Too Big For Bandit?

emiliano69 My two favorites with their sexy asses. Manny put it on Bandit frfr.

Jun 12, 2023
loverboy02 Well damn‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Jan 29, 2022
MrBrown19942 Listen, the way Manny deep throats a dick, is an inspiration to me. Lmao. I aspire, to be able to deep throat like this. This video is hot as fuck, for sure! 🙌🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Mar 18, 2021
MrBrown19942 Damn, I’m revisiting this scene (again). Bandit and Manny are in my top 5 (favorites), here on BBA. 🙌🏿🔥🔥 Feb 16, 2021
MrBrown19942 This scene is amazing, actually! 🙌🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Feb 11, 2021
MarkDC this was kinda boring! May 24, 2020
kingcee92 I just wish we got to see HOW Manny ended up pounding Bandit at the end. He was slow stroking then BOOM! That surprise almost made me cum prematurely lol. Still hot scene tho 😩♥️ Oct 20, 2019
emiliano69 i just noticed luh redd in this dream threesome...add tyga and make it a foursome Mar 25, 2019
pilsener BANDIT is hot as fuck! Love his moaning. I agree that he seems to only be in pain, but I'd rather he be real and struggle in pain than fake like he's liking it! Fake scenes are a huge turn off for me, more so than anything else, and that is one of the reasons I love BBA - 90%+ of their shit is REAL! Dec 31, 2018
Wiccan107 This video is so hot! Bandit took that big cock. Manny serves it very well. Both are cute as fuck and have great chemistry. Love it. Let's see Manny take some dick! Mar 4, 2018
texasbugg DAMM SIR BANDIT i can't wait for u/trapp to meet i know it's coming cause two sexy hott thugs /both u/trapp r the kind of freaks that (RICK JAMES) was singing about in his song (SUPER FREAK) the kind u don't take home to mother i will have my mix drink plus i will do something i don't like doing smoking loud weed it's too strong but i will smoke it for that scene i really hope the haters take a break that night and put their hating pens away two sexy thugs on each others back hott bandit vs trapp. Feb 27, 2018
texasbugg BANDIT i wish all thugs would watch how u handle the haters don't give a fuck what they say cause bandit no one is putting a gun to their head and make them watch it they don't like the scene move around wait on the next scene the next that's how they run a thug off then they ask mike when is so/so coming back bandit they have one hater every scene they have something bad to say if i don't like a scene i will wait on the next one all these thugs r human with feelings wake up haters stop hating. Feb 27, 2018
cocopop In the end Bandit took that fat ass dick of Manny better than Apollo did in the New Years's scene. That's a thick dick. Feb 26, 2018
texasbugg BANDIT i now understand why u said some fans r ungreatful i love your work them r some big dicks that be going in your diamond size asshole what some fans fail to see your asshole is not busted open tight as hell i love the moaning that is what makes it hott the pain if it hurts it hurts that show that u r not faking it bandit do your thing bro i love all your work l need u to quiet the haters please do something with trapp he is coming bandit u have saw his work he got haters on his back like u. Feb 22, 2018
lonzo69 Bandit if you gonna take dick, take it and for goodness sakes act like you at least like it!.. Every video you look like you in pain not pleasure. It’s like look at how much pain I can endure for money. Nothing worse than a lazy bottom laying there with their arms crossed like a bump on a log or just a butthole in bed. Feb 16, 2018
mdcarmichael I’ll vote for a Manny/Kayden pairing! Feb 3, 2018
texasbugg MANNY KILLA damm he should fuck (KAYDEN) damm them two would look good together mike u never had kayden get fuck by a thug only by other gay thugs mike when is kayden coming back ? damm he was sexy as fuck i still go back and bust a 3 mins nutt to him fucking lil redd damm that lil boi is sexy him/lil redd was feelin each other mike i know l write a lot i smoke wee- everyday that's why i love bba u let a member say what's on their mind this is great and t.u again we want kayden back please. Jan 30, 2018
SanFran12 This video clip is alright. Jan 28, 2018
mdcarmichael Manny SWALLOWS all of Bandit’s long dick several times. I love the sound when he takes it to the root! Jan 27, 2018
cocopop Only one other str8 for pay model mastered being turned on so while sucking dick, beats his own dick off, that was thick Rico. Rico even beat his while Saint was fucking him, Hot. Jan 17, 2018
atl2011 I like both of these models, but this scene didn't do it for me. Bandit seemed to be in pain the whole time. That's okay in the beginning, but it would have been nice to see him get used to the dick and start enjoying it. It was sort of uncomfortable watching him be uncomfortable. Jan 14, 2018
Ticki I hope Bandit fucks Manny one of these days that would be too hot Jan 5, 2018
jaydee4071 manny and scotty flipping thats all i can think about now lol ... but this is a hot scene too ... bandit is one of my favorite specially when he's bottoming and is into it Jan 3, 2018
mehh I love Bandit. Gorgeous. Jan 1, 2018
geechieboi89 Damn two sexy ass dudes Dec 30, 2017
TOMMYM Someone needs to teach Trapp how to kiss. He act like he kissing his grandma. Dec 28, 2017
blackkey The top is great, of course, but although I am not a fan of rough sex, I think he is too merciful with the bottom. Yeah, the cock is big, but tell me that bitch cannot take it to the balls, ride it, etc. Dec 26, 2017
hines1983 Bandit needs to take more big dicks!!! Dec 25, 2017
freak0233 Manny should be paired with Diego. Dec 24, 2017
cam3121 This scene was as hot as I thought it would be. Bandit did his thing handling that amazing dick of Manny's. And my man Manny is a BEAST and he's one of my new favorites on BBA and he handled that ass real good! And they both did a kick ass job sucking each other's massive dicks! My God that was sizzling alone! I loved this film! Dec 21, 2017
crazyface11 what is with Bandit and his obsession of covering his hair?! He looks SO much better with it off! 1 complaint: I personally like the scenes better when we see them meet for the 1st time. Those show the real genuine first impressions of how attracted they are! But, it was still a great scene! I love the idea of putting Bandit with true bisexual/gay models, because they are the ones that truly enjoy how amazingly sexy Bandit is!!! Whenever I see Bandit in a scene, I'm literally like TAKE MY MONEY! Dec 21, 2017
CL05ETFR3AK Wow....there has to be a part two Michael... has to be! Kudos on the ass & feet shots... (we never got the close ups with the "Cheerleader & the Track Star") but very good scene. Dec 20, 2017
KodyFan I must say, this latest update to the site was a sizzler!! My baby Bandit is just putting in MAN'S work! Loved the pacing, the sizzle between Manny & Bandit & of course, Bandit moaning on another BBD! If he doesn't watch it, he might start to crave it!! Lol!! Great ass shots, feet shots, and facial expressions! Lighting seemed a tad off but couldn't detract from the incredible action. Loved hearing Bandit say it felt good getting his dick sucked, he so rarely expresses. Another BBA classic, and what a stocking "stuffer"!! Lol! Thnx Mike!! Dec 20, 2017
Black37 Pretty decent scene. That looks like Luh Redd in the beginning. Did this happen the same weekend? I give it a B since Bandit couldn't take the dick. His best scenes are still with Saint & Isaiah. This wasn't quite the ultimate explosion it could have been. Like someone else said, we need a new #1 vs #2 Apollo/Bandit scene. We also need a Saint smashes Trapp scene. C'mon Mike give us our Christmas gifts. Lol ... Oh and Manny/Freaky J. Lil bro takes down big bro. They look more alike to me. Dec 19, 2017
StonedMountain Funny. Now Bandit knows the agony HE puts guys through. ;-) Manny had him bellowing like a calf at midnight. Manny is a special challenge. Dec 19, 2017
faulknerfan Bandit and Manny’s spectacular new scene shook my masturbachair so thoroughly it shot beyond the normal Dickter scale and broke my wankmograph. Wow! Two spectacularly beautiful non-fem men getting it on and holding nothing back. This is Michael Galletta at his very best. You already know I love Bandit’s gorgeous, wiry musculature, and newcomer Manny is equally fantastic, especially his perfect skin, thick dick and magnificent ass. This kind of scene is what makes BBA far and away the standard to which all other porn sites should aspire. Congratulations on a thoroughly wonderful effort by you and Bandit and Manny. Dec 19, 2017
blksung OMG!!!! I am really feeling Bandit right now, bro! I'm glad he stuck around and is still doing work with the site. I melt whenever he bottoms. Dec 18, 2017
Coolrod Bandit needs to get his revenge real soon! Dec 18, 2017
Coolrod I hope you paid Bandit some big money! So when the hell is this "Manny Killa" gonna take some dick? He is NOT a top with his feminine mannerisms! This scene was not cool at all! Smh! Dec 18, 2017
kapukan2 Hot! Great scene. The only thing I would say is I wish they were more verbal. They were very quiet. Dec 18, 2017
texasbugg I said awhile ago that if manny killa meet bandit he will make bandit melt like a stick of butter. now my xmas wish is to see trapp dance with his feet off the ground now trapp/manny killa will be (COFFEE/CREAM) i can't push for manny killa getting fucked right now in (2018) he just a pro at fucking he makes the other thug enjoy the feelin cause when he went deeper in bandit the pain stopped i watched bandit eyes when he opened/closed them that's when manny killa hit that spot that'sthugfuckingthug Dec 18, 2017
terbernt Bandit, paid in full without reading the description. You knew. Dec 18, 2017
Docteur Bandit and Manny Killa, great pairing on many levels, but Bandit needed to eat Manny's ass and fuck him back. Bandit can truly say he is a power bottom and power top and great dick sucker all rolled into one now. He has taken three large dicks in order of size: Manny Killa, Blake Bishop and Isaiah.
Now to get Bandit and Apollo together, #1 and #2 on BBA would be a treat.
Dec 18, 2017
simplett its time to c manny killa get fucked its about that time Dec 17, 2017
kingd02 CANT WAIT FOR BANDITS REVENGE!! Dec 17, 2017
texasbugg THIS will be a bba masterpiece these two r so sexy together two red sexyyyyy young thugs i really love bandit cause his thugness makes being a thug cool again he don't let his pride get in his way l really hope trapp get under bandit wing to show trapp that u can get fucked and still be a thug manny killa was fucking bandit like he has knew him for years damm this was super hotttt i'm out of cum i don't even have precum left now manny killa must take down trapp most likely new year's 2018 right mike? Dec 17, 2017
cash121 You have outdone yourself Mike... AWESOME scene! Worth the wait! Dec 17, 2017
mrwhitley1 I kinda saw this lukewarm shoot coming, Bandit is too Kool, not the most creative in the bedroom. Manny comes to work, and does Bandit, but he’s so chill, not the best match.
Bandit with Blake was the best he’d done because Blake tries so hard and his next ok shoot was with Mike. So better individually not together.
Dec 17, 2017
texasbugg I love the start of the scene i was feelin cause i smoke my w_ed before l fuck so when i saw that i knew this was going to be super hottttttt bandit u r still all thug bro do u bro u r who u r haters must hate to be haters i can't stop busting damm (CALLING ALL THUGS TO WATCH THIS) this is real nasty thug fucking damm thugs look so hot fucking damm trapp i hope manny killa make nice/slow love to your royal asshole then manny killa ask u trapp can i go deeper trapp thugsfuckbythethugcode. Dec 17, 2017
juan2424 Bandit can maintain excellent eye contact , and that makes him more sexy. Dec 17, 2017
texasbugg Mike this was a 20 not a 10 that kiss whammm that's why i love seeing two thugs kiss they kiss hard/nasty that will make your dick get hard they made me melt like a stick of butter manny killa was all the way up inside of bandit's 18kt gold asshole and bandit was loving the feelin damm a thug will make love to that hole trapp damm i hope manny killa will make luv to your (ROYAL ASSHOLE) trapp u r a prince u need another prince to make luv to your royal asshole (yourroyal badnessmannykilla). Dec 17, 2017
Damon7 ~ The lighting was atypically poor in this video. It put me off. I'm still patiently waiting for this site to get back on track. It used to be sooo good. Dec 17, 2017
texasbugg NOW this will tell u that (BANDIT) is 10000% pure hardcore thug when u see two thugs fucking they will fuck from the written thug code the top thug will fuck the bottom thug nice/slow and the top will ask the bottom can he go deeper and after he go deeper then u know he feels good top start fucking the bottom thug hard mike u got gold with manny killa damm trapp i hope u r watching this scene and manny killa is the thug that fuck u damm a xmas wish from(TEXASBUGG) MERRYXMASMIKE. Dec 17, 2017
lionel555 Simply beautiful... both of of the best, thank you. Dec 17, 2017
room121 Michael – Damn…OMG! What an explosive model combination!! One guy has dick length (Bandit) while the other has dick girth (Manny). I can’t tell you how many nuts I’ve busted from watching this exquisite sex romp. No doubt, another BBA masterpiece. Manny’s dick size is impressive and Bandit takes dick like a champ. I could watch these two fuck for hours. You really up the ante on this one. Bravo!! Dec 17, 2017
romack767 OMG this is the ultimate. Michael Bandit has to fuck Manny Killa they have a damn good chemistry. Bandit is deserving of all his props. I would love to see those two reconnect with Manny giving it up for the first time. Manny Killa is also a natural he should have been before the camera. He's awesome I think this is the years best. Please let there be a part 2 they just seem so natural Dec 17, 2017
meeko i love watching Bandit get stuffed! he likes dick so much now! very proud of him lol Dec 17, 2017
ImKenzo Hot scene not boring like the trackstar and cheerleader scene Dec 17, 2017

With their similarly slim, athletic bodies, smooth honey-brown skin, and of course their BIG DICKS, pairing sexy newcomer Manny Killa with Bandit was pretty much a "no-brainer" from the start. Some viewers have even said they look like they could be brothers, and jokingly warned Bandit to watch his back because Manny is clearly coming for his crown.

My only hesitation in putting these two together was whether Manny's THICK nine-inch dick would be "too big for Bandit." Now that he's had a few "bottoming" scenes under his belt, was the quietly sexy straight boy from the 'hood brave enough to take on the challenge of his BIGGEST DICK yet?!?

Regardless of the answer to that question, my dick was rock-hard in anticipation of watching him try!

There's an obvious sexual attraction when Manny Killa meets Bandit for the very first time, and the nervous energy and flirtation between them as they smoke and drink and show each other funny videos on their phones is both cute and amusing to watch.

"I'm gonna have to show you how BBA get down!" Bandit shyly teases our promising new star when they return to the hotel room late at night.

Don't miss Bandit's hilarious and unscripted reaction when he finally gets his first good look at the intimidating tree trunk between Manny's smooth, skinny legs.

"That dick big as hell, man!" Bandit exclaims, shaking his head in dismayed disbelief and shooting a "we gonna fight later" scowl in my direction.

Enjoy a front-row seat for this intimate late-night encounter between two of BBA's most strikingly attractive and sexy young stars, and savor the thrilling sight - almost unthinkable not long ago - of Bandit sprawled naked across the bed, grunting and cursing and moaning as his cute little muscle-butt gets pried open and plundered RAW by his BIGGEST DICK yet!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Dec 17, 2017 43 min
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Manny Killa

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