Consider Me A Virgin!

HeyNwkat160 Something about Lil Dav he is fire. Damn Oct 18, 2021
Phuryous I don't know Lil Dav's orientation but he has sucked dick before or fantasized and thought about it A LOT. Oct 4, 2021
Phuryous Gotta love STL. It is only about 80 miles away from me with some of the best trade you can find. I would put a ring on Tori's ass to lock that shit down. Jul 18, 2020
Lalafavors That Lil Dav Is The Truth I Don't know how long ago he and Tori Recorded This But All I'm Requesting Is Bring Lil Dav back to the screen He Left Me Completely Mesmerized After Seeing This..I Loved Tori But I'm Partial To Dark Men ...Especially Those With That Hood Swagger And That Street Credibility!!! ...,Yassss Gawd!
#Oh But It's True
Feb 5, 2017
antyrone I want to make lil dav eyes roll back too. bring him back for more scenes. he can team with ross and bandit. I want to taste those lips too Oct 23, 2016
timothy I would like to see more of lil dav. what a sexy man. when are you going to bring him back. can I slip you my number to give to him when he's in town. maybe we can get to hang out. he is so hottt Jul 28, 2016
tyanbo When can I see lil dav again. He is the hottest model ever. Can't get enough of his scenes. Would love a date with him. What a fine brother. Feb 9, 2016

Lil Dav is a sexy young rapper with a girlfriend and FIVE kids. When I first approached him about doing amateur porn, he said he'd only be willing to do scenes with females. But after finding out just how much money he could make by performing with other guys, he eventually gave in and agreed to give gay scenes a try!

This is Lil Dav's VERY FIRST action scene, filmed the day after his solo "audition."

"I'm used to toppin'," Lil Dav warns me, clearly a little scared about getting fucked on camera for the very first time. "So consider me a virgin!"

See for yourself what happens when I introduce the nervous but eager-to-please rapper to the more experienced fan favorite Tori, who jumps at the opportunity to "break in" our newbie's near-virgin ass!

I catch up with Tori on a Saturday afternoon while Lil Dav cleans up in the shower. (Both guys came over straight from work).

Tori hasn't even seen a photo of his scene partner yet, so I capture on camera the moment that Lil Dav comes out of the bathroom and both guys meet for the very first time.

I think it's fair to say their first impressions of each other are positive, since both guys seem impatient for the intro interview to be over with so they can begin getting "better acquainted"!

After helping Tori out of his clothes, Lil Dav wastes no time leaning over to wrap his thick lips around Tori's dick.

"His dick is HUGE!" Lil Dav exclaims with the wide-eyed shock of a true novice. "He got me intimidated!"

Tori sits back, relaxes, and enjoys the attention as Lil Dav treats him to an inexperienced but eager-to-please blowjob. For it being his very first scene with another guy, Lil Dav is surprisingly confident and clearly determined to put on a hot show for the viewers at home!

Eager to find out what the new guy's working with, Tori pulls down Lil Dav's boxers, drops to his knees, and gets his first taste of the young rapper's dick.

"That's FIRE!" Lil Dav gasps in amazement as Tori shows off his deep-throating skills.

Next, Lil Dav tells Tori to bend over so he can get a taste of that ass! And who can blame him? Who in their right mind WOULDN'T want to bury their face between those tempting, golden-brown cakes?

Lil Dav's first time eating ass on camera turns into a hot "69" on the floor, with both guys slurping hungrily on each other's dicks at the same time.

It's exciting to watch as these two strikingly handsome, masculine black guys - complete strangers up until now - discover and explore each other's bodies for the very first time.

There's lots of enthusiastic, sloppy-wet dick-sucking before Lil Dav dives in for another taste of Tori's sweet ass - including some nice close-up shots of Lil Dav's tongue lapping sensually at Tori's pretty, saliva-soaked hole!

Finally it's time for Tori to get his dick up inside Lil Dav's fresh near-virgin ass and test just how well this masculine father of five kids can take dick! With Lil Dav on his back, legs in the air, Tori uses his fingers and a generous amount of lube before slowly sinking his dick in that warm, tight ass!

"That ass TIGHT, ain't it?" Lil Dav asks Tori, his facial expressions ranging from shock to disbelief to amazement as he realizes that he's actually taking another man's dick up his ASS!

"Give me that pussy, boy!" Tori grunts with pleasure, grabbing hold of Lil Dav's hips and pumping in and out of the newbie's warm guts. "That shit TIGHT, boy!"

Lil Dav winces and curses and cries out in pleasure and pain as Tori repeatedly violates his firm, hairy ass in a variety of hot positions.

"I'm about to pass out!" Lil Dav gasps as Tori fucks him on his side.

But he clutches the futon, grits his teeth, and endures the drilling from Tori with a shell-shocked smile and his characteristic determination to please!

When Lil Dav simply can't take any more, Tori returns the favor by letting Lil Dav fuck HIM!

Based on this performance, I'm guessing Lil Dav is as new to fucking guys as he is to getting fucked! I love watching his hilarious facial expressions as he experiences the new and intense pleasures of sinking his dick into an ass as deep and fuckable as Tori's. It's so cute and endearing the way he seems sincerely in AWE of how good Tori's ass feels as it strokes and squeezes his dick!

"WOW!" he exclaims over and over, like a wide-eyed little kid who's just discovered an exciting new toy.

Lil Dav enjoys the experience a little TOO much, in fact, because before I even realize what's happening, he's moaning loudly and shooting his load while his dick is still buried deep in Tori's sweet ass!

With Lil Dav's hard dick still inside him, Tori flips onto his back and jacks off before unleashing his own hot, messy "nutt" all over his stomach!

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which both guys share their reactions to the shoot and each other.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Straight Boy
Details: Sep 14, 2010 58 min
Photo of Lil Dav
Lil Dav
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