hot except no ass play at all. Not even a slap... Wassup with that? Scotty never disappoints. Can't get enough. Time to take him to the next level. May 28, 2017
adriel I too like me some trapp I love his sexy ass with the dreads bring in a few cute young bottoms for this sexy ass nigga I bet you sparks will fly May 26, 2017
texasbugg DAMM TRAPP babyboi everytime i see u with that leg up i got to get a nut. man look u r just a part of the newbreed babyboi i rather see u make that paper doing this than out there robbing people that's why i cut for u so much man u r so got damm fine and sexyyyyyyyyy. i am in love with u and mike will give u some more work cause mike knows he got a goldmine on his hand with u. t.u. trapp for making this scene so hottttttttttttttt cause u did and the fans love u. May 26, 2017
rozayy90 I don't know what it is but it's just something that I LOVE about Scotty. I wouldn't even mind watching him fuck a girl (hint, hint). May 25, 2017
texasbugg Damm Trapp really got a body that was blessed by the GODS he got me hook cause he is very smart he knows how to pull in the fans he loves to put that leg up so that the fans can halfway see his asshole i know he got a asshole that should be in a picture frame.that thug is super sexyyyyyyyy another (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) trapp please be the one who fuck scotty all the fans want it and believe me mike listen to the fans cause that's how he makes his paper. May 25, 2017
blkgold559 My first vote would be for a scene where Scotty bottoms...but my next vote would be a scene where Shaun comes home, because he's in jail right now, and is like Scotty for sending me all that commissary man take my booty. <- That's def a very close second for me!!! I originally joined the site for Freaky J, I stayed for Bandit, who has been MIA, but now I'm obsessed with this Scotty, Shaun, and now Trapp saga! May 25, 2017
ant095 Scotty is sexy with a wet mouth🤤 May 25, 2017
chgohydepar1 tonight marks the 7th time I've come to this video...damn! Michael, work yo magic --you know what I mean. this was sizzling. trapp is the shit. May 25, 2017
jujan35 Scotty brought you a good one I would like to see who else Scotty got that he want to do scenes with. Mike if I was you I would continue letting Scotty bring his own partner to do scene with he knows how to pick them. May 24, 2017
CL05ETFR3AK Mmm, mmm, mmm all I can say is Shaun has no choice now when he comes back but to give up that booty! Scotty done surpassed him.......waaaayyyy surpassed him! May 23, 2017
mrwhitley1 Trapp outdid Scotty and Shaun, he came like he was trying to get bills paid👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. Sucked his bros dick like a pro. Scotty gotta stop this wack lazy shit, this the last time I can take it. Shaun and Trapp should do a video together to bring them closer, or all of them do a threesome. Scotty has to start kissing forreal as well. 😑 May 23, 2017
Blackjarhead definitely hot! please keep these two big dicks together can do it! May 23, 2017
ali1275 we need blake bishop for scotty, and rico for trapp that would be hotttt!!!! Think about it perfect two pairings to take these two to the next level May 23, 2017
texasbugg when trapp and scotty r jacking each others dicks and trapp tells scotty to think about the stories they tell in jail and trapp start telling scotty about the girl letting him rub baby oil on her (TIME MARK 2407) that's when trapp start pushing the sheet off of him and he spread his legs apart mike got a good shot where his asshole is mike is a pro he do not miss nothing cause was doing that for the fans to see trapp is not dumb. and he damm show is not gay he is just a freak that wants paper. May 23, 2017
jaydee4071 scotty is the shit.... really want to see him take it May 22, 2017
downtofuck damn and trapp wanted that nut in his mouth.. he's a fuckin keeper May 22, 2017
downtofuck I loveee trapp!!! he was trying to make his dick sucking feel good to scotty he careeeesssss I love him more of him like this week May 22, 2017
clever123 Loving Scotty he is turning a page in his life from fear to enjoyment to oh hell what did I just do. Loving this production. May 22, 2017
texasbugg mike i will try and teach u a lil about jail house hook ups cause i've been locked up before. mike it is hard to pull apart a jail house bond and that's what i see (SCOTTY/TRAPP) have mike please do not break them up mike u will make more money off of them two paired together cause they r keeping what they have on the (DOWN LOW) a lot of fans see it this being 2017 it is not being gay it's being 2017 freaks. mike trapp will only fuck scotty . May 22, 2017
cocopop @lilron2, I'm with you on that, Trapp know he got some dick suck n skills like you I don't believe its his first time. Hell he put Scotty to shame, lick n the head, the shaft. Now that lip smacking was getting on my nerves. That guy gotta body on him, and that big ass. Yea Mike, we want to see more of him. May 21, 2017
texasbugg This sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy thug pick the right name for himself (MR TRAPP) cause he has me under his spell i can not stop busting on his body. i do not want to see him go back to jail mike please give this sexyyyyyyyyyy thug all the work he can handle cause he is (TOO HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT TO HANDLE) @ (TOO COLD TO HOLD) i feel in my gut he will only fuck scotty. cause they r both on each other i see they r in love when trapp was watching his dick go in and out of scotty pink lips he was melting like butter. May 21, 2017
lilron2 .....Damn Mike! This scene was totally hot! I would love to see Scotty get that hairy hole banged real good. Loved the interaction between him and Trapp. Trapp is so sexy, love his style. That boy can suck some dick too (I don't believe it was his first time) I wish there was some ass eating and I would have loved to see Trapp's hole. Please bring them both back soon for an all out flip flop scene. May 21, 2017
Godfather07 Scotty is always very hot and Trapp is very hot as well. This could have been a very hot scene but no passion on the part of Scotty or Trapp. Mike why no tongue kissing just pecking and why not ass eating or at least looking at Trapp's asshole. Tell them stop being silly and get into the acting role. Mike we must see them together again both are sexy men I can't get enough of them please bring them back together again HOT HOT HOT May 21, 2017
damarcus Trapp is sexy af and has a really good personality. I like them together; they have good chemistry. Both are funny and sexy at the same time... bring them back to push their boundaries! May 21, 2017
Nonchalant24 Trapp will be willing to do a lot more without all the silliness that Scotty does. Trapp isn't the best looking but he has a decent body and big ass. Pair Trapp with Saint or maybe have him with one of the submissive bottoms on here so he can take control. He has a big dick so you might get him to fuck someone. May 21, 2017
Geminity23 I thought this was an awesome production. Trapp is a natural. Perhaps, he has done this before as he appeared to be very comfortable. Michael, I believe you could have pushed them to do a little more because you can be very persuasive. Or maybe that's how you keep us tuned in by giving us just a little at a time so that we will continue to come back for more. Smart man! Please bring Trapp and Scotty back ASAP. May 21, 2017
jardonm The best part was when Scotty started sucking and Trapp was all concerned for him May 21, 2017
Dougie1234 One thing about Scotty is he has that very hairy private place on a straight man, and giving that up to someone will be a BBA moment. May 21, 2017
GetDatShit michael u kno what I'm wishin to see trapp and scotty fuck each other! I cant stop watchin this scene its fuckin hot ass fuck michael! May 21, 2017
Dougie1234 Hoping you, Mike, or someone very good, take Scotty's cherry with great camera work, and slow, meditative love-making. May 21, 2017
jdunbar9 This video was sexy, and I LOVE that Scotty took initiative. Hope to see more of these two paired together. May 21, 2017
crazy14u Trapp sexy asf have to see more of him. May 21, 2017
Misterty This scene was everything Trapp is Sexy af hopefully there is more coming from him. Scotty is ready to take dick now Mike bring them both back so Trapp can give Scotty some dick. Real talk they both were into each other wonder have they ever messed around before May 20, 2017
jujan35 I think you should bring Trapp back he is all too eager to mess around, he loved playing with Scotty dick and sucking it as you can tell that wasn't his first time sucking dick. Mike bring him back with the right one I think you can get a lot more out of him use your imagination. May 20, 2017
jujan35 It good to see how Scotty has open up a little bit more. I like to see more of him, even if he keep bring people he want to do scenes with. This was a good one he chose to do a scene with, Trapp was all too willing to do anything. I think you should bring Trapp back and pair him with Rico, I think Rico can really make him open up more I don't think this is Trapp first time messing with men. May 20, 2017
room121 Michael you did it again…you filmed another masterpiece! This video was mouthwateringly delicious, arousing, and funny as hell! Scotty was authentically charming, funny and his enormous yellow dick spoke in tongues! His homeboy Trapp had a good head game and made my dick pop up when I heard him “moaning” in the video as he serviced Scotty’s gigantic cock. Again, awesome BBA video and I hope both guys come back!! May 20, 2017
pimusique Michael, Trapp is good. I like him. He know how to create a scene. Please put him with someone that is not silly. May 20, 2017
Rod1198 Trapp did this before....we want more of him May 20, 2017
Littlehomie I will never understand how Scotty was on brick while sucking Mike's dick but could barely stay on hard while with this good looking brother here May 20, 2017
texasbugg Scotty said he and Trapp need that money i believe that. now scotty met him in jail true is it only me who see it trapp got the looks like Shaun got a fatttttttttttttttt ass like shaun trapp is more handsome than shaun i believed also that trapp and shaun don't like one another cause they r both in love with scotty. and trapp will be back cause he said he face 3 years in jail so mike please let handsome and sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fine asssssssssssss trapp fuck somebody with that big fat ass dick May 20, 2017
Perriason It's about time for Scotty to give up the D or take the D. Preferably take it. Make these folks earn their pay since they say money is what is making them come back. Scotty did nothing new here. Trapp cute like his personality, but he's done this before in his regular life. May 20, 2017
jowilf With 142 likes in less than 24hrs. ... I can tell that SCOTTY has a good fan following.. RICO PRUITT-APOLLO (THE APOLLO EXPERIENCE PART TWO) with 188 is within reach..
TRAPP is a good catch..
Great job Michael!
May 20, 2017
downtofuck I like that Scotty getting used to sucking dick now! keep em coming! and Trapp was sexy that boy know how to suck dick and he was licking .. next time cum in his mouth.. hmm or some ass playing and licking May 20, 2017
Docteur It is time for Scotty to get fucked. He has now been with Shaun, Saint, you Michael and now Trapp. Pair him with a real man that can wear that ass out. All of this silly giggling is a turn off. Since they brag about being paid so handsomely, have them kiss more convincingly. Let Stylez and Bandit have a threesome with Scotty, all getting fucked and sucked by one another, no holds barred. May 20, 2017
Taytay I loved this scene! Fucking HOT. Mike, if you really want to bring him out, put Scotty with a full bottom like Spice, Diego, Kody or my boy Blake because they gone suck that dick right and really turn him on. Then, he gone wanna fuck the hell out of them. But overall, this was good and Trapp was doing good sucking dick. Shit I would even love to see him suck Bandit or Apollos dick!!! I would lose it LOL May 20, 2017
pisces586 I have nutted 5 times to this scene already. Fucking hott May 20, 2017
whyatt12 I'm not usually into these scenes with Scotty.....but this one was pretty hot! Trapp make sure you bring your ass back for more fun. Trapp got that deep sexy voice and that nice ass. Bring back Trapp May 20, 2017
mccane68 I love trapp! You must get him and scotty to do another video.... Please! May 20, 2017
GetDatShit hellll yeah michael this scene was amazin scotty and the newcomer trapp did their thang I hope to see more of them esp scotty suckin dick omgg and I love the curly hair on scotty I hope he keeps that hair cut! awesome scene ! May 20, 2017
texasbugg mike u really got me on this one. i was at work when i pulled up the new weekly BBA, when i saw scotty and this hott new thug trapp i had to put it on pause i was thinking scotty is going to get fuck so i stop off to buy a bottle of (GOLDSCHLAGER) with the gold flakes, had my smoke on then push play i was ready to watch scotty get fucked i waited never happen. mike it is time for scotty to get fucked. i just feel trapp fucked him already cause i know how they do it in jail. May 20, 2017
GetDatShit this guy scotty he is so hot and I enjoy bba a lot michael you have the best quality videos and cast ! but that scotty omg I think he is fuckin sexy ass fuck and since u and him did that scene of him suck in u I just hope he sucks this homie trapp I just started watchin it so lets see! May 20, 2017
oxigyne Scotty needs to stop playing and just go all the way... May 20, 2017
illtown22 Excellent work everybody!!!! 10's across the board. Real talk Scotty its time for you to get fucd now and I mean good. Mike put Blake on the case and fuc all those giggles out of him. I'll wait. Did Shaun get out? Maybe him and Trapp can work out their differences? Let Scotty get jealous for a change. PS, this more than makes up for that bullshit scene you dropped last week. You know I couldnt let it slide lol. May 20, 2017
illtown22 Mike you a messy ho. This whole time I'm thinking you getting Scotty ready for Shaun and you got him out here thotting and bopping with other dudes, please and thank you. Trapp what up fambam, you got pipe and a great future behind you, preciate you taking ur training wheels off the first scene, took Scotty a fucn year to suck. May 20, 2017
pisces586 this is my favorite scene of all time. so funny, natural. contrast between light and dark, trapp is sexy as fuck. Mike this is a gold mine May 20, 2017
Wiccan107 This new dude is sexy as fuck! Damn bring him back with Saint. Love to see Saint pop dat cherry. May 19, 2017
blkgold559 Im waiting for the video where Scotty bottoms...Come on Michael set it up lol May 19, 2017
Woopshocker86 When trapp arch that was wrap for me May 19, 2017
thabang13 The dude Trapp was deff feeling it lol I'm mad we aint see that hole but I hope you get both of them back I wanna see them flip flop May 19, 2017
oxigyne Scotty should just go all the way.... May 19, 2017
mac198726 I would love to see some ass eating at least😞 May 19, 2017
Kellyboy60 Shaun is going to be MAD at Scotty... Notice how Trapp was playing with Scotty Goatee? May 19, 2017
mac198726 This did nothing for me. I didn't even get a hard on. I will just let the subscription run its course. I will buy some credits when I see some decent content with some raw passionate fucking. This was so boring, I'm too done. The laughing and not taking it seriously was a turn off. I will say something positive Trapp has a nice ass. May 19, 2017
lilmellowyellow This scene seemed okay. The models are attractive and did their job. Even though it took a long time for them to start. Michael needs to direct them to stay on task. They said that both are from the streets and been in jail. So, they know about man on man sex. Next time, I hope the playfulness will be less, and more sex is done. It's about time for Scotty to give up the ass. Trapp has one more time before he has to. Thanks to all. May 19, 2017
beatzbydre Trapp is a STAR please bring him back! May 19, 2017
mrtlg1987 I enjoyed this scene. I hope to see Trapp return. Based on how he seemed so comfortable, something tells me this either wasn't his first time being with another guy, or he's definitely more bi-curious than he let on. Trapp is someone I can see continuing to come back and possibly being paired with a hot bottom who won't be afraid to eat his ass and give him oral. Overall, a pretty good scene! May 19, 2017
j403smith We need pt 2 next right now! That was hot. Trapp has nice ass and dick. Next week them two with Scotty taking that ass. Make it happen Mike. And can we see outtakes for this one ? May 19, 2017
chgohydepar1 Two beautiful and sexy bros... I love my brothers. May 19, 2017
princetahji I think Trapp will be willing to come back and do a lot more. Put him with one of your sidekicks and let's see how far he goes. May 19, 2017
princetahji Great scene. I was intrigued from start to finish. May 19, 2017

Since Shaun is unfortunately still locked up, Scotty has been spending a lot of time with another good friend of his named Trapp, a sexy 23-year-old tattoo artist that he met in jail a few years ago, and who has become like a big brother to him ever since.

Scotty recently introduced me to Trapp and told me that they both desperately needed to make some quick cash. But was Scotty ready to teach his straight homeboy EVERYTHING he’s learned here at BBA so far?

Find out for yourself in this hilarious, unpredictable, and thoroughly entertaining "show and tell" session that pushes these two real-life straight "bros" from the 'hood out of their comfort zones and brings them closer than ever before!

See what leads to both guys saying things like "Bruh, this shit CRAZY!" and "I can't believe this is happening!" before the end of a night they'll probably never again discuss but also never forget!

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Oral-Only, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy
Details: May 19, 2017 55 min
Photo of Scotty
Photo of Trapp

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