When Good Boys Go Gay

emmyfan Noah seemed rather disconnected during that amazing rim job. Oct 21, 2016

I know it might sound like an oxymoron to describe anyone doing porn as "innocent," but I can honestly say that in the four years since I began making videos, I have NEVER met a black boy as shy, sheltered, or innocent as Noah.

Noah has never traveled outside of our state, he attends church every week with his family, and he's only had sex with TWO people in his entire life - including the girl he's been dating for over two years! This cute and wholesome "boy next door" doesn't even curse!

Of course Noah's wide-eyed innocence only makes me want to seduce and corrupt him even more! Seeing how nervous and anxious Noah became over something as simple as taking off his clothes, I was skeptical about my chances of talking the shy straight boy into doing anything with a guy. When I first propositioned Noah with the idea, he refused without hesitation, saying that he just wasn't ready for something like that. But when I came back to him with a more generous offer, he asked me to give him a week to think it over, before finally agreeing to give it a try!

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat as I guide Noah through his very first sexual encounter with another guy. Watch as I introduce him to some hot and memorable new experiences, including his very first gay kiss, his first time getting his dick sucked by another guy, and his first time letting ANYONE (male or female) taste his young, virgin ass! Without a doubt, however, the most shocking and satisfying "conquest" of the day comes when this shy and innocent straight boy tries sucking dick for the VERY FIRST TIME!

The scene begins with a brief interview in which Noah discusses his solo "audition" after having had a few weeks to think about it.

"It was a lot more than I expected," Noah candidly admits. "I did some things that I didn't think I would ever do!"

I ask Noah what changed his mind about taking things to the next level. "Hard times," he replies, explaining that doing a "gay for pay" scene was just a way for him to make some quick money. When I press him further on the issue, however, Noah reluctantly admits to having a "SLIGHT curiosity" about trying sex with a guy. He's quick to clarify, however, that his curiosity is so slight that he wouldn't even call it "bi-curious."

"I don't want to put a label on it," he nervously explains.

Noah looks like a deer caught in the headlights as I take a seat next to him on the bed.

"I'm REALLY nervous!" Noah confesses in a soft, shaky voice.

But before he has a chance to change his mind, I grab Noah by the back of his head and pull him toward me for his very first guy-on-guy kiss.

Like most straight males kissing another guy for the very first time, Noah is extremely tense and awkward at first. I take my time and savor the sweet taste of Noah's soft, pretty lips, kissing him gently and insistently until he begins to relax and surrender his young mouth to mine.

As we continue kissing, I slowly begin to undress the nervous black boy. I suck on Noah's nipples as my hands eagerly roam across the slim, youthful body I've been wanting to reach out and touch since his solo "audition"!

It's not long before I'm taking Noah's dick in my mouth and giving him his very first blowjob from another male!

Noah tosses back his head and closes his eyes in intense concentration, stiffly submitting to the strange new experience as his dick slowly stretches and expands in my mouth. Knowing that Noah's dick has only been seen and enjoyed by TWO other people before me makes it taste even ten times sweeter, and I try my best to savor the special privilege by giving Noah a blowjob he'll never forget!

Of course the part of Noah's young body that I MOST want to see and explore is that tight VIRGIN ass!

"You let me be the first guy to suck your dick," I tell Noah, looking up at him with pleading puppy-dog eyes. "Can I be the first guy to taste your ass?"

Noah is EXTREMELY nervous and reluctant about allowing my tongue anywhere near his ass. Before meeting me, nobody had ever touched or even SEEN Noah's asshole - not even his girlfriend of over two years! In fact, Noah grows so anxious about having his ass licked for the very first time that he actually comes VERY close to changing his mind! But I refuse to take "no" for an answer, and I'm eventually able to convince him to let me capture his first time on camera....

Noah clenches his butt-cheeks together in defensive resistance, but I pry them apart and dive in for my first eager taste of the private treasure hidden within....

Witness Noah's spontaneous reactions as my tongue first makes contact with his tight virgin hole. Then watch as I greedily sniff, lick, and tongue-fuck that fresh straight-boy ass in several positions, thoroughly intoxicated by its sweet scent and taste.

"Did you ever think you'd hear a guy complimenting you on how your ass TASTES?!?" I ask Noah, who seems stunned but also pleasantly surprised by the strange new experience.

I take a break from feasting on Noah's delicious young ass to move in for a closer examination of the black boy's asshole, getting some nice close-up shots of that tight, pretty pucker as it winks at the camera. I even test the new model's boundaries by rubbing and poking my finger against his tightly-clenched hole!

Next it's Noah's turn to get his first up-close look at another man's naked body and dick. Lying side by side on the bed, we enjoy more slow and sensual kissing as Noah nervously helps me out of my clothes. He seems almost scared to touch my body at first, but with a little bit of coaxing from me, he eventually reaches out to caress my pale naked body and grasp my hard white dick in his hands.

Noah looks up at me for approval before kneeling between my legs and sliding his soft, virgin lips over another man's dick for the very first time....

Noah's performance is tentative and awkward at first, but that's to be expected from any straight boy sucking dick for the very first time! In fact, Noah's reluctance and lack of experience only turns me on even more! There are few things hotter than looking down at a straight black boy's juicy-thick lips sliding up and down on my hard white dick - especially when those lips belong to a black boy as cute and innocent as Noah!

I take great pleasure in deflowering Noah's young virgin mouth, plunging my dick in and out as he looks up at me with those beautiful, piercing green eyes! I even test the straight boy's boundaries even further by smacking and rubbing my dick all over his face!

Noah submits to the whole experience with little resistance, although watch closely and you'll notice flashes of confusion, embarrassment, and stunned disbelief cross his face from time to time - like he can't believe what is actually happening!

When Noah complains that his jaws are too sore to continue, we sit side by side on the bed and jack off until we both cum. Watch carefully and you'll notice Noah stealing several curious glances at my dick as he strokes out a nice, creamy "nutt" onto his stomach.

The scene concludes with Noah sharing his honest reactions to the afternoon's activities as he gets dressed and prepares to head home. You'll have to watch the scene for yourself to find out if Noah thinks he's ready to come back for more!

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Details: Dec 13, 2011 68 min
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