Denzel Gets The Dick He Deserves

Photo of Denzel Gets The Dick He Deserves
JezeroCrater Man, this why bandit is the GOAT!!! The man can do it all. He can give and receive. The way he was taking that peen and that nut at the end was fire. I like to hear him bust. I wanna see stallion and bandit, flip-flop, or do a little something together only. Good job BBA 👏🏾 Feb 26, 2024
turner95 Bandit moans are everything Oct 20, 2023
DjbiATL top notch slutting out by Bandit. perfect submission by denzel. 👌🏾 Why havent Stallion and Bandit fucked yet? They are always in group scenes but never fuck. Sep 29, 2023
ICeeIt21 Ok. I KNOW BBA better than this. Stallion and Denzel pairing in the pipeline (pun intended). Sep 15, 2023
Qtd127 Bandits moans!! Turned me on real bad. Sep 11, 2023
billyroy1928 When they going to put bandit and stallion together in a one on one fucking each other that would be 🔥 Aug 22, 2023
Johnyy Looks like Bandit gave Stallion the side eye when he said I hope Y'all enjoyed watching lol Aug 17, 2023
darkmanjah28 I enjoyed the fk out of this! And Stallion as the Hype-Man was just as kool to WATCH as if he had did some fukn himself. THATS how good this vid was. Fk yeah, imma hv a wet dream about this tonite, lol. Aug 16, 2023
turner95 Denzel is one of the hottest new stars y’all have brought on in years since Dominic. Would’ve loved to see him get tagged by both bandit and stallion Aug 9, 2023
bandit926 Bandit is still fucking hot af damn near 12-14 years. Hot! Coulda left stallions ass at home. Jul 20, 2023
Bertless65 I keep coming back to this scene because Denzel is my dude!!! But the more and more I look at Bandit since his arrival on this site in 2016, he's aging in a way that reminds me of a smoked-out 'hood dude who's not really into his hair hygiene. C'mon Bandit, keep a fresh cut and moisturize your skin with some cocoa butter, bro. As he approaches age 30, he just looks burnt out. Jul 19, 2023
Jaysen87 This wasn’t a good threesome Stallion wasn’t included as much. The other two had on camera chemistry but lacked it with stallion. looked like they did the minimum with stallion only enough to make him apart of the shoot. Jul 19, 2023
HottBlkQT The whole "coaching" & spit-roasting excuses notwithstanding, like many others, I really don't see the point of having Stallion in scenes, like this. No offense to him, but this is the 2nd time I can recall where he seemed haphazardly placed in a scene. IDK if he was initially supposed to top & had "performance issues" and/or if the "bottoms" just couldn't take his dick, but hopefully he'll start getting fucked on cam so he can at least add more to scenes like these. IDK if Denzel just wants BBCs, but since he's "new" to bottoming, perhaps he should be paired w/ guys w/ more reasonably sized dicks (like Apollo or Justice). Aside from all that, this was a serviceable scene (because Bandit flipped & subbed out as "bottom" when Denzel couldn't take it anymore). Too bad there wasn't a daisy-chain involved, because at least 2 of the guys are openly verse. Jul 19, 2023
basicblack03 About time Stallion took some dick. A bit too one-dimensional. Jul 10, 2023
Gshock133 Bandit looks a mess next shoot he needs to clean himself up Jul 10, 2023
peneroj open yo mouth for the facial... hot tho Jul 9, 2023
DjbiATL 🔥🔥🔥🔥👏🏾👌🏾 Top Tier ******************* Jul 8, 2023
Shirly223 can we get bts videos for filler weeks, or is that askin for too much? lol I would really like to see in-between takes of how this group interacted with each other Jun 23, 2023
Lowkey2088 I LOOOOVE BANDIT😍😍😍👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🐐 Jun 21, 2023
donvito I love me some stallion…..but please stop wasting him like this. Y’all didn’t even try to let him top….the last person who actually took his dick was Jahan Jun 19, 2023
LOSO Understood what happened here, but hope to see Stallion in another one getting some ass Jun 18, 2023
Bertless65 Although I am a fan of the 'this is still fairly new to me' innocence and invariably non-cockiness in character from Denzel, this pairing made no sense at all. Re: Why put Stallion in the video if he could not get any ass?!? That would have been the challenge for Denzel who clearly is ready for dick! What really would have brought Blackboyaddictonz into bigger heights of a 3-some would have been to have the now dick-sucking Stallion perform as the sole top and fuck both Denzel & Bandit while each such the other's dick while Stallion was topping them. The ending should have been them both catching his nut in their mouths thereafter with some kissing. Also, it gets a bit boring with all of the non-verbal scenes BBA does. Bandit has been around for 8 years. His verbal should be A-1 by now... LOL Denzel my dude tho... Jun 15, 2023
MichaelGalletta Stallion's involvement has already been explicitly addressed several times, originally in the official scene summary and then AGAIN in my recent reply here in the comments.

I personally think Bandit's verbal is arguably the best it's ever been here, and many viewers have said the same thing, so let's agree to disagree on that point.
deboer85 pls make more cum swallowing vids! Jun 14, 2023
SharodXXL Job well done!!!!! Love when you use your thicker models for once! Denzel’s ass is amazing and Bandit always delivers! Jun 14, 2023
cedaniel Every second of this was perfect. Denzel is now my favorite ! Jun 14, 2023
tassain54 Need to see Stallion and Bandit fuck each other this video was a Ten Plus . Denzel was a Ten Plus Beautiful Ass and Body , Handsome Brother1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 Jun 13, 2023
RobbieBBA I guess Denzel isn't ready for Stallion just yet! LOL Jun 13, 2023
cocopop Poor Bandit, six, seven years and he still can't take dick. Both he and Apollo came on bout the same time, and he take dick better than some true gay guys. Strange how to me his best performance bottoming was with Apollo. Over all scene was pretty good. Hope to see Denzel in a flip/bottoming scene, one on one in the future. Jun 13, 2023
dAllAsBreD83 It was ok. Would had love to see stallion bottom. Couldn't get off to it, their moans were a bit distracting. The link doesn't say that Denzel had ever bottomed before, nor in his 1st scene. So looking at this, I can tell he had. A few times. & That throws the fantasy of what this site is about. Jun 13, 2023
VandolBabe1 I hear what the others are saying BUT I must disagree, though it would have been PERFECT if Stallion GOT and GAVE a little action I think his support was good enough to make me watch. His passion, touching, kissing, sucking all of it made it what it was. The trio wasn’t BAD and u shouldn’t regret the decision of this move because it WAS EPIC for me. And I know the turn around plot twist will be even greater. WAITING FOR THE NEXT one Jun 13, 2023
lpc02c I just wish there was a more default focus on sensuality. Sensuality tends to show up when things are allowed to flow naturally even before anyone gets naked. It's super boring and predictive when talent is only just directed to follow a script: scripted dialogue, scripted positions. I think the models and the scenes would be much more enjoyable if they were allowed to be more natural: flirting, touching and actually allowing the models to share and discover what gives them pleasure. I feel like in early BBA, talent was given more time and there was real sensuality that was allowed to surface. my two cents.

I also greatly agree with the commentary below from the user "MalikyLeek". Hopefully someone hears his points.
Jun 13, 2023
TkIzKing Just seems like so much wasted potential its like the best shots get 5 secs and the worst shots get held for minutes at a time. Also we missed out on alot of moans bc of stallion soft dick being placed in the mouth of who was bottoming. Im glad that stopped towards the end bc the moans that Michael loved from bandit never would have been heard otherwise.. Jun 13, 2023
conunjrum Leave Stallion out of the front of the camera!!! I told you before, it wasn’t Ross’s fault during their frustrating scene. Surprising, you all tried to bake Ross and had him apologize!!! That was absolute absurdity!!! Ross, Drezzy and Denzel… Let’s go!!!! Jun 13, 2023
MichaelGalletta I think the definition of "absolute absurdity" is asking us to accept YOUR opinion as someone who wasn't there and has never met any of the people involved, over those of us who were actually THERE IN THE ROOM and have been working with Ross for nearly a decade.
hamonlife22 Bandit Moaning high pitch is so fucking sexy. I need that from him whenever he bottom Jun 13, 2023
gimmedat13 After second rewatch - this might be Bandits best bottoming scene 👀 Jun 13, 2023
nokiyo36 When stallion fuck this time coming I wanna see him really use that dick and be able to enjoy some ass without the bottom running this was a great scene I must say once again bandit you are a star glad to see you fuck some booty how u fuck pussy and then the flip action was legendary Denzel my dude you did that taken big dick bandit and then flipping him over and fucking him still got me on brick and stallion that sexy chocolate love seeing u I just want to see u fucking someone like how juju be fucking with no mercy now that will be a must see and it’s okay for u to eat some booty that’s something I’m waiting to see thanks Michaelgalletta Jun 12, 2023
gerald1003 Denzel is so fucking sexy, I could watch him all day.. He took all of Bandit's foot long cock like a champ. Bandit was equally as great too. I love seeing Stallion again too. He is outstanding in one-on-one scenes but i don't think he likes groups so much but it was great seeing them all. Great post. Jun 12, 2023
MalikyLeek ……. cringy, not even gon bs. and frfr without stallion in it this scene would been trash. ion know wat y’all see in bandit but homie look ran thru washed up spotted up hair be looking crazy an he don’t give no kinda passion even when he feeling it it still be dry. i will say this tho ion mind the masc on masc but the reason why i can pass on it when its so much masc is bcuz these niggas don’t know how to fucc. back in the day xl rio bam addiction oozy killah all them niggas was masc and knew how to fucc. these niggas don’t know how to fucc frm a can of paint bru this shit was dry they don’t know when or how to kiss be looking dumb confused staring around can’t take no dick dicks be soft majority of the shoot don’t nun of it be a turn on. give me kavii all day rs him wit the straighter niggas be a better blend be making more sense an if not at least bring justice on more of rico or lil jake or blake bishop more of manny you know niggas that are masc and know how to fucc too this scene was a fail too much tryna be masc an forcing the fucc for a scene an would rather see niggas wit real passion that actually know what they doing Jun 12, 2023
200water If Stallion dick too big to fuck, then maybe he should bottom. I would really enjoy that. Watched the scene but couldn’t get off Stallion was a distraction. Jun 11, 2023
supreme Love it fire, fire, fire classic threesome !! Love Denzel's development especially. A five nut production in three parts ****** Jun 11, 2023
Docteur So @MichaelGalletta you say that Bandit and Denzel can't take Stallion's dick. It is amazing that Bandit has taken Manny Killa, Blake Bishop, Isaiah, Scuba and Trapp and I don't consider any of them particularly small in endowment. Apollo has taken Stallion, Bandit, Manny Killa, Blake Bishop and Isaiah and even a bit of Freaky J. I am wondering who the subscribers and even you Michael thinks have the biggest dicks, 1 thru 10? I certainly would say, not necessarily in order: Jay C, Bandit, Stallion, Freaky J, Tay, K9, Manny Killa, Jay C , Blake Bishop and JuJu. Some are long and skinny and others are fist wide with a bit of length. Jun 11, 2023
hines1983 This was super hot hot!! Jun 11, 2023
rawwar21 If Stallion can toot them cakes up to get ate he can try and take a little dick. Come on Mike work your magic. Lol Jun 10, 2023
emiliano69 The scene is hot but it was disappointing. Is stallion's dick that much bigger than bandit's? The foreplay and sex was great although rushed. Stallion was basically a prop. Maybe there should be resting beforehand to see what size dicks can be taken. I definitely wish I read the description fully but my expectations were too eager. To see stallion in their asses would have been top tier. Jun 10, 2023
Raiden54 Denzel really got me hot and wanting to join the BBA team just to be body to body with his sexy ass. Jun 10, 2023
Playwithme11 Great scene like always absolutely love Denzel and watching my number 1 in action is always a pleasure, but shouldn't it be time for Stallion to get those beautiful cheeks fucked. He has done quite a few scenes topping and the fans would love to see him topped. He can start out slow and let Stylez top him to get him use to dick then work his way up to Big Dick Bandit. Jun 10, 2023
djv1234 Michael your patience with performers and being able to ultimately coax them into bottoming is legendary, as I'm sure can be the case with Stallion. Fingers crossed. Jun 10, 2023
grownandsexy Bandit fucking Denzel was kinda boring..... he got better as the scene went on but I expected more.... The best part of the scene to me is the ass eating. Jun 10, 2023
shoeman59 Mike,thank you for clearing why Stallion was even there. However,eyes don't lie; Bandit and Stallion have been lurking for each other,every since the Saxgotem scene. Even here,Stallion can't seem to keep his mouth off Bandit dick. I think they both will be willing,to give it a try. Moreover,I read where you stated that Bandit couldn't take his dick,I think in time he will be able to. Chemistry doesnt lie! Work on it Mike,give it some consideration,at least! Jun 10, 2023
langston35 This was a good scene, Bandit wore that ass out and Denzel did the same. Stallion was like the 3rd wheel he didn't need to be there. Next time let him flip with Denzel. Jun 9, 2023
blackforest I am not sure what this obsession is about making these tops bottom. There's a reason why there's tops and bottoms, it feeds into the whole chemistry of the scene. You can tell when someone is actually enjoying themselves and in their element, as opposed to just doing it for pay4play. Thats why these scenes are so whack lately - the pairing just sucks !!!!. Get back to pairing tops with bottoms or genuine vers dudes like Apollo or Blake. Jun 9, 2023
Seekingbootee Is it that they can’t take stallion dick or they want a flip flop? Why should he not give up some ass too? Jun 9, 2023
MichaelGalletta The former.
MichaelGalletta I feel like I have to say this every week lol, but PLEASE READ THE SCENE SUMMARIES!!!! They're there for a reason. All of these "why was Stallion there" comments were already directly addressed in my summary.

Our original vision was for Stallion and Bandit to TAG-TEAM Denzel, with Bandit also flipping for Denzel and ideally even Stallion. That obviously would have been an epic way to make up for Denzel's first bottoming attempt not working out.

But unlike our fans and their understandable FANTASIES, we have to deal with REALITY, and what sounds amazing on paper doesn't always work out in real life. When it became clear that neither Denzel or Bandit was able to take Stallion, we decided to keep it a threesome and aspire for something similar to the freaky vibes from "HoW #2: The Afterparty," a scene that got a lot of similar complaints at the time, but which I've always considered a great success overall.

I share the disappointment expressed by some of you that this never really ended up matching that scene's interactivity or energy level (different models, different directors, different Stallion, etc.). If I had it to do over again, I'd probably make this a flip-flop duo with just Denzel and Bandit.

But we still love a good spit-roast here at BBA, and all that's not to say that Stallion's presence was a complete waste because as several of you have pointed out, he did help spice up the scene with his sexy verbal and eager coaching. And there's still something undeniably hot AF about seeing both Denzel and Bandit stuffed with raw dick at both ends! Something we'd never have been able to see had we chosen to cut Stallion from the scene.
Jun 9, 2023
bigdaddy1051 Denzel has been quite a find! Jun 9, 2023
reddude15 Black boys addiction this is definitely my addiction can’t get no better then this the way stallion kissed and touched them while they were having sex made it even better keep it up bba this was everything thank you Jun 9, 2023
Meatlover This was a fantastic film and a new classic. It was sexy and passionate. That circle suck alone was SCORCHING! With all of that said, while I’m very glad he sucked dick, why was Stallion there? He didn’t fuck anyone, much less get fucked so what was the point? It would’ve been a lot more spectacular if it was just Denzel & Bandit, since they were doing the bulk of the work. It was still incredible but if we’re gonna have threesomes on here, everyone’s gotta pull their weight. They did orally and that pleased my heart to no end but anally, they needs work but i have faith the next threesome will have it all in there. Still a great and classic scene Jun 9, 2023
champse550 litt!!! stallion coulda stayed home tho!! denzel should definitely bttm/flip more!! Jun 9, 2023
damarcus Denzel and Dominic 🤞🏾 Jun 9, 2023
jsu4996 I liked the scene. Stallion was a bit of a distraction. I wish Bandit and Denzel were 1 on 1. I would really like to see Denzel, Bandit and Apollo together. Jun 9, 2023
davids I would love to see Stallion and Legend in a flip flop scene. Jun 9, 2023
11luvme2u @Dope88 I agree about Bandit's comfortability level. He really let go and got into the scene. I hope he continues to be open and vulnerable that way when he bottoms. I think this was one of his BEST bottoming performances. I was VERY IMPRESSED! I want him to use more tongue when kissing and more prolonged eye contact. He's #1 for a reason! Jun 9, 2023
sexydemon101 Honestly stallion is sexy af but i didn’t need him in this scene. I rather hear the bottoms moan and watch their reactions than them just having stallion dick in their mouth the entire scene. Stallion could’ve sucked more dick ate some ass or something. He just was there Jun 9, 2023
imanew15 I usually don’t comment but this right here was great. Big props and thanks to Montez Shax and Michael! For this one appreciate that. For those that are complaining why was stallion there shut up not everyone needs to fuck or get fucked. He was clearly jerking and encouraging Bandit and Denzel in the scene. This was great. Jun 9, 2023
MrBrown19942 I really enjoyed this scene! As always, great work BBA! Jun 9, 2023
B4UBuss2 Why do yall keep ruining his bottom scenes? He had a dick in his mouth the whole time - it was dumb - and took away from hearing him - smh - and continuing to use Stallion seems exploitative - it doesn't seem like the elevator goes all the way to the top, respectfully. This scene would have been MUCH better if it were just these two - there were only a 2-3 moments were Stallion speaking/getting in the way added to the scene but a voice track on the backend would have been better fitted - Its clear Denzel is fully versatile and comfortable being verse - another ruined scene for Denzel - does he have a union rep or sum? I need to speak with him about his rights (LMAO AHahahha) - and NO keep the redo - dont pair Bandit and Denzel - we seen enough- anything "new" would feel even more contrived and lackluster - smh - just a thought - procure potential scene partners - do a static text poll or even short video clips - and let the viewers say whether or not they think the pairing works - a third wheel is unused for a reason - -- I low key dont even want to see Denzel anymore LOL - I'm over it. Unless its a private 1x1 with him and I - ...and I dont even wanna see Stallion fake bottom - dude give up the ass or PASS! go make "straight" porn - yall paid him to do what - even the other models were pissed and annoyed LMAO Jun 9, 2023
Krayz13 These Three young men are beautiful. Can you give me an update on Jay C? Asking for a Jun 9, 2023
B4UBuss2 This did not need a third body. There's a plethora of talent out there - perform - or just dont play in our face. Yall keep ruining Denzel's scenes since his first one. He took Bandit but didn't let Manny climb his back? But Kilo - yall should have took that L and not even showed that as his 'bottom debut' (on camera) wont break my soul.... Jun 9, 2023
Natsfan64 When those 🍑's turned up...🔥🥵😈 Jun 9, 2023
pbomb95 It’s time for Stallion to give up some ass. He is too big for most of your models and is useless if he ain’t fucking or getting fucked in a scene Jun 8, 2023
badizm66 scene cudda been a lot better all those nice bodies, chemistry was average , not enough kissing and oral Jun 8, 2023
kevindarko5 Why Stallion didn't get some ass too smh . What was the point of him being there . Fucking weird! Jun 8, 2023
ACTION7 pt.2 bandit and stallion taking this to the next level. I'm just saying' Jun 8, 2023
chauncey Hello, BBA World -- Your boy Chauncey here -- This vid in my humble opinion had great intentions and it delivered -- Sexy, sexy, sexy, and more sexy --- Denzel has now been fully initiated into the BBA Fraternity - He passed the test with flying colors -- What I really loved about this vid is that everyone at this picnic was feasting on all the goodies in the basket. What is there not to like about this vid -- Bandit and Stallion are true "OGs". Denzel was such a good sport and he needs to come clean because he has been getting in some practice time getting that booty hole opened -- I'm impressed Denzel took Bandit's dick like a pro -- I mean in this vid Denzel's booty looks like a good time / lol -- and Bandit can attest to that -- Bandit was back in the Candy Store again -- another delectable wonderful, phat booty -- first Staxx, then Jahan and now Denzel. You lucky "MF" -- when I grow up I want to be Bandit -- Some undeniable super sexy moments going on in this vid - with Stallion, Bandit, and Denzel in the mix what more can you ask for - come on now -- However, I will savor the moments when Denzel was getting that dick he deserved -- Denzel continues to be my latest BBA crush -- he's energetic and he brings a lot of enthusiasm to his scenes -- He is always on "Go" / lol. Now really glad Stallion is back in the house and willing and ready to get busy. I also loved the casual sexual interplay and flirting between Bandit and Stallion - that off-and-on action made the vid more interesting. On my "Nuttmometer", this vid rates a solid 9 out of 10 Nutts -- Now for my BBA Wishlist - I want to see Denzel continue to showcase that phat-beautiful booty in future presentations. Can't wait to see what BBA has in store for the return of Stallion who is also one of my favorite performers. This vid has made my list of favs -- I'm sure that each time I check it out I'm going to notice something I missed during previous viewings -- Definitely big boy gay stuff happening in this vid -- BBA just keeps the surprises coming -- when you give us surprises that is when BBA is at it best -- the camera work was like the 4th performer in this vid -- Just keep it coming -- In closing everyone Happy Pride 2023 -- BBA 4Ever -- Long live BBA -- Peace -- This is your boy Chauncey Jun 8, 2023
andrewright51 Now this is what we want to see! Jun 8, 2023
bullshit512 The scene was everything you could have asked for and then some! BBA at its finest! One "problem" with the scene however. Why was Stallion in the scene? Stallion is hot as fish grease and I can't wait for the day when he bottoms, but he served ZERO purpose in the scene. One on one is what I enjoy. Not one on one plus a 3rd wheel! Jun 8, 2023
palmers I’m not trying to be funny but…was Bandit under the influence of something? Jun 8, 2023
BigBoy44 Hot scene, Mike you going hard on these scenes. But was I the only one that thought stallion really didn’t do anything lol. He looked excited just to be there. The other two looked annoyed at stallion. But it almost made the scene better because you saw Denzel and Bandit have great chemistry. Jun 8, 2023
damon8 Ok but why did Stallion need to be there? He was just in the way. Jun 8, 2023
demereodemereo Ok Mike! I see you. You did good! Lol Jun 8, 2023
MichaelGalletta Thanks, but all I did was help with the planning/casting, pay the models, and give some feedback to the rough draft lol. Montez and Shax deserve 99.999% of the credit for this! 👏🙌🙏
misterblack This update is everything I want from BBA: beautiful black men with muscular physiques, shapely butts, impressive penises, & hair in all the right places; loved the angles, the lighting, and sex noises. Montez and Shax: You put us in that bed. I could almost smell their personal aromas. I was thrilled to see the return of Stallion and look forward to seeing Apollo, Justice, Zeke, Maleek, and Deontrey in upcoming weeks. Of course I want to see more of K9, Manny, Stylez, Stephon, and Kingston along with newbies JuJu, Denzel and Legend. It's a long list, but if one doesn't ask....Pure perfection this week. Jun 8, 2023
davids Bandit dicked Denzel down. It was obvious they were into each other. I was glad to see Stallon back. He still looking sexy. Jun 8, 2023
tooti22 Y’all b makin us wait weeks for videos then u give us a video and it’s blah! Like what was stallion’s purpose jus to lay there? Like tf we wanted to see all 3 verse n fuq each other if that was gon b the case! Idk scenes startin to look scripted n that fuckin was mediocre! Can we bring Rico Pruitt least he holler when he gettin fuqed like come on now! N we actually wanna c the dik bust in his ass and he take it out n slide it bak in like ughhhh Jun 8, 2023
wbscottiv Mannnn lol I wanna see stallion pound Bandit/Denzel what the heck 😂😂😂😂 Jun 8, 2023
A123 This was a good scene. Denzel is the man! Bandit did a good job taking dick although it was obvious how much he was not enjoying it, and Stallion’s verbal commentary always adds to his scenes. I know that all of this is just acting, but it was enjoyable. Jun 8, 2023
daquarius96 This was insaneee! great vid Jun 8, 2023
swamp96 I guess Stallions sht was too big huh? Bc why didnt he fuck? Also, I need a Stallion and Kavii scene like TODAY. Jun 8, 2023
tfanch66 thanks Michael for this video. warning: i only make positive comments. liked this vid. chemistry is everything as you know. Stallion is very unique and charismatic even silent. he has something inside of him that is huge sexy and freaky but he's holding it back. there a battle between freakiness take over, and restraint. if he ever let it out, he will definitely be the top model you have. bet. frfr. thanks again. good job. Jun 8, 2023
kblowe13 The scene had so much potential to be extremely hot, but it fizzled! What was the point of having Stallion there if he wasn't going to top Denzel? I appreciate how versatile Bandit has become, but the people that have been topping him aren't the top tier guys. Maybe Denzel tried to take on Stallion, but couldn't? I hate that my first post in so many years (if ever) is a complaint. Maybe a past performer that can handle Stallion's massive member would be better. I'd love to see JuJu and Bandit. Jun 8, 2023
Phuryous The return of Stallion! Now, I hope all of those people who have complained week after week are finally satisfied. He seems to really like getting them chocolate cakes ate. There would be a line of mfs down the street waiting to eat them like Juniors Cheesecake in NYC (Ion gonna lie, I would be in line early like it's Black Friday). Jun 8, 2023
Zester1 Just ok... would have been way better just bandit and denzel.. stallion was a waste. Didnt do anything Jun 8, 2023
Timpen Stallion was kind of in the way but I am happy to see him return.Denzel performance was excellent he is a star.And Bandit was on point as he always is . Excellent scene just please don't make us wait so long again for this type of scene Jun 8, 2023
Dope88 Yikes 10/10
my main reason for the 10/10,is this pairing was a thought of mine,Never seen it coming, or so quickly. straight left field,and worth it.

The chemistry was on 10,Stallion actually may not have joined in but i honestly like the idea having someone supporting,and encouraging.
The 1st time he did that in the scene with Bandit and Zander i didn’t care too much,Until i watched it over and over,and realized he plays a part in keeping the scene rolling,helping the guys stay comfortable, also his voice is relaxing.
Back to Bandit I’d like to point out his comfortability level is through the charts when he has someone he vibes with around, At least thats how it seems because he lets loose way more,Never seen him more vocal and expressive. like his moans were perfect and seemed very authentic,like maybe he came into the scene ready to give more.
Denzel the poor guy got slutted out 😂 and he didnt run,Im totally impressed by his eagerness to take the bat. He’s definitely playing for keeps here at BBA.
I also like how masculine all the men look in this scene.
Bravo BBA Team, this is the vibes i signed up for👏🏼👏🏼
Jun 8, 2023
chorton2020 Love this they were all in to each other this was 🔥 fire Jun 8, 2023
damarcus Stallion needs some good dick in his lil tight hole too. Jun 8, 2023
bigdick94 THANK YOU! This is perfect Jun 8, 2023
kennyg hot men hot action, what more can be said !!!!!! would like to see the out takes from this meat fest. looking forward to the return of Stallion Jun 8, 2023
Taylor500 Stop putting this man in scenes IF HE AINT GONE DO NOTHINGGGGG😂😂😂😂🤣 @stallion Jun 8, 2023
Taylor500 Wtf y’all keep putting him in scenes for if he not fucking nobody🤨…NEXTT🫲🏿! Jun 8, 2023
Shirly223 And just like that....Denzel is in my top five. Bandit seemed really into it this scene. Yall really keep playing in our face with Stallion. Does he refuse to penetrate or something? I loved this scene but im equally as frustrated with it because hes there only getting oral when he could've been topping them as well, I kept waiting and it never happened because these are the 2 I want to see him top the most so you can imagine how irked i close but so far... Stellar performances and pairing, great scene but still somehow disappointing. Jun 8, 2023
gimmedat13 Great scene just a couple of comments (I know y’all tired of us “porn critics” in the comments)

1. Denzel riding was the best part 🔥

2. Stallion was 100% unnecessary. We couldn’t see any of Denzel natural reactions because a dick was stuffed in his mouth the whole time. He threw off Bandit & Denzel being able to catch a vibe and really get into one another. He didn’t do enough as someone who wasn’t penetrating or getting penetrated. The 3some he did with Bandit and Zander was dope but this one nah.

3. Wish we could have seen Denzel do doggy style!! 😩

4. Denzel getting hard while riding let’s me know he is ready for more! Please get him a dope ass scene partner with chemistry & not too big of a dick size (maybe Justice?) DENZEL DESERVES AN ICONIC BOTTOM SCENE!!!!!!

5. Stallion is fine AF but his dick is just too big for the guys who we want to see bottom. With that said put his ass on ice until he ready to take that step. Unless you have a shortage of tops or guys willing to film. It’s not enjoyable seeing them not being able to take it example - Ross, Apollo, Jahan all didn’t enjoy scenes with him topping and Bandit refused twice. I am personally not excited to see the next scene with him topping unless the chemistry was just through the roof 🤷🏾‍♂️

That’s just my 2 cents but overall dope scene 👌🏾
Jun 8, 2023
ssmith06 This was pretty hott! Stallion always the third wheel he need some ass too and to be fucked we all waiting on that😍 Jun 8, 2023
glsfz6 Now BBA! this might be my favorite scene all year long. The chemistry was there and Denzel got the dick we been wanting him to have. I wish Stallion would've tag teamed with bandit but maybe next time. MORE OF THIS Jun 8, 2023
acg0924 Loved this ! However it’s time for Stallion to be on the bottom , kinda wasn’t needed in this scene Jun 8, 2023
Canismash Dayummmm!🔥🔥🔥Bandit Denzel…SIZZLIN’ HOTT!! Summer BBQ GRILLIN WITH THIS PRIME MEAT 🥩 🍗🥓🍖 Jun 8, 2023
sexydemon101 THIS IS WHAT I WANNA SEE Jun 8, 2023
Docteur This is the first scene in a while that I’ve been able to give the thumbs up to, and also tap as one of my favorites. It was great to see three Black masculine men with pubic hair and circumcised penises. It’s very obvious that Stallion is really into Bandit - they need a one on one where they go all out with each other. Bandit is not as interested in Stallion as Stallion is interested in him, you can tell that but Stallion can’t get enough of kissing, sucking on Bandit, rubbing on Bandit and encouraging other people to fuck Bandit and Bandit to take the dick. The hollering was a little over the top though from Bandit when he was being fucked by Denzel. It is clear that Denzel enjoyed being fucked by Bandit and fucking Bandit. Many times it felt like Stallion being there was a waste as he didn’t fuck anyone or get fucked. Denzel is most definitely a keeper. I am not a fan of Stallion per sé but Bandit is always a keeper. Now if we could just get Rush and Maleek together. Overall this is the best BBA scene in awhile as I like pubic hair on guys and manly men with cut penises. Jun 8, 2023
SCGuy08 Glad to see Stallion back! All around good scene and a good pairing with these 3. Jun 8, 2023
kendol Wow great scene worth the money for sure. Jun 8, 2023
malkezie0 Stallion should have fucked both of them. Jun 8, 2023
djv1234 Absolutely Awesome!! Hot Stallion finally returns and hopefully for a while to further push his boundaries. Denzel gets properly fucked at last in fantastic action with Bandit and Stallion. It's Onwards and Upwards for BBA! Jun 8, 2023
mocombo Well I think this scene is great. 3 highly desirable men getting down and I liked Stallion’s ‘reserve bench’ performance - wonderful to see him back. Jun 8, 2023
dcbound2001 Tank said it best Maybe I DESERVE 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Jun 8, 2023
11luvme2u I thoroughly enjoyed this scene! When I tell you Bandit's moans around 35:00 had me rock solid! I can't remember hearing him express himself quite like that. Seeing both of them bottom was a treat. Hopefully Stallion will bottom soon. That would be a job for Saint. I'd call it "A Stallion for a Saint..." lol Jun 8, 2023
smokey1984 Glad Denzel gave up the ass and did very well, BUT I didn’t get why Stallion was even there. I just didn’t get the scene. Stallion was a non participant, an extra, a passerby and unmattered presence! Mike why was he even there and please tell me what he added to the production? I’m still shaking my head about it.

Denzel got that pussy split and it was great to see him ride and then flip flop. Nice touch. Bandit looks like he enjoyed Denzel’s dick and that was a turn on.

Lastly, tell me again, why Stallion was there and what he brought to the table and why his presence mattered in this production?
Jun 8, 2023
1Reddude What was the point of Stallion being in this video Jun 8, 2023
TennesseeBator BBA is really in it's WINNING season and this scene is an example of that, I would have never thought to pair these three together BUT it worked perfectly. First of all, welcome back to King Stallion and I am so glad he is sporting a good sized bush, I don't think he was rocking that before and it looks good on him. Second of all, I love the angles from when Denzel is eating those asses, those were really good shots and the close ups were done so well. Third of all, this scene just reminds me of CLASSIC BBA. The way Stallion was telling Denzel to "suck this dick and take that dick" while Bandit was pounding the life out of Denzel's hole gave me flashbacks to when I first joined BBA in 2016. The way all THREE of the models worked together proved the connection was deep, just like the flip flop fucking, this is another great BBA scene and I think it's going to make my Top 10 list EASILY, 9/10. Jun 8, 2023
Dualex Was looking forward to seeing Stallion and Denzel but somehow someone had to throw in that overrated overused Bandit KMT 🙄.. Give that Bandit a break FFS Jun 7, 2023
mrwhitley1 I don’t even have to watch this video to like it.

I know it’s a Hit!!!!
Jun 7, 2023

FINALLY - the scene that most of Denzel's fans have been begging to see!

We've been lucky enough to see this sexy, muscular football player and former Marine bend over and get penetrated for the first time on camera. Now it's time to watch him truly GET FUCKED!

With a more eager and experienced pro like Bandit taking charge this time around, and coached through his "initiation" by returning fan favorite Stallion, this time Denzel surrenders his ass completely to an aggressive and thorough pounding from Bandit's infamous baseball bat of a dick, even shocking us by RIDING it at one point!

As if that weren't already thrilling enough, Bandit returns the favor by serving up his own muscle-butt to Denzel in gratitude.

It's an action-packed DOUBLE SPIT-ROAST just in time for the Summer BBQ season, with both Denzel and Bandit grunting and cursing and moaning as they get thoroughly "sluttled out" and stuffed with raw dick at both ends.

Be warned that Stallion joins the fun here in a strictly supporting role, coaching both guys and clearly enjoying the kind of hot, freaky BBA show he hasn't seen in awhile. But unfortunately neither of the other two guys were able to take on the challenge of Stallion's massive least not yet. But don't worry, Stallion will be back in the lead role and showing off his legendary topping skills again soon!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Facials, First Times, Flip-Flop, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex, Tops Taken Down
Details: Jun 8, 2023 58 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Denzel
Photo of Stallion

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