Justice For All

emiliano69 Justice a freak!

Jun 22, 2023
misterblack This is the hottest scene I've ever seen. They didn't even have to fuck. The oral was enough for me. From the moment Stylez uttered "Ooooh!" when Scuba dropped those shorts to reveal that beautiful dick & thick bush (the brother at his sexiest) and Shameeks & Rocky removed their drawers, my dick never went down. The fellatio and ass eating were A-I: Shameeks on Rocky & Scuba; Scuba on Justice's ass, which was the star of the scene. The views from above and below when Justice was orally servicing that sexy trio of Nubian deities were spectacular, as was the ass pancake. I got a special treat when Shameeks pushed his fudgesicle into Justice's chocolate hole. Too many moments to list; can't believe I'm just seeing this BBA classic. Oct 22, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the enthusiastic and entertaining review! I always love hearing from fans who've just stumbled across a hidden gem in the BBA archives for the very first time. I immediately shared your feedback with Shax, and he was both amused and deeply flattered by your love for this scene.
Pocatel I was hot for Rocky until he started wearing a hat to hide "who knows what" My enthusiasm was lost and I just couldn't get it back. Oct 8, 2022
MichaelGalletta Sorry to hear that. As far as I know, this was simply a fashion choice on Rocky's part and not an attempt to conceal anything lol. This was filmed not long after his other scenes, where you can see him hat-free and looking perfectly fine.
turner95 Justice is amazing. Rocky should do a bottom scene. Jun 11, 2022
mdcarmichael I’d love all that cum on me! Jul 4, 2021
joeman Justice is the best! all that meat and all that cum. No one better at giving and receiving. Greatest fuck on the site May 20, 2021
hhsmith502 rocky should bottom. the one with the dick should always top. unless they flip. Mar 6, 2020
Terrenceworld Scuba and Shameeks would be golden Jan 15, 2020
emiliano69 this was a hot scene. stylez and justice should have traded places, shameeks and scuba definitely need a flipflop scene. rocky needs to bottom for someone like apollo, saint, or shazeer Jan 5, 2020
ericbb Scuba and shameeks would be a great combo Dec 9, 2019
mfield44 Rocky needs a bottom scene!! Nov 26, 2019
leejay I say "keep Rocky"...he is so layed back and sexy! Its time for a few scenes with him in the BOTTOM role. Make that happen BBA :-) Nov 3, 2019
Jayden27 Justice for All—I don’t think there could’ve been a better title, and I think this scene just made me appreciate that phrase on another level. 😈😈 Who knew that a night of relaxation would lead to some gameplay, oral-play, sex-play, and cum-play. 😈

I. About The Gameplay
Starting the scene with “Truth or Dare”—I love it. Honestly, who HASN’T gotten in trouble playing that game? With the right people, it can VERY easily go into a NAUGHTY direction. You guys followed this direction. 😈😈 It was great to see Rocky again! I was kind of sad that Stylez didn’t get to play, but it’s great to see him again! Maybe next time?

II. About The Oral-play
Now, let’s talk about this triple-decker cake you all served us. Can I just say “DAMN! SHIT! FUCK!!” Yes! I had to say an expletive for EACH ass featured! That shit looked so damn delicious! That was my favorite part! I don’t know who thought of that idea, but they deserve a BIG ASS BONUS!!! Shit was hella LIT!! I LOVED IT!! I have to admit that I was HELLA jealous of Justice!!! Damn!! All that cake to eat at one time! He didn’t share, and I don’t blame him.

III. About the Sex-play
Justice handled all those dicks well! Is it just me or do Scuba and Justice need to do their OWN scene? When those two were together they stole the show!

IV. About the Cum-play
The cum shots were icing on the cake, and the perfect ending to a great scene! Kudos!

To Mike, Shax, Montez, Stylez, Shameeks, Scuba, Rocky, and Justice, thank you! This shit was epic, and I fuckin’ loved it!
Nov 1, 2019
jaydee4071 can we get bandit fucking or flipping stylez Oct 28, 2019
mocombo nice cast (Scuba and Shameeks being standouts) but the scene has not been edited well/ Its all over the place. Even worse the lighting of close ups is often so poor you literally cant see the action - now thats a shame! Oct 26, 2019
3606tsb72 Interview & preliminaries (IP) were too long. PLEASE give the option of separate IP & action scene downloads. Furthermore the pacing is off for too many oral quick-cuts when a much slower pace would do dicks justice. Ass though is featured with a devotion worthy of those who revel in it. Nonetheless I love seeing these men, especially Stylez and Shameeks. Rocky needs to COME ALIVE b/c looking bored and pressed isn't a recipe for popularity...dude needs to fake it to make it. GRADE: B- Oct 26, 2019
Scootzz If Rocky doesn't bottom, I'm leaving Oct 25, 2019
MrBrown1994 This entire scene is hot, honestly. I love it! Thank you, BBA. ❤️🔥 Oct 24, 2019
MrBrown1994 Scuba and Shameeks need a scene on their own, soon! Their chemistry is undeniable. Oct 24, 2019
Jahanfav Rocky so sorry but i agree has to go Oct 24, 2019
Heroesrule99 I've wanted a Justice gangbang scene for a long while, but prefer it with dudes like Bandit, Dominic, Apollo, etc. Still a good scene though.

Minus Rocky who is a bit of a waste of space.
Oct 23, 2019
Playwithme11 Ok let me start off by saying WOW, that was a hot scene that made me cum twice before the scene ended. I love Justice thick hairy ass, so fucking sexy and the chemistry between him and Scuba was pure electric. I enjoyed Shameeks too, he is so sexy Rocky reminds me of Shaun just going through the motions not really comfortable doing it. I think if he start to relax and open up more then he will succeed in the business. Oct 22, 2019
Dualex Finding it hard to believe Justice is 22 or has he been that age the past 3 years? Regardless he is a great asset to BBA along with Shameeks and Scuba (loving his hair style BTW). Shameeks did not perform too well. He looked bored or something. Oct 21, 2019
Louis351 He is lucky to get all that young dick. This is a Nice video. Oct 21, 2019
gdr1gdr1 I Give This Scene A 👎🏾 Thumbs Down...Another BBA Misfire...Justice, Stylez And Rocky Would Not Even Be Considered By Any Other Credible Gay Porn Producer...This Trio Is Not Up To BBA Standards! Mike, You Are On The Mark With Scuba And Shameeks, They Are Star Quality Performers And Were This Scenes Only Saving Grace, Love These Two Guys! When Are We Going To See BBA Greats Bandit, Manny Killa, Apollo, Blake Bishop And Cutie Mookie? And Where Is The Gorgeous Newcomer Jah? Oct 21, 2019
Shirly223 This was good but wouldve been a 1000x better with justice and some more of your solid looking models and maybe one of the smaller guys like Bandit. Im not a fan of watching a man get fucked by a bunch of little boys who look fresh out of high school. Please revisit with Justice as the bottom but with tops that match his look. Oct 21, 2019
texasbugg i know if some of us members saw the fire in shameeks/scuba they look so good together there got to be a scene with them 2 hotttttttttt sexy young thugs they both was feeling each other that's why i love when young thugs fuck they can't hide when they r feeling each other(SCUBA=3MUSKETEERS SHAMEEKS=MILKY WAY BAR)PUT THEM 2 CANDY BARS TOGETHER WOW WOW MIX IT UP. Oct 20, 2019
blktop2002 Reading comments is like listening to a group of eyewitness accounts to the same crime. It’s actually amazing to see that nobody sees the same thing the same way. I enjoyed the vid. Loved the way Stylez orchestrated and instigated the hottest foursome we’ve seen in awhile. He even got turned on his self. Now what I would like to know is what Stylez did with that boner he worked up and quietly slipped away with. 🧐 😂 Oct 19, 2019
Docteur Rocky is very boring. He needs to learn to suck dick and he needs to bottom real soon. Scuba is a keeper. There needs to be a threesome with Scuba, Shameeks and Bandit with no holds barred. I am not a fan of Justice. Oct 19, 2019
Dualex Justice. I love when he calls his partners baby or by their names. The T&D game was hilarious, these youngsters cud not even wait for it to end. I needed more J/S or S/S. Shame S/S did not kiss. Please bring them back for a verse scene. Imo this scene should have been a threesome, minus mini vanilli. Oct 19, 2019
11luvme2u This scene was definitely arousing. Justice did a great job bottoming and with his sex talk as always. I knew this type of scene was coming for him and he delivered. I definitely think this concept should be revisited with more mature models such as Bandit, Apollo, Blake, etc. who can really give Justice a good "grown man" pounding. The cum shot (mini bukkake) was hot and when Justice said in pleasure, "Fuck me Shameeks...Harder...I need it..." SO AMAZING! Good scene. Oct 19, 2019
WeatherMan This scene was worth the wait. It’s beautiful as hell to see black men completely naked and enjoying their bodies and just being free and naked and owning their sexuality. The way this scene was shot was outstanding and every guy held their own and brought something to this scene. Rocky is really improving and I cannot wait to see how far he can go. Justice’s hairy thick body is just masculine and he oozes sex appeal and Scuba and Shameeks are becoming a part of the new class of BBA all stars. This is one of the best scenes of the year, BBA needs more scenes like this. Oct 19, 2019
bubblelover213 Michael wrote in his notes for this video that his favorite part is the triple-stack bootyhole sundae. While I do agree it was an impossibly delicious moment, my favorite part is the same as any video that features Justice bottoming: him whimpering in relentless pleasure while he's getting deep dicked then poking out that hairy muscle bubble butt some more, so whoever is plowing him can get even deeper in his guts. Superb, superb, superb! I made a mess everywhere in my office on this one. Oct 19, 2019
DellKell OMG Hands down.. Justice in now my fav!!
I LOOOOOOOOVE how he gives in to the pleasure.....His hairy azz and thighs are EVERYTHING!!
Oct 19, 2019
jordanb93 The way Justice wants to get fucked he NEEDS Bandit. Oct 19, 2019
nasty22 I love the Chemistry between shameeks and scuba I would love to see a vers scene with them two. Oct 19, 2019
DolaDragases Hot guys, and Justice is always a god of sex... but too much editing for my taste. I usually prefer when the action is more fluid :) Oct 19, 2019
Queengohma15 I really liked Shameeks topping Justice, I believed him when he said he 'needed all that dick'! Oct 19, 2019
soflorican This scene is great. Justice is one of my top 5. We need Dominic and Isaiah in a scene like this next. Oct 19, 2019
albany08 Rocky needs to tighten up his dick sucking skills....Scuba is so fucking sexy...he has a nice lil personality that exudes through the camera... Oct 19, 2019
dreadboi9 Lately it’s been too much talking too much editing you guys be going off track if it’s a justice for all video shouldn’t the video be them on justice? Instead people are doing their own thing to the right. Still good but this could’ve been one of my top favs only person that did good in the vid was justice maybe the acts need to be schooled by Saint or bba vets. Oct 19, 2019
tayshawn3 Man this scene was super hot the chemistry between them all was dope. I love seeing shameeks and scuba together they took this to another level. Great job BBA. I like seeing rocky get his ass ate on that side angle too. Great camera work. Oct 18, 2019
DisciplineU This is a real hot scene. Love the opening with Stylez conducting Truth or Dare. Justice submitting his ass is real hot. Scuba is the best in this group and Shameeks hot too. Would love to have seen Stylez join the action in place of Rocky. Its time for Rocky to add something more than he does (like getting that ass slayed good) if he's going to continue. Suggest a top giving Justice some aggressive verbal dominance - he'd be turned on and react in a very hot way. Oct 18, 2019
avan7742 Damn Shameeks ass is to die for. Oct 18, 2019
terbernt Alrighty now, I thought for a minute I saw Bandit but I observe he must be on hiatus of some sort. Can I only get email if Bandit returns or if you hire some kind of TaeTheDoug or D-Rel look alike? These guys are alright they're just not my cup of tea. Oct 18, 2019
texasbugg this scene was fire i couldn't take my eyes off of scuba/shameeks was they was alone when scuba was on the sofa eating shameeks ass damm i hope a scene is coming with them 2 i know i wasn't the only 1 that seen the fire them 2 had. Oct 18, 2019
Banditfan1 Scuba and Shameeks looked like they were on to something interesting... Oct 18, 2019

Just a couple weeks ago, we brought you Justice in one of the best performances of his porn career as a dominant trainer "taking down" a reluctant "top." This weekend, we're serving up a special treat for those viewers wanting to see BBA's newest exclusive star in a more vulnerable and submissive role.

Join us for a fun and spontaneous game of "Truth Or Dare" hosted by Stylez, directing the sexy show as he dares Justice and the three younger new models Scuba, Rocky, and Shameeks to strip out of their clothes and do increasingly sexual things with each other.  

Eventually these horny black guys simply can't control themselves any longer, and their playful game of "Truth Or Dare" intensifies and evolves into a hot, freaky FOURSOME!

There's lots of sloppy-wet dick-sucking and hungry ass-eating as all four guys eagerly explore each others' naked bodies, in most cases for the very first time. Don't miss my favorite moment from the entire scene, a uniquely hot ass-eating pile allowing Justice to feast on all three of the younger newbies' sweet asses at the same time.

All of this leads up to the thrilling sight - almost unthinkable when he made his debut - of Justice grunting and moaning and even begging for more as he gets TAG-TEAMED by multiple guys!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Oct 18, 2019 50 min
Photo of Justice
Photo of Rocky
Photo of Scuba
Photo of Shameeks

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