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alltrue That part where you criticized the model kinda left a bad taste toward you. That should have not been included in the video and kept between those in the room. This made the video feel creepy and umm other things negative. Especially with the dynamic backgrounds of the models and you being on a different spectrum. I as the viewer feel like something shady happened and now I view all the videos within that scope. Aug 29, 2018
bandit4true I liked Joshua as a model. The phat ass was amazing. I know that he could be frustrating to work with but once you got him going taking the dick he got into it. I love the vid when Beno fucked him good. I think in order for Joshua to enjoy being fuck you had to put him with a top or someone who love to kiss while fucking him. You can tell that when he was kissed by Beno or even Lil Tyga he was more receptive to the dick. Dec 28, 2017
jayz76 @cocopop its not meant for you to understand my criticism Nov 12, 2017
stldiscreet1 @hines1983 i totally AGREE... it's one thing to have swag & confidence and another thing to be unwarrantedly arrogant. Oct 22, 2017
hines1983 I would not have Joshua back never! Ever! Oct 8, 2017
chucke1 It's not "creepy" or "catty" to ask models to do what they're being paid very generously to do, and in this case what was agreed to well in advance of the shoot. I agree with you on that Michael! Oct 1, 2017
ThatGuy2017 I try to enjoy porn for what it is and I got this membership from liking some of the videos but you told that guy the fans didn't like him all while threatening to short his money i'm surprised he didn't fight you. When you choose as a boss to be catty you get what you get man. I still like this video better than the shaun and trapp one that was just bad Sep 30, 2017
MichaelGalletta and Jayz76: Porn is a business just like any other and I'm not going to apologize for expecting BBA's models to do the job they're being paid to do. Nobody is being "forced" to do anything. But what kind of sense would it make for me to pay a model the same high amount for him doing far less??? All while being extremely difficult and disrespectful in the process. That would be like somebody working an 8-hour shift and then demanding to be paid for working a double. GTFOH. It's not "creepy" or "catty" to ask models to do what they're being paid very generously to do, and in this case what was agreed to well in advance of the shoot.
cocopop @jayz76, Where is the "force", I'm sure models and Michael agree beforehand whether he'll suck, fuck or get fucked. It is obvious Joshua agreed to flip in this scene. Joshua from the start was a difficult model, if he chose not to go along with what he agreed, Michael was in his right to threaten to renegotiate. Bottoming for the first time whether a str8 or gay top is uncomfortable, I fail to understand your criticism. Sep 28, 2017
crazyface11 Not exactly sure where I should post this but.....THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN....Bandit is the NEW #2 most popular model! It's just a matter of time for Bandit to take #1! We already know that it's coming =) =) =) Sep 26, 2017
wallydaddy Thanks Michael..... I will take this.... Lil Tyga always been one of my favs.... his style and well... he just turns me on. Joshua is sexi as hell and that big dick and ass turns a brother on too.... I luv seeing some good sukin on both and see that Joshua just couldnt and wouldnt take it.... too bad. The worst part was not really gettin to see either shoot those nuts off... At least you kept the price down so I like this.... Now ... if you got anymore early Lil Tyga in storage let it Sep 25, 2017
jayz76 I'm sorry @Michael but you sounded like a real creep threatening to renegotiate the money cause he didn't want to get fucked! You shouldn't force anyone to do what they're not comfortable with. Sep 23, 2017
Myke81 Mike you said it in the video and was right on, I never liked this dude. Joshua, Dre and Legacy never need to return. I don't need a bonus video with the dudes either. Sep 23, 2017
cocopop After recognizing Joshua, then watching the video, I realized why I didn't care for him. He makes Zadian and Shuan seem like choir boys. Then watching the younger, slender Tyga who had that sex appeal working. I've always loved the way he allows himself to enjoy sex, both bottoming and topping. Sep 22, 2017

We're digging deep into the archives this weekend for this special bonus footage from one of Lil Tyga's earliest and previously unreleased scenes.

It features none other than Joshua aka Mr. "Cakes On Deck" himself, who (fun fact) Lil Tyga briefly dated before going on to become one of BBA's most popular and iconic stars.

Unfortunately, this was one of those scenes that started off with a lot of potential, but ultimately failed to turn out like I'd hoped and expected. Let's just say Joshua's ego was even bigger than his notoriously spectacular ass, and this shoot abruptly ended in a heated argument and me almost calling the cops!

The video-shoot still has its fair share of hot moments, however, so I've finally decided to share this "lost" footage with those of you who want to witness for yourselves what went down when Joshua and Lil Tyga agreed to give us an intimate peek into their private bedroom....

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Details: Sep 22, 2017 38 min
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Lil Tyga

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