Isaiah's Job Orientation

firedog820 The kissing was painful to watch. How you gonna do gay porn but not like to kiss a guy? Awkward! Apr 18, 2019
pilsener These earlier scenes from ISAIAH are clearly not his best work, but definitely HOT on the basis of PROOF just how far he has come! Jan 1, 2019
lovethomas1 isaiah has come a long way love him he got his stuff together we would love to c him in some more man and man porn not woman i did love that one saint u the man 2 and we love isaiah's ass nice waitin on some more of saint and isaiah Oct 12, 2015
lovethomas1 is isaiah from the country of haiti or his parents just curious Oct 12, 2015

"JOB ORIENTATION: The induction process that the new employee is taken through to help him or her familiarize himself or herself with the work environment and processes. This process usually involves the new employee learning the set standards and mode of operation expected in the new environment."

Isaiah seemed a little overwhelmed after his first time with a guy, so I decided to pair him with Saint in the hopes that a more experienced and open-minded straight model could help him get more comfortable with the idea of doing guy-on-guy scenes. After all, who better to guide this sexy straight basketball player through his "gay for pay" training than someone who's already been through the same thing himself?

Enjoy a front-row seat for this special "job orientation" in which Saint tests the reluctant college jock's boundaries and takes him to the NEXT LEVEL!

If you're looking for passionate and mutual "lovemaking" between eager gay "porn stars," then this ISN'T the scene for you!

But if you're like me and find yourself turned on by the idea of watching two hot and athletic straight guys awkwardly expand their sexuality with each other for money, then this is a scene you don't want to miss!

This "hands-on" training session begins with Saint undressing Isaiah and helping him get used to having another man's hands roaming all over his body. Then Saint instructs Isaiah to return the favor, getting him accustomed to the idea of intimately touching another man's naked body.

Saint decides to raise the stakes and see how Isaiah will respond to the idea of kissing another man for the VERY FIRST TIME - something he's been extremely reluctant to try before now!

"The viewers would really enjoy seeing two straight guys, you know, kiss and stuff like that!" Saint tries to persuade the skeptical straight boy in training.

Isaiah doesn't agree to kiss so much as simply allow‚ĀĄendure Saint to kiss him. But that's more than he was willing to try in his previous scene, and every new straight guy has to start somewhere, right? Baby steps!

One of my favorite parts of this scene is watching these two attractive straight guys tensely kiss and grind their naked bodies together.

Saint seductively kisses his way down Isaiah's tight, sculpted body, treating him to a slobbery blowjob and showing him that even a married ex-Army guy can learn how to suck dick.

Without a doubt, however, the most shocking and unforgettable part of this special training session comes when Isaiah drops to his knees and returns the favor by putting a dick in his mouth for the VERY FIRST TIME....

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Details: Apr 19, 2014 28 min
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