Behind the Scenes of "Truth Or Dare?"

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When I invited Beno, Tori, and Beno's roommate Kenny over for a Saturday afternoon game of "Truth Or Dare," I had no idea it would turn out to be one of the HOTTEST SCENES I've ever filmed! And believe it or not, even though the official scene is nearly TWO HOURS long, there was still a ton of extra footage from that unforgettable afternoon that I had to leave out!

Go behind the scenes of the video-shoot viewers have called "incredible" and "the best scene ever" with this collection of bloopers, outtakes, and never-before-seen, ACTION-PACKED bonus footage - including more kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-fucking!

First up is a funny "dare" that I chose to cut from the original scene, followed by Beno struggling to come up with a "dare" for Kenny.

Later that afternoon, while Tori's in the bathroom during a break in the action, Kenny tries talking Beno into letting him FUCK him. Beno's reaction is funny but disappointing as he refuses his horny roommate's request, but that doesn't stop Kenny from TRYING!

In the bonus footage that follows, Beno focuses on fucking Tori while Kenny moves in from behind and begins rubbing, poking, and smacking his dick against the tight crack of Beno's cute muscle-butt, clearly eager to FUCK that "off-limits" ass!

There's a generous amount of exclusive, never-before-seen HARDCORE action as Beno grinds slowly into Tori's pretty brown ass in a variety of hot positions while Tori keeps moaning and begging for more. Although the intense and undeniable chemistry between Tori and Kenny is what had everyone talking the first time around, this bonus footage reveals a unique chemistry between Tori and BENO that I'm not sure came through in the edited version.

Watch carefully and you'll even catch Kenny - still refusing to take "no" for an answer - trying to shove his fingers up Beno's tight bubble-butt as Beno plows Tori's sweet ass!

There's some hot footage of Kenny rubbing his dick RAW against Tori's freshly-fucked hole, followed just a minute or two later by Tori placing that very same dick in his MOUTH! Tori treats Kenny to a noisy, sloppy-wet blowjob, GAGGING and CHOKING numerous times as he bravely struggles to DEEP-THROAT Kenny's huge dick!

Beno joins in on the action by shoving his own hard dick in Tori's only free hole, plugging him doggy-style as he forces Tori's head down even further on Kenny's dick!

Last but not least, you'll gain a greater appreciation for the magic of editing when I share with you the chain of events leading up to Kenny's very first "facial"! There's more erotic kissing and dick-sucking as both Tori AND Beno try their best to help Kenny cum. When their best efforts are still unsuccessful, Kenny finally agrees to a reluctant compromise and lets Beno bust a "nutt" on his face instead!

Two of the original scene's three cum-shots are included as part of this bonus package, including Kenny's "facial" from Beno.

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