But That's My Homeboy! #2

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TennesseeBator I cannot wait to see these two kings back at home on BBA! Jul 10, 2022
wondering20 to me sometimes they were making too much drama for nothing, just not to be considered as gay, but who cares man ? take your pleasure and fuck the rest, even though you could be bi, who cares ? we only live once so enjoy it as much as possible...you only have to check the way they look at each other, i'm pretty sure things evolved in jail for both of them Aug 16, 2020
wondering20 it is obvious to me that they pretty much like each other and can easily be pleased by one another. I mean come on, how many times they got boners and made faces like "oh naa man that's gay etc" or sometimes i notice when one is really willing to do a spontaneous thing like (kiss or touch the other's dick) only one need to make a face for the other to make a face too and say finally no... yet it is obvious they both want it and get aroused by each other.. Aug 16, 2020
mdcarmichael Scotty has a great dick...but he’s so annoying! Shaun can cum much more than that when not distracted by Scotty’s antics... Jun 20, 2020
pilsener WHEN are SCOTTY and SHAUN coming back?? Dec 31, 2018
texasbugg A LOT OF MEMBERS have never had to deal with the new breed of young thugs of today they live off their pride that pride lands a lot of them in jail these two thugs r not really hard core thugs they r really good thugs they r not out there robbing people they have found out they got bodys/looks that was blessed by the gods they will come around they really hate bad reviews thugs love good things to be said about them mike will put enough money in front of them they will give up them diamonds Apr 5, 2018
texasbugg SCOTTY/SHAUN u both got a lot of fans babyboys long as u both have strong minds fuck what the haters think about u all live your lifes haters r not going to send u (CAVEMAN) money when u r locked up man u two have bodys that was blessed by the gods if u two only knew how many babies i have put in u both u have nothing be a shame of having sex with another thug don't make u gay u both r just new breed freaks look make that paper why u can u both r sexy as fuck we want u both to have fun. Feb 27, 2018
Malachi Scotty is fine af, but he's extra fucking annoying!! Oct 25, 2017
BigDeal4440 Damn this was boring as hell!!!! Aug 3, 2017
dcdaze Porn site Do the deed. They both want it. Stop playing, straight guys don't don't do what they do. DO IT Jul 3, 2017
blkgold559 These two have got to get together and take it to the next level... Mar 26, 2017
Rodpoint15 this is a porn site,,they need to do porn, thats what we pay for..thats what you pay them for as well mike, you just wasted a week of my money Mar 18, 2017
ivenri75 j'adore leur toison (bush) !!! very nice ! Mar 18, 2017
man12345 I hope they don't go further, these guys are true friends and I don't want to see their friendship ruined with this craziness! I like a lot of crazy stuff but to see the look on these guys faces with this scene is not my favorite at all. Two guys who love each other as friends should not have to do this! Mar 17, 2017
Bone1152 I would've loved to see Scotty play with Shaun's ass (feel/rub it...maybe stick a finger in the hole :) throughout the scene that would've been HOT!!!! Mar 12, 2017
Jaylo27 I NEED them back and to go further.... it's MANDATORY that they're brought back....asap. lol. Mar 10, 2017
lamarcjohnson I just love Scotty, he is so cute. He is worth every dime. Feb 4, 2017
1luvme2u They might pair well with Spice. Feb 2, 2017
texasbugg mike here is something for u to think about. how about u bringing in shaun to watch say bandit fucking taz then we can watch shaun's dick it will tell it all and he said he never saw two men have sex the dick will not lie for him sometime thugs will watch to get hot then they want to do it works all the time. i can not go to sleep until i get a nut off of shaun every night that's my boo Jan 31, 2017
texasbugg mike u got a rising star on your hand with (Shaun). l just saw Shaun on (Male Butts, Ass bubblebutt, Saggers,boy booty and celeb butts. mike that really say to the fans how great of a job u r doing and without u shaun would never have the fan base he got he will come around he just young he really likes his fan base he is really a good young thug using the body he was blessed with from the gods. Jan 30, 2017
texasbugg i have watched these two over and over and i found out shaun fan base is growing bigger by the day he gets more votes than scotty. now i will not take nothing away from scotty it's just the facts say it all with the numbers he is riding on shaun's coat tail shaun is a pro he will not say it but i see it in him. from being on lock myself we see a lot of man on man sex. Jan 29, 2017
kcb394 This was an awesome scene and one of my absolute favorites!! Loved seeing these two friends really test their boundaries. I thought the wrestling and naked wrestling was incredibly hot!!! Really hope to see Shaun and Scotty back again soon. Would love to see more of the simulated sex if not the real thing and more naked wrestling and maybe getting them to suck each other. Oh and I thought the short hair looked great. Jan 27, 2017
simplet i wrote a first comment u did not put it on here but if u want the viewers opinion on your video u should post what i said horrible little tyga got me rock hard on his video that is what u need on your site more people like little tiger if u bring these two guys back shaun and the best friend and they don't fuck or suck i am gonna cancel my subscription Jan 27, 2017
kevin1 Boring as hell. Please don't bring them back. Jan 27, 2017
princetahji A gay verse or bottom could have gotten these two to go further Jan 25, 2017
cocopop Shaun is by far more into making this scene work, he also seems to be more into it than Scotty. I'm skeptical Scotty will follow his lead. Jan 24, 2017
Delong60 My Opinion: Shaun is the one, He wants so bad to have sex with another guy.. He try with Scotty... Well to all the Shaun Fans you understand what i am saying... Shaun is HOTT Jan 24, 2017
pbobsk6 Looking @ the photo where Scotty & Shaun are sitting on the couch, their facial expressions say one thing; the placement of their hands/hand say another. Yet, during the {interview}, Scotty was quite indignant towards Shaun when both appear to be doing the same thing. Go figure! Jan 24, 2017
Hcsawyer can we get something for the foot freaks... just more foot shit... and they are both down to freak just get a third person and a blunt and hennessy. Jan 24, 2017
maze459 Enjoyed that all the way in London. More of those 2. Jan 24, 2017
CL05ETFR3AK This was to me well worth the wait. I watched with excitement, but waited patiently for everyone's comments........these two are genuinely "boys" I felt the awkwardness between them, but the lust is there especially with Shaun. They'll be back, cause they know now they have a growing fan base & everybody expects them to take it to the ultimate level. Jan 23, 2017
cocopop You'll never get anything out these two together, let other models break them in, what they learn, you know they'll practice at home, come back and give you a steaming hot performance Mike. Jan 23, 2017
3606tsb72 Well at least I got to see their dicks...lol. I have no interest in their asses -- unless I'm fucking em.' A shower scene and them taking a piss would have been nice. I'll never understand "straight men" -- wink, wink! -- kissing one another or performing mutual masturbation. Those two, too fine for words, dudes really like each other. I'm not sure, they could be bisexual...lol. If they're STR8, I'm Donald Trump's great grandmammie. Grade: B Jan 23, 2017
room121 I'm rolling on the ground...funny as hell! Please bring them back for more... :) Jan 22, 2017
mark132la I liked this scene, I feel like Scotty liked it more and he is becoming a model that I am enjoying watching more and more. Shaun seemed to like rubbing his dick on Scotty's ass a lot. He is like Zadian and just needs time to come around. I wouldn't mind seeing a scene with Scotty and Zadian or Scotty and Bandit, also Shaun and Zadian would be hot as hell! Jan 22, 2017
kvngbryce We NEEEED more of these two!! Scotty and Shaun are sooo sexy! Jan 21, 2017
Dougie1 Scotty is the breakout, so dump Shaun. Use Scotty for future couplings with other models; I think he would bottom for the very right person. I watched this, but deleted afterward. Jan 21, 2017
kenny6508 Damn this was hot, don't usually comment. But Shaun was def enjoyin that shit. When Scotty was on top of him kissing him his dick was getting hard as shit. It seemed like he was tryna tell him stop kissing him probably bcuz his dick was brick and he probably didn't expect that shit. Probably was bout to bust. The way he kept grabbing on Scotty and caressing on him, that shit was hot. Shaun was laying there looking like a bitch bout to get dug out by her nigga, and he couldn't hide his attraction. Jan 21, 2017
mrbates Mike....whatever you paid them for this performance was TOO MUCH! Shaun looked like he'd rather be watching Good Times....THROUGHOUT! Jan 21, 2017
stldiscreet1 😂😂😂 they funny as hell...hmmm but they both sexy also...it seems there was some pent-up chemistry there too. Nevertheless they made me Bust A BIG GOOD NUTT... Jan 20, 2017
Njcorisn You should have made them dry hump a lot more. Possibly till they cum Jan 20, 2017
sexyguy Michael I love this especially Shaun he will make a good bottom for Scotty. I see how Shaun was getting turned on. Jan 20, 2017
kapukan2 The dick don't lie. They were protesting and upset that they liked it. The societal conditioning is very strong with dudes so when they get turned on, they get upset that they actually like it. I've seen it so many times. They will do more, They have to let go and let themselves enjoy it. Jan 20, 2017
nastykinkfreak these dudes goofy...not sexy goofy...but...annoying goofy lol Jan 20, 2017
pedwards876 This was hot with anticipation of what would come next. Both horny on the couch. Shaun getting turned on with Scotty on top kissing him. I wanted more of Shaun on top humping Scotty. He looked like he was getting close at one point. It's like Suspense & D-Rel with these two but the fast track version! Great job again Mike!!! Jan 20, 2017
jaywill700 Yooo i love their dynamic. You can tell they real bros. Give them a mini series or something and i'll watch 4ever. Lol Jan 20, 2017
caliroc This is the second worst video I've seen posted. No more of these two, PLEASE!!! Jan 20, 2017
texasbugg mike allow u two to get away with a lot that he do not let others get away with he is a pro at the job he do. u both needs to wake up and smell the coffee i know shaun has seen what go on in jail that's why he should be taking the lead. Jan 20, 2017
texasbugg once they understand that this is 2017 and there r a lot of homeboys that r messing around with each other. it is not nothing to be a shame of i know a lot of them who got girlfriends and still mess around it's just be a freak there is nothing wrong with it and that do not make u gay. both dicks was hard they can lie to themselfs not to us fans. so at home just do it so when u two come back u both will be pros. cause u both r super hotttttttttttt and was blessed with bodys from the gods. Jan 20, 2017
Do think tho that Shaun may be gay and that he'll be easier to talk further. Def may be just the right person to fuck Ross.
Jan 20, 2017
mort3z They were trying not to enjoy it but I think they were actually into it. Shaun got hard several times and Scotty was getting hard right before the handjob. Jan 20, 2017
man12345 This was really kind of gross. These guys are almost like brothers, I really like their commitment to each other as friends. I kind of skipped through it. Definitely not a favorite scene for me at all. Jan 20, 2017
pachulo85 Shaun liked it more than he wants to believe, his dick got hard and multiple times throughout the video Jan 20, 2017
bizmak Horrible. This is supposed to be gay porn. Who the hell wants to pay for and watch 2 guys act as though they can't stand the act of being with another man? This site is nothing more than a ripoff. Everyone should be outraged over this mess. Who does this? Jan 20, 2017
Perriason I have been messing around with guys who identify as str8 ever since I was a preteen. I'm 33yrs old now & have only kissed & been kissed on the lips by 3 of many. Idk what it is, but they will suck your dick & eat your ass & kiss you from head to toe, but not on the lips as if they will officially lose their straight card if they do. So for me, the first nut came from the kissing part. Lol. I love their friendship & I love the fact that they are experimenting together on camera. Thank you Michael. Jan 20, 2017
ACTION7 3 way with SAINT in the middle acting right for a change doing some bottoming ... Jan 20, 2017
drumcat not good not good at all Jan 20, 2017
illtown22 I can't with these two, they need to take their show on the road. Mike you shitted for keeping this under wraps! I am thoroughly enjoying watching them come along and will wait patiently for the fuck scene that is surely coming. They a couple and don't even know it. Very, very entertaining! Great job! Tell them to stop playing and come by once a month, I'll be here for it. Jan 20, 2017

We first met Scotty and Shaun early last year when we put their uniquely close friendship to the test in one of the most hilarious, unpredictable, and thoroughly ENTERTAINING video-shoots of the year.

Even though it technically wasn't much more than a two-for-the-price-of-one solo “audition,” it was still hot as hell seeing these two straight best friends thrust into such an awkwardly intimate and homoerotic encounter for the very first time in their nearly lifelong friendship.

Since that time, both guys have taken some small but significant "baby steps" into the world of guy-on-guy sex, but never together in the same scene. So when I recently found out that Shaun had gotten out of jail earlier than expected, and that he needed some quick cash to help him get back on his feet, I immediately started planning this much-requested "reunion" that I knew fans of both guys would be excited to see!

After more than a week of stressful back and forth negotiations that came very close to falling apart several times, I finally talked them into returning for a series of "next level" challenges that might not seem like much to the casual viewer, but are truly shocking and damn near MIRACULOUS considering the extreme reluctance of their first scene together!

Find out for yourself just how far these straight best friends were willing to go when they finally returned almost ONE YEAR LATER for another hilarious and entertaining encounter that pushes them out of their comfort zones and puts their friendship to the test once again....

If you're ONLY interested in hardcore gay action, then this ISN'T the scene or website for you! But if you're like me and find yourself turned on by the idea of watching every suspenseful, surprising, sometimes stressful, and frequently funny moment of two real-life straight "bros" from the 'hood taking their friendship to a shockingly new and once unthinkable level - then this is a REALITY PORN exclusive that you don't want to miss, and one that will no doubt have you stroking your dick and laughing out loud at the same time once again!

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Interracial, Straight Boy
Details: Jan 19, 2017 54 min
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