The Straight Boy Who Gave Up His Ass (Part One)

When Suspense agreed to let me capture his experimentations with gay sex on camera, he made it clear that getting fucked was a line he refused to cross. Until his first scene with me, his asshole had never been seen, touched, or licked, let alone penetrated! And even though Suspense is far more curious and cooperative than most of the straight boys I meet, he seemed determined to protect his virginity at all costs!

But Suspense's story took an unexpected twist a few weeks after his BBA debut. When a so-called "friend" found out about Suspense's videos, he withdrew his offer of a place for Suspense to live when school let out for the summer. Suspense's first reaction was to panic and tell me he couldn't be in any more of my videos. When I suggested that by doing more videos he could earn enough money for a deposit on his own apartment, Suspense reconsidered his decision to "retire" and agreed to return for a marathon weekend of video-shoots. The only "catch" was that in order to earn such a large sum of money on such short notice, he'd have to try some of the things he'd originally refused to do!

The day after his video-shoot with Eureka (in which he'd fucked a guy for the very first time), Suspense agreed to return for a scene in which he'd take my tongue, fingers, and dildos up his virgin butt - and for a bonus reward I'd be allowed to cum in his mouth! Dick-in-ass penetration wasn't even up for negotiation - in fact, early in this very scene he swears it's something he'll never let anyone do - which only makes what happens later all the more unbelievably hot to watch!

Yes, Suspense finally GIVES UP HIS ASS and lets me capture his loss of virginity on camera!

This is the real thing, folks! Suspense isn't a "porn star" or actor. What you're seeing is truly his very first time being fucked, and his reactions to the experience might be disturbing to sensitive viewers. If the idea of "reality porn" this raw and intimate offends you, don't watch it! But if you're turned on by the idea of a broke straight boy reluctantly giving up his virgin ass in order to earn some desperately needed cash, then this is a scene you won't want to miss!

Suspense sits on my futon, all dressed up because he came to my place straight from church (which in a twisted way makes this scene even hotter!). We begin by discussing the previous day's video-shoot with Eureka, as well as Suspense's apprehensions about being penetrated for the very first time.

"I never thought it would come to this," he admits. "I just thought about it today - I'm really gonna be takin' stuff up my butt!"

Now I'd been dying to get my hands on Suspense again since our first scene together, and found myself feeling more than a little jealous while watching him have sex with Eureka. So when the action begins, I pounce on him like a parched desert traveler quenching his thirst - rubbing his hair, caressing his face, devouring his lips, and exploring his sweet mouth with my tongue.

Suspense sits between my legs, leans back, and submits to my hands as they grope every inch of his body. I slowly strip him out of his clothes and spin him around to feel up his cute teenage body and show it off to the viewers at home.

Suspense kneels over my face and stuffs his huge dick in my mouth. I tease him with a brief blowjob before instructing him to bend over so I can do what I've been dreaming about doing for weeks: getting another taste of that fresh straight-boy ass!

This is without a doubt some of the hottest and hungriest ass-eating I've filmed so far! I ravenously lick, suck, kiss, and tongue-fuck Suspense's sweet butthole in a variety of hot positions. When Suspense sits on my face and rubs his sweaty teenage ass across my nose, tongue, and chin, I get so turned on by its smell and taste that I pull out my dick and begin jacking off!

One of the scene's most memorable moments comes when I spontaneously ask Suspense to kiss me right after I've been eating his ass - and he indulges my freaky request! It's another "first" for the curious straight boy as we share an intimate kiss with the taste and smell of his own ass still hot and fresh on my face, lips, and tongue!

Soon it's time for Suspense to be penetrated for the very first time! Knowing how painful that first time can be, I let Suspense begin with his own fingers so he can take his time and adjust to the new sensations. Lying on his back, Suspense lubes himself up and slowly pushes the tip of his finger past his stubbornly tight hole....

As Suspense inserts one, then later TWO, fingers inside his virgin ass, there's a lot of heavy breathing, gasps of pain, and embarrassed laughter. When I tell him to try FUCKING himself with two fingers, he lies on his stomach and thrusts his fingers in and out of his cute butt, grimacing and groaning the entire time.

"That really does hurt!" he exclaims. "I really feel sorry for Eureka!"

"You ready for MY fingers?" I ask, impatient to explore Suspense's ass for myself.

"Please don't go crazy!" Suspense begs as I lube up my index finger.

I push the tip of my finger past his anus and watch it sink deep into the boy's guts. His asshole's fierce stranglehold on my finger only turns me on even more, and I plunge my greedy fingers in and out of the straight boy's ass while he screams helplessly into the pillow.

When I ask Suspense if anyone will ever be lucky enough to get an actual DICK up that beautiful ass, he answers with an adamant "NO!" So I decide to enjoy the next best thing and fuck him with my pink pyramid-shaped dildo. Suspense asks me to do a "count-off" as I plunge each increasingly thick level of the dildo inside him, eventually burying the entire thing deep in his ass. Suspense screams like a woman giving birth and begs me to take it out, so I slowly pull out one level at a time and get a nice close-up shot of his freshly-plundered hole.

At this point, the video-shoot takes a very unexpected turn. When the day started off, I was just thrilled that Suspense had even agreed to try fingers and dildos, and never dreamed that my DICK would be up the cute straight boy's ass by the end of the day! But when Suspense realized he couldn't handle the dildos (and kept gagging every time he thought about the idea of cum in his mouth), we had to come up with a compromise that would still help him earn the money he needed. After a lot of back-and-forth negotations off-camera, Suspense reluctantly agreed to give up his straight-boy cherry! (Something he'd sworn less than a half hour earlier he'd never let happen!).

What happens next still leaves me stunned and turned on, and no words can really do it justice....

Suspense straddles my hips and gasps in pain as he slowly lowers himself onto my dick. The pleasure of feeling my dick sinking slowly into Suspense's warm ass is overwhelming, knowing I'm the first man to plunder this straight boy's most prized and protected possession. I try to muffle Suspense's screams with kisses as I slowly raise and lower my hips, driving my dick deeper and deeper inside him....

I flip Suspense onto his stomach and fuck him faster and harder than I probably should have for his very first time. I grab the camera to get a close-up shot of my dick penetrating the beautiful brown ass which until a few minutes earlier had been strictly forbidden.

"What was I thinking?!?" he groans as my dick slams in and out of his fresh virgin ass, his cries of pain intensifying as the power and urgency of my thrusts increase.

When Suspense can't take any more, I finish things off by fucking his cute mouth instead. When Suspense nearly begins hyperventilating, I realize he's still in shock after having a dick up his ass for the very first time. After taking a few moments to comfort and calm the boy down, I shove my dick back between his weary lips, grab his head with both hands, and bury my dick as deep in his mouth as it will go.

When the day's excitement becomes too much to bear, I splatter my steamy load across Suspense's tightly clenched face. Then Suspense strokes out his own "nutt" on his chest and stomach.

As a shell-shocked Suspense cleans up in the shower, I ask him to share his reactions to the day's new adventures.

"I'm definitely not bottoming anymore, ever again!" he swears. "I don't care how small anybody's dick is. I can't do it!"

But only a week later, Suspense was back at my apartment to pick up where we left off and eat those famous last words! This video concludes with an exclusive sneak preview of "The Straight Boy Who Gave Up His Ass (Part Two)."

In "Part One," Suspense discovered how it feels to be penetrated. In "Part Two," he'll learn how it feels to GET FUCKED....

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Details: Jul 11, 2009 124 min
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