A King's Welcome

thedialectic I love the suck-to-completion ! Def a nice alternative to seeing Bandit jack off to finish. Best part is that he didn't tell him. We need more suck-to-completions. Especially when y'all are testing the g4p guys! Oct 12, 2022
MichaelGalletta I completely agree, this is something we don't feature often enough. In fact, this might be the only time we've ever tried this? We will definitely try to do more of this in the future. Thanks.
pilsener BANDIT is always fuckin sexy, and the idea of blowing him in the car was cool! Only wish we could have had a better shot of him nuttin' Dec 31, 2018
supreme 3 and a half out of five nuts ... Jul 1, 2018
luscious If King Ant and Bandit fucked.. . that wud be an epic video..... King Ant needs to do a vers scene with either Bandit, Blake or Rico Jun 10, 2018
Terrenceworld i can not wait until they fuck May 24, 2018
texasbugg FOR one i'm a sex freak like mike so i can think lil mike mike is a long way from a fool the last thug to have a big welcome like this was trapp mike will bring trapp/king ant together he is very smart he has builded bba on trust plus love of his members u all just let mike work his majic he has prove to us over/over that if it's not what some of us like he will come back stronger the next week trapp is a money maker so is bandit/manny killa/king ant they will all meet up it's coming ifeelit. May 19, 2018
BlueBunny OMG THIS NIGGA SEXY ASF 🀀🀀 May 19, 2018
downtofuck His little booty ass is sexy as fuck... Him and Manny Killa are the sexiest ones and they need to fuckkkkkkkkkk May 19, 2018
oneluvme2u Just had a thought. King Ant would pair perfect with Trapp. OMG!! May 19, 2018
jowilf I guess the most likely to be topped in the next scene will be BANDIT.. Since KING ANT is a "top".. May 19, 2018
CL05ETFR3AK I believe just like Manny this guy secretly likes bottoming, because he sucked the hell out of Bandit's dick and had that perfect arch and that fuck ready pose while laying on his stomach. Mike if its Bandit to take the "V" ?? Let it be soooooooooo!!!!! HmmmMmmmm this boy is prime I feel some of Rico from him as well, they did a good job yo πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ May 19, 2018
kidon7000 Mike I think this is the first time I have looked at the comments and have not seen one negative comment. Damn you guys made the right decision with this guy. This shit is so surreal. Again great job on securing this guy. May 18, 2018
cam3121 This wasn't bad. King Ant is promising and since he's a top and he sucks dick, I'm very impressed. If Bandit is with him for his gay porn debut, I hope Bandit goes down on that big whopper in King Ant's pants too. Let's see where this goes. May 18, 2018
donof05 Bandit no Nicki or Cardi? lol May 18, 2018
six6mile What is his IG name? May 18, 2018
princexxchar πŸ”₯jus amazing, got damnnnn. with all these comments i can see we all feel the same exact way! Mike you is the man. fuck all that backlash with no timely updates, cause when we do get it finally, this happens! πŸ”₯ with more to come! Saturday can not come quicker! May 18, 2018
izaite i never even comment but good lord those two together are just too damn sexy. please let it be a flip flop. May 18, 2018
crazyface11 Love the idea of pairing new models with Bandit - the #1 model welcoming the rookies! I also love how Bandit talks about how you guys listen to your fans as best you can! For example, I LOVED how this felt way more unscripted than the casino scene!! The couch interview is true BBA =). And speaking of listening to fans - I miss Isaiah!! And I've been waiting for a straight "natural habitat" scene for Bandit for forever!!!! May 17, 2018
pt98898 This is a great teaser King Ant is beyond phine flawless body ten plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bandit is phine as fuck. Michael I wish you had use Ten Plus Phine ass Nigga Manny Killa. I would love to see Manny Killa fuck the shit out of King Ant's Gorgeous virgin ass. May 17, 2018
iamme2 MICHAELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have followed him on Instagram for the longest and have many fantasies about his lil sexy ass. Now I finally get to see. lol. That dick and ass did not disappoint. He is so fucking sexy omg. May 17, 2018
Godfather07 I really like this new guy he is sexy look forward to seeing him in the future I do wish ya'll would find some guys that are thick too, the reason I am commenting is because of Bandit the older he gets the finer he gets, he is looking good but he need to stop biting his nails but he has finally come out of his shell and he is talking, out going he looks great and sounds great. This was a great teaser look forward to the weekend. May 17, 2018
akaladd First oral only scene I ever watched all the way through. Can hardly wait to see what comes next. King Ant does have pretty feet , dat ass tho! Bandit still number one even with the cap on. May 17, 2018
texasbugg @Sanfran12 damm guy u never once have anything good to say about a scene everything u say is bad damm i know u have a right to say what u want but damm u never say anything good about the scenes can u go one time damm this is king ant first scene u don't give him a break i really think u was planted by another porn company to say bad reviews u can't even find something they did wrong u need a thug in your life cause u r one unhappy person who takes the joy from others. May 17, 2018
Littleboy60 I am reserving my comments to this weekend.. BUT i would say this. I have never seen Bandit BUST A NUTT in anyone mouth! So i rest my case until someone prove me wrong... King Ant you better make your crown proud this weekend May 17, 2018
SanFran12 Boring. Nice looking performers but bad video clip. It didn't start getting good until the last 32nd minute of a 34 minute video. I guess if you're a dick-queen some of this video is good. Hope next time, they put these performers on a big bed and just have foreplay and sex. All the talking, rap, and car sex -- no. You are not here for rap right now. You are doing gay porn, so do that and make a good porn video. What a waste of talent on these two nice looking performers. Good grief. May 17, 2018
markus2424 Damn. King fyn as fuk. Tight body. Nice face. Sexy looking HANDS and FEET. And that bubble ass! Plus, the nikka is earthly. I mean, he sat on the couch cross-legged and sockless. That's hot. Now, we gotta wait 3 days to see him git down, lol? That ain't fair. Btw, Bandit is ALWAYS hot. Always. May 17, 2018
thuglover Bandit and King Ant are definitely on their way to being #1 & #2!!! I can't wait to see a flip flop scene between these two πŸ”₯er than the β˜€οΈ Bandit is my favorite model, along with Blake, Killa Manny, but King Ant is definitely gonna be right up there with the rest. Great find Michael, keep up the great work. Btw I love Saint and TRAPP as well❀️❀️❀️❀️ May 17, 2018
simplett am disappointed y couldnt bandit stay hard can any 1 tell me y i hope its some1 else he making his porn debut with shame on bandit May 17, 2018
oneluvme2u I’m going to have an amazing weekend!! Awesome new addition. BBA gets better and better. May 17, 2018
texasbugg KING ANT here is a good tat to go across your back (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) it's not taken u was a hit the last person to wear that was (PRINCE) babyboi it fits u well cause u really made a lot of members happy damm u was really blessed by the gods u r going to have a line wanting to do a scene with u i hope trapp is watching he is going to feel u also bandit never sounded off like that when someone gave him head manny killa was giving him super head no sound like that when he nutted good job K.A. May 17, 2018
lionel555 Great!!! Video I really enjoyed it....once again two sexy guys πŸ‘Œ May 17, 2018
hozie7777 YESSSSSSSSS!!!! Cant wait!! May 17, 2018
Docteur I noticed Blake Bishop and Manny Killa in the hotel room with Bandit and King Ant? King Ant will bottom, unlike Bandit, Isaiah, Saint or Ross, their demeanors indicate heterosexual but willing to mess around, King Ant , like Manny Killa you can see their sexuality in their mannerisms. King Ant has an incredible body. Time for another gang bang. Apollo and Bandit should be paired up, and please have Trapp do a flip flop with someone that is worthy i.e. Bandit or Isaiah. May 17, 2018
estwick Good goodness, thats one sexy man ! May 17, 2018
KandyCane23 King Ant is amazing! Can't wait for this weekend, Bandit SEXY ASS is a Great pair for the KING!!!!!!!!! Alright BBA!!!!!!!!! May 17, 2018
texasbugg BANDIT the older u get the sexier u get damm babyboi u really turn me the fuck on i really like that u r a down to earth young thug who is not stuck on yourself and u should go ahead and dye your hair if u don't like it dye it back now that king ant said it looks good take the hat off bandit if u don't i'm still going to love u damm king ant was feeling u if u 2 fuck that's going to be hot mike u try so hard to please your members and still some haters r not going to be happy i think they r spies. May 17, 2018
terbernt Seeing Bandit makes me happy! May 17, 2018
caughtulookin King representing home city...CHARLOTTE!!! May 16, 2018
squidlydiddly awesome kakes...compliment his handsome look May 16, 2018
jowilf The best introductory scene so far..
Welcome to the BBA Family.. KING ANT..!
May 16, 2018
mrbigstuff009 really enjoyed it, keep up the good work BBA welcome aboard King Ant May 16, 2018
kidon7000 Wow! I am speechless. The site is definitely moving in the right direction. So many possibilities. I look forward to this weekend. May 16, 2018
texasbugg THIS was hott damm i'm so fucking high off this scene king ant u was like a pro in your first scene and bandit t.u. for making him feel so relaxed now who will be the lucky to get blessed by king ant fucking them i will not push right now for him to give up that 18kt gold ass hole damm king ant u got a pretty ass hole i busted on it damm babyboi u hotter than fish grease i hope u put that big fat dick in trapp's pretty ass hole take a look at trapp's ass hole that pure 18kt gold good job kingtut May 16, 2018
Bigguum King Ant is wassup...time to see Bandit on da bottom. May 16, 2018
Racetrack1959l Im really feeling this more please May 16, 2018
bbsndc King Ant is hotttt! Hope those pretty feet get licked and sucked! May 16, 2018

BBA recently traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina to meet the local rapper, singer, model, and controversial social media sensation known as King Ant.

We had reached out to King Ant through his Instagram after being told about him by a fan, and finally talked the exotically handsome 23-year-old with a toned, tattooed body and seductively deep, sexy voice into adding "adult entertainer" to his already diverse resume.

An outspoken bisexual "top" with a bit of a wild and unpredictable side, King Ant was understandably nervous but also excited to try a "new experience" where he could actually GET PAID to meet interesting new people and have hot sex on camera.

In this introductory episode from our recent eventful trip to the Tar Heel State, King Ant gives Bandit a driving tour of his home town, but ends up enjoying a "welcome" of his own when he and Bandit have some risky, spontaneous fun in the backseat while driving around Charlotte on a beautiful, sunny afternoon....

Later, King Ant puts on a hot private show that gives us our very first enticing look at what he's been hiding under those clothes in all of his social media posts.

Stay tuned for King Ant's FULL ACTION gay porn debut coming later THIS WEEKEND to BlackBoyAddictionz.com!

Categories: Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Swallowing, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Oral-Only, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy
Details: May 16, 2018 35 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of King Ant
King Ant

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